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Back Workout: 5 Moves To Mile-Wide Lats

If your back is a weakness, let Hunter Labrada help you out!

Joint-Friendly Bodybuilding with Chains - Diesel SC

One of the biggest misconceptions and myths about using heavy chains in training is that they are only reserved for powerlifting. While it is true that using chains and bands for accommodating resistance has many benefits (see the Strength System, Special Strength, and the Chaos Manual) for developing strength, speed, and power, they can provide …

How a virtual reality game helped one man lose 50 pounds

A game developer saw amazing results after turning 'Soundboxing' into an exercise routine.

Dana White: Conor McGregor Could Fight Winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov-Tony Ferguson Fight

The UFC president also insists the McGregor-Mayweather superfight is “nowhere” close to happening and expects “The Notorious” to return to the Octagon.

Ariel Khadr's Guest Posing Video | NPC Topamania Classic 2017

Three rounds of non-stop action! The youngest to turn IFBB Fitness Pro, Ariel Khadr blasts through her guest-posing routine at the 2017 NPC Topamania Classic in Miami, Florida. Ariel is headed to Ohio this week to compete in the Arnold Sports Festival - so wish her luck on the MD forum (and look out for those nunchucks!) Video courtesy of John Hawley and

Dexter Jackson Guest Posing at the 2017 NPC Topamania Classic

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Dexter Jackson returns to guest pose at the 2017 NPC Topamania Classic. After getting pics with fans in the audience, Dexter discusses taking off the Arnold to concentrate on the Olympia. He is 47 years old and has been in more Pro shows than anyone else in the history of the sport -- and just keeps getting better! Watch the video, then let us know what YOU think on the MD forum. Thanks to John Hawley of for the video.

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The 10-Minute Bench Press Solution | T Nation

Oh, you don't have shoulder problems? Don't wait to prevent them. Had I taken some preventive measures when I was benching monster weights, I'd have avoided the problem in the first place. In other words, this is essential if you're a serious lifter who benches a lot of weight. Start now. You may find that you can lift more as a result and even build more muscle because you're able to recruit more muscle fibers.

PRE-KAGED by Kaged Muscle at - Best Prices on PRE-KAGED!

When I filmed the Muscle Building Video Trainer, I felt some insecurities and self-doubt about whether I could add the 12 lbs of muscle I had planned to put on over the 12-week series. I hadn't weight trained in 4 months following my pec and hamstring tears from my snowboarding accident. Although I was coming from a large deficit, I was in a strong place by being surrounded by the best supplement, nutrition and exercise scientists in the world. Doubled with my motivation, drive, and mental intensity, I was able to surpass my expectation by weighing in over 20 lbs heavier with evidential fat loss. The proof is within the unadulterated daily videos on where people can see me transform in real time.

Tip: Make Low-Carb Mug Cake in 60 Seconds | T Nation

This protein packed cake is fast, easy, and it won't make you fat. Get the recipe here.

Tip: Why You Must Push Press | T Nation

After the bar leaves the shoulders, the lift becomes almost identical to the press, and the arms are of course always pushing with all the upward force they can muster. But since the weights used in the push press are heavier than what the arms can move alone, all the arms can do is slow down the deceleration of the bar.

Tip: Eat These Foods to Beat Stress | T Nation

A single stressful event can wreck your gut health and your sleep... for weeks. Eat these foods and stress can't touch you.

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Dieting

These days, Creavalle dampens the sugar devil by scheduling a daily sugar fix. "Sugary foods are least likely to be stored as fat when you eat them after your workout," she says. "After I'm finished training, I always have a handful of Reese's Pieces or peanut M&M's. I don't need a lot. Just a taste." That's sufficient to keep her happy, her sweet tooth at bay and her finely sculpted physique lean and hard.

Tip: Fire Up Your Legs and Lungs | T Nation

Since the CNS is being hammered here, there's no need to load this movement with near maximal weights. Start with bodyweight and slowly work up your loads while keeping an emphasis on movement quality. Go smoothly, move slowly, and hold little pink dumbbells in each hand. It'll build character, brah.

Get Leaner And Healthier Faster With HIIT!

That same cardio activity in the gym? It can be agonizing work that can't end soon enough. That's one reason fitness enthusiasts have been choosing to cut their cardio gym time in half by employing what's called high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You can reap equal or even greater health-and-fitness benefits than you'd get from double the amount of steady-state cardio.

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Avoid These Six Mistakes In the Gym

Considering those six rules, here’s an important caveat: just because someone at your gym, or even a pro bodybuilder like me, tells you to do something, that’s no reason to follow his every move. Analyze the advice you receive as you apply it to yourself, and don’t follow a routine or diet endlessly if you’re not seeing tangible results. That’s not to say you should haphazardly switch directions at every sign of a plateau — far from it. But be ready to tweak your approach while evaluating its effects.

