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4 Powerlifter-Approved Moves For Big, Strong Triceps

Try these 4 simple out-of-the-norm triceps exercises that'll jump-start your upper-arm gains!

The 3,6,9 Chest-Blasting Tri-Set

Give this advanced lifting technique a try for the ultimate pec pump!

When A Man STOPS Being DANGEROUS • Zach Even-Esh

I was 18 years old and it was the Summer of 94'. The training and advice I learned back then has stuck with me and shaped my actions dramatically. Why? Because these lessons were forged into my mind and body through TOUGH times. That which is easy will not change you. It's that simple. I …

6 Simple Moves for Crafting Bigger Calves

Turn your calves into bulls with these lower leg blasters.

Jim Wendler & Dave Tate Complete Off Topic Playlist

For your convenience here is the entire

Maximizing Chest Development | A Guide to Pec Growth

Some guys may find touching the bar to their chest represents no problem at all for their shoulders. Others will find such depth painful and counter productive. The idea here is to be able to keep benching, not be sidelined with shoulder injuries because some idiot told you that benching counts only if you go all the way down. Instead, concentrate on squeezing the muscle at the top of the movement. The stretch at the bottom should be minimal, allowing you to keep tension on your chest with as little as possible on your shoulders. If you get accused of doing partial reps, remember that half a rep is better than none. If your own particular physiology is such that touching the bar to your chest represents excessive stress on your shoulder, it’s only a matter of time before you stop benching. Bench smart— listen to your body! Also, since this routine requires that you find your bench-pressing limits, a spotter— preferably a training partner— is required.

New Zealand Recap & ASC Australia Preview | Unleashed Ep. 21

Brandon Curry took out Dallas McCarver in New Zealand this weekend and held Juan Morel in third - after doing the business in Kuwait at Oxygen Gym. Can Dallas redeem himself at the Arnold Classic Australia next week? Shawn Ray gives his unleashed opinion of the top competitors going into the show-- noticeably though, Lionel Beyeke will be absent due to illness.

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Tip: Fix Your Overhead Squat | T Nation

One of the main limitations to performing an overhead squat is end range shoulder flexion. If you can't get your arms fully overhead, you won't be loading it anytime soon! While working on mobility in the standing position can be okay, many lifters compensate by excessively arching their backs. To truly work on shoulder mobility, try the banded-assisted prone PVC liftoff.

The 30 Best Arms Exercises of All Time

Doing compound barbell movements is necessary for getting strong. However, squats and deadlifts alone just won't get you significantly bigger arms because they aren't targeting the triceps, biceps forearms and shoulders. For massive strength and size gains, you'll have to use a combination of compound and targeted assistance exercises. Regardless of how you train, you'll feel an awesome pump and get jacked in no time with these 30 arms exercises.

Full Body Training For Advanced Lifters | T Nation

Since then, the general advice from trainers and strength coaches has been to start with full body workouts until you're advanced enough to graduate to body part splits. The idea was that you did full body workouts, got bigger and stronger, and eventually you "grew out of" full body training. The reasoning was that as you became more developed, you could devote more work to training each body part.

Tip: To Win, Expect Pain | T Nation

Why is this such an egregious lie? Because when people believe the lie and then struggle, they often quit. When the fat doesn't melt off "overnight" or the "fun and easy" workouts don't work, they may come to the conclusion that diet and training doesn't work, or they figure they must have bad genetics.

The making of the 21-Day Shred and the Shred Series

If your body isn't quite where you want it to be, this is the place to start.

Bodyweight Workouts For Fat Loss: Do They Work?

By now, most of you know that high intensity interval training (the ever popular “HIIT”) is great for fat loss. But there are some rules for really making it work. You’ll read all about effective forms of HIIT lasting as short as 4 minutes (the Tabata method) and topping out around 15 minutes. The reasons being the workouts are effective because of the intensity and not the duration.

Today's Workout

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The 12 Best Ways to Build Shoulders | T Nation

But since we can't effectively wrap our shoulders to perform blood flow restriction (occluded) training sets, maximizing time under tension is the next best option. You can do this in a number of ways including drop sets, extended sets, supersets, etc. One of my favorite supersets places the delts under tension for over a minute. Check it out.

