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$250,000 Transformation Challenge Presented By Dymatize Nutrition

Become a leaner, stronger you in just 12 weeks!

Best Hamstring Exercise at Home

The Glute Ham Raise with your CouchThe best exercise for your posterior chain is this one! It's a very tough one to do u

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Aussie Seminar Part 1 - Arnold Classic Australia 2016

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger do for fun? Entertaining as always, Arnold keeps things lively at Sunday's post-competition seminar in Australia! From early bodybuilding misconceptions and the crusade for it's acceptance to laying bricks with Franco Columbu (yes, their work can still be seen around Venice, CA). Watch all this and MORE in Part 1.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - Intentionally bending reality enables you to imagine all the possibilities that are waiting in the future. You have a clear aim at whatever you want now, assuming you can conjure up a vivid image of your desires. Just remember that daydreaming isn't the only ingredient to your success; perseverance is also required now. Don't give up on your highest hopes, or you'll never know what might have been possible. Shoot for the Moon; even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

Roelly Winklaar's Six Favorite Shoulder Exercises

“Believe it or not, this is one of the exercises I see people doing incorrectly in almost any gym I visit,” Winklaar says. “I see guys circling their shoulders at the top, which is an injury waiting to happen.” Some people include these on back day, but Winklaar doesn’t think he can hit them as hard once he’s completed a heavy back workout that includes a killer set of deadlifts, so he adds them to his shoulder day. “There’s no better way to directly hit the traps than with shrugs,” he says. He alternates between barbell and dumbbell shrugs, noting that each has its benefits.

Tip: Do Cable Pullovers for Great Lats | T Nation

Most bodybuilders use pullovers for the lats, but how much impact does it really have on those muscles? Looking at the force angle, we see a movement where the dumbbell is being pulled downward by gravity. As lifters go through the pullover motion, they're essentially traveling in a horizontal pattern while the dumbbell's force angle is still pointing straight down.

How to Determine Your Ideal Body Fat Percentage

One of the most accurate and cost effective ways to measure your body fat is with a caliper. There are several other ways to take your body fat. Underwater weighing, dexa scan, bioelectrical impedance machines and calipers. Calipers are designed to clip the body fat and measure the fat under the skin. There are various  pinch tests. I recommend using a four or seven point caliper test. Regardless of whatever method you use the key element is consistency. It matters much less what the body fat number says as long as every time you check your body fat it’s moving in the right direction...down! Try to be as consistent as possible when taking your measurements. Try to do them under the same conditions, for example first thing in the morning after using the restroom. This will eliminate any discrepancies with inconsistencies and fluctuations throughout the day.

The 2016 Starter's Guide Workout Program

As you progress, you can introduce machines to further isolate and overload the muscles and even to work around any nagging injuries you may have. But for now, stick with what’s written here. “When starting a new workout program, focusing on the fundamentals is key,” says Grinnell. “Pushing, pulling, and squatting heavy weight is what it’s all about. Throw in some arms, calves, and abdominal work with the right amount of cardio and you have a solid workout plan.”

Lee Haney's Principles for Building an Incredible Back

Each of these muscle groups must be worked from different directions. For traps, you need to shrug your shoulders and trapezius upward. For lats, you need to pull downward for width and pull backward for thickness. And for lower back/spinal erectors, you must extend yourself upright from a bent-over position. Since the back is exceptionally strong and vast, a workout that trains all of its components comprehensively would be too much to ask in one day, in my opinion — thus, I trained the different muscle groups of my back on separate days.

10 Tips For Endurance Training

Follow these 10 tips for endurance training, to prepare yourself for any race that stands in your way.

Dear Tracy Anderson: STOP

Hero worship is a dangerous act. I don’t care if you’ve been training Gwyneth Paltrow or Hercules himself. (The real one, not The Rock.) Bad information is bad information. There is a social responsibility to protect the health of people you are trying to help. She’s selling a false representation of how the human body works to support her style of fitness — a style that is so different, that if people were to follow her advice they would probably only have one option…her boutique.

7 Training Rules You Shouldn't Break

We hate sounding like your mother, but do you ever wonder why we always tell you to wrap your hands around the bar, including your thumb? How about why your feet should be pointing straight ahead? One obvious answer is safety, but there's acutally a lot of other reasons as to why you should follw the fitness rules. Listen up, and pay attention as to what mistakes you could be making in the gym, and reasons why you should avoid them.

Make Chicken Your Go-To Protein Source Again

Everything you need to know to make this bantam-sized protein source a bodybuilder'’s best friend.

