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2017 Sports Performance Summit — Dave Tate Speaks

You may have heard or read a few things about Dave's second hip replacement and the PRs that led to his surgery, but no one has heard the full story. Until now.

Brandon Curry After Prejudging | Arnold Classic Australia 2017

Muscular Development's Shawn Ray talks with IFBB Pro bodybuilder Brandon Curry about how he felt after the conclusion of prejudging at the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia.

Chris Cormier's Interview at the Arnold Classic Australia 2017

Muscular Development's Shawn Ray catches up with bodybuilding legend Chris Cormier and talks about what he is up to in the land down under at the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia.

Josh Lenartowicz' Interview at the Arnold Classic Australia 2017

Australian bodybuilder Josh Lenartowicz will not be competing this weekend -- even though he had prepped up to 3-4 weeks out. Listen in for that story, plus hear Josh's take on who has the advantage for this Arnold Classic and what he will have to do to come in battle-ready for his next competition.

Training Secrets of the Mr. Olympias - Part 3

The Mr. Olympia title represents the pinnacle of achievement in the sport of bodybuilding. Beginning in 1965, one man was chosen to represent the absolute best in muscular development in the entire world. It’s only natural that bodybuilders around the world, seeking to improve their own physiques and aspiring to greatness, would look to these men as role models on how to sculpt their own bodies and bring them closer and closer to perfection. Based on their in-the-trenches experiences we’ve gathered 50 excellent training tips from six Mr. Olympia champions with a total of 34 Olympia titles between them. Take their combined wisdom and use it to forge your own destiny in iron and muscle! In the concluding part of a three-part series we focus on Dexter Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Part 1 was posted on Monday, November 14, and Part 2 on Wednesday, November 16.

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Light Weights for Big Gains | T Nation

This is consistent with Henneman's size principle of recruitment, which states that motor units are recruited in a specific order based on their size – small motor units are recruited under low force conditions and large motor units come into play as force requirements increase (18,19). Big weights require more muscle mass to produce force so, therefore, you'll need to recruit more motor units initially than if you were to lift a light weight.

The 6 best exercises for six-pack abs

How to do it : Grasp a pullup bar with a grip that's slightly wider than shoulder width. Pull your shoulder blades down and back, bend your legs behind you, cross your feet, squeeze your butt, and brace your abs (this ensures your core gets worked). This is the start position. Pull yourself up until your collarbone reaches the bar, driving your elbows down toward your hips. Return to the start position. If unable to pull yourself up, loop an exercise band over the bar and around your knees, and use that force to help you

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Today's Workout

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Tip: How to Activate Your Pecs for Better Gains | T Nation

If your pecs are strong and activated, the CNS will rely more on that muscle to do the job, and the delts won't be loaded up as much. This reduces the chances of a shoulder injury. The pecs are a much stronger muscle than the delts, so becoming better at using the pecs when bench pressing will lead to bigger numbers.

Tip: Drink This for Stronger Erections | T Nation

The Pom Wonderful people have gotten their red-stained hands slapped for making their pomegranate juice sound just a little bit too wonderful (treating heart disease, prostate cancer), but one of their claims – that of giving users rock-hard erections – might have some equally rock-hard science to back it up.

20 Numbers Every Weightlifter Should Know

Knowledge is power. We give you 20 numbers every guy should know to get the most out of their weightlifting.

10 at-home workouts to build muscle in under 20 minutes

You put in long hours at work, or maybe even work overnight shifts. You’re tight on money. You want to spend downtime with friends. A hurricane or polar vortex has you barricaded in your home. Whatever the reason, there are times when you just can’t make it to the gym. We’ve all been there. And so long as you don’t use that as an excuse to skip workouts, you’re golden. There’s no reason you can’t build muscle, strength, and size at home. It won’t take all day, either. Training with minimal equipment, or even your bodyweight, is enough to get you in the shape you want.

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6 total-body supersets that'll blow up your muscles

Looking for a workout that won't take too much time but still deliver a sick pump? These double-duty exercises will get the job done.

How To Build A Bulletproof Backside | T Nation

At first you may not even be able to feel your lower traps doing the work because you're upper trap dominant and you may go right into scapular retraction. The fix here is to think about driving your shoulders down into your pockets, not straight back, and then perform the concentric phase of the exercise. Visually, you may not see a massive difference between retraction and depression, but if you're doing it right you'll feel the lower traps kick in before you even start the concentric portion of this movement.

The 3-day full-body detox workout program

Forget the headache and upset stomach—a little aspirin, some water, a mid-day nap, and you'll be fine. No, it's those 600-800 empty calories you put in your diet (and that's just from the beer). Once you've shaken yourself back to reality and gotten over the guilt, it's time to get back at it in the gym. That's where the DETOX plan comes in.