Light Weights for Big Gains | T Nation

This is consistent with Henneman's size principle of recruitment, which states that motor units are recruited in a specific order based on their size – small motor units are recruited under low force conditions and large motor units come into play as force requirements increase (18,19). Big weights require more muscle mass to produce force so, therefore, you'll need to recruit more motor units initially than if you were to lift a light weight.

Tip: Prepare Your Shoulders for Heavy Lifting | T Nation

Make sure your shoulders aren't stiff when you start a workout. Stiff shoulders lead to bad muscle recruitment and improper mechanics. You also want to increase blood flow to the area. This will increase the sensitivity of all the shoulder girdle muscles to the neural drive.

Tip: Activate Your CNS, Then Lift Heavy | T Nation

All the drills you may do to "fire your glutes" or "wake up your rotator cuff" won't be nearly as effective if you didn't activate the computer – your central nervous system – first. Specific activation makes a muscle (neuromuscular junction) more sensitive to the neural drive. But if your CNS isn't efficient at sending the signal you won't get much out of the specific work.

5 ways to add inches to your arms

Complete a set of incline dumbbell curls for 10 repetitions. After finishing use the bench as a prop to hold with you hands and lean your body forward while stretching the biceps muscle. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds and repeat on the other arm. Rest another 15 seconds and complete another 10 repetitions of curls. Run through this routine for 3-5 sets.

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6 Exercises You Should Be Doing for Maximum Gains

When doing squats, always emphasize technique over weight lifted. 10 body weight squats are far more effective than 10 185 lb. squats done with poor technique. Instead of working the intended muscle, every rep performed with incorrect form actually makes us more likely to injure ourselves.

The 10 best workout challenges to put your body to the test

Let's put whatever workout routines you're following to the side right now—it's time for a challenge or break from the typical grind. These one-off workouts will test your muscular strength and endurance, and push you past pain thresholds. Sound a little too intense? That's OK. Take on each workout at your pace, focus on your form, and gradually make progress. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or workout-lunatic we're got a challenge to fit your abilities.

Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites at - Best Prices on Cake Bites!

I'm not going to lie, I'm generally not the biggest fan of Optimum Nutrition, but when I saw these "Cake Bites" listed I knew I had to try them. I didn't order these directly from the website because they were sold out at the time. I received Red Velvet first and it took me a moment to get used too. However, once you get used to the taste of these you constantly begin to crave them. A couple days later, I received Birthday Cake and I must say birthday cake is easily the best tasting protein snack I've ever had. The taste quality in the birthday cake is incredible. It honestly blew me away. Being a college student, I find these to be super convenient when you need something quick that gives you a moderate amount of protein to get you through the day. I will definitely buy these again especially the birthday cake flavor. 10/10. I hope they continue to make products like these. Absolutely incredible.

10 Best Moves for Mass

To build your body to its maximum potential, you need to focus your scant time and energy on the most effective means of adding muscle, and the ideal movements for growth, which involve multiple joints, activate maximum muscle fibers and have optimal leverages to allow for heavy loads. We’ve winnowed the list down to 10 primary mass builders that meet these requirements, and each has stood the test of time. These essential mass-building movements are divided into four categories: upper-body pushes, upper-body pulls, lower-body pushes and lower-body pulls. If your goal is to pack on raw muscle mass, you’d be well advised to focus on increasing your strength on these 10 movements, each of which should be performed first on your bodypart-specific training days.

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8 Worst Things You Can Do to Build a Bigger Back

I recommend three basic angles of pull at every back workout in order to help engage all motor unit pools in the various back muscles: a vertical movement such as pull-downs or pull-ups, a horizontal movement such as seated cable or machine rows, and a bent-over movement such as BB or DB rows. Additionally, I urge you to use varied grips, such as wide, underhand and neutral/close to force the back musculature to engage somewhat differently. Those who train in one-dimension (as far as angles/grips) will fail to build the best back they are capable of.

Tip: Drink This for Stronger Erections | T Nation

The Pom Wonderful people have gotten their red-stained hands slapped for making their pomegranate juice sound just a little bit too wonderful (treating heart disease, prostate cancer), but one of their claims – that of giving users rock-hard erections – might have some equally rock-hard science to back it up.

