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Running A Part Time Strength Coach Business • Zach Even-Esh

From the first week I opened The Underground Strength Gym warehouse, I got MORE phone calls from aspiring Strength Coaches than I did from parents of athletes. THAT was scary! I'm out here trying to build savages and I've got Lawyers and Accountants calling me & leaving me voice mails like this: "I hate this …

8 Ways To Train Your Traps Like Johnnie Jackson

The first concept to understand off the bat is that a couple of low-rep sets won’t do much for the traps. “They respond much better to slightly higher reps and volume,” Jackson tells us. The rep range he advocates is 15-20, and you should still be able to handle substantial weights with that. “The range of motion for any shrugging movement is short as it is, so it’s not that hard to get 15-20 good reps with a lot of weight.” Johnnie recommends keeping your chins down rather than looking straight ahead or up. “This elevates the shoulders so you are able to get a full range of motion,” he says. You have the option of using a barbell or a shrug machine such as the one made by Hammer Strength.

Citrulline vs. Arginine | Which is the Best NO2 Booster

gth. In the first study, Osowska et al. 13 showed that citrulline supplementation increased muscle protein synthesis. A second study by Le Plenier et al. 14 confirmed that citrulline modulated protein synthesis through mTOR, because the effect was neutralized when the muscles supplied with citrulline were also incubated with the potent mTOR-inhibitor rapamycin. While these studies clearly show that citrulline enhances muscle growth, another study by Perez-Guisado et al. 15 also demonstrated that citrulline consumption increased muscle strength. In this study, 41 men performed 8 sets of flat barbell bench presses at 80 percent of their 1-repetition maximum to failure, with half of the men given 8 grams of citrulline malate while the other half received a placebo. The group receiving citrulline malate was able to perform more repetitions for all 8 sets while also reporting much less muscle soreness. All in all, these studies clearly show that citrulline's ability to enhance muscle growth also improves strength in high-intensity weightlifting while also mitigating post-exercise muscle soreness. Based on the scientific research, 6-8 grams per dose of citrulline malate is most effective for increasing strength and muscle growth.

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Musclepharm Combat 100% Whey at - Best Prices on Combat 100% Whey!

COMBAT 100% WHEY is a low-carb, high-protein, great-tasting protein supplement with minimal fat and low sodium that delivers fast digesting protein sources to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Combat 100% Whey combines two of the fastest digesting, most efficient, and cleanest protein sources available: Whey Protein Isolate and Whey protein Concentrate. Whey protein has the highest bioavailability among complete proteins (protein that contains a complete amino acid profile of all 9 essential amino acids) and also has the highest absorption rate among any other proteins. Whey protein isolate is a concentrated whey protein molecule “isolated” to remove any impurities such as fats, or sugars. This process, in turn, reduces the size of the molecule making it easier for the body to absorb and faster to digest. Additionally, Combat 100% Whey is low in sodium at only 65mg per serving. This can reduce the risk of excess water retention, further ensuring that the mass that you put on is the mass that you intended.

Keep Kicking Ass After 40 | T Nation

Eat from the vegetable and fruit horn of plenty. Throw fistfuls of raisins or frozen berries into your oatmeal or cereal. Keep apples, bananas, and bags of prunes around for snacks. Keep spinach leaves on hand and toss them into the pan before you scramble your eggs. Chop and dice any vegetable you can find into bite-size pieces, drizzle them with olive oil, cover them with aluminum foil, and either throw them on the grill at high heat or in the oven at 425 degrees for a half hour. The key is variety and volume. Buy vegetables and fruits you never heard of before. Make it a rule to introduce one new vegetable or fruit every week.

Tip: The Workout Cure for Dad Bod | T Nation

What they found was a significant inverse dose-response relationship between weight training and waist circumference change. In English, that means that the guys who lifted weights generally didn't grow a big gut. The cardio guys did better than the TV-watchers (the control group), but not nearly as good as the lifters.

Top 4 Supplements For Getting Bigger Faster

Eating right and lifting heavy can help you increase muscle size. But supplements can give you an extra boost to maximize your growth potential. Here are our top 4 supplements for building muscle.

