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MiGFlug - Selber Kampfjet fliegen in einem Überschall-Kampfflugzeug

Arnold Classic 2015 - Dexter Jackson Hamstring Workout

16 years into bodybuilding and 4 weeks out from the 2015 Arnold Classic, IFBB pro bodybuilder Dexter Jackson is training hard & trying to stay focused as he hits a brutal hamstrings workout with trainer Charles Glass. Making the hamstrings pop from the side is the goal - so there are no half-movements in this session.

Arnold Classic 2015 | Branch Warren Leg Workout

4 weeks out from the 2015 Arnold Classic - it's leg day for IFBB pro bodybuilder Branch Warren and training partner (ex-dallas cowboy) Matt Lehr at Metroflex Arlington. As they push each other to train harder & go further, they discuss how every generation in bodybuilding ups the game & raises the bar. What does it mean to be a Pro? Which bodybuilders influenced Branch most? Watch & learn.

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FD The Men's Guide (Athlete)

My wife has purchased many of your Fighter Diet ebooks and she loves them!!! She recently did her first physique competition and she helped me by using your Men's Guide to FD eBook. Thanks for help!!   Think Fighter Diet is all about girl power? Well you thought wrong. It’s true Pauline knows a thing or two about women's health and fitness, but her FD concept can be applied to any "body" male or female. To bring a little focus back on the Y chromosome, she's created the Men's Guide to Fighter Diet. An excellent ebook, the Men’s Guide is a Fighter Diet Concept book, workout plan and meal plan all wrapped into one. One section could also be considered the nutshell version of Cardio for Leanness. In fact, for that reason, you could think of the Men’s Guide as the male version (though

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - You're willing to accept the all-too-sensible restraints currently being placed on your life. The restrictions actually bring relief from the hectic pace now that the Aquarius New Moon agitates your 3rd House of Distractions. But instead of wasting energy on outer-directed events, first try to improve yourself and then watch how reality mirrors your new mental posture. Be the change you want to see in the world.

31 Ways To Build A Bigger, Stronger Back

If you're a fan of circuit training , this back-blasting workout video offers a great resource to pick a few unique exercises to add to the mix. According to fitness trainer, Andy McDermott - creator of this mega-move, back workout - variety is key. Not just physically, but mentally as well. Having an ample mix of back exercises to choose from ensures that you'll never have to do the exact same back workout twice. And by switching up your routine, those plateaus that prevent you from adding more muscle will be obliterated.

5 Ways to Shredded Abs

Combine these five moves in a single workout to pummel each abdominal region into submission.

7 Curls for Bigger Biceps

We asked Antoian to walk us through the benefits of a handful of curls that you may or may not currently use in your repertoire. We also requested that he skip longwinded execution explanations since, in general, curls are performed the same way: keep your arms at your sides, elbows close to the body, and bend your arm from the elbow as you bring the weight to your shoulder.

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Eating less and exercising more isn't going to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. This will: …

Straight-Up Chest Workout

The first two movements might seem like enough to some lifters, but the addition of a third (or fourth) exercise can help you maximize overload on the pecs. The inclusion of the dip hits your entire chest, with an emphasis on the lower third. To stay in the best muscle-building rep range, add weight if you can get more than 10 reps with your body weight alone. If you can’t do 10 reps on your own, perform your sets rest-pause style, executing a few reps a time with short rest periods (15–25 seconds) until you reach 10.

10 Steps to an 8 Pack

There’s a difference between “in shape” and “ripped.” If you’re just looking to get in shape, you can skip this story. But if you want true bodybuilder on.

9 Foods For Effective Clean Bulking

Bulking up your frame with ample muscle and minimal fat is a combination of increase your training volume and your calories. Just as doing leg extensions won’t add muscle like doing squats, eating the wrong foods won’t get you the muscular lean body you desire. Easy healthy bulking is all about eating an excess of the right quality foods that will minimize fat gain, maximize muscle growth, while keeping your joints, heart, and metabolism functioning in top shape. Here are 9 foods that you must eat to accomplish the easy healthy bulk before summer gets here.