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The official website of WWE Hall of Famer the Ultimate Warrior

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017 - Knowing how to approach a situation delicately can be difficult when circumstances at home or with family cramp your style. You may blow a petty disagreement out of proportion as a way to get something off your chest today, causing undue stress and hurt feelings. Rather than exaggerating the details as an excuse, either wait until a more appropriate time to address the issue calmly or let it go. Think before you speak; wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body.

Partial-Range Reps: Not Always Cheating | T Nation

The take-home point of this research is that there's no way a full range of motion will elicit full-range strength adaptations. Plus, in looking at resistance exercise this way, you also understand that the weight you're lifting isn't limited to how strong you are in the entire range of motion involved in the given exercise movement. It's limited to where the lever is the longest during that given movement.

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Tip: The Most Filling Macronutrient | T Nation

On four separate occasions, the composition of an iso-caloric lunch "preload" was controlled in 12 lean women. Macronutrient composition had a significant effect on short-term hunger – the women were less hungry after the protein preload compared to the preloads with the other macronutrients. They also ate less after the protein preload.

18 Things You Should Fear in the Gym

Fear (or fear for) the "cardio bangers", these are the people that insist on running and pounding on the treadmill as fast and as hard as possible. These people can be heard from across the gym usually with headphones on singing and pounding away on the treadmill. The "cardio bangers" distant cousins the "weight bangers" wont be too far behind. The "weight bangers" are the people who just slam every piece of machine, dumbbell or barbell around them. From warm up sets to max effort sets these guys and girls just slam everything. While it may sound like a joke these people can cause a huge distraction for you and can cause you to get hurt. I have been startled many times by people who slam everything down around them.

Tip: The T-Boosting, Tendon-Healing Vitamin | T Nation

It's not uncommon to find older studies that seemingly unearth valuable clues to increased performance, clues that were somehow ignored and swallowed up by time. This seems to be the case with some French researchers who found in the 80's that supraphysiological (but not extreme) doses of vitamin B5 resulted in damaged skin and tendons healing much faster.

Tip: Injured? Train This Way | T Nation

Most lifters will work around an injury by using roughly 50% of our normal, healthy 1RM, but science tells us that lifting with that percentage doesn't increase muscle size or strength. However, you can make lifting with 50% of your 1RM an effective strategy, provided you do it the right way.

Subject: The State of Powerlifting

2016 was the best year we've seen in the sport. For the first time in close to 40 years, the sport is in the hands of the competitors. All the changes over the past six years have come from them. Think of how rare and cool this is. Some of these changes go against the best interests of the federations and major companies that support the sport. For instance, the shift to raw powerlifting has vastly changed the landscape of the sport all the way from the companies and products they produce down to the accessibility of the sport to new lifters.

7 Best Barbell Moves for Building a Big Back

Grab a barbell and either place it into a landmine station (if available) or position it firmly into a corner. Begin adding the desired number of plates to the outward facing side of the barbell. Stand over the middle of the bar slightly bending the knees and maintaining a neutral spine (the starting position may be similar to the setup for a deadlift). Preferably grab a seated row attachment and place it underneath the bar against the side with the plates. If one is not available you can simply grab the bar itself. Maintain a tight core, neutral spine, and begin rowing the bar upwards to the middle portion of your abdomen. Make sure to retract the scapula prior to beginning the movement and focus on engaging the lats eliminating bicep activation.

The Freakish Forearm Workout

When you're planning your workouts for the week, you're probably sure to include back, chest, legs, shoulders, and arms. But, what about your forearms? They're an oft-neglected body part you'd be wise to pay to some more attention to. Here's the routine you need.

Train Hardcore without Getting Hurt

Train with a partner you can trust. Screen your partners carefully. Select someone who cares about making progress as much as you do. Ty “Ropeman” Felder was one of the best training  partners I ever had because we’d match each other set for set, rep for rep. He was always there to spot me on any heavy lift to ensure my safety and to help me handle the weight. Of course, a compatible training partner is also a superior motivator. Rope was one of the first people to suggest that I could break Arnold Schwarzenegger’s  Mr. Olympia title record. His confidence in my ability was inspiring, and it helped me stay focused. Negativity breeds negativity. Positive energy brings out the best in people. Train with a partner who believes in you. It can’t work any other way.

How Hardgainers Can Pack On Pec Mass

Begin with a light warm-up set of 20 reps, then perform three all-out max sets of six to eight reps. Keep the movement slow and precise on the way down. Use an ordinary lockout at the top. In other words, as soon as you reach full extension, bring the weight back down in one continuous motion.