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Spend $49 for a chance to get one of our 10 Golden Shakers for $1000 in store credit! #BBcomDeals

25 Men’s Fitness-approved snacks for fitness freaks and health fanatics

"Sometimes you need an ultra-crunchy snack to hit the spot. Forget pretzels; throw away your tortilla chips. You can satisfy every craving with The Good Bean's roasted chickpea snacks (they've got flavors like Thai Coconut, Sweet Cinnamon, and Smoky Chili & Lime). Seriously, munch away with wild abandon. These chickpea snack packs have very few ingredients, loads of protein, fiber, and folate." - Brittany Smith, Associate Digital Editor

6 Common Moves You Can Skip

The truth is, most guys need to do much more mobility work and improve their range of motion in the big lifts. However, there seems to be a new trend of doing so much mobility work that people forget to actually train and get strong. You only need to be as mobile and flexible to perform whatever task it is you are trying to accomplish. In other words, squatting to full depth does not require you to be able to put your legs behind your head.

How to Use Kettlebells for Light Conditioning?

For home use, I have a lovely set of Rogue KB's (26, 35, 44, 53, 88) but I didn't really plan on taking any of those on a flight...I did some research and concluded that since people are allowed to take things like bowling balls, golf clubs, etc as checked luggage I could see no reason why a KB should be prohibited. Just in case it was dicey, I bought a cheapo 35-pounder via Craigslist to be my "airline" KB. My thinking on the weight was that most airlines have a weight limit of 50 pounds per checked bag, so the 35-pounder was the right size to include the weight of the bag and some padding around it while staying under the 50 pound limit. Although a 35 is light for me, it's still enough to do some snatches, and you can get creative with some weird exercises like halos and other stuff that I don't normally do.

10 Pec-Inflating Tips For a Dominant Chest Day

You have weak links that stop you from progressing. For instance, weak rear shoulder muscles like infraspinatus and teres minor. These help the shoulders stay where they're supposed to be (pulled back). You might have a winged scapula, which means your shoulder blade is flaring out due to weak subscapularis or serratus anterior. A solution for the latter one is to do a lot of great pushups.

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The Complete Arnold: Chest

Dips are another exercise that people don’t seem to use for chest—most use it as a triceps move. But I’ve always felt that dips really flush the whole pectoral area and are great for building the lower pecs to give you that impressive, deep muscular ridge that separates the pecs from the abs. To build maximum size, you should definitely do weighted dips (I used to hang an 80-pound dumbbell from my weight belt and do sets of 15 reps). Make sure you go all the way down until you feel a good stretch in your chest for each rep, leaning your torso forward and keeping your knees back, and don’t feel as though you have to lock out your elbows at the top. As for dumbbell flyes, don’t stick to light weights. Many people assume that flye moves must be done with light weight. Why? How will you add size using 25-pound dumbbells? Pick up something heavier. You’ll be surprised at how much weight you can handle. I used to start of with 65-pound dumbbells for my fIrst set of 15 reps, then progress to 75s, then 85s, still keeping my reps between 10 and 15.

The BEST Workouts = HARD Workouts - Subscribe for 3 FREE Training Courses: The Bodyweight Muscle Manifesto (Special Report), Bodyweight Bodybuilding Video & FREAK Strength Training Course ======================== TRAINING COURSES: Join my Online Team & Coaching Program: Access to my Membership Site: https://www.undergroundstrengthcoach.... Bodyweight Bodybuilding Workouts Get Stronger, Tougher & Faster ============================= STRENGTH COACH BUSINESS COURSES: Underground Strength Coach Certification: Become an Underground Strength Coach & LIVE Your Passion - Online Underground Strength Coach Cert for Those Who Can’t Travel Strength Coach Business Tips - ============================= TRAIN WITH ME AT THE UNDERGROUND STRENGTH GYM: in Edison & Manasquan, NJ - Manasquan Gym / Manasquan Strength Coach http://ZachEven-Esh.

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That's Sheldon from #BigBangTheory !? Watch: Actor Jim Parsons crushes 400-pound sled rows with one arm:

Instagram post by Zach Even - Esh • Feb 27, 2017 at 1:44am UTC


There’s nothing wrong with counting reps and sets. However, it’s not a completely accurate gauge of your progress or a very targeted approach on its own. The reason for this is that when a program tells you that your target is eight to 12 reps, it’s with the assumption of a four-second movement. That’s including the top and bottom of the rep, during which there actually is no tension at all. This makes that target of eight to 12 reps a little less specific than it sounds. If you’re doing five-second reps or  hree-second reps, your time under tension will be very different. Based on the stats I just gave you for time under tension, one guy could be doing 10 reps and stimulating functional hypertrophy, while another guy can be using the same weight and doing the same 10 reps but stimulating sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. In other words, total time under tension is a much more accurate means of targeting a specific result than counting reps. With constant tension timed sets, there is no locking out at the top or bottom of the movement—it is constant tension, and this has a benefit beyond accuracy; it builds up a lot of metabolic by-products, such as lactic acid, which are essential for myofibrillar cellular swelling and satellite cell signaling.

