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The Ultimate HIIT Workout

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the No. 1 fitness trend in the world, according to the American College of Sports Medicine's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2014. What makes the training method so popular is the efficiency of the fat burning workouts ; they only take a few minutes to complete. HIIT is a workout style comprised of short work periods followed by short rest periods. “Using HIIT you’re going to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time,” says Tom Holland, a Connecticut-based exercise physiologist and designer of the workout below. “Mixing cardio and strength training at a high intensity gives you the ultimate full-body workout.”

The 24-Minute CrossFit WOD

As a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, I’m open to trying new training disciplines, so when extended the invitation to try CrossFit , I couldn’t wait to blast through my first WOD. The session started with a skills session during which athletes fine-tuned their muscle-ups  before moving into the 24-Minute WOD. “CrossFit covers all ten physical adaptations including cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, stamina, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance,” says Dell Polanco, head coach at Brick New York. “CrossFit workouts can be tailored in a way that no matter what the person’s athletic or fitness background is, they'd still be able to execute it because it will be a safe workout.” Whether you’re a novice lifter or avid CrossFitter, this intense full-body workout will get you ripped fast.

BSN Syntha-6 at

SYNTHA-6™ is an ultra-premium lean muscle protein powder, BSN's best-tasting protein supplement on the market. Its formula features multiple quality proteins resulting in a nutritious and multi-functional protein supplement that ensures an athlete's muscles a quality supply of protein building blocks.* As any athlete knows, high-quality protein is essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass.* SYNTHA-6™ is the ideal solution to any active individual's protein needs, designed to perfectly suit a variety of diets and lifestyles. And with SYNTHA-6™, that high standard of quality comes with taste to match, thanks to BSN®'s exclusive flavor technology.

Muscle Food: 10 Nutrition Rules to Build Muscle

There'’s no need to abandon all your favorite foods to get in shape;– just follow these 10 simple nutrition and supplement guidelines to build muscle faster.

Workout Finisher: Single Plate Complex

Finish off your workout strong with this simple six move complex using a single plate.

9 Ways to Amp Up a Pull-Up

When doing pull-ups, keep your shoulders away from your ears. When pulling yourself up, pull your shoulder blades down toward your hips. Keep your chest out and neck in a neutral position. Reaching for the bar with your chin is wrong. It’s tempting, but wrong. Once you pull your sternum to the bar, lower yourself under control to a slight bend in your elbows. At this point, don’t let your shoulders shrug upward. Keep them down in preparation for the next rep.

Build Muscle in Minutes

For your main exercise in each workout , you’ll perform each set at the start of every minute. That is, at the :00 mark, you’ll begin doing your reps. From the time you’re done until the top of the next minute is all you get to rest. Compare this with the normal procedure of resting a minute (or much more) between sets, and you can see how MOTM sets promote efficiency. So that you don’ fatigue too quickly, you‘ll perform a low number of reps, which also happens to be ideal for gaining strength and muscle. For instance, you’ll do 10 sets of three in Week 1 of our program, or 30 total reps. As your body’s work capacity improves, you’ll add weight and volume, until by Week 4 you’re doing 50 total reps with a greater load in approximately the same amount of time.

Nutrition Q&A: When Should I Eat Carbs?

When it comes to dieting fads and fables, nothing gets a worse rap than carbs. When not being cast as the boogie man under the bed (à la very low-carb diets), we've heard rumors that if you're looking to stay trim, it's best to only eat carbs in the a.m. We figured amidst all the confusion that there was probably a fundamental misunderstanding of what carbs really are, what they do for the body, and how to eat them. For answers, we called nutrition expert Lori Zanini,  R.D., who's also a certified diabetes expert.

Trainer Q&A: Why Does My Wrist Hurt?

Jay Dicharry: The wrist is intersection of your arm bones (ulna and radius) and your hand bones (your metacarpals) that are connected by two rows of quite small bones called carpals. This configuration allows your hand to move in many different ways, but joints that are highly mobile by nature are also highly unstable. Loading weight, mainly in positions where the wrist is extended, can cause pain for some people. It’s very common for wrists to become overloaded (especially in exercises like the front squat ) when there are shoulder mobility issues.

Some Dates Can Actually Save You Money

Up to 90% of us toss food prematurely because we think “sell by,” “best before,” “best if used by,” and “use by” dates all indicate food safety—a mix-up that sends $165 billion worth of food to trash cans every year, says a new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Harvard Law School. “Most ‘best by’ and ‘use by’ dates are manufacturers’ recommendations for best quality, not safety,” says Marianne Gravely of the USDA. “For most foods, you can tell if it’s gone bad by its look or smell: If a refrigerated food is past its ‘best by’ date but looks and smells OK, it’s fine. If it smells bad, shows mold, has a slimy feel, or looks odd, that’s a sign it’s spoiled.” Combine date info with common sense and you’ll be cool.

CrossFit Games Open WOD 14.5: Advice from Chris Spealler

The Open has always been a challenge for everyone. I think it's more of a fight now than ever to even make it to Regionals. The amount of people competing these days forces us all to show up for every workout. You can't afford to have a bad placing and easily come back from it so you always have to be on your toes. The workouts are still accessible to everyone to throw their hat in the mix, but this last workout is a real challenge. Don't doubt yourself, though. It's what you do in the box every day. You work hard, you stick to it, and you finish the WOD. Have fun and make it count.

