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Fighter Diet & Fitness RX for WOMEN 12 Week Summer Transformation Challenge - ENTRY OPEN!

Having A Ball: Samantha Leete's BOSU Leg Workout -

Looking for a high-intensity leg workout that's short on time, big on results, and can be done anywhere? Lucky you. Samantha Leete's BOSU ball leg workout is perfect!

7 Times The Rock Stared Logic In The Face And Beat The Crap Out Of It

Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Because if you don't, he'll kick your ass.

Zuzka Light's 9-Move Post-Workout Stretching Routine -

Not sure which stretches to do after a workout? Follow Zuzka Light's full-body stretching routine! It's so great you'll want to implement it after your next training session!

FD Delts 2 Die 4 (Athlete)

WATCH: Belaineh's Pro Raw Challenge Meet / Elite FTS

This is my first year competing in the open; I've been a junior. It's a higher level of playing field. I'm really excited. I see it as an opportunity for growth. In the Juniors it was a different feel of competition. In the open I've got to step my game up, I'm playing with the big boys now.

Amateur Figure Confirmation Round & Awards | Arnold Amateur 2015

In this video you'll see the Amateur Figure confirmation round and awards from the 2015 Arnold Amateur. Class B winner Janaina Ferreira won the overall.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015 - There are emotional issues that have been stewing for the past few days, yet you appear to be finally passing through the eye of the storm. Perhaps you are still being battered by the winds, but it's nearly impossible to know for sure which direction you will be facing once the dust settles. Whatever you do, stay focused on the horizon now. Your persistence pays off if you hang in for the long haul. However, if you do lose patience, a minor meltdown can be extremely cathartic today as long as you know when to call it quits.

Lift Doctor: Best Starting Exercises

Generally speaking, after a thorough warm-up, you should focus on the most difficult or taxing exercises first, while you’re fresh.  Depending on your program and your goals, this could range from power or speed specific exercises, ballistic throws, jumps, or even compound (multi-joint) exercises .

The No-Squat Leg Workout

After completing the workout, do full body static stretching, spending 1-2 minutes on each bodypart with extra time spent on trouble areas like tight hips and upper back. If possible, drink a protein shake with simple carbs at this time too, if not shortly after, to promote proper muscle recovery.

Proper Pec-Pounding

But before we get into a recommended routine, I feel it is my duty as a trainer to discuss a key element in chest training that 99% of all trainees ignore: Proper body positioning for maximum recruitment of the pectorals, while minimizing the involvement of the delts and tris. Until this concept is understood and executed properly you will never reach the genetic potential of your chest, especially the upper (clavicular head). Here is what you need to do before beginning any pec exercise:

Attack Your Quads With This Intense Leg Workout

Step Down. Stand on your right leg on a stool or bench. Slowly squat down with that leg as low as you can under control, reaching out in front of you with your left foot and extending both arms directly overhead as you lower yourself. Come out of the squat quickly, then squat down again, this time reaching out to the side with your left foot as far as you can. Squat down a third time, extending your left leg behind you and opening your right hip (remember to extend your arms overhead with every squat). That's one rep. Repeat for five reps, then switch legs.

The 100-Rep Squat Workout

The classic barbell squat is quite possibly the greatest all-around exercise; it targets your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, as well as the rest of your body. And to reap the muscle-building benefits of the beloved move, you don't need to train like a powerlifter. Instead of upping your weight, increase your reps. Doing more than 10 squats per set induces significant muscle growth and is a strategy endorsed by strength coaches like Bret Contreras.

The 8 Absolute Worst Foods You Can Pump Into Your Body

Everyone loves a “cheat meal” or an overindulgence of food from time to time, after all—we are human. For seasoned athletes , the idea behind a “cheat” is to eat clean for a period of time, execute workouts as usual, and then “reward” the body with something that’s normally forbidden from a healthy diet. This strategy can certainly be effective for overcoming a weight-loss plateau and revving up the metabolism, but not all foods should be given the green light, especially if you’ve set an aggressive New Year’s resolution for yourself. Tim McComsey, a registered dietician specializing in weight-loss programming shares his eight foods to avoid at all costs.

