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7 Hardcore Chest Exercises for the Advanced Lifter

Be prepared to bring it with these extreme pec-thrashers.

Brandon Curry's Post-Win Interview | Arnold Classic Australia 2017

Muscular Development's Shawn Ray catches up with bodybuilding winner Brandon Curry just moments after his big victory at the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia.

Josh Lenartowicz' Interview at the Arnold Classic Australia 2017

Australian bodybuilder Josh Lenartowicz will not be competing this weekend -- even though he had prepped up to 3-4 weeks out. Listen in for that story, plus hear Josh's take on who has the advantage for this Arnold Classic and what he will have to do to come in battle-ready for his next competition.

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Keep Building Muscle as You Get Older

better lean muscle shape, and improving muscle density and quality.  If you have the self-control to do this, it pays of in a big way. I personally have found that the years from my 35th until now have been my most productive years by far. So while I haven’t been putting on massive amounts of muscle due to age as well as to engaging in other types of training (like MMA), I have in my bodybuilding training been more attendant to the quality and refinement of my physique. My training routines, as a result, have become much shorter and more efficient. I’ve been less focused on the poundage moved and more on the “feeling” of the muscle contracting.

Light Weights for Big Gains | T Nation

This is consistent with Henneman's size principle of recruitment, which states that motor units are recruited in a specific order based on their size – small motor units are recruited under low force conditions and large motor units come into play as force requirements increase (18,19). Big weights require more muscle mass to produce force so, therefore, you'll need to recruit more motor units initially than if you were to lift a light weight.

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The 10 Dumbest Motivational Sayings | T Nation

There's no "dumbest motivational saying" in fitness; most of them are horrible. The one that comes to mind is "the best workout for you is the one you aren't doing." This just reeks of stupidity, but you can lump in "work your weakness" or "the exercise you hate most is the one you should do" in there too.

The Best 45-Minute Biceps Workout

Start by sitting on an adjustable bench. Make sure you keep your back against the bench, head looking forward and your feet flat on the ground. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands by your sides in a neutral grip. Slowly curl the dumbbells while twisting the weight in a supine position. Hold for a count of one and lower the weights to starting position. Repeat.

Tip: Whole Foods vs. Protein Powders | T Nation

Some people like to say that protein supplements are inferior to whole-food protein sources. But what does science say? Check this out.

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The Best Cardio for Hardcore Lifters | T Nation

Granted, I do HIIT on a stairmill alone these days. It's fine for now, but it's not optimal. If I had my way, I'd get my cardio on with other people. Why? Because there's nothing like suffering together. And once you're in the middle of it, it feels less like a burden and more like a challenge: something we must conquer together.

Tip: 4 Training Methods for a Bigger Bench Press | T Nation

As you begin to progress in your training, it's important to add variety to decrease any chance of stalling out or overtraining. These bench press variations are good to rotate into your programming and don't require much equipment.

The 6 Worst Things You Can Do For Bigger Biceps

While there is nothing inherently wrong with training lats and biceps on the same day, if biceps growth is a priority then these two muscle groups are better done separately. Since lat movements involve pulling, they tax the biceps and thus compromise the intensity you can put into your curls, which will in turn hinder long term gains in arm mass.

Tip: A New Way to Build Core Strength | T Nation

The regular hanging leg raise works all the muscles of the midsection, hip flexors, lats, and grip. However, if you don't have adequate strength, endurance, or flexibility, your spine starts to curve and low back pain sets in, which is an issue. This exercise fixes those problems.

Tip: Increase Insulin Sensitivity, Get Abs | T Nation

Are you training your abs and eating clean yet still can't seem to uncover that six-pack? Here's what the problem could be and 5 ways to fix it.

13 Today's Workout

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Partial-Range Reps: Not Always Cheating | T Nation

The take-home point of this research is that there's no way a full range of motion will elicit full-range strength adaptations. Plus, in looking at resistance exercise this way, you also understand that the weight you're lifting isn't limited to how strong you are in the entire range of motion involved in the given exercise movement. It's limited to where the lever is the longest during that given movement.

Instagram post by Shawn Ray • Mar 18, 2017 at 1:26pm UTC

7 Best Barbell Moves for Building a Big Back

Grab a barbell and either place it into a landmine station (if available) or position it firmly into a corner. Begin adding the desired number of plates to the outward facing side of the barbell. Stand over the middle of the bar slightly bending the knees and maintaining a neutral spine (the starting position may be similar to the setup for a deadlift). Preferably grab a seated row attachment and place it underneath the bar against the side with the plates. If one is not available you can simply grab the bar itself. Maintain a tight core, neutral spine, and begin rowing the bar upwards to the middle portion of your abdomen. Make sure to retract the scapula prior to beginning the movement and focus on engaging the lats eliminating bicep activation.