Get Stronger: 7 Reasons to Never Neglect Squats

Squatting variations like barbell back squats and front squats are a favorite among powerlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes for one reason: they work. Not only are they effective for building an insanely strong lower body; they also deliver a number of numerous benefits including increased hormone release and improved flexibility.  Read on to find out why you should put aside your pride and make squats a staple of your weekly routine.

4 Training Tips for Guys with Long Arms

Guys with long arms might think that benching with a flat back is a way to “avoid cheating, and isolate the chest” but the reality is that arching your back and bringing your chest up saves the shoulder from impingement. Pulling your shoulders back against the bench as your arch your back (leaving your butt on the bench) will help keep the rotator cuffs free from undue stress while giving you more leverage to press the bar.

9 Machines You Should Never Use

Exercise machines were invented to provide a safe alternative to free weights, but sometimes they’re anything but. They can put your body into unnatural positions and take your joints through dangerous ranges of motion. Over time, this can lead to injuries. Avoid the following machines at all costs, and use the alternative exercises we provide instead for safer, more effective training. 

The Big Biceps Workout

Remember, muscles eventually get bored by the same old workout. They learn to be more efficient, and they just flat out quit growing in the absence of new challenges. By working smaller muscles first in your workout, you burn them out and require the larger muscles to work even harder to recruit more muscle fibers. And while this may seem contrary to the physiological standards for muscle expression, continual stress forces continual recruitment, which should translate into greater strength and size gains in the long run.

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Don't wish for it WORK for it! Apparel at

12 Signs You're Overtraining

As a Men’s Fitness reader, you take your workouts seriously. But, have you ever found yourself placing unreasonable demands on your body to the point of overtraining? Rest assured, if your commitment to gym time is in the neighborhood of about five hours per week, chances are you aren’t at risk of overtraining. However, if it’s greater than five hours per week and training is becoming a borderline addiction even at the expense of possibly doing harm, it’s probably time to reassess your goals. If you’re in this position, ideally you’ll have the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer who can quickly help you get your training back on track. Regardless, it’s crucial that you listen to your body and know the signs of overtraining. We’ve compiled a list of 12 common symptoms of overtraining.

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5 Fats You Shouldn't Fear

If you’re looking for ways to keep your cholesterol in check, monounsaturated fats are your ticket. Why? Studies suggest they have the ability to not only lower your bad cholesterol (LDL), but they can also increase your good cholesterol (HDL) levels. The best places to find them are in a wide variety of oils, as well as in avocados and even poultry. And, for all your guys who can’t resist a good snack, you’ll be thrilled to know that you now have an excellent excuse to snack on cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts.

4 Things You Should Always Have in Your Gym Bag

In most commercial gyms this stuff is banned, and for good reason. It gets everywhere. However, chalk can help improve your grip to the bar. When we workout our hands can get moist from sweat. That little bit of moisture can cause you to lose your grip on the barbell or dumbbell. Less grip means less muscle activation. The advantage to using chalk is that it protects your hands from cuts and burns when gripping the barbell. Chalk also dries up the sweat on your hands giving you a better grip. If you decide to use chalk make sure you wipe off the equipment after using. Have proper gym etiquette when using chalk.

3 Best Plyo Moves for Bench Press Success

Lay on your back on the ground with your partner standing on a box set up a foot behind your head. Have your partner drop a med ball (15-25lb.) straight down towards your chest. Outstretch your arms like you are locking out a bench press and as the ball makes contact with your fingertips, guide it down so it touches your chest (try not to decelerate the ball too much.) Once the ball touches your chest forcefully explode upward throwing the med ball as high as you can straight up. Have your partner catch it and repeat. Start by doing 3-5 sets of 6-10 reps.

Fit In 15: Bear Crawl & Farmer's Carry

As “boot campy” as it appears, the bear crawl is a very good and intense exercise to implement into your program from time to time. Not only is it a very difficult exercise but simultaneous opposite arm/leg movement helps improve cognitive function and can actually help fight Alzheimer's and dementia. The farmers carry is one of the first exercises you should ever do. It will greatly help improve overall body strength. Performing these two exercises back to back for 15 minutes will be a new challenge you have yet to face. Before you take this workout for granted - try it out.

