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The Underground Strength System • Zach Even-Esh

A No-Nonsense, Proven Road Map for Developing Brute Strength, Explosive Power and Mental Toughness. THE Strength & Conditioning System Proven To Deliver Powerful Results (Since 2002) for Dedicated Athletes All Around the World.     From: The Underground Strength Gym Coach Zach Even - Esh Time: 5:23 AM I'm not a fan of these hyped …

NJ Strength & Conditioning | Manasquan Strength & Conditioning | Scotch Plains Strength & Conditioning

Our track record of transforming and helping hundreds of athletes that have walked through these doors does not fit us into the Wal Mart of Athlete Strength & Conditioning.

The Ronline Report Ep. 92 - Tito Raymond

In episode 92 of the Ronline Report, Tito Raymond talks about why he stayed natural, his famous little brother, and his life as a trainer and family man.

Kevin Levrone - How I See It | Arnold Australia Update

Fans ask and Kevin Levrone answers "HOW I SEE IT" in his weekly video series sponsored by Levrone Signature Series. In this episode, Kevin talks about the 2018 Arnold Australia.

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1 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

Deadlifts have been called the single best bodybuilding exercise and crowned as the "King of Mass Builders." It takes a lot of muscle to do them, but they're not something you want to just muscle through. Five experts chime in on how to do deadlifts the right way.

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018 - You seem to always know what you are doing and how your current actions feed into your grand plan. However, deceptive Neptune squares contentious Mars today, encouraging you to instigate an argument. However, you might be fighting with windmills, creating imaginary opponents so you can demonstrate your ability to overcome adversity. If you’re trying to prove something to others, just let your actions speak. If you’re trying to prove something to yourself, look for your answers within rather than courting the approval of everyone else.

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10 workouts from some of the hardest-training bodybuilders of all time:

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2018 NPC Shawn Ray Classic at the Hawaii Convention Center is BLOWIN UP!!! Coming to Honolulu November 10th. *NPC National Qualifier Athlete Registration is now Open!

The Exact Reps That Make You Grow | T Nation

You need to recruit and fatigue most of the motor units and muscle fibers in a muscle to stimulate maximum muscle growth. Effective reps are the reps that do this. They're the ones you gut out as you approach failure. That's why Arnold famously said, "The last three or four reps are what makes the muscle grow."

Tip: The Power Exercise for Delts and Traps | T Nation

Take a bodybuilding exercise, mix in an athletic movement and what do you get? A new way to add size to your shoulders and traps.

Shawn Ray in Shanghai, China IWF Expo Speech

Shawn Ray in Shanghai, China IWF Expo Speech

Tip: 20 Reps for Killer Glutes | T Nation

Most gym bros will assume this a sissy exercise and won't bother trying it. But if they were to try 3 sets of 20 reps with 60 seconds rest using a 100-plus pound dumbbell, their quads and glutes would let them know it's legit.

Tip: The Triple Dumbbell Press | T Nation

Stand with your feet about hip-distance apart; keep your torso upright and your abs braced. Then bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Using only your arms and shoulders, take the dumbbells to an overhead position with elbows locked out. Keep it strict; don't allow any other body parts to help out.

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89- Dr. Andy Galpin- Muscle Fiber Type Training

Coming to you from the Fitness Business Summit in San Diego we have Dr. Andy Galpin. Dr. Galpin is a researcher at Cal State Fullerton who is leading the conversation on muscle fiber type training as well as a cohost of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast. His lab is biopsying and analyzing muscle fibers one at a time. Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast Dr. Galpin gives us a crash course on influencing your muscle fiber type, how muscle fiber nuclei influence your gains, bias in research and MUCH more! Time Stamps: 4:00 - How Dr. Galpin’s research is changing the way that we think about fiber types. 8:00 - Training your muscle fiber types. How you can change your training regimen to influence your dominant fiber type. 12:10 - Testosterone use and how it influences your muscle’s nuclei. 14:30 - How Dr. Galpin’s research is changing the way we think about muscle building. 17:10 - The difference between how muscle fiber types react to stimulus. 21:30 - How Dr. Galpin is challenging the paradigm in fiber type research. 24:00 - An example of the bias of research. How group findings can be skewed by outliers.

Tip: The Complete Chest Exercise | T Nation

The pectorals, specifically the pec major, both flexes (clavicular head) and adducts (sternal head) the humerus. Yes, I realize it does other stuff too (it internally rotates the humerus and anteriorly tilts the scapulae), so to keep the insufferable anatomy nerds from having a conniption, there you go. If chest size is your goal, pressing with a barbell can be limiting because it only works one function of the pecs... humeral flexion.

Tip: The Missing Biceps Exercise | T Nation

To maximize arm size, you need to add this biceps movement to your program.

Shawn Ray 'The Evolution' - Motivational Tribute

This tribute honors Shawn Ray, the twelve-time Top 5 Olympian at the Mr. Olympia and the man who holds the record for most features on FLEX magazine. Shawn Ray is know for his impressive size combined with sharp conditioning, symmetry and flow. What do you think of this physique? Intro Music - "Mad Science" by MK2 ... Background Music - “Release the Power“ by Thomas Edwards Outro Music - "chill asf" by @yungcookofficial Videos Sampled:

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Some "classic" exercises should be left in the past:

Tip: Master the Meadows Row | T Nation

Unlike some exercise variations that can be best described as "change for the sake of change," this one delivers big time. The fact is, this exercise is more responsible for the mass and detail I've put on my lats than any other, and is my go-to exercise for anybody that comes to me for help with a stubborn back.

