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Jerome Mayberry Shows Off the "Workout Stick"

Trainer to the stars, Jerome Mayberry, makes a special appearance on M&F Live, to show the world his brand new exercise product, The Workout Stick™! To see J...

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Fit Fix: Laziness Is Changing Your Brain

Researchers from John's Hopkins say that if you tend to rapidly move your eyes, focusing on objects for shorter periods of time, you're much more likely to be an impatient person. The speed at which eyes move could signal how much time someone spends gaging the tie between potential decisions and rewards. "It seems that people who make quick movements, at least eye movements, tend to be less willing to wait," says Reza Shadmehr, lead researcher on the Johns Hopkins team.  [ EurekAlert ]

9 Machines You Should Never Use

Exercise machines were invented to provide a safe alternative to free weights, but sometimes they’re anything but. They can put your body into unnatural positions and take your joints through dangerous ranges of motion. Over time, this can lead to injuries. Avoid the following machines at all costs, and use the alternative exercises we provide instead for safer, more effective training. 


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The 24-Minute CrossFit WOD

As a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, I’m open to trying new training disciplines, so when extended the invitation to try CrossFit , I couldn’t wait to blast through my first WOD. The session started with a skills session during which athletes fine-tuned their muscle-ups  before moving into the 24-Minute WOD. “CrossFit covers all ten physical adaptations including cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, stamina, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance,” says Dell Polanco, head coach at Brick New York. “CrossFit workouts can be tailored in a way that no matter what the person’s athletic or fitness background is, they'd still be able to execute it because it will be a safe workout.” Whether you’re a novice lifter or avid CrossFitter, this intense full-body workout will get you ripped fast.

Dymatize Elite Fusion 7 at

Feed, build and sustain lean muscle every day, anytime with Elite Fusion 7. Perfect for fueling the body with 7 high-quality proteins throughout the day, Elite Fusion 7 keeps you nourished and energized. Whether you use it for post-workout recovery, a convenient meal replacement, or a decadent protein-enhanced snack between meals, you’ll get comprehensive nutrition with every shake.

Big Ramy's Off-Season Diet

Near the end of 2011, Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay weighed approximately 200 pounds, having been training only a little more than a year. In May of 2013, just one week before he won the IFBB New York Pro, he weighed in at over 300 pounds!  Here is the off-season meal plan  he used to make these extraordinary gains:

How to Increase Your Deadlift Strength

Steve Pulcinella is the face of weightlifting—literally. He sells T-shirts sporting a photo of his face above the now infamous question: “Do you even lift?” No one would have to ask him; his road to becoming a fitness-industry personality started 34 years ago in powerlifting, then veered into strongman and the Highland Games. Pulcinella’s gym, Iron Sport Gym in Glenolden, PA, is a haven for lifters looking to take their gains into competition. Make some colossal gains of your own using Pulcinella’s deadlift program and hopefully no one will ever ask you those four dreaded words that Pulcinella helped make famous.

Survival Strength for Self-defense

Self-defense training, if it’s good, will give you your techniques, mobility, flexibility, and cardio (from sparring, running, etc.). To get the most out of strength training for self-defense, you’ll need full-body workouts, heavy weights and explosive movements. You’re best with an Olympic barbell and rack but dumbbells and a pull-up bar can work in a pinch. These workouts are only a starting block and can be completed in 30-45 minutes. Also, these suggestions come in addition to your regular fight or self-defense training. There are plenty of shredded dudes that can’t punch worth a damn, and more than a few black belts whose knowledge of their style is only exceeded by their Body Mass Index score.

The Ultimate HIIT Workout

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the No. 1 fitness trend in the world, according to the American College of Sports Medicine's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2014. What makes the training method so popular is the efficiency of the fat burning workouts ; they only take a few minutes to complete. HIIT is a workout style comprised of short work periods followed by short rest periods. “Using HIIT you’re going to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time,” says Tom Holland, a Connecticut-based exercise physiologist and designer of the workout below. “Mixing cardio and strength training at a high intensity gives you the ultimate full-body workout.”

The Bar and Kettlebell Fat Burn Workout

Lets say you're tired of traditional cardio, don't want to worry about heart rate and are bored of throwing around traditional weights. Lets also say your diet is immaculate and finely tuned, but you're looking for a fresh new way to get the blood flowing, heart pumping and fat melting. Believe it or not, 20 minutes, a pull-up bar and a kettlebell are all you need for a highly effective fat loss workout. We recently paid a visit to Mike Stehle of Training Room Online in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey to give his very own "Bar and Bell" workout a shot.

The 9 Scariest Food Additives You're Eating Right Now

Some of the so-called healthy snack foods and packaged goods you're tossing into your grocery cart each week may be filled with "extras" that can, in the long term, put your health at risk. Check out our rundown of the top nutrition label offenders—then

8 Ways to Burn More Fat

Most think of altering the metabolism as “boosting it,” but there are things you can do that also change the way the body handles food. For example, simply by taking a fiber supplement, you can alter the way your body handles carbohydrates. Fiber stimulates carbs to bypass fat storing pathways, which in turn means they ultimately head down other pathways for muscle fueling or building. There you go — a simple nutrition step to modify your metabolism.