10 At-Home Muscle-Building Workouts

How to: Place a bench in the middle of a room. Keep your hands flat (shoulder-width apart) on the bench while keeping your arms and body straight on an angle. Slowly lower your body until you touch the bench and then bring your body to starting position.

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The 28 day fat loss plan to get you shredded without losing muscle:  Free download.

6 Signs Your Arm Workout Isn't Helping You at All

You probably think your biceps and triceps are making gains from your routine—but what if you're just wasting your gym time?

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Tip: Train Biceps Daily for 4 Weeks to Grow | T Nation

Since you'll be doing a fair amount of biceps work daily, you won't do anything else for biceps for 4 weeks. You will see some significant growth, and the daily heavy work will increase your biceps' capacity to recruit its fast-twitch fibers, making your bi's even more responsive to training after those 4 weeks.

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7 Tips for Long-Legged Lifters | T Nation

People often skip leg day because it's the hardest workout of the week. Tall people skip leg days because they're even harder than leg days for short people. Think how much work a 6'6" squatter is doing compared to a 5'7" squatter of equal conditioning. The amount of distance the taller lifter needs to travel to produce the same visual effect would far exceed that of the short guy, therefore creating a much greater energy expenditure and overall demand.

Post-Sex Pet Peeves from 18 Remarkably Candid Women

To ensure all of your lady lovers will want to come back for more, we asked 19 remarkably candid women to reveal their biggest post-sex pet peeves. Read on to get in the know, do better next time, and we can practically guarantee she’ll be begging for round two.

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"No pain, no gain!" Are you sure about that, bro? The real story: …

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How to foam roll this area when it's causing problems: …

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No need to go heavy on this. The key is acceleration, and lots of it. Do it: …

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Instinctive training can increase strength. Should YOU use it? Maybe, read this: …

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Protect your neck when doing chin-ups. (And also look less stupid.) Here's how: …

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Heavy density lifting: Do 15 reps using a load you could only lift for 10. Here's how --> …

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Surge® Recovery - Biotest

Surge® is designed to stimulate anabolism and jump-start recovery when it's absolutely most important for making gains — post workout. The formula stimulates a hormonal (primarily insulin) surge that drives high concentrations of certain nutrients, supplied by the drink, deep into the muscle cell.

28 - The Motivational Gym Shop


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Proper Form on Some of the Most Fundamental Exercises

The permutations of chest exercises run the gamut from bench presses to cable and machine flyes, most with multiple angles. To build muscle mass in your chest most efficiently, you must do pressing movements straightforward to arm’s length. It’s the best way to contract your pecs against the most weight. Flyes — done by keeping your arms straight, splaying them wide, then contracting with a hugging motion — are not as powerful of a pressing movement, so they’re not as effective for building maximum mass.

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Do decline pullovers with a cable for lat growth. It beats dumbbell pullovers. Here's why: …

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The double stimulation training method prolongs muscle protein synthesis. How to do it: …

Event Info | Flex Lewis

Olympus Gym presents the 6th Annual 2016 IFBB/NPC Flex Lewis Classic Pro/Am + Expo by BSN. WHEN: July 15-16th, 2016 WHERE: Gaylord Opryland Hotel 2800 Opryland Drive Nashville, TN 37214 615-889-1000 DIVISIONS: • IFBB Pro Bikini • True Novice Bodybuilding (first time competitor) • Junior Bodybuilding (never won a Junior or Open Overall) • Teen Bodybuilding (16-19 years old) • Masters Bodybuilding • Uniform Bodybuilding • Men’s Open Bodybuilding • True Novice Men’s Physique (first time competitor) • Junior Men’s Physique (never won a Junior or Open Overall) • Teen Men’s Physique (16-19 years old) • Masters Men’s Physique • Open Men’s Physique • Masters Men’s Classic Physique • Open Men’s Classic Physique • Women’s Open Bodybuilding • True Novice Women’s Physique (first time competitor) • Masters Women’s Physique • Open Women’s Physique • Women’s Open Fitness • True Novice Figure (first time competitor) • Junior Figure (never won a Junior or Open Overall) • Teen Figure (16-19 years old) • Masters Figure • Open Figure • True Novice Bikini (first time competitor) • Junior Bikini (never won a Junior or Open Overall) • Teen Bikini (16-19 years old) • Masters Bikini • Open Bikini NPC WEIGH IN: July 15th, 2016 from 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

Helen Yee interviews 10x Ms Olympia Iris Kyle and Arnold Classic 212 Champ Hidetada Yamagishi