2015 Arnold Classic Men's Pump Up Room

Come behind-the-scenes at the 2015 Arnold Classic to the men's pump up room.

Eating for Abs: The Beach-Body Diet Handbook

The only way you will ever lose fat and see your abs is if you eat fewer calories than you're eating now. Nothing else—not lifting weights, not cardio, not supplements—can offset failing to adhere to this simple rule. Period. So if you can put your pizza and beer day on hold for the next six weeks, read on, and we'll show you how to get a six-pack before summer is over. IT COMES DOWN TO CALORIES

3 Full-Body Workouts for Size

Training all day, everyday, without ceasing. The hallmark of every successful physique athlete, right? Wrong. More like the hallmark of athletes with absolutely no other obligations in life, whatsoever. Not all of us have unlimited time with which to press , pull, run and rep our way to a better physique. Time economy and workout efficiency can produce staggering amounts of muscularity and conditioning – if you do it right.

Protein Cycling for Compensatory Growth

Protein change theory states that in order to see an impact from increasing protein intake, you have to increase protein to a sufficient extent beyond what is habitually eaten. The average change in habitual protein intake in studies showing higher protein to be effective was +59.5% above normal versus +6.5% above normal in studies showing no ef ect of increased protein. In other words, increasing protein intake by ~10% will do nothing for you. Increase it by at least 50%, however, and you will see an increase in protein deposition. Another thing that we can gather from protein studies is that just because you are eating a relatively high amount of protein already doesn’t mean you’re getting all the anabolic potential from that protein. Your body will adapt to high protein intake by increasing the amount of protein you lose each night. If this were not true, you would continue to grow and grow just from protein alone.

Ultimate 3-Day Mass Building Routine

Gaining size isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your body is built to survive, not to look like an Olympia competitor, so putting on – and holding on – to muscle mass is a complicated, multilayered affair that can vary from person to person. But one thing everyone can do to maximize your ability to add new muscle is to select the right exercises – the type that will break down muscle tissue and trigger the hormonal responses that send your body into anabolic overdrive.

4 Training Tips for Guys with Long Arms

Guys with long arms might think that benching with a flat back is a way to “avoid cheating, and isolate the chest” but the reality is that arching your back and bringing your chest up saves the shoulder from impingement. Pulling your shoulders back against the bench as your arch your back (leaving your butt on the bench) will help keep the rotator cuffs free from undue stress while giving you more leverage to press the bar.

Massive Pecs with One Move

Pat Casey, the first man to bench press 600 pounds, had weighted dips at the core of his program. As a bonus, heavy dips can also help performance on the overhead press. On a personal note, dips helped me win the overhead press with ease at the 2005 Atlantis Strongest Man in America Contest. Virtually every great presser has trained with dips at some point.

Five Workouts to Lose Weight Without Traditional Cardio

Burn fat and build a better body without pounding the pavement.

30-Day Lunge Challenge

So are you using the lunge as a regular part of your athletic program? If not, you can try this simple but will-testing 30-day challenge. By performing an increasing number of walking lunges each day, you’ll reacquaint yourself with the benefits of this powerful move, burn a ton of calories and bully your legs into new size and a better overall aesthetic.

Six-Week Power Abs Routine

The Power Abs Program's focus is to not only streamline your waist by getting rid of the flab but also etch in deep abdominal muscle - so whenever you take off your shirt, your  six-pack  will be clearly visible. The keys to such a look is a low-fat diet (that, you knew) and training your abs with weights - which you may not have known. And here's more: Powerlifters and strongmen have great abs. Sure, they're buried under layers of bodyfat, but deep under that flab are an incredibly developed rectus abdominis, external obliques, and the deeper internal obliques and transverse abdominis. Those guys need to have super-strong and well-developed ab muscles to lift the massive amounts of resistance required by their sports. Like a powerlifter, you want  strong abs . Without a well-developed midsection, you would bend like a twig when doing everyday tasks like lifting a toddler or carrying groceries. And a stronger midsection means more strength on all your other exercises, since that's your core. Unlike a powerlifter, however, you want a chiseled six-pack. But ripped, powerful abs seems like an oxymoron, right? Not with the Power Abs Program.

