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6 Healthy Ingredients Every Guy Should Cook With

You may be a good cook, but sometimes it’s hard to know which oils or spices are truly the healthiest when it comes to making a dynamite meal. If you're still sautéing with olive oil or other vegetable oils, you aren’t taking your kitchen skills—and your diet—to the next level. The best part about including these foods in your meal prep is that you won’t be sacrificing flavor. Go on, give 'em a go. 8 Foods That'll Never Make You Fat>>>

Sculpt Your Abs Into a Six-Pack in Six Weeks

You’ll see two separate ab workouts below: One you’ll do twice a week for the first three weeks, and another will take you through the three weeks after that. The major difference between Weeks 1–3 and 4–6 are lower rep ranges in the latter, a product of increasing resistance. “While this program provides the much-needed variation in reps in order to keep progress coming,” Ryno explains, “the focus is really on Weeks 4–6, when the reps are executed in the lower range with added weight to really build serious strength and size. You’ll do the most difficult moves first in the routine, as a muscle is always weaker on subsequent exercises.”

Work Out Anywhere: Top to Bottom Dumbbell Workout

For those days you can't make it to the gym, Fitness Coach Andy McDermott serves up some more body sculpting, exercise options to work into your training sessions. In this video, Andy demonstrates how to use one pair of dumbbells and a minimum amount of space to get in a solid muscle building,  total-body workout in under 20-minutes. So check it out and give it a try. You'll burn fat , build lean muscle and get ripped by activating all your muscle groups and training your "machine" efficiently and effectively.

Henderson Stuns Rua with TKO Win in Brazil

Light heavyweight Rua (22-9) was peppering the 43-year-old Henderson with punishing leg kicks in the first round, but the American kept moving forward looking for an opening. He nearly found it at the end of the round but was stung by a huge counter overhand right/left hook combination that left him seriously hurt. Rua went to finish it, but Henderson managed to offer some defense, enough to convince referee Herb Dean not to stop the fight.

March Smoothie Madness: Vote for Your Favorite Smoothie Ingredient

It’s March. You know what that means. It’s time for spring and basketball and smoothies. That’s right, we said smoothies! We’re pitting the best smoothie ingredients against each other in our first ever March Smoothie Madness bracket showdown in order to crown our readers’ favorite smoothie ingredient of all time. Do you have mandatory go-to smoothie mix-ins? Now’s your chance to profess your blender must-haves to the world.

TIP: Point Your Elbows Down During Standing Biceps Curls

Although a relatively simple exercise, strict technique is essential to get the most out of standing biceps curls. One tip to ensure you are getting the optimal training effect on the elbow flexors is to keep your elbows pointed straight down as you perform the exercise. If your elbows move away from this position, other muscle groups such as the traps will assist in lifting the weight, thus reducing the work of the biceps.

EliteFTS: Monster Gear Grip

A properly sized brief should be very tight, and yet you need to be fully in the brief for you to get maximum benefit from this piece of gear. The MONSTER GEAR GRIP allows for you to utilize your full body weight to fit snugly into your brief and/or suit. Unlike your lifting partner, the MONSTER GEAR GRIP never lets go and it can support your full weight, even if you are a SHW, without wearing your partner�s hands and grip down. The bonus is, the MONSTER GEAR GRIP allows you to fit as snugly in your brief even if you have no one to help you. The MONSTER GEAR GRIP can be used at the gym or throw it in your gym bag and use it at a meet as all it needs is something to hang it on (a J-hook, bench press upright, a barbell in a rack, etc). With the MONSTER GEAR GRIP you CAN put 10LBS of sausage in a 5LB casing. Only 3lbs so it's light enough to throw in your gym bag. How to use: Place the lip of your brief or suit all the way into the MONSTER GEAR GRIP , apply some body weight to test the grip and the grip will automatically close onto the gear.

Big Ramy on Machines vs. Free Weights

Unlike most bodybuilders, I really prefer machines. I used a lot of free weights when I first started, but I’ve grown to like the machines for a couple reasons. First, I believe you can feel the muscle contraction a lot better on a machine because you can hold the weight and control it down so that you’re squeezing the entire time. Second, I don’t like using a spotter and I don’t have a workout partner, so using machines is a lot better for my workout style. (Only the last few weeks before a show do I use a spotter to help me because I’m low on energy then.) My favorite exercises are the Hammer Strength chest press and the preacher curl. Both machines allow me to go heavier than I would with free weights. - FLEX

An Imbalanced Discussion

When you consume carbs at the appropriate times, and in appropriate amounts, they release insulin. This accelerates tissue growth and healing, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Glucose, one of the few nutrients that activates the TOR pathway of growth and tissue repair, refills your intramuscular and liver glycogen stores, helping your body prepare for its next bout of intense physical activity. Brain hormones and chemicals adjust to reduce stress, creating a sense of well-being and promoting sleep. Carbs also suppress ghrelin, our main hunger hormone, and cause an even bigger ghrelin spike a few hours after eating—an effect that can cause an acute rise in growth hormone.


You have to realize that this isn't what I do EVERY time I do chest. Im always doing different things. This specific workout was done with 3 other people in a busy gym with the equipment available. Do I use free weights? sure...Do I change up my sets and reps? Yes..Do I Lift specifically heavy for an entire workout with low reps? Yes... But not like I used to. Im always trying different things and challenging myself. I can tell you that the three guys In the picture above who all are built different, usually train chest different, and represent different competing classes all worked to failure by the end. This workout may be for you it may not, but you wont know unless you try. If you know your body you can always change things up to. Throw in some DBs, some dips, etc. Get creative and have fun with it:)

Twinlab Krill Omega Fuel at

We believe any good nutrition plan optimized for peak performance includes an Omega-3 supplement. Each Twinlab Krill Omega Fuel softgel contains 625 mg of highly beneficial, 100% pure Krill Oil with a unique phospholipid not available in traditional fish oils. Unlike other sources of Omega-3s, this phospholipid form of fatty acids aids recognition by the body based on its resemblance to the human brain’s own phospholipids and is easily incorporated and utilized by the body.*

Flexatron's Off Season Regimen

I’m going to have a very short off-season this year because I plan on doing the Arnold Classic so I can qualify for the 2014 Mr. Olympia. If and when I qualify for the Olympia, I want to improve upon my seventh place I got this year by coming in bigger and tighter. I said last year I’d improve for 2013, and I did. I know I surprised a lot of people with how I looked. In the past year that I’ve done my own diet and training, I’ve learned a lot about how my body works and what food is best for me. I’m going to take what I learned and apply that in my short off- season to get bigger. In terms of nutrition, I don’t count calories in the off-season or weigh my food, because I need to grow properly and to do that you need a lot of calories. However, I keep my diet very clean and don’t eat a lot of junk food because it makes it that much harder to get back on a strict diet. I do zero cardio off- season and one reason I can get away with it is that I don’t indulge in a lot of junk.