5 Exercises to Work Your Abs to Exhaustion

Looking to push past the standard crunch? Skip the sit-ups and sculpt your stomach with these super tough exercises.

Six Workouts To Fit Any Schedule

You don't have an excuse not to squeeze one in.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

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3 Reasons Your Workouts are Failing

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training , causes large fluctuations in your heart rate, from high to low, which in turn, creates a large disturbance in your metabolism. The larger the disturbance in your metabolism, the more aerobic energy (aka calories from fat) is required to bring your body back to rest after you workout. Interval training mimics sport start-and-stop motions with periods of sprinting or close-to-sprinting speeds followed by light jogging or rest. The best thing is that these workouts don’t have to be very long, and usually take less than 30 minutes! This is one of the few workouts that will cause these fluctuations, thus boosting your metabolism to keep working long after you’ve stopped.

3 Ways to Crush Nighttime Cravings

You may already know that slowing digestion is good for stabilizing blood sugar and keeping cravings at bay. And soluble fiber is ideal for this because it delays the emptying of your stomach and keeps you feeling fuller, longer. So why not put this asset in play while you sleep? Great snack sources before hitting the sheets include apples, pears, oatmeal, flax, celery and carrots. But don’t ruin your indulgence with sugars, sweeteners, fatty dressings like ranch or blue cheese. Keep your focus on what the goal really is with consuming these foods – slowing digestion for your nighttime fast.


Superbowl Sunday workout: 7 sets of 5 reps 405lbs 3 sets of 1 rep 455lbs

Clean, Part 1, How To, Olympic Weightlifting

The California Strength Team demonstrates the first of 3 parts in learning the clean for Olympic Weightlifting. Jon North and Rob Blackwell demonstrate while Glenn Pendlay narrates and David Spitz films. The intro is Donny Shankle hitting a lifetime personal record of 210 kg in the clean and jerk. The stretching exercise referred to in this video is at about 2:00 in a video on our website called, "Flexibility Exercises for the Upper Body in Olympic Weightlifting: You can use social media for the latest news and updates on content from California Strength! We'd appreciate if you'd: LIKE us on Facebook - FOLLOW us on Twitter - @calstrength FOLLOW us on Instagram - @cal_strength FOLLOW us on Pinterest - and of course our website -

Weighty Matters: Guest Post: Why Has the Fitness Industry Become Elitist?

Oh Hell Yes!! Thank you for writing what has been frustrating me for a very, very long time. I have unfollowed and unfriended people on social media because of their CONSTANT cross fit and diet posts. I love how they insist it's in order to motivate others when really, who is truly motivated by somebody's daily recount of exactly what exercises they did and what they ate throughout every second of every day?? As someone who has been exercise obsessed, I know the difference between "dedication" and obsession. I wonder how many people who think they're eating "clean" have ever heard of the term Orthorexia? One of the reasons I left the fitness field (after achieving 3 certifications) was because I found it infuriating to see how the fitness industry had become more about appearance than performance and much emphasis was being put on how bodies looked instead of how they worked. Thanks for this article. I'm going to share it immediately!

Daily Session: Kettlebell Full-Body Workout

All the really ripped guys in your gym use kettlebells, so naturally you want to use them too. However, you don’t know exactly what to do with it. To break it down, we had strength coach and powerlifter Ryan LaPlaga, CSCS tell us how to program kettlebell moves for maximum muscle gain and major fat loss.

The Best Dumbbell Only Shoulder Workout

The first exercise, a neutral-grip overhead press , is the safest way to do any pressing movement. If you’ve backed off of shoulder work in the past because it hurt to execute, relief can be as simple as turning your palms to face each other. In this position, your upper-arm bones can glide through the shoulder joints without risk of impingement.You’ll follow this up with a variety of shoulder raises, ending with a crucifix hold, in which you keep your arms raised for  time. This is an exercise popular among strongman competitors , whose shoulders are the size of pumpkins. Finally, the workout ends with seated dumbbell cleans. If you’ve ever done power cleans, you know what exploding a weight up from the floor to shoulder level can do for your shoulders, and this variation isolates them more. It’s as simple to do as it sounds: heave the weights up. Brute force builds big shoulders.