10-Minute Biceps

“This arms routine might only be four exercises, two sets, and 10 minutes in length, but you’ll be crying by the end of it,” Plitt promises. “Overall, you’ll spend about a minute on each exercise — so that’s eight minutes of training and about two minutes of rest. It isn’t meant to be done all of the time, says Plitt. Try it for a couple of cycles or tack it onto your back workout. That way it’ll be more than an all-encompassing biceps blast — it’ll be a plateau buster , too.”

Chef Irvine Beefs Up Your Physique

If it's red meat you crave, this protein-packed meal has your name all over it.

Get a Harder Core with These 4 Midsection Moves

When people refer to “core stabilization,” this collection of exercises is exactly what they’re talking about. You can’t successfully perform any of these four moves without your midsection remaining solid and stable throughout every set. If you’re unstable, you’ll quickly learn why

You’re Never Too Old To Start A New Venture, Look At These Famous Entrepreneurs

A nice idea. I have tried many things that have never succeeded. I am 43 years old, been out of work almost seven years. I have tried to launch several businesses, anything from the multimillion-dollar range to a YouTube show that cost me almost nothing to start. I have never been able to secure the financing to make these businesses work. Even the YouTube show needs marketing money, which I could never get. I’ve written and published a book on Kindle Publishing, I’ve tried to start a food truck business, I’ve tried a few careers. Nothing has worked. Everything requires money or connections or an unbelievable edge that gets you close to someone important to back your idea. I had the idea to launch an Internet-based record company, selling music online, before Napster, before iTunes, before anyone was doing it. If I could have gotten the money or the idea to the right person, I’d be a billionaire. It never happened. Ideas and persistence aren’t everything.

The Hard Side of Soft Drinks

Growing up as a child, packets of Kool-Aid were as ubiquitous in my life as yesterday’s meatloaf and driving without seatbelts (I still marvel at my mother’s ability to drive with her knees while applying makeup in the rear view mirror). Packets of the brightly colored soft drinks were a nickel a pack and came unsweetened (before the invention of artificial sweeteners), with sugar having to be added at home. Those were the days, right?

Injury Free: The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises

A rotator cuff injury is a major set back for athletes. Here are the best exercises to prevent shoulder injuries.

High-Protein, Low-Carb Mac And Cheese Sauce -

Jarred cheese sauces are filled with butter and cream, with plenty of excess carbs and fat. The high-protein alternative I've come up with uses vegetable protein—pea in particular—to allow you to have that really creamy, cheesy, satisfying bowl of pasta without all the junk that comes along with say, a bowl of Alfredo or mac and cheese.

Build Bigger Pecs with the Pullover

The pullover was a favorite move of some of the greatest athletes of the Golden Era of bodybuilding including The Oak, Reg Park and Franco Columbu. This exercise works not only the chest but also the lats, intercostals and serratus anterior (the muscles of the ribcage). Maximally developed intercostal muscles will give the illusion of a bigger rib cage when taking a deep breath or holding a pose because the ribs are pulled up by the intercostal muscles. Modern chests seem to be lagging behind those of the classic physiques that put this move to use on a weekly basis.

7 Ways to Improve Flexibility

Improving your bending ability is crucial for more than just preventing injury. In fact, flexibility training is an important aspect of gaining strength and size. The typical lifter spends most of their day outside of the gym hunched forward over a computer further deteriorating any chance at proper posture. Outside of just preventing injury, having better posture helps to show off the muscular physique you worked so hard to build. Proper flexibility also goes hand in hand with full range of motion exercises like squats and deadlifts, which are major muscle builders . Having tight hips and shoulders is a limiting factor for proper form on these exercises and can limit your program.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

5 Ways You're Wasting Your Workouts

Working out three or more days a week is a big time commitment. Don’t you want to make sure you’re getting the best results for your effort? See faster gains by eliminating these self-sabotaging habits.