8 Mass Ingredients

For most bodybuilders, pushing through punishing workouts day in and day out is actually the easier part of their regimen. Much harder is sticking with a diet that maintains an anabolic state — that is, building muscle — for the 22 or 23 hours a day when our bodies are desperately trying to recuperate between workouts. Luckily, nutrition need not be akin to rocket science. This simple checklist runs down eight top foods for mass building.

7 Under-$10 Tools That Take the Dread Out of Dinner

When you’re cooking up a complicated meal, it's easy to forget about the little things, like how exactly you're going to get all the dirt off those organic carrots. But the right kitchen gadgets can make your life a whole like easier—and your food a whole lot healthier. And no, we're not talking about the latest infomercial sensation. At less than 10 bucks a pop, these small-but-mighty tools will help you tackle your next endeavor in the kitchen.

11 Green Foods for Every Dude's Diet

Another food that’ll never make you fat, celery also weighs in around 16 calories per cup. And after all that chewing, your body may end up using more than 16 calories to digest the stuff. For a crunchy, low-carb snack, pair 1 cup celery sticks with 2 tablespoons almond butter (218 calories, 9 grams carbs). Healthy Snacks with 10 Grams of Carbs or Less>>> 

Sabotage: The New York City Premiere Red Carpet

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello hit the red carpet in Manhattan to unveil their newest action-packed blockbuster.

The Lift Doctor: Pre-Bedtime Snacks and Breaking Plateaus

Fidel, the answer is dependent upon how intense your training session was and what your food choices were throughout the day. If you limited your carbs during the day and are following an intermittent fasting or carb back-loading protocol, some healthy carbs at night will not have a negative impact on your body fat levels and will help your recovery.

The Pain Workout: Exercise Routines for Your Best Abs

Try the pain workout for your best abs—we’ve developed these exercise routines to help you achieve the best results and complete a strength training workout that will leave your muscles seriously toned. The question is—can you handle it?

The Right Music Makes Workouts Easier

Pick the perfect playlist to train harder and longer.

2014 Ultimate Athlete Games: The Training Program

The 2014 Ultimate Athlete Games are back, and even better than ever with an all new three-part course designed to test your speed, strength, and agility. And we might even be going on tour to a city near you! We can't share all the details and secrets yet, but to get you primed and ready for competition we've carefully crafted a balanced, well-rounded program by Michael Giovanni Rivera , the owner of GIO Training and contributor to HUMANFITPROJECT .

Some Dates Can Actually Save You Money

Up to 90% of us toss food prematurely because we think “sell by,” “best before,” “best if used by,” and “use by” dates all indicate food safety—a mix-up that sends $165 billion worth of food to trash cans every year, says a new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Harvard Law School. “Most ‘best by’ and ‘use by’ dates are manufacturers’ recommendations for best quality, not safety,” says Marianne Gravely of the USDA. “For most foods, you can tell if it’s gone bad by its look or smell: If a refrigerated food is past its ‘best by’ date but looks and smells OK, it’s fine. If it smells bad, shows mold, has a slimy feel, or looks odd, that’s a sign it’s spoiled.” Combine date info with common sense and you’ll be cool.

Push Your Pecs: Four Ways to Pushup

The push-up—like any type of press or pull—requires the use of several muscle groups working on concert. But unlike some of its barbell or dumbbell counterparts, the push-up calls several smaller muscle groups—which work as stabilizers—into play. Your abs, serratus, lower back, hip flexors and rotator cuffs all reap the benefits of a well-executed set of push-ups, even though your pecs are the main target. And strengthening that supporting cast will only help you on your bigger moves for your chest like heavy incline presses.

Two Truths and a Lie: Heart Smarts

If you've never heard of the game Two Truths and a Lie, here's the gist: Someone whom you've just met reveals three facts about himself, with one caveat: One of the statements is completely bogus. We're taking this classic icebreaker and giving it a healthy spin. Check out each trio of "truths" and see if you can spot the lie.

10 Questions Dudes Forget to Ask Their Doctors

Paper hospital gowns and fluorescent lighting are no substitute for kicking back with beers during the March Madness—but your annual checkup should be about your doc getting to know you. Along with updating vaccinations and some routine testing, talking about your lifestyle and potential risk factors for disease is why you come in for a preventive exam, says Minesh Khatri, M.D., assistant professor of medicine and a general internist at Columbia University Medical Center.

Straight-Up Ab Blast Workout

Three of its four exercises target the lower abs directly via movement of the lower body while the upper body remains stationary. Since the bottom portion of the six-pack is typically the toughest to bring out, we’ll put a little more focus into developing that area. This workout wasn’t designed to be an afterthought that can be thrown in at the end of any chest or back workout.


I do my pull-ups at the beginning of my back workout because I have the most energy for them. If you can't do a pull-up, you can get assistance from a training partner, bands, a machine, or simply try doing negatives. Don't worry if you can't do full pull-ups. I've been working on them for a long, long time.

