elitefts Customer Product Reviews — The Seated Calf/Tibia Raise Machine with TJ Slomka Video Description

Introducing elitefts Customer Product Reviews. If you're the kind of gym owner who isn't satisfied by simply looking at images of a product or by speaking with a sales director, we've got your covered. In these unedited reviews from strength coaches and gym owners, we're sharing the honest opinions of people who have purchased the equipment, have trained on the equipment, and have had clients and gym members train on the equipment. The reviews that we share here are not from lifters who have seen the equipment once and now want to share an opinion; they are from experienced, successful people in the industry who have used a variety of equipment. We know you don't want empty praise of our equipment — you want honest, detailed feedback so that you can know what to expect.

Videos for 2/6/2017