10 Healthy Late-Night Snacks

Midnight hunger pangs? Satisfy your cravings without inflating your gut.

$200,000 Transformation Challenge Presented by Dymatize Nutrition and

They say it's four weeks until you notice changes in your body and eight until your friends start talking. By now, they're probably asking, "What's different about you?" Or, "Damn! What kind of workouts are you doing?" Show us how far you've come! Upload your Week 8 progress pic to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by March 15 and tag it #200ktransform @bodybuildingcom @dymatize. You could win $200 in-store credit . Good luck!

10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Laid

Men's Fitness got real women to reveal how dudes blow their chances before they seal the deal. Read on—and never make these mistakes again.

The 20 Fittest Foods

We not only tell you which foods made the list, but how much of each you should eat on a weekly basis. So read on to see how you can make your diet more fit.

Why Running Does Not (Always) Burn Fat - Born Fitness

Some good points here. Running is an instinctual function those of us with legs should be able to do. The great part about modern living is we don’t often have to actually run from anything, but it’s nice to know we can. That said, IMHO, there is more value in studying my stride, and improving my running technique, over beating down the treadmill trail. The treadmill could be the fastest exit out of the gym for many people.

Bake The Best Macaroni And Cheese

See, when I was younger my father sometimes had to play the role of chef when my mom was working a late shift. With little kitchen skills, he’d turn to boxed mac ‘n’ cheese and, being a fat-fearing parent of the early-90’s, he’d leave out the butter. His version never tasted as good as Mom’s. Glenn Harris, chef of The Smith in New York City doesn’t cut back on the butter in his iconic macaroni and cheese recipe. He also uses whole milk and heavy cream. And he includes four—count ‘em—four types of cheese. He’s not apologetic about it. That’s because after one bite of the stuff, you’ll be silenced. You’ll close your eyes. You’ll chew slowly. You’ll enjoy.

5 Rules of Warming Up: The Truth to More Strength

Yes, really. For your barbell exercises, start with just the bar. This lets you focus on speed and technique, two of the main ingredients in building strength and size. It also fires up your nervous system to push some serious weight without fatiguing your muscles — even world-class powerlifters start with just 45lbs before they set records on the bench press.

The Butt Bible Pak

I have been steadily doing Pauline's fighter diet workouts daily  for about 1 year. Often times I have noticed with drastic weight loss like experienced, skin is not tight and toned. I always worried about that. Thanks to fighter diet workouts, the weight has been kept off and my body continues to shape up and really define. No sagging skin or evidence of weight loss. Thank you so much for your no nonsense approach to fitness, the basics Pauline teaches truly do work! Thankful to Pauline and fighter diet for pointing me in the right Direction and giving me the tools to build a body I only ever dreamed of! I have been using Pauline's butt bible pack,  as lower body has been my toughest area to tone up after losing weight! Fighter diet has been the answer! Not only did my legs tone up but

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Never Squat Again: Single-Leg Training for Serious Strength

Turns out, training one leg at a time can be just as effective and provide an alternate path to stronger, more athletic legs. Just last year, a study in the International Journal of Exercise Science compared muscle activity in the back squat, split squat (both legs on the floor and a split stance), and Bulgarian split squat (rear foot elevated). There was no significant difference in the amount of muscle activated by the three exercises, except that the Bulgarian split squat worked more of the hamstrings—meaning, Bulgarian split squats can be a useful alternative to barbell squatting.

The Warrior Mindset, Lifestyle & Training Around Injuries - Zach Even-Esh

After spending some time on the phone with a friend of mine who is veteran of war, we got into discussing what a “Warrior” is. I thought he was gonna tell me that no one should call themselves a Warrior UNLESS they fought in War.