Tip: Master the Get-Up Press | T Nation

Adding presses into this movement forces you to stay in certain positions for longer, and let's face it, just holding planks is boring. Variety in your programming is one of the best ways to avoid injury. If you're only hitting the bench press and strict press, your shoulders are going to get pissed off.

3 Ways To Build A Better Mind-Muscle Connection

Skill goal:  Let's say that you're a decent squatter, but you struggle with upper-body positioning and tightness. Specifically, you can't keep your elbows under the bar to maintain a tall and tight upper body. So, for the next set, you'd focus specifically on keeping your elbows under the bar and crushing the bar with your grip. Rather than focusing solely on the movement, you'd focus small and build a small skill that leads to a better squat. Focus on your lacking skill until it integrates into the movement. Then move on to your next weakness.

The Get Ripped Anywhere Outdoor Workout Series

Your body weight can be used to generate any number of training stimuli. Instead of going heavy with weights, you can use explosive, jumping movements to recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers. Rather than perform high reps, you can slow down the tempo you move at, forcing your muscles to stabilize you for an endurance challenge. Finally, you can do a circuit of body-weight moves just as easily as you can do the machine circuit in your gym, but using your whole body and burning more calories as a result.

The Squat Tips Your Quads Are Terrified Of

After you've knocked out your squat working sets with a full range of motion, add extra weights and do half reps over just the top half of the range of motion. Your quads get the most activation over the top half of the ROM. And because you're above the "sticking point," you can really load up for these partial reps. For safety, do these in a power rack with the safeties set high, and use up to 120 percent of your 1RM for three sets of 6 reps.

The new year total-body reconstruction plan

This will be the year you dramatically change the composition of your body. A couple weeks in, take a look into the mirror, you’ll see noticeable differences in all the right places. Your face and jawline will show signs thinning; your shirts will tighten up in your chest, back, and shoulders. You’ll have visible veins in your arms, and you start to see those abs you never knew you had. The best part? It works for every guy at every level (hey, it’ll even work for your girlfriend.) The program is built around the basics, making it beginner-friendly. But, don’t let the word “basic” fool you—you’ll be drenched in sweat after every session. If you’re already highly experienced around the weights, this program forces you to slow things down and reset your thinking and approach to building muscle.

Train w/ Kai featuring El

Kai Greene gets together with personal Trainer El. Together, they go over fundamental tips for a better and more effective workout. for coaching email Kai at you can book your free 30 min evaluation with El at Williamsburg Retro Fitness 646-541-5828

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The Complete Arnold: Chest

Dips are another exercise that people don’t seem to use for chest—most use it as a triceps move. But I’ve always felt that dips really flush the whole pectoral area and are great for building the lower pecs to give you that impressive, deep muscular ridge that separates the pecs from the abs. To build maximum size, you should definitely do weighted dips (I used to hang an 80-pound dumbbell from my weight belt and do sets of 15 reps). Make sure you go all the way down until you feel a good stretch in your chest for each rep, leaning your torso forward and keeping your knees back, and don’t feel as though you have to lock out your elbows at the top. As for dumbbell flyes, don’t stick to light weights. Many people assume that flye moves must be done with light weight. Why? How will you add size using 25-pound dumbbells? Pick up something heavier. You’ll be surprised at how much weight you can handle. I used to start of with 65-pound dumbbells for my fIrst set of 15 reps, then progress to 75s, then 85s, still keeping my reps between 10 and 15.

The back, shoulders, and arms workout for training partners

Our 3-day partner series with the Sons of Strength finishes up with day three—back, shoulders, and arms. Watch Ryan and Eric Johnson demonstrate. For additional details on the plan, go to

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16 Squat Form Check

Just seeking feedback on squat form. Been reading some articles and doing some practice exercises. In particular there is a Waterbury article about doing wall squats where you face the wall and have toes and nose pressed against it.. absolutely suck at it. I keep falling back and I have a hard time really "sitting back" and have since high school.