7 Dietary Rules for Gaining Mass

If you’re a thin hardgainer and not growing on your current diet, increase your daily caloric total. We recommend a boost of 20-30%. Do this gradually over seven to 10 days to allow your body time to  more effectively convert some of the extra fuel to muscle instead of merely storing all of it as bodyfat. Eat six or seven times per day. If possible, add another meal to your  current schedule. Drink at least a gallon of water daily, because water consumed throughout the day is essential for growth and health.

Primary Legs

*This was fun, but be prepared for some pain.  You will increase the reps on each round of leg extensions.  My first round I went too light so I stayed with the same weight for round #2.  By the third round I had to rest a number of times to get all 50 reps on leg extensions.  A big drop in weight here is expected.  The third round of hacks will be high reps as well.  Rather than drop the weight I simply knocked out about 6-8 reps, rested 10 seconds, went again for 6-8 reps, rest, etc. until I reached a total of 30 reps.

15 Muscle-Fueling Foods

But that doesn't mean visiting the nearest fast-food drive-through. No, because you have to eat smart. You need protein, healthy fats, the right kinds of carbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants - and you need them in the proper amounts and in the right ratios. Fortunately, there are a select few whole, natural foods that, collectively, provide all of the above to help you gain the right kind of weight: lean muscle. The following 15 foods fall in this category. They’re the best of the best. Incorporate them into your diet, add a healthy dose of intense training and watch the muscle add up.

10 reasons you're losing muscle

Yes, extra calories can mean extra belly fat, but if you’re lifting consistently and correctly, most of what you’re taking in should be converted to muscle. The truth is your muscles will never grow without a surplus of calories. For a lean guy looking to put on muscle mass, 2,000 calories a day won’t cut it. In fact, this kind of restricted diet is actually the ideal recipe for losing muscle tis- sue and sparing fat, as it causes the body to shift into starvation mode and shed calorie-consuming muscle. It also makes you store fat for emergency energy. And the less protein you eat, the less of a chance you give your muscles to recover after a workout.

Full Body Training For Advanced Lifters | T Nation

Since then, the general advice from trainers and strength coaches has been to start with full body workouts until you're advanced enough to graduate to body part splits. The idea was that you did full body workouts, got bigger and stronger, and eventually you "grew out of" full body training. The reasoning was that as you became more developed, you could devote more work to training each body part.

5 ways you're wasting your workouts

A couple hours of missed sleep, unexpected bad news, or even a traffic jam on the way to the gym may make it more difficult to get in the zone for a workout, but if they make you bail on your training, you need to question how serious you are about your goals. Some of the best workouts happen on days when you least expect them, so get in the habit of at least showing up at the gym and going through your warm up. You may not feel up to grinding through your whole workout, but you can still get enough work done to make it worthwhile, and you’ll keep the habit of exercising regularly—no matter what.

Gut-Check Workouts: 8 quick routines to fight weight gain

These eight workouts are quickies. They’ll get you in and out of the gym in no time. But, you’ll still get your pump, still stimulate some growth, and still burn some fat. These routines will keep you in check.

Whiskey 101: What beginners need to know

Beyond the fact that whiskey is golden brown and burns when you drink it, how much do you actually know about this spirit? Can you tell the difference between Scotch whisky and the American stuff? Or between bourbon and rye? What about a neat pour—what exactly does that mean? You've probably picked up bits and pieces of whiskey knowledge from a crowded bar or two, but it's time to set the record straight. To find the purest knowledge, you need to connect with the best teacher. And we could think of no one better than Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge (and yes, that's his real last name). We recently picked his brain about one of the manliest spirits you can stock in your liquor cabinet.

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Keep Building Muscle as You Get Older

better lean muscle shape, and improving muscle density and quality.  If you have the self-control to do this, it pays of in a big way. I personally have found that the years from my 35th until now have been my most productive years by far. So while I haven’t been putting on massive amounts of muscle due to age as well as to engaging in other types of training (like MMA), I have in my bodybuilding training been more attendant to the quality and refinement of my physique. My training routines, as a result, have become much shorter and more efficient. I’ve been less focused on the poundage moved and more on the “feeling” of the muscle contracting.

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