The 15-minute full-body dumbbell workout

Hold the dumbbells in front of your thighs with your feet hip-width apart. Push your hips back and bend forward until you feel you can’t keep the arch in your lower back (it’s ok to let your knees bend a little). extend your hips to come back up. Perform 12–15 reps.

Q & A Fitness/Life

LEX - DAVID LAID | Q&A | Lean Gains, Strength Training, Life Goals & More! (Part 1)

Everything you need to know if you have a small penis

Some women have the most intense orgasms from fantasy, others get off on risk or danger, and some can only climax when they feel safe. "I’ve met women who have orgasms from anal sex, a back massage, toe sucking, vaginal penetration, intense vibrations, and ear-kissing," O'Reilly admits. "Experiences are so wide-ranging that if someone boils theirs down to penis size alone, they’re probably not being entirely truthful." This also means you can't rely solely on the routine sex you and your three-year-long girlfriend had to satisfy your new partner.

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Your muscles will be screaming for mercy by the time you're finished with this one! #Bodybuildingcom

5 Back Training Myths You Probably Believe | T Nation

Training the muscles for endurance zeroes in on this capacity. Just like the quads respond well to high-rep training and lots of time under tension, the same holds true for the upper back. This doesn't mean you have to chase sets of 30 reps on your seated rows; it just means you can avoid chasing sets of 3 or 5. Super-high reps would lead to grip fatigue and the arms taking over anyway.

Tip: Your Cereal is Full of Lies & Diabetes | T Nation

Cereal makers are marketing their breakfast candy to people who want to be healthier, but also don't know much about nutrition and are too busy to read the back of the box closely. So these folks will probably eat a meal-sized bowl of that granola cereal, about 800 calories before adding milk.

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Tip: The One Supplement Every Man Needs | T Nation

There are plenty of problems with Western medicine, but perhaps chief among them is that the institution spends more time and treasure on treating a disease or its symptoms rather than trying to figure out how to prevent the disease in the first place. By their preferences and actions, it seems like they think plain ol' everyday health is downright boring.

Primary Leg Day

*The key here is to simply work your way up in weight until you can barely get 12 reps.  Use perfect form and hold the contraction for a brief moment in the flexed position on each rep.  This will force you to use less weight, but that’s okay.  Once you barely get 12 reps do a drop and strive for another 12 reps followed by a 10 second isohold with your legs slightly bent.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017 - Dawn breaks in your personal world as you breathe in the crisp air of a new day. You're enthusiastic about taking off the training wheels and debuting your skills. But don't overestimate your proficiency or your passion just yet. Although the cavalier Moon in your sign encourages ardent Venus to run wild in your 5th House of Self-Expression, her retrograde motion indicates you will probably play the field even more before deciding what makes you tick. Sampling life's pleasures is sometimes more rewarding than pursuing a single path.

Things Lifters Must Understand

This is a serious question and I want it to sink in. Are there things your training partners have been trying to get you to do (such as keeping your head up when you squat, tucking your elbows when you bench, squat lower, sit back more, etc) and you STILL haven’t “got it” yet?   They tell you every time you are under the bar and you still don’t do it for one reason or another? Maybe they are trying to get you to clean up your diet, show up to train on time, stop missing sessions, or a hundred other things, but you choose to IGNORE them for whatever reason.   Yet, you can’t IGNORE someone who posts on a fucking social media page? Really!

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USA Weightlifting on Twitter

A NEW AMERICAN RECORD for Cortney Batchelor with this 87kg snatch! WATCH LIVE>>

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Primary Legs

*This was fun, but be prepared for some pain.  You will increase the reps on each round of leg extensions.  My first round I went too light so I stayed with the same weight for round #2.  By the third round I had to rest a number of times to get all 50 reps on leg extensions.  A big drop in weight here is expected.  The third round of hacks will be high reps as well.  Rather than drop the weight I simply knocked out about 6-8 reps, rested 10 seconds, went again for 6-8 reps, rest, etc. until I reached a total of 30 reps.

Days Gone Forward

Sometimes it's good to go back and walk the path of days gone by. It's humbling and keeps you in touch with how far you've come and how close you've stayed the course. I was reminded of things I believed then and still do now. Grassroots values always hold true.

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You have 10 minutes before we go LIVE! Don't miss out! #FlexFriday #ChestDay #Bodybuildingcom

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How to ride a mechanical bull without looking like a jackass

Saddle up with these tips from expert Will Roberts. They'll keep you from looking like a jackass and breaking your neck.