What Men Need To Know About Women And Fitness

Men need to understand how much harder it is for many women to achieve their ideal physique. We're dealing with hormone fluctuations all month long and don't have testosterone working in our favor. We can go from a complete, pump-loving goddess in the gym to feeling bloated and fat the next day. Those ups and downs happen constantly, so the more understanding we can get, the better.

The best bodyweight exercises for biceps

Let's be real for a second: Every guy wants good biceps. They're one of the most notorious "mirror muscles" that pretty much everyone loves to sculpt—and show off. Your biceps are actually composed of two muscle groups: The brachii and the brachialis. The former is what connects your shoulder to your forearm, helping you do things like bend your elbow and twist your arm. The latter is more of an assistant, helping the brachii to do its job. Long story short, you need to attack both groups to get those guns you want to show off at the beach all summer.

How to change the pace of your workouts for astronomical strength and power gains

Enter tempo training, which was popularized years ago by strength coach Ian King but has resurged. And no wonder: Changing up tempo can produce dramatic results, including increased strength, power, and size. It can also help you bust through plateaus by mixing up stale routines that no longer generate results. “By varying the speed, you trigger a response that creates muscle growth,” says Ken Croner, owner of Indiana’s Munster Sports Performance.

How You Do ANYTHING Is How You Do EVERYTHING - [Strength Courses] Subscribe for 3 FREE Training Courses: The Bodyweight Bodybuilding Basics (Special Report), Top 11 Bodyweight Bodybuilding Exercises Video & FREAK Strength Training Course ======================== TRAINING COURSES: Join my Online Team & Coaching Program: Or Here: High School Strength & Conditioning Workouts: Access to my Membership Site: The Underground Strength Academy https://www.undergroundstrengthcoach.... Bodyweight Bodybuilding Workouts Get Stronger, Tougher & Faster WRESTLING Strength & Conditioning - FREE Wrestling Strength Newsletter ============================= STRENGTH COACH BUSINESS COURSES: Underground Strength Coach Certification: Become an Underground Strength Coach & LIVE Your Passion http://UndergroundStrengthCert.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017 - You can easily visualize your success in the not-too-distant future, but you might not be enthused about doing the work to realize your dream. In fact, you may be feeling downright unmotivated today. Stop trying so hard; your well-intended efforts only stand in your own way now. What you need more than ever is a timeout so you can reestablish your equilibrium. The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you lost it. Rumi wrote, "Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor."

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The ingredients in this smoothie work together to flush environmental toxins away and cleanse the liver while providing lubrication for your digestive tract, and as always, a dose of immune-enhancing protein. You get some naturally sweet and citrusy fruit flavors with the big-time benefits of greens.

Fat Burner or Money Waster? | T Nation

The caveat though, is that there were only thirteen subjects and only six showed BAT activity. That's less than fifty percent. Unless you want to expose yourself to an ice block for two hours and spend a ton of money for an evaluation, you'll never know how much BAT you have or how much you increased it. And there's probably a fifty percent chance you don't have much BAT now.

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Guzzling an extra couple glasses of water a day not only enhances fat mobilization, it might also positively influence body composition. Researchers at Virginia Tech put 48 subjects on a reduced-calorie diet for 12 weeks. Half of the test subjects drank 17 ounces of water before each meal. At the end of the experiment, the subjects in the non-water group lost about seven pounds of fat, while the water group lost almost 12 pounds of fat, or about 64 percent more. This is important news for anyone on a diet. Losing muscle while cutting calories is a major concern, and the results of this study suggest that drinking extra water means more of the weight lost on a diet comes from broken-down body-fat stores rather than catabolized muscle.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Take a break from the typical grind and increase strength with these 10 workout challenges from Men's Fitness.


We can separate people into two categories in the gym. No, not the dedicated versus the lazy. I am talking about those with genetically blessed calves versus guys with toddler calves. You know exactly what I mean. We all know people who walk around with the perfect De Beers diamonds hanging off their lower legs and others who train them to oblivion but still look like they have been held captive with no food or water for five long years.