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10 HIIT workouts you can do at home

Directions for 1-4: Even though these exercises incorportate added resistance, they can be done for HIIT. Perform all exercises for 1 min. each with a light enough weight to ensure proper form. (Since you should be moving through them pretty quickly, you'll want a lighter weight than you may use for a typical strength training session.) In between each exercise, you will perform 30 seconds of mountain climbers or jump squats. Rest no more than 15 seconds in between each exercise. After completion, rest 3 minutes and repeat two more times.

The 3-day full-body detox workout program

Forget the headache and upset stomach—a little aspirin, some water, a mid-day nap, and you'll be fine. No, it's those 600-800 empty calories you put in your diet (and that's just from the beer). Once you've shaken yourself back to reality and gotten over the guilt, it's time to get back at it in the gym. That's where the DETOX plan comes in.


7 Proactive Strategies for Recovery and Growth

Bodybuilders frequently welcome muscle soreness and even exhaustion as signposts to future growth. Although the tight discomfort caused by lactic acid buildup is a natural part of overload training and you may indeed be exhausted after a strenuous workout, these are not physical states you should prolong. To the contrary, if you take action to increase them in the gym, you should take action to decrease them when outside the gym. The harder you train, the more effort you need to put into recuperation. To maximize gains, you have to help yourself recover because only when you fully recover can you fully grow. Use these seven tactics for boosting recuperation.

The 30-day pre-cut strength workout plan

Cluster sets are a way of breaking down strenuous, strength-spiking lifts into shorter, more manageable bouts of exercise. For example: Instead of performing five sets of five reps at your five-repetition max, those sets are broken into four “clusters” of two reps, with brief periods of rest in between. Ultimately, you’re performing more work, but you're allowing your body to briefly recover. This type of strength training is a smart choice for anyone looking to take on a fat-loss program in the subsequent months. The strength gains made will be better prepare the body to withstand that shift to that more aggressive, high-intensity, non-stop style of programming.

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Tip: How to Activate Your Pecs for Better Gains | T Nation

If your pecs are strong and activated, the CNS will rely more on that muscle to do the job, and the delts won't be loaded up as much. This reduces the chances of a shoulder injury. The pecs are a much stronger muscle than the delts, so becoming better at using the pecs when bench pressing will lead to bigger numbers.

Tip: The One Supplement Every Man Needs | T Nation

There are plenty of problems with Western medicine, but perhaps chief among them is that the institution spends more time and treasure on treating a disease or its symptoms rather than trying to figure out how to prevent the disease in the first place. By their preferences and actions, it seems like they think plain ol' everyday health is downright boring.

Tip: Drink This for Stronger Erections | T Nation

The Pom Wonderful people have gotten their red-stained hands slapped for making their pomegranate juice sound just a little bit too wonderful (treating heart disease, prostate cancer), but one of their claims – that of giving users rock-hard erections – might have some equally rock-hard science to back it up.

Everything you need to know about freezing and thawing meat and fish

"If you don't like to use the microwave for faster thawing, your best bet is the cold-water method." Place food in a leakproof plastic bag and float it in cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes to keep it cold, and after thawing, cook immediately. "If you're defrosting food in the microwave, cook it immediately after thawing because some areas of the food may become warm and begin to cook during microwaving," Bernard explains.

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Tip: How to Build Pecs With a Foam Roller | T Nation

In other words, you'll increase force production and your 1RM. If you have trouble driving with your hips and legs during the bench press, more than likely it's related to poor foot and ankle activation. The foam roller press helps to resolve this subtle yet significant recruitment issue.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - You may automatically rebel against lethargy by trying to go faster and harder now. You don't want to miss any fun just to catch up on sleep. But if you refuse to rest, at least find an avenue that won't burn up all your energy in a short amount of time. You can do more with less with the help of tenacious Mars in your 6th House of Work. Pick some simple tasks you can easily complete today and start crossing them off your list one at a time. Small acts transform the world.

Bad Timing w/ C-Lo, Kai Greene, Jessenia Vice

I was trying to show the guys how thick Jessenia is but now I look suspect. This was fun to make, Jessenia Vice introduced me to IFBB professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, artist, and actor, Kai Greene. We decided to create some funny content together! Check it out, don't forget to hit the subscribe button. Subscribe to my channel to my channel for more! Follow me everywhere Snapchat: SnapC-Lo Thanks to Kai Greene Shot by Edy Risk

15 Punk Songs To Power You Through Your Workout

Sometimes, only the screaming angst of an underproduced punk-rock anthem can keep you on your feet or under the iron. Let Laura Jane Grace, Joey Ramone, and Billy Joe Armstrong power you through the very last mile or final rep!

