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Band Man: Pack More Mass on Your Back with Bands

Band Man: Pack More Mass on Your Back with Bands

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016 - Although you may be uncharacteristically self-critical now, people are much more willing to forgive your shortcomings than you are. The conjunction of beautiful Venus and powerful Pluto emphasizes the cluster of four planets working their magic in your 2nd House of Self-Esteem. However, the cosmos can magnify your negative feelings, forcing you to acknowledge your shadow. Shining the light of your awareness wherever conversations lead you today will help put things back into proper perspective.

2 Poston Strong: Operation 16

Muscle & Fitness teamed up with Jason Poston , IFBB Pro, ProSupps Athlete and 3-time Olympia Physique Top 3 Competitor, to create a total body program designed to help you put on quality muscle while leaning out. The workout and supplement regimen—called POSTON STRONG: OPERATION 16—will make 2016 your strongest year ever. Follow as Poston takes you step-by-step through each workout of this three-phase program.

The 30 Best Shoulder Exercises of All Time

An extremely mobile ball-and-socket joint, the shoulder can move in any direction. Although the joint moves freely, it's not a very stable area of the body and several muscles, including the deltoids and rotator cuff muscles, provide extra support. Strengthening these upper body muscles and the bones underneath them not only prevents injury, but also leads to a more aesthetic look.

8 Great Foods to Eat Before and After Your Workout

Before you hit the ground running, fueling your body will be the foundation to any successful workout. It’s any lifter’s worst session when they hit the wall – glycogen stores depleted and muscles starved for nutrients. To be on top of your lifting game, you have to feed your body with the right foods both pre – and post-workout.

8 Worst Things You Can Do to Build a Bigger Back

Whether your goal is to be a 250 lb. freak or 185 lb. sculpture, all of us who lift want to develop a V-shaped back with enough bumps and lumps to match the Rocky Mountains. However, this is no easy task, as the musculature of the back is quite complex and often hard to feel while lifting. It’s quite common to hear fellow trainees complain that when they try and work their lats, they manifest a better pump in the forearms and biceps, which does little to stimulate back growth .

The Complete Arnold: Back

Regardless of the variation, I always went all the way up for each rep. This may sound elementary, but it’s amazing how many guys do only half reps. Wide-grip chins seem to invite half reps more than others, but I found that better development comes from touching your chest to the bar for every rep when going in front of the head and touching the back of your neck when going behind the head. The same holds true for close grip chins—physically touch your chest to the bar every time. Of course, this isn’t easy, but you can build up to doing full-range-of-motion chins for many reps, even weighted reps. Start with the lat pulldown machine. Over time, increase the weight until you’re doing pulldowns with your equivalent body weight for about eight reps. Then, leave the machine and move to freehanging chins. Let’s say that before you start training back one day you tell yourself you’re going to do 50 total reps of chins. For the first set you may do 10, then perhaps you struggle for eight on the second set. You have 18 reps now. If you make five for the third set, you have 23 reps. Continue to add them in this way until you’ve reached 50 reps, even if it takes you 20 sets to do it.

Winter Mass Workout

On all of the main lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift) and their variants that you cycle, you’ll work up to a one- to 10-rep max. Begin with an empty bar and gradually add weight until you reach a load that cuts you off at a certain number of reps within that range. You can shoot for a 10-rep max one week on one lift and then an eight-rep max on another lift the next week. You can work down to a one-rep max over time or play it safe and stay within five to eight reps; it’s up to you and how far you want to push your strength gains. Just be aware that repeatedly training very heavy (five-rep maxes or heavier) will be stressful and will require occasional deloads. Once you reach the load that allows you the number of reps you’re shooting for but no more, you’re done with that lift for the day.

15 Ways to Gain Lean Mass

There are tons of lean mass schemes out there for a reason, no one's body wants to stay lean. In fact, our bodies tend to like being heavier. It's much easier for our bodies to store fat than it is to build muscle. Being massive and lean is a tough task for your body to accomplish. It is going to take time and patience. These 15 tips will help keep the extra pounds off and help you add slabs of beef to your frame.

The 30 Best Back Exercises of All Time

If you're working out for the sake of looking good (and what guy isn't?), then you're probably aiming to build that signature "V-taper"—a big, broad back that makes you look powerful and even more dominant. To build that deep V, you'll need to focus on building the key muscles of your back: the deltoids, lats, and obliques.