In May of 2013, I met Dr. Stuart McGill, who, in short, saved my athletic career. I had a badly damaged back and was on the way out of elite powerlifting. He helped me start from ground zero, rebuild back to 100 percent, and in the process taught me what being a true athlete is. McGill not only helped me regain my lower-back athleticism and become pain free, he also taught me how to get more bang for my buck with newer and better versions of exercise that I’d been doing for decades. In short, he taught me to critically think before I did anything in the gym, period. Once I was able to start training hard again, I went back to Ontario, Canada, for a follow-up with Dr. McGill. This was the session where I learned the McGill pull-up (my name for it, not his). In short, these are pull-ups performed with 100 percent effort, as a way to generate maximum neuro drive. They have become one of the best ways I know to improve back strength and overall development while minimizing injury. Doing sets of 10 pull-ups at a bodyweight of 250-plus pounds can be risky for the tendons of your pecs, lats, and biceps.

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Tune into our FB Live with Trainer Mike today at 10am MST!

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Shawn Ray visits MVP King Fitness China

Shawn Ray visits MVP King Fitness China

Get Bigger Shoulders With 5 Easy Moves

With the setup here, we’re stripping down to the bare essentials. You’ll perform barbell shrugs to develop your traps, then a balanced dumbbell raise attack that will keep your lats, a delicate muscle group, evenly developed and help protect your shoulders when you bench press. Now that your shoulders are warmed up, we’re getting you yoked up by throwing in the military press as your finishing move.

How 15 NASCAR drivers got into peak shape for the 2017 racing season

To make through a nearly year-long schedule, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Danica Patrick, Ricky Stenhouse, and other drivers hit the gym—and the great outdoors—to get fit.

Target Exercise for Thick Biceps

As the “bi” implies, each biceps has two heads : the long head, which is the outer half of the muscle and makes up the majority of the peak; and the short head, which makes up the inner half and provides thickness. Thicker biceps are more impressive from the front when relaxed and provide that baseball shape on the inner side of the arm when flexed. A great exercise that targets this head is the high cable curl. Stand in the middle of a cable crossover station and hold two D-handles attached to the high pulleys with an underhand grip while holding your arms straight out to your sides. Your body should form a T. Moving just at the elbows, curl the handles toward your shoulders, as in a front double-biceps pose. Hold the finish position for a second as you flex your biceps hard and then slowly return the handles to the start position and repeat.

4 Rules for Making a Muscle-Building Protein Shake

Our consumption of green foods and vegetables is way down. Due to the convenience factor, cost and the abundance of additive-filled fast food and gas station food items, veggies just are not in our food chain as much as they should be. The best way to get a boatload of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals in your daily nutrition protocol is to add a green food powder or a few cups of various leafy greens to your “super shake.” This will help make up for the lack of nutrients you are not getting from convenience foods, missed meals or overcooked veggies when you eat out during lunch and dinner.

The 4-day beginner workout growth plan

Bulk up The ultimate diet for gaining muscle The Men's Fitness guide to getting big. Where to get extra calories: If you're not drinking a protein shake—start now. That's about 100-120 calories per scoop with 20-30 grams of protein. Then, you need nuts in your life. All different kinds. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts—they all are incredibly calorie-dense and easy to put down. Think about this: If you add two peanut butter sandwiches into your diet, you've just added 1,000 calories. Yes, 1,000 calories. A couple of rules—don't work out on an empty stomach, and don't forget to eat after a workout.

Spark New Pec Growth

My first exercise is incline barbell presses. I feel that pressing on an incline as well as on a decline allows a better range of movement than flat bench presses. The angle of the bench should be low — about 30 degrees. Some people don’t have the range of motion in their shoulders to come all of the way down to the upper chest when performing these, whether it’s due to a structural limitation or an injury. If this is your case, don’t force the issue. Come down as far as you can without doing damage to your shoulder joints. Keep the bar under control at all times, making sure to forcefully squeeze your pecs at the top of the movement.

How to change the pace of your workouts for astronomical strength and power gains

Enter tempo training, which was popularized years ago by strength coach Ian King but has resurged. And no wonder: Changing up tempo can produce dramatic results, including increased strength, power, and size. It can also help you bust through plateaus by mixing up stale routines that no longer generate results. “By varying the speed, you trigger a response that creates muscle growth,” says Ken Croner, owner of Indiana’s Munster Sports Performance.