4 things you must do to achieve 7% body fat

Your protein should come mainly from animals and must be extra lean. Skinless chicken breast, fish, and lean cuts of beef should be your go-tos. Your carbs should be mostly starches, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rice. You can also eat whole fruits, but only one to two pieces a day. It’s not that fruit isn’t healthy, but, as Alvino says, “in order to get down to single-digit body fat, you want only enough fruit to fill your liver with glycogen. Any extra fructose can slow fat burning or encourage fat storage.”

Sandow-Sized Delts

Yet, save for a few sets of dumbbell lateral raises, you won’t see Phil Heath busying himself with long-held traditions of tendon-straining free-weight work or lifting at his redline to satisfy his fans or our lenses. Most of his routine consists mainly of machine work, all within proven, muscle-building rep ranges.

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The days you don't feel like doing it are the days that matter. GET UP AND GO.


Researchers from Japan studied the effects of training volume—one versus three sets per exercise—on muscular strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth) in the biceps muscles (i.e., the elbow flexor muscles) in sedentary and untrained young men. Training sessions were completed two times per week, for 12 weeks, using the seated dumbbell preacher curl exercise. Training intensity/load was set at 80 percent of a one-rep-etition maximum for all sets. The three-set protocol was shown to result in significantly greater increases in muscle size, compared to the one-set protocol. In addition, the gains in strength experienced with the three-set protocol tended to be greater than the strength gains achieved with the one-set protocol. Based on these findings, for beginner lifters, three sets per exercise using moderate loads, when targeting relatively small muscle groups, is an excellent place to start to maximize gains.

5 Unique Shrugs to Get You Yoked

Set the crash bars on a squat rack at about mid-thigh level. Unlike a conventional bar shrug the resistance will actually be behind you. This slight deviation stresses the mid traps more than a standard bar shrug. Hand placement on the bar can also serve as a way to recruit different parts of your traps. Try it with a close grip, shoulder width grip and just inside of a snatch grip to really tax the upper back from different areas. Perform 3 sets of 20-25 reps.

The 10 best superfoods for building muscle

Greek Yogurt is like the superman of healthy food. We’ll start with the most obvious reason why: It’s jam-packed with protein (typically around 17g per cup), particularly casein, which is one of the best types for your body to leverage to build muscle. And because of this high protein count (which is practically double that of regular yogurt, by the way), yogurt is a great food to keep you full and avoid unnecessary snacking, says New York-based nutritionist Jessica Cording, RD. Yogurt also provides calcium, noteworthy since research has linked the nutrient to less weight gain. “Plus, the probiotics in yogurt benefit your GI tract health, which has been studied for its potential role in weight management,” Cording adds. Just stick with plain as the flavored varieties are chock full of sugar.

Black Coffee for Bodybuilders

For years FLEX has recommended that bodybuilders drink plenty of black coffee every day. And we’re happy (and a bit surprised) to welcome the U.S. government aboard now that a dietary panel made a similar recommendation earlier this year: Every healthy adult should drink three to five cups of black coffee per day for optimal health. That’s particularly good news for bodybuilders who are trying to cut body fat while staying energized for intense workouts. Here are five ways black coffee helps support your bodybuilding gains.

30 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

When you walk into the gym and every single bench and squat rack is taken by a bigger, stronger guy or by that “bro” doing curls in the squat rack, you could just turn around and walk out and say you’ll come back later. However, that isn’t an option when you’re trying to be your best you, because you know consistency is key. That one day off can lead to a week, which can lead to a month, and so on. Add these moves to your arsenal and watch the fat melt off your midsection all while building muscle, without skipping a day.

Get More Out of Your Lateral Raises

Brockhoeft argues that it'’s not necessary to go above 135 degrees (about halfway between the arms-parallel position and directly overhead) because the middle delt is strongest to that midway point, then quickly falls off. "“Once you pass that point, you'’re no longer working against gravity [when using dumbbells] and the weight becomes lighter, taking stimulus off the muscle. Going to 135 degrees not only maximizes your delts but also works the traps from an angle different than you'’re used to."

8 Best Non-Bench Chest Exercises

Just because it’s chest day doesn’t mean you're relegated to park your backside on a bench for your session. While the bench is a valuable tool for overall chest strength, it can place excess stress on the delts, which can be tough for those with injured shoulders. For pure pec muscle growth, there are several exercises that will get you off the bench and on your way to chest growth in PECtacular fashion.

Mastering the Hip Hinge - Diesel SC

I’ve written many articles over the years about mastering the fundamental movement pattern – hinge (with neutral posture) – and I’ve found there are endless reasons new clients and athletes can’t seem to load into a hinging pattern correctly.

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