Hardcore Contender - Tom Platz

Coming into the 1981 Olympia, he was 26, a middling pro, noted as much for his lack of upper-body mass as his outstanding legs. But that summer he had pushed his workouts into new realms of torture and made one of the most dramatic one-year transformations in the history of bodybuilding. Not only was his upper body catching up to the previous high standards of his legs, but — forget symmetry — his legs were traveling where none had gone before, and many believe his wheels still have not been surpassed. He stunned the physique world with a third at the controversial ’81 Olympia and was the talk of bodybuilding for the following year. “I’ll win or die trying,” he famously said of the Olympia, but a much smaller tragedy — a torn biceps — derailed his dream the following year when he was favored for victory but finished sixth. His physique was never the same. Still, that brash and brutal sentiment summarized Platz’s too-brief but legendarily intense quest for the Sandow.

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10 Workouts You Can Do At Home With Two Dumbbells

Instructions: If you're looking for a total body workout, skip to slide 8. The first seven workouts are broken up into upper body push, upper body pull, a combo, lower body power, lower body strength, and core. You can slate out your week where you change your focus daily (For example: Monday is upper body push, Tuesday is lower body power, Wednesday is upper body pull, and Thursday is lower body strength). For a longer workout, feel free to pair up the workouts. For instance, you may wish to pair one of the push workouts with a pull workout or an upper body with a lower body one; you might also finish any of these workouts with the core workout (slide 10). *Rest should be no more than 90 seconds to 2 minutes between each set.

The 2016 Starter's Guide Workout Program

As you progress, you can introduce machines to further isolate and overload the muscles and even to work around any nagging injuries you may have. But for now, stick with what’s written here. “When starting a new workout program, focusing on the fundamentals is key,” says Grinnell. “Pushing, pulling, and squatting heavy weight is what it’s all about. Throw in some arms, calves, and abdominal work with the right amount of cardio and you have a solid workout plan.”

Survival Plan

Pomegranate may be a new ally in the pursuit of a balanced gut environment. Not only are fresh pomegranate seeds a good way to add fiber to your diet, but early in vitro studies on pomegranate extract have explored how naturally occurring plant compounds in pomegranates called polyphenols may also help to provide an environment for good gut bacteria to thrive. A small preliminary study of 20 healthy individuals who took pomegranate extract suggests, but does not prove, that these poly- phenols may work as prebiotics, which feed the microbes in our gut to promote the right balance of beneficial bacteria.

The Deep Chest Workout

If you’re looking to put more size on your chest, look past those same old bench-press routines you’ve been doing—you know, the ones that stopped working for you years ago. And, honestly, just the bench press by itself isn’t that good a muscle builder for the pecs, anyway. Instead, it’s pre-exhaustion training that’ll allow you to get more out of conventional chest exercises and see a bigger, deeper chest inside of a month.

16 5 Worst Things to Do to Build Bigger Shoulders

If there is one muscle group that can truly set you apart from the rest of the pack it is the shoulders. Why do I say that? Well, because the delts live in three-dimensions, with heads in the front, sides and back. Onlookers can see just how developed your shoulders are no matter where around you they are standing. In addition, big, thick, and wide delts are not only noticeable when in a tank top or topless, but also when wearing a dress shirt, sweater and even a suit. In other words, no other muscle screams, “I lift hard and heavy” like the shoulders do.

Pomegranate Polyphenols Fight Free Radicals

We all know that antioxidants are important to include in any eating plan, and that the best way to add them to our diet is to get enough of the whole, natural foods found mainly in the produce section. But did you know that one type of these free-radical-neutralizing compounds is called polyphenols? These micronutrients help protect plants—and may help boost your health, too.

6 Worst Things You Can Do to Get a Bigger Chest

Walk into the gym any Monday night and you're likely to see the majority of guys working like mad on their pecs. So why is it that chest usually leads off the training week? Well, because big pecs are cool! Just look at the Terminator, Rocky, and Superman and it's easy to see why most men covet massive, thick, and striated pectorals. The funny (or sad really) thing is, despite all of the hard work, very few get to display the kind of chests that make jaws drop and tempt the ladies to reach out for a quick feel. Building perfect-pecs is not as easy as lying on a bench and mindlessly pressing humongous weights. It takes a well-thought-out, progressive and meticulous approach that carefully avoids the following mistakes.

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Tested and refined for 8 years. Our top fat loss plan:  Free ebook.