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Check out the 21-Day Shred, 21-Day Bulk, and 21-Day Transition plans from Men's Fitness and make 2017 your year to get shredded.

Instagram post by Phil Heath • Feb 27, 2017 at 3:47am UTC

Tip: The 5-4-3 Method for Lats | T Nation

Mark Dugdale is an IFBB pro bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia competitor. Mark has 22 years of experience on stage and a passion for brutal workouts. He has also produced five documentaries, participated in seminars with prison inmates, and was granted one of the last recorded interviews with Joe Weider. Follow Mark Dugdale on Twitter

Men's Fitness on Twitter

10 muscle-building workout challenges from Men's Fitness to put your body to the test and build strength.


Think about what you spend each year on gym memberships and the time and money spent driving there and back. That’s more  than enough to put toward a decent home gym. Working out from home can be motivating, but it’s also time and money saving. New baby? Train during naps. Tight schedule? It’s a short commute. You may have to work on your state of mind and focus when it comes to avoiding distraction, but I assure you, with the right gear, a small yet effective home gym can easily become a reality. There’s a plethora of quality stuff out there, and these are just five items that stuck out as affordable and user-friendly and deliver a solid well-rounded workout. It would be nice if we all had a power rack and a cable station in our living room, but let’s be realistic. These items are effective, inexpensive, and space saving alternatives for when life gets in the way of that trip to the gym.

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Everyone is waiting for stem cells to advance to the point where we can take an injection and suddenly have the midsection of a young Frank Zane. Until that happens, the alternative is fresh Brassica vegetables, like Chinese cabbage, sprouts, cress, broccoli, and cauliflower. These vegetables contain glucosinolates, which, when lightly cooked, convert into a substance called sulforaphane. Molecular biologists at the Second University of Naples, found that small amounts of sulforaphane— about what you get from a serving or two of cabbage stimulate the development and protection of stem cells, potentially improving recovery and growth in hard-training athletes. Brassica vegetables are also low in calories, high in fiber, and help balance testosterone and estrogen levels.

Keto Diet: Science or Bullsh*t?! ft. Layne Norton PhD

➢ Check our Sling Shot Products and other Great content now @ ➢ AND if you want to improve your bench now head over to to get your FREE 30 Day Bench Program Now! ➢STrong Knee Sleeves: ➢STrong Belt: ➢Gansta Wraps: ➢Apparel: Follow Filipino Thunder @ Follow Smokey @ ➢ Instagram: Follow Fat Dan @ ➢ Instagram: Follow Nsima Inyang @ ➢ Contact: ➢ Snapchat: nsimainyang ➢ Nsima's IG: @thenattyprofessor ➢ YouTube: ➢ Twitter:@NsimaEye Follow Mark Bell and Super Training @ ➢ Shop SlingShot: ➢ Snapchat: supertraininggym ➢ Mark Bell IG: @marksmellybell - ➢ SlingShot IG: @MBSlingshot - http://tinyurl.

Tip: Do Pyramid Reps For Wide Shoulders | T Nation

This is gonna hurt so bad that you'll do it again and again. Because you're kinda crazy like that. Check it out.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017 - Reining in your energy sounds like a great idea today, but self-discipline may continue to elude you. Fortunately, you're flexible enough now to respond to changing circumstances with boldness and originality as big-thinking Jupiter opposes energetic Mars in your 5th House of Creativity. Everything looks so good that you might dive right into an inviting pool before you realize there's no water in it. Although the opportunities could be quite rewarding, your tendency to skip over the fine print can create a sizable headache. Thinking before acting is wisdom but acting before thinking is regret.