The Leg-Day Circuit to End Your Workout Right

Take it up a notch and grow those quads with this leg day finisher.

The 25 worst things you can do for your body

A bad pair of shoes doesn’t just lead to foot pain, it can also cause problems throughout your body: “Your feet are the foundation of your body, and if they're not properly supported you can have problems anywhere from the bottom of your feet up through your neck,” explains Jeffery Solomon, D.C., president of the American Chiropractic Association’s Council on Sports Injuries & Physical Fitness. Choose your footwear wisely—if you have a long commute on foot, find a good pair of walking shoes that best mimics barefoot walking, then put your dress shoes on at the office.

9 Tricks to Look Bigger Instantly

But there are also times when you want to look bigger right now. The reason and the occasion may be different for every guy—maybe you’re meeting up with an old flame and want to show her what she’s been missing, or maybe you’re taking photos at the beach to post on Facebook. Whatever the reason, the following nine tricks can help you look 5–10 pounds bigger... instantly.

Lift Heavy for More Muscle

Get stuck in such a rut and your results are bound to level off, to plateau. At this point, it’s about time to switch things up. If you’re like me, you’re not a fan of high reps – sets of 15, 20+ – so the only other option for changing things up from a rep-count standpoint is to decrease reps, which naturally means you’ll have to go a little heavier than you’re used to with 8-12 reps.   When my routine starts to get a little stale, one thing I love doing is working in heavy sets. Not necessarily sets of one, two or three reps (I’m not a powerlifter), but rather sets of five and six reps. Going heavy like this, I feel, gives the body a different training stimulus to promote plateau-busting. Plus, I just like the way my muscles feel when they’ve handled some heavier weights – they feel stronger, of course, but also a bit harder, and I feel leaner, too. I like that.

Want to beat back the Grim Reaper? These are the best sports to prevent early death.

And that’s not all: Enthusiasts who swung a racquet regularly also showed a 56% drop in cardiovascular disease. It’s believed that this type of full-body exercise, which features short bouts of high-intensity effort, helps you live longer by boosting your metabolism and strengthening your heart.

7 Best Bodybuilding Foods

PREPARE IT:  Although many gadgets promise an easy way to separate the yolk from the white, the quickest, easiest method is to simply use your own clean hands. For this six-egg-white omelet recipe, crack six eggs into a medium-sized bowl. Next, using clean fingers, lightly grasp the yolks, lift them out one by one, and discard. With a fork or whisk, whisk the egg whites with salt, pepper and any of your favorite herbs until well combined and a few bubbles have formed on top. Spray a medium nonstick skillet with cooking spray. Place it over medium-high heat and add egg whites. After about 15 seconds, reduce heat to medium. Pull in on the edges of the omelet with a spatula and slightly tilt the pan so the uncooked egg runs under the cooked portion. Continue this around the perimeter until most of the uncooked egg disappears. Then fold the omelet in thirds, as if you're folding a letter to fit it into a business envelope. Using the spatula, carefully slide it from the pan to a plate and eat it immediately.

Metabolic Drive® Award Winning Gourmet Protein - Biotest

Metabolic Drive® protein not only tastes as good as a decadent milkshake, it also provides a blend of the most technically advanced and highest-quality proteins available anywhere – making it the ultimate muscle building, performance-enhancing gourmet nutrition:

Best Exercises for a Complete Back Workout

The back isn't only one of the body's biggest and strongest body parts, it's also the most complicated in terms of being a series of interconnected muscle groups. For the purposes of this feature, we're dividing the back into its four main regions: 1) the upper and outer lats, 2) the lower lats, 3) the middle back and 4)  the lower back . Each area requires specific stimulation via the exercises and angles of attack used, and we'll show you the two best exercises for each.

Here's why some guys get so damn sweaty during workouts

Perspiration has nothing to do with being a man and (almost) everything to do with how big you are, according to new research.

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