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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A shoulder workout from one of the hardest-training bodybuilders of all time:

FLEX on Twitter

FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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"Remember that someday your life can depend on it." - Nathaniel Hampton - Full interview: …

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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Get to know ATP Lab's Organic Vegan Blend Protein! Check out ATP Lab's Organic Vegan Blend: … Watch: 

26 Shawn Ray

See more of Shawn Ray on Facebook

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

FLEX on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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DAILY DEAL!!! TODAY ONLY: Save on @dymatize Supplements! Get up to 20% off your favorites! Don't miss it:  #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody #BBcomDeals

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Most people need to supplement vitamin D, but pairing it with magnesium makes it even more effective. Here's why: …

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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SIGNING DAY!!! Representing China’s #1 Equipment Manufacturing Company “Realleader Equipment Co.” with Jack & Hugo in San Diego at IRHSA Trade Expo. I’m Looking forward to Planting the Seeds of Health & Fitness! @GenerationIron #RealleaderEquipment

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5 Gym Hacks That Actually Work

We live in a Golden Age of fitness science. Studies come out every month that confirm one or another fundamental truth about how to get in shape — the power of rest and recovery, the importance of mental toughness, or the unbeatable efficiency of high-intensity interval training. Still, buried within all those studies are subtleties and finer points that can make all the difference in how strong, fast, and healthy you feel and look. And that’s where we come in. We raided the latest research, talked to leading experts, and honed five workout upgrades that you can make right now. The tweaks may be simple, but follow the advice faithfully and the results will be nothing short of genius. 

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90- Viada, Shallow- The Mindset of Success and Pushing the Limits of Human Performance

Alex Viada and Dr. Jordan Shallow are back for another great episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast. This time around they join Ben in discussing what it takes to be great. Being an elite athlete has it’s struggles and for these three it is no exception. This episode they talk about staying focused during the lulls of the process, the evolution of your training, what separates good from great and how Ben stays motivated now that he isn’t training for the Olympia. 2:10 - Why Alex has decided to participate in a double Iron Man race. Pursuing an end result that looks impossible from the outside. 5:15 - The Process. How to approach an impossible task. How to prepare for worst case scenario when pursuing a world class endeavor. 9:45 - Earning the right to be world class. 12:35 - The highlight reel vs the buildup. Why it takes discipline and dedication to achieve crazy feats not just what you see on Instagram. 15:00 - How to know what’s next. When is it time to change your process? 17:00 - Information is always good. Finding out what doesn’t work for you is just as important and finding out what does.

The Truth About Kinesiology Tape | T Nation

You've probably seen everyone from Olympic athletes to CrossFitters using K-tape on just about every part of their bodies: quads, hamstrings, calves, low back, shoulders, etc. It doesn't look like it's doing anything other than just sitting on their skin. So I decided to do some research to try and uncover any scientific backing for the product.


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Think k-tape is just a gimmick? Nope. When properly applied, it can help reduce pain. Of course, "when properly applied" are the keywords. Learn more about what it does and doesn't do: …

Tip: 5 Foundational Steps to Training Success | T Nation

Before you even step under the bar for a squat or pick up a dumbbell, your set should be mentally done. Imagine the steps you'll take to get into position and the way your body will look performing the movement. Rehearse each rep in your mind. Think about how that'll feel to you. Because it's already been done in your mind, all you have to do is repeat it with your body.

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@MikeOHearn thoughts on people who don’t re-rack after using equipment?

The Goriest Bodybuilding Murders Of All Time | Bodybuilding Chronicles

The surprisingly dark string of violence in bodybuilding history. The world can be a terrible place - and that includes the world of bodybuilding as well. There have been a small number of violent tragedies throughout the history of bodybuilding - and these specific stories highlighted by Shawn Ray have nothing to do with drug deaths or the perils of bodybuilding as a sport. These were just cold blooded murders that happened to involve bodybuilders... and as such shook the industry due to the crimes' extreme and violent nature. There is a dark side to humanity and that sometimes spills into bodybuilding. These athletes ultimately had a darkness in them that lead to very tragic and terrifying places. The stories told in the video above are the top goriest and most shocking bodybuilding murders of all time. Shawn gives his personal take on these historical events and how despite the darkness - the industry banned together to remain focused on positivity and a better tomorrow. Check out the full episode of Bodybuilding Chronicles above! Bodybuilding, fitness, weight training - all on the Generation Iron Fitness Network! Try our GYMOJI bodybuilding emojis on the app store: https://appsto.

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"We're not just giving people the tools to chase their greatness, we're creating a movement of people who are willing to put in the work." - @TheRock Get an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the new #ProjectRock @UnderArmour collection, "Chase Greatness": …

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Rob Strauss aka @RobbieEImpact is taking you back-to-the-basics with this week's arm workout.

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Alpha Male contains three of the most potent natural Testosterone boosters, highly concentrated to deliver maximum results. See the formula: …

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You've heard that term "nutrient partitioning" before but what does it really mean? Here's what you need to know: …

Tip: Make Your Low Back and Knees Feel Better | T Nation

Again, very simple changes to your warm-up and pre-workout mobility routine may do just the trick. Spiderman walks with thoracic rotation are worth their weight in gold for creating a hip stretch from more than one angle, and the trick is to not just go through the motions.

Tip: The Arnold Push Press | T Nation

If the Arnold press and the push press had a baby, it would look like this great exercise variation. Give it a shot.

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Use this press variation to train shoulders with less stress on your lower back. Take a look: …

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64 86- John Amaral- The Connection Between the Energy World and Our Physical Selves
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