Eggs have been both glorified and scolded over the years leaving consumers, including athletes, hesitant to add whole eggs into their regular diet. The egg white, also known as the albumin, is a complete protein source con- taining all the essential amino acids; however, it is the yolk that tends to scare people away from eggs. The fatty acids found in the yolk are primarily oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, while the remaining fatty acids are sat- urated fat and polyunsaturated fat. Other than fat, there are two other noteworthy components of egg yolks. Firstly, egg yolks are very rich in choline, a nutrient associated with several\benefits, including cognitive health. Secondly, although egg yolks do not provide much protein, yolks are enriched with the essential amino acid leucine—the primary activator of muscle protein synthesis. Given the large percentage of fatty acids and cholesterol in the egg yolk, whole-egg con- sumption has been suggested to promote cardiovascular disease; however, randomized controlled trials comparing diets with or without whole eggs have not found an asso- ciation between whole-egg consumption and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Secret to Tree Trunk Legs

Arnold’s early training wasn’t sufficiently high in volume. “For many years, I did only five sets of squats when I really should have been doing eight…[and] I did not put enough weight on the leg-press machine,” he said. “Once I realized my mistakes and corrected them, my thighs began to grow thick and massive.” At his peak, Arnold did at least 20 working sets for legs and took each set except his warm-ups to failure. This high-volume approach helped him put on the size and build the strength (his best was a 400-pound squat for eight reps) that turned around a weak bodypart.

When Muscles Won't Grow

The first weight I ever picked up was my father’s 10-pound Healthways solid-iron dumbbell. I wasn’t more than 12 years old. Honestly, it felt like a ton. I couldn’t manage much with them and had no idea what I was doing. But soon, with the help of Joe Weider’s magazines, I got the hang of what I was supposed to be doing. Because, when anyone talked about muscles, it seemed like they ended up flexing their biceps. I quickly developed a penchant for arm curls. Fortunately, even though my form stunk and I cheated my ass of due to being bereft of any concept of strict execution, my biceps still responded. It seems I had arbitrarily stumbled on an easily stimulated body part. So I was hooked. Of course, with time, I quickly discovered that the rest of my body parts were not all blessed with the same responsiveness. I would have to work much harder on some areas of my body than others. It wasn’t until much later that I learned I wasn’t alone in my struggle.

6 Workout Routines for Better Sex

Mobility and strength are essential if you want to perform at your best in the bedroom—you have to be flexible. Here's a workout routine that will work your body holistically, so that every muscle group functions cohesively—rather than bulking random show muscles. This routine will also help you nail some of those not-so-basic positions.

10 Reasons You're Losing Your Hair

When you get out of the shower, if you’re like most guys, you probably vigorously dry your hair with a towel without giving it much thought. However, it’s actually quite destructive to your hair’s cuticles, or the outer layer of each strand. “Your hair’s structure is held together by three kinds of bonds, which contribute to the strength of your hair,” Dr. Ablon explains. “When the hair is wet, it swells and the cuticle lifts up a little. When it dries, it comes back to its original position. When the cuticle is slightly lifted during the wet stage, it’s vulnerable to things that come in contact with it, such as your towel vigorously rubbing up against it.” Luckily, there are simple things you can do to minimize damage. First, use a hair conditioner or a conditioning shampoo that coats each strand of hair so that your cuticles are protected. Second, change the way you dry your hair. Instead of rubbing your wet head with a towel, pat the hair dry.

10 Healthy Late-Night Snacks

What goes better with Corden, Meyers, and Kimmel than Ben & Jerry's and Jimmy John's? Not much else when you've got the late-night munchies, but guess what?  "When you overeat before bed, your body is much more likely to store those calories as fat," says nutritionist Manuel Villacorta, R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

Steve Weatherford's 6 Tips To Balance Aesthetics And Athletics

"No matter if it's aesthetics or athletics, you're never going to be able to get away from compound training," says Steve. "You can go in and do accessory work, but you're never going to grow from just doing that alone. Likewise, when you're doing strength and conditioning for a sport, you're never using just one muscle. They work synergistically. Honestly, you could become a better athlete if all you did was bench, dead, and squat. Of course you can do more, but even when you do them at the end of a workout, these are what ultimately matters the most."

Six Deadly Diet Sins

Solution: During bodyfat reducing phases, try a four-on/one-off approach. Diet strictly for four days, eating 1 g of carbs per pound of bodyweight daily and taking in no carbs at each day'’s final meal. On the fifth day, take a break from dieting. Dramatically increase carb intake, up to as much as 3 grams per pound of bodyweight on that day. The higher carb intake not only will provide much-needed energy, but it will also prevent a drop in metabolic rate.

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Jailhouse Strong: 100 Bodyweight Squat Challenge

Here is the Jailhouse Strong challenge to you. Do this complete sequence three times, rest two minutes between sets. Complete each set in four minutes and you are physically fit. Do it in three minutes and the warden will call you sir.

The 8 Worst Things to Do After a Workout

In a perfect world all of us would be able to grab about an hour’s nap right after training to help our muscles and nervous system recover, but for most this is just not possible. I recommend that at the very least you avoid physically strenuous activity after working out. You should take at least a little time to just sit, relax and comfortably consume your post-workout meal. Weight training will only be effective if the body gets adequate rest to allow for the rebuilding process to take place.

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