5 Ways to Create Small Victories in the Weight Room

Your body is a miraculous vessel that will learn to adapt to nearly any challenge you lay before it. It's never an easy journey, but one that is well worth the hours of sweat you put in each week at the gym. However, while on the path to accomplishing your training goals, you will find you have to continuously challenge your mind and body to succeed and advance to the next level.

Conquer the City! How to Prepare for the City Challenge Obstacle Race

Are you ready to really see what you've got? The City Challenge Obstacle Race (CCOR) features the most obstacles per mile of any race and features real police cars Challengers can jump over, rope climbs, sand bag carries, cargo nets to climb and more!   Any training intended to prepare a competitor for the CCOR should combine elements of cardio and strength training. Here are five ways you can get ready for the City Challenge Obstacle Race. And don't think the race is just for us guys, it's a perfect opportunity for some friendly competition with your girlfriend. 

Bradford Press

HOW TO: The Bradford Press...Most Underrated Shoulder Exercise for Hypertrophy/Mobility

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3 Most Important Weight Loss Tricks

Outsource your most difficult task. A real problem with weight loss is psychological fatigue. Everyone focuses on the best foods or the ideal diet, but the reality is most people know how to eat well. It’s executing that plan that’s tough. We all have limited willpower and it comes from the same source. The willpower you need to do your job can sap the willpower you need to avoid pillaging your fridge late at night. Your solution? Find the aspects of your diet that require too much willpower and don’t leave it up to you. That could be removing certain foods from your home or paying for a healthy meal service to provide lunch–if you know your at-work meal is your problem point. Realizing you can’t do everything might be the best diet decision you ever make, and have a bigger impact on your goals than endlessly searching for the dietary magic bullet.


New Iron Man owners Binais & Dr. Cat Begovic. Read about their vision in our March issue #ironteam @DrCatBegovic

Carbs: The Anabolic Nutrient

These are carbohydrates formed by bonding several chains of monosaccharides and/or disaccharides. This form is commonly known as complex carbohydrates and includes starch, cellulose and glycogen. Starches are made up of multiple glucose units bonded together and are “plant sugars” produced by all green plants as an energy source. Common sources of starch are potatoes, wheat, corn and rice. Cellulose forms the structural components in plants and is relatively indigestible in humans — fiber is a form of cellulose. Most starches are considered medium- to slow-digesting, however, exceptions exist, one of which is waxy maize. The reason waxy maize absorbs so quickly is that it’s a modified high-molecular-weight cornstarch that has low osmolality, which enables it to bypass the stomach and get absorbed in the small intestines (causing a rapid rise in blood glucose).

Rock Hard Challenge 2015

Of course, that’s the core promise of just about every fitness program ever created—past Rock Hard Challenges included. So what makes this program different? All the stuff most guys avoid—joint mobility and injury prevention training—has been built right into the program. It’s not lumped together at the beginning or the end, where you’ll be tempted to skip it or put it off until another day. It’s all there in between sets of the heavy lifting you want to do, making the most of the time you’d normally be resting and priming your body for a better workout.

Posing Practice - Ronnie Coleman Athlete Cory Mathews Road to the Arnold

Subscribe for my weekly videos! Buy Now: ... The night before the Arnold Classic 2015 I went up to @CoryMathewsIFBB's room to go over his posing with him one last time to make any last minute adjustments before he hit the stage for prejudging. Check this video out and see what a day in the life of a bodybuilder looks like less than 24 hours out from a show!! Follow me: Get all of my products here Check out the rest of my videos - Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed -

10 Practically Useless Exercises

“The primary reason I would deem this move fairly useless for most people is the fact that the Smith Machine in general locks you into a guided bar path, which will reduce the co-contraction of the quads and hamstrings. That decreases hamstring activation because they don’t have to counteract the quads as much and the bar is already being stabilized.” - Craig Rasmussen, C.S.C.S. Training Director at Results Fitness in Newhall, CA

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