'13 Mr. Olympia Final Look-Part I

FLEXonline takes a final look back at the biggest, most exciting, and most competitive Olympia Weekend in history!  Photographer Charles Lowthian spent the 2013 Olympia Weekend backstage and behind the scenes creating this incredible collection of images showcasing the world's most elite bodybuilders like you've never seen them before.

FreeMotion vs. Standard

■ A study from Globe University (Shakopee, Minnesota) found that subjects training on FreeMotion machines for 
16 weeks increased muscle strength by almost 60% more than subjects training on standard weight machines. The Globe University researchers also found that the group using FreeMotion machines increased their balance by about 200% more than the group using standard weight machines.

Top 5 Chests of the 1980's

1. BERTIL FOX: Fox is currently serving a life sentence in a Caribbean prison for double murder. However, in the ’80s he was one of the most popular IFBB pros, despite not winning  a pro show and topping out at fifth in the Olympia (1983). He had some lagging body parts (back, hamstrings), but what he had, he had in overwhelming abundance and this was especially true of his best feature: pecs. Their thickness was unparalleled then. Fox favored basic movements, high volume and a variety of reps, from as many as 15 to as few as 4.

9 Machines You Should Never Use

These ab machines can create lower back problems because they rotate the area beyond a safe range of motion. Your lumbar spine can only twist 13 degrees—that’s less than one hour on a clock. Turning beyond that puts massive strain on your vertebrae, and, combined with the resistance of the machine, can quickly become more than your back can bear. Your lower back is actually designed to resist twisting, not generate it.

How Do Her Numbers Compare?

Everyone’s got a number. A number of past partners, the age they lost their virginity, the number of times you got laid this week (or didn’t)—whatever it may be, the past is the past. However, you’re not the only one with a little history. Here’s how her numbers stack up. Go on, we know you’re curious.

Monster Gym

Every old school gym has dumbbells and barbells. “Health clubs” add amenities like specialty classes, saunas and juice bars to the mix. Monster Gym outside of Montreal, Canada, offers the best of both worlds. It’s an iron paradise fit for hardcore lifters with enough modern touches to keep anyone happy.

Best for Boulder Shoulders

To sum it all up, the research concluded that it’s best to use several different exercises to build impressive shoulders. The best exercises for the anterior deltoid were: the Smith machine shoulder press, free-weight bench press, and pec deck. The best exercises for the middle deltoid were: the free-weight lateral raise, cable-crossover lateral raise, and reverse pec deck. For the posterior deltoid, the best exercises were: the reverse pec deck, incline lat pulldown, and seated row. - FLEX

Acid Trip

cine. Researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, reported recently that men who consumed whey protein after exercise, either by consuming the entire drink rapidly or consuming it spaced every 20 minutes over a 200-minute feeding period, had dramatically different results despite consuming the same amount. Muscle biopsies taken from the subjects found that muscle protein synthesis was elevated to a greater extent after rapidly consuming a large single dose of whey protein than after consuming it in smaller portions over a longer period. There were greater changes in anabolic signaling pathways for muscle hypertrophy (growth) after rapid rather than slow consumption.

Even Stronger Than They Look: Chris Cormier

In the ’90s at Gold’s Gym Venice, you could witness a dozen or so of the world’s best bodybuilders toiling daily. Of those, Cormier was known as much for his strength as his physique—and that’s saying a lot. Over his 14-year pro career, the Real Deal won 11 contests, finished third in the Olympia twice (1999, 2002), and was second in the Arnold Classic six consecutive years (2000–05). Still, for those, like yours truly, who witnessed his workouts in the Mecca in the ’90s, it’s the scary numbers he put up—especially on chest and leg days—that impressed the most.

Increase the Intensity With a Weight Vest

With their high versatility, weight vests allow for a broad range of exercises, such as walking, jogging, rope-jumping, bike riding, core strengthening, and weight training. But before you go strapping on that 75 lb. vest for your next set up pull-ups, be sure you’re properly conditioned to carry the extra weight. When adding a weight vest to your fitness program, start out light then gradually work your way up to a heavier weighted vest over a few months. Going too heavy, too soon can put excessive stress on your joints and cause injury.

Everything You Need to Know About Stevia

Is the all-natural calorie-free sugar substitute too good to be true? We've got the facts on the latest sugar-free product to take the health world by storm.


Add these CytoSport athletes' favorite recipes to your protein cookbook for a healthier take on sweet treats. Or, if you still prefer to kick off your morning with a shake, try their delicious smoothie options. The delectable combination of fruits and vegetables will kick your preferred protein vehicle into high gear, not to mention your fit goal gains.

Phil Heath's 2013 Leg Training Photoshoot

Phil Heath's 2013 Leg Training Photoshoot

Photo Shoot with Flexatron!

Come behind-the-scenes with FLEX Magazine and photographer Per Bernal for a photo shoot with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden.


12. Cold water fish —salmon, mackerel, smelt, chad, perch, sardines, and anchovies—provide an array of amino acids to reduce the breakdown of lean muscle tissue that occurs with high cortisol levels. They also provide those wonderful anti-stress fish oils, DHA and EPA. In fact, supplementing the diet with fish oil has been found to reduce cortisol levels and improve body composition.