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How to train for a marathon without losing muscle

"Weight training is one of the most important components of maintaining strength gains as well as keeping size on," Gottesdiener adds. "You knew that training for a race was going to require additional effort, so don't cut corners now. Along with being consistent in your running schedule, be consistent with your training, too. Try to dedicate at least three days out of the week to weight training."

8 Ways to Build Shoulder Strength and Stability

Follow these tips to save your shoulders so you can keep going strong at the gym.

The Freakish Forearm Workout

When you're planning your workouts for the week, you're probably sure to include back, chest, legs, shoulders, and arms. But, what about your forearms? They're an oft-neglected body part you'd be wise to pay to some more attention to. Here's the routine you need.

5 Easy Ways to Start Building Bigger Biceps

In addition, it can enhance muscle growth. Biceps are only maximally involved in the curl during the latter half of the range of motion (ROM). At the start of the curl, when the arm is fairly straight (180° angle at the elbow), the brachialis (deep muscle underneath the biceps) and brachioradialis (large forearm muscle on thumb side of arm) do most of the work lifting the weight up until the halfway point of the exercise, when the elbow angle is about 90°. The biceps do not do much of the lifting until just before this point and throughout the rest of the range of motion. When you load a bar with free weights you are limited to what the brachialis and brachioradialis can lift through the first half of the curl, which is often a lot less than what the biceps can lift from the halfway point and higher. This is why you can curl more on seated barbell curls, as discussed above. Using bands, however, allows you to start off with a lighter weight that gradually gets heavier the higher you curl it. This allows for maximal tension on the biceps when it counts and for maximal growth. You will feel this in the aching and burning of the biceps when doing curls with chains.

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition for Bodybuilders

Pre- and postworkout are the most important times to eat and supplement for maximum gains. Here, we focus on the basics — protein and carbs, the two most critical nutrients of your pre- and post-workout meals — and break them down into three categories: gold (best), silver (second best) and bronze (you get the point).

NITRO-TECH by MuscleTech at - Best Prices on NITRO-TECH!

To start off, I always like to talk about a products mixability. I was just using another brand of whey and the protein would clup inside my blendor cup. So i just continues to shake hoping it would break up the clumps but it didnt. Then i tried this product and the very first time i mixed it it was smooth. No clumps and i added less water then normal because thats how I like my protein shakes. The flavor is excellent. Alot of protein companies try to make their powders to sweet. This product tastes exactly like chocolate milk and does not have the bitter after taste that some proteins come with. Alot of bprotein powders are around 20 grams of protein per scoop. This one has 30 wich help keep my protein levels up after an intense work out. I recomend this product to any one in any stage of their fitness journey.

The 6 lowest-carb 'pasta' recipes you’ll ever eat

Luckily there are healthier options out there, but tricking the taste buds does require some creativity. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the nation’s top chefs to bring you vitamin-packed “pasta” recipes with a fraction of the calories and carbs. Check out six dishes that allow you to dig in guilt-free whenever a starchy craving strikes—no restaurant reservation required.

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Want to take a break from the grind? Put your body to the test with these 10 workout challenges from Men's Fitness.

Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread

After not losing weight from mid feb to early March, I adjusted my macros a bit and dropped 1.5lbs last week. Also my waist is down from 38" at the start to 35.5". Had a re-feed yesterday of sushi burritos and sushi donuts. As well as a shamefull ice cream waffle sundae. My new low weight is 214.6. Woke up this morning full and sore at 215.6.

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Metabolic Modifiers

Stress the protein: more chicken, egg whites, fish and whey-based protein powder. Why? Not all calories — from carbs, protein and fat — are equal in their efficiency to be stored as bodyfat. When you eat a high-protein meal, it exerts a greater metabolic-boosting effect than carbs or fat. Eating protein while on a lower-calorie diet saves muscle, which helps keep the metabolism elevated. You should get at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. If bodyfat is a problem for you, aim for 1.5 g of protein per pound daily.


World's Best Shaker! A bold statement to make, yes it is. That's because the Cyclone Cup® is no ordinary cup!...

Biolayne | The official website of Dr. Layne Norton

In this episode Layne and Sohee talk with Bret Contreras, Courtney King, and Steve Cook and CRUSH a lot of fitness myths. There are too many myths busted to type out, so you should just listen and enjoy.

Power Up Your Test Levels

FLEX typically recommends that you do explosive exercises first in your workout. That’s because to maximize power development you want to perform these explosive moves when the fast-twitch muscle fibers are not fatigued and at their strongest. However, a recent study shows that to boost testosterone levels higher, which can help promote greater muscle growth, you might want to do the jump squats after your heavy squats.

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