10x Ms Olympia, Iris Kyle, and 2016 Arnold Classic 212 champion & Japan's only IFBB pro Hide Yamagishi were in studio to chat with Eyes On The Game sports radio host Helen Yee about their inspirations, tips, goals, plans and more. The original interview was aired live on Monday, March 21, on NBC sports radio AM920. Photos courtesy of Iris Kyle's Facebook fan page, Hide Yamagishi's Facebook fan page, and Helen Yee's Facebook page. Eyes On The Game airs every Monday night from 10-11pm PST on NBC sports AM920. @HelenYeeSports

Gas Station Gains — High Calorie, Low Effort

If you haven’t seen Dave lately, all you need to know is that he is not small. This is because he has a top secret food combo that was named after him. I do not recommend this, but that is why I am sitting at 242 and he is somewhere over 275 and not even trying.  The Dave Tate Special starts with gas station sushi and is washed down with a constant stream of Amp energy drinks. There is a minimum of four energy drinks per day. Dave is 40+ pounds heavier than he wants to be and he is not even trying. Try this combo if you dare. This might backfire in more ways than one.

Tip: Think Small, Win Big | T Nation

First, lessen the goal; make it smaller. Now before you go all self-help on me and scream, "You gotta dream big!" let's look at this in a practical way. Progress in the weight room, no matter how small, is still progress. Anyone who complains when they're making progress, even if it's small, is simply a chump with a suck attitude. Instead of thinking big, think small and keep your head down.

The 5 Best Hairstyles for Men in Spring 2016

It’s the time of year when we all start itching for a change. It so often begins with our appearance. (Maybe because you realize you weren’t as successful with your New Year’s resolutions once you're able to lose the layers.) You can spring clean your diet , get a new wardrobe , and even clean up your apartment , but one of the easiest changes you can make is getting a new haircut. 

Kai Greene - Open Bodybuilding - 2016 Arnold Classic Australia

Kai Greene - Open Bodybuilding - 2016 Arnold Classic Australia

39 Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

ELIGIBILITY: The Twitter contest (the "Contest") is open to Twitter members who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry ("Contestant"). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant's participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

Best Moves for Building Big, Nasty Traps

Take a look at any accomplished Olympic lifter and you will see the effect the clean has on the traps. The clean works the traps in a couple different ways; during the first pull you want a tight upper back. This is accomplished by squeezing your scapulae together. Scapular retraction is a great lower/mid trapezius exercise. In addition, during the second pull of the clean, a shrug motion is performed completing your full extension, working the upper part of the trapezius muscle. If cleans are not something you want to take the time to learn, start by doing high pulls.

Blast Your Shoulders

Erik Fankhouser's 3 week shoulder training program for "House"-sized delts.

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Workout Finisher: Pull-Up Insanity for a Bigger Back

Rather than relying solely on a variety of lat pull-downs and pull-overs to help you grow your back, utilize a traditional bodyweight staple - the pull-up. By activating nearly every muscle in your back (not to mention your core and arms as well), the pull-up can help you add volume after you’ve finished your back routine . This finisher utilizes a particular type of intensity progression called mechanical advantage drop sets. Essentially, you will start off with your weakest position then gradually move to a stronger one as you fatigue. Try this finisher to take your back to the next level in size and strength.

RCSS Brand Madness

Why You Can't Bench Press More Weight

When you lower the weight, your chest is not the center of support. The muscles in your back are really the base for this part of the movement. That’s why during the down stroke you want to squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep them locked and tight to create as much tension as possible. More important, it’s why you want to build a bigger, stronger back.

4 Muscle-Building Crock-Pot Recipes You Should Try

For this recipe, combine the onion, garlic, honey, soy sauce, ketchup, oil, ginger, and red pepper flakes. Next cut the chicken up into slices and place the slices into the crock-pot. Cover the chicken with the honey mixture and cook everything on low for three to four hours. For the last 30 minutes, remove the chicken from the crock-pot, leaving the sauce remnants.  Dissolve the arrowroot flour in water and pour it into the crock-pot — combine this with the sauce that’s already in the crock-pot. Cook this on high for about 10 minutes or until the sauce has thickened. Once the sauce has thickened, return the chicken to the pot and stir until serving. Top the chicken off with sesame seeds. This recipe serves six and can be easily paired with leftover farro from the other night.

Generation Iron Podcast with Kai Greene

Generation Iron podcast is a new weekly show featuring all things bodybuilding and fitness, hosted by the world's most prolific bodybuilder himself – Kai Greene. Together with his dynamic co-host Krystal Lavenne, Kai will discuss the latest topics in sports, pop culture and everything in between.

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51 High Kick | Exercise Guide
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54 Helen Yee interviews 10x Ms Olympia Iris Kyle and Arnold Classic 212 Champ Hidetada Yamagishi
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