Shaun Clarida Pre-Show Interview | IFBB New York Pro 2015

IFBB Pro Shaun Clarida talks with Team MD's David Baye just 24 hours out from the 2015 IFBB New York Pro

2015 Arnold Classic Australia PREJUDGING

The 2015 Arnold Classic Australia PREJUDGING with Muscular Development

Juan Diesel Morel Trains Chest & Tri's - 2 Days Out | IFBB New York Pro 2015

IFBB Pro Juan Morel trains Chest & Triceps at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, 2 days prior to his big win at the 2015 IFBB New York Pro. In this video he's still pushing almost as hard as normal but is leaving a little in the tank because he's drying out. IFBB Pro Kevin English makes a few appearances as he spots & helps Juan with the weights.

Men's Bodybuilding Top 5 IFBB Europa Games Orlando

Watch the top 5 men pose from the IFBB Europa Games Orlando.

Ty Smith on Twitter

@BioLayne I screwed my metabolism up via crash/yo-yo dieting and thermo overuse. Have any articles on steps to reversing metabolic damage?

Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need To Know

Intermittent fasting may improve fat loss and allow you to eat more cheat foods than a traditional diet, but how do you do it, and how does it work? Jim Stoppani, PhD, has your answers!

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21 Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts

Let her know how much you really care with one of these great gifts for your girlfriend, wife, or that chick you just started dating.

25 Things You Must Wrap In Bacon

And you don’t even have to feel bad about chowing down on the bacon combos. One strip of of the good stuff contains 3 grams of protein and just 44 calories, which is a paltry amount considering the barnyards of savory deliciousness it adds to anything it touches.

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Tip: Fight the Light and Sleep Better | T Nation

Blue light, from electronics in particular, disrupts melatonin production, which means we'll continue to suffer from poor sleep and a disrupted circadian cycle if smart phones, TVs, tablets, and computers continue to be our main source of entertainment in the evening. Unfortunately, white light from a light bulb or overhead fluorescent appears to be nearly as problematic as blue light as research reveals that short durations (1-2 hours) cause near-daytime melatonin levels after minimal exposure (500-1000lux).

Hack Squat Extended Set 2.6.16

Hack Squat Extended Set 2.6.16

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Big lats make the waist look smaller. Nice abs make the body look ripped. Get 'em both: …

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Do thrusters! But make them shoulder, knee, and lower back friendly. Like this: …

35 - The Motivational Gym Shop

A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep - Key Ring - Gym Jewellery

Dennis Wolf Post Olympia Interview

Dennis Wolf (Amix Team) - Interview for Amix Nutrition after Mr.Olympia 2013

Top 5 Traps Training Mistakes

Traps get no respect. They fit in with both shoulders and back, and therefore can be worked (and overworked) with either. Piggybacking with broader workouts, traps seldom get the honor of their own routines, and yet, your two trapezius muscles (left and right) are large, dramatic and complex, bracketing your delts and neck, and forming a kite on your upper back. By contrast, your biceps are puny and simple, but surely you have a bi routine and dote on every curl. Don’t shrug off trapezius training. Give it the respect it deserves by passing our traps test. Class is in session.

38 (@cutandjacked) • Instagram photos and videos

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Underground Strength Coach Certification

I Only work with Coaches who have honesty and integrity. Move forward ONLY if you fit this criteria. Underground Strength Coach is more than just a certification. We are an organization, an association of Strength Coaches, a family of Coaches who “live the code”, giving others our absolute best services with quality, honesty and integrity. If you can not live by our “USC Code of Ethics” you are NOT welcome to attend our certification and become part of The USC Organization.


MD catches up with Dennis Wolf in Las Vegas, Nevada for some off - season chest training at the LVAC on Sahara. Wolf tells us about his plans for the 2015 season and gives some detailed instruction on chest training.

5 Super Bowl Snacks You Won't Be Ashamed to Serve

Super Bowl Sunday often means eating a super-large bowl of junk. Here are 5 recipes to include this year that give the flavors you want and none of the questionable ingredients you don't!

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Two tricks to make the "fat man pull-up" into a real muscle builder: …

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2015 Pittsburgh Pro Individual Posing Routines

2015 Pittsburgh Pro Individual Posing Routines

Meet Ashley Kaltwasser at Meet the Olympians

Meet up with Ashley from my Bariatric Support Group | Felicia joins the FUN!

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How to Build Muscle: The Best Foods for Bulking Up Without Getting a Fat Belly

*We’ve excluded grains and vegetables from this list. Grains such as oats and wheat contain compounds that make them difficult to digest for many people and can cause stomach upset and bloating. However, if you feel you do fine on these foods, you're welcome to consume them in small doses, but make starches such as potatoes and rice your main carb sources. Green vegetables, on the other hand, should be consumed liberally, but because of their very low caloric value, aren't to be counted toward your daily calorie and macronutrient totals.

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