6 Healthy Teas You Haven't Tried

Immerse yourself in the unique flavors—and health-boosting benefits—of tea.

Why Hasn't Ethiopian Food Gone Upscale?

Four decades later, the area has become home to 35,000-plus Ethiopians (though many in the community believe the figure is at least three times that)—more than in any other US city—along with scores of Ethiopian-owned restaurants. Concert- and theatergoers know to head to Dukem and Etete in the U Street corridor for a dependably cheap, filling meal before a night out. The adventurous head to Abay Market in Falls Church to chase slices of raw beef with shots of whiskey. On H Street, Northeast, upscale Ethiopic has become, for many, the place to introduce out-of-towners to a new cuisine.

7 Healthiest Foods on the Planet | Eat This Not That

Lentils are like the Chuck Taylors of nutritional all-stars—old-school, somewhat pedestrian in style, yet hugely popular the world over. The edible pulse has been a part of the human diet for some 13,000 years—an inexpensive form of vegetarian protein and fiber touted by health experts for its ability to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, promote fat metabolism and dampen appetites. Lentils are a resistant starch, a slow-digesting fiber that triggers the release of acetate—a molecule in the gut that tells the brain when to stop eating. In fact, a systematic review of clinical trials on dietary pulses found that people who ate a daily serving of lentils (about 3/4 cup) felt an average 31 percent fuller compared to a control diet. And a second study found a diet rich in blood-sugar stabilizing foods like lentils could reduce disease-related inflammation by 22 percent!

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Six Tough, Steel-Banded Timepieces

You're grinding away at work. Moving iron in the gym. Getting your hands dirty day in and day out. It's time to reward your hard work with a watch that's as tough as you are.

Swap Beef for This Awesome Burger Meat

Like beef burgers, you can cook salmon to a delicious medium-rare and the meat has enough oomph to stand up to stronger flavors, such as umami-packed soy sauce and wasabi mayonnaise. Follow this recipe, expand your burger horizons. Salmon Burgers with Wasabi Mayo Recipe by Michael Lomonaco, executive chef/partner of Porter House New York

A Winter Workout to Improve Your Focus

Outdoor exercise boosts brain function, according to research published in the journal PLoS One. Here’s how to make the most of a cold and snowy sweat session.

5 Reasons why Squats are Better than Leg Presses

Here's why the squat reins king when it comes to building size and strength.

7 Spices With Surprising Health Benefits

If you want to spice up your life, add some root, bark and plant derivatives to your diet. Herbs and spices add some pep to any meal, and many come with proven heart healthy benefits and can even ease pain, including post-workout soreness. Herbs and spices also have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and most are high in B-vitamins and trace minerals. In fact, most contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than some fruits and vegetables. Herbs and spices are also an inexpensive way to add flavor to food without the extra fat, calories, sodium or cholesterol.

Bench Press

3 Stances to Build Legendary Quads

A recent study from the University of Padova concluded that a wide stance produced some of the same muscular activation as a narrow stance. Subjects saw results in the quads, adductor major, vastus medialis and lateralis -- basically everywhere except the glutes. That said, there's definitely a benefit in changing up your stances to see which muscles are feeling it the most.

365lb deadlift @ 110lbs

Last heavy pull before the Arnold. Very excited how this training block is going and can't wait to compete in 3 weeks!

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You guys are simply amazing! We've received a ton of love on our first artwork signer. "Champions Are Nocturnal"

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I rather live 10 y all happy & independent than 50 y being bitter. E/o can live, few do so exactly the way they want


Featuring 20 of our most delicious protein pancakes, these healthy breakfast recipes are sure to appeal to a variety of taste preferences. Blueberry pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, chocolate peanut butter pancakes, or just the simple basics—you'll find it all here and burst into a happy dance after one bite.

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Fighter Diet on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

5 Supplements For Heart Health -

There's more to the month of February than just Valentine's Day; it also happens to be National Heart Month. Although heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women worldwide, it is often preventable. If you really want to show your loved ones how much you care about them, give them the gift that lasts a lifetime: a renewed commitment to being around and healthy for the long term!

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