Rip it Good

There are many different types of “fat burner” supplements on the market, but perhaps the most popular and effective category is thermogenics. Thermogenics work by boosting the body’s metabolism. That is, you burn more calories during a given activity, even if you’re just sitting on your butt watching Pumping Iron again. Most products achieve this effect by increasing norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that the nervous system releases; it is basically a form of adrenaline). Synephrine is one supplement that raises norepinephrine. Try doses of five to 20 milligrams (mg), from a standardized Citrus aurantium extract, once or twice daily for amaximum of 40 mg per day.

10 Questions Dudes Forget to Ask Their Doctors

Paper hospital gowns and fluorescent lighting are no substitute for kicking back with beers during the March Madness—but your annual checkup should be about your doc getting to know you. Along with updating vaccinations and some routine testing, talking about your lifestyle and potential risk factors for disease is why you come in for a preventive exam, says Minesh Khatri, M.D., assistant professor of medicine and a general internist at Columbia University Medical Center.

25 Tips for Greatness

3.  Embrace change. “I’m not doing anything the way I did it before. I’ve changed everything,” said Cutler when I interviewed him in 2004, expecting to get a fairly “routine” routine. In preparation for that year’s Arnold Classic (which he won), he had indeed changed everything. The sport’s greatest advocate of volume training had dramatically reduced his workload and developed a pre-contest schedule that kept him up most of the night and napping thrice during the day. Before the year was over, he reverted back to something closer to his usual regime, but his ’04 adventure illustrated his willingness to experiment. He’s never adopted a rule he’s not willing to break.

10 Exercise Lessons Learned the Hard Way So You Don't Have To

Our team is always trying to think of ways to create helpful and inspiring content for a variety of different people. We like to think about the guy who’s never stepped foot in the gym, and provide basic, rudimentary material, while also speaking to our long-time reader who’s in the gym or working out three, four, or five+ days per week. A guaranteed no-fail: a lessons-learned piece. ( After recently coming off of a SLAP tear repair—a torn labrum in the shoulder—I’ve personally spent plenty of time pondering my 12+ years of heavy lifting, circuits, intervals, CrossFit, bodyboarding, and whatever else in between ). Here are the 10 lessons learned, so hopefully you won’t have to.

David Henry’s Mass-Gain Diet

I use lots of garlic in many of my dishes. I sprinkle it on everything, even my dog’s food. It gives a nice flavor, especially when you’re sodium restricted. Grilling is the easiest way to add flavor to your food and not add a whole bunch of extra fat. Taste is definitely important, but you also have to determine your priorities. Are you trying to gain lean mass? Or are you trying to get huge for the sake of getting huge to scare people because you’re a doughboy?

MTV Solves Mystery of the 'Hercules' Trailer

The enduring mystery that has captured the imagination of all fans of The Rock , the legend of Hercules and badass action movies has been solved. In this in-depth analysis from MTV, several different scenarios of what exactly it is that The Rock says at the end of the trailer for Hercules have been revealed.

Time to Man Up

Some supplements provide temporary benefits to help get you through your workouts. Others help you achieve long-term goals— and a third category can aid both. Testosterone boosters fit into this third category. The right T-boosters can help you power through workouts, increase muscle mass, and also help stave of the more noticeable—and unwanted—signs of aging: lower sex drive, greater body-fat accumulation, and reduced lean mass. If you’re at an age when you’re starting to worry about your T-levels, the supps at right can help.

Acid Trip

cine. Researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, reported recently that men who consumed whey protein after exercise, either by consuming the entire drink rapidly or consuming it spaced every 20 minutes over a 200-minute feeding period, had dramatically different results despite consuming the same amount. Muscle biopsies taken from the subjects found that muscle protein synthesis was elevated to a greater extent after rapidly consuming a large single dose of whey protein than after consuming it in smaller portions over a longer period. There were greater changes in anabolic signaling pathways for muscle hypertrophy (growth) after rapid rather than slow consumption.

The M&F His & Hers Workout

Though we’d all like to keep fit year-round, life sometimes dictates that we organize our physique goals by seasons. More often than not what this leads to are lapses in lean – stretches of time when you feel like it’s okay to be a little doughy. You want to get lean for summer , gain strength in the winter. If the calendar dictates your fitness goals, we’d urge you to look at the calendar today. You’ll notice that Valentine’s Day is only weeks away. Don’t panic. This isn’t a time to invest in baggy shirts and surrender to Cupid’s coming barrage of chocolatey confections. This, friends, is the season of romance – one that favors the well-built and hard-bodied. And we’ve got the program to get you there.

Weider Principle #20: Cheating

Of course, as anyone who used a crib sheet or wandering eye to ace a test knows, it’s a lie meant to discourage. Bad cheaters don’t prosper. Good cheaters do—if they know when and how to do it, and if they do it only occasionally. This month, we offer a crib sheet to exercise cheating. By loosening your form only to expand sets beyond strict-form failure, you can up the intensity of your workouts and increase their effectiveness. Most exercises shouldn’t be cheated, and most reps shouldn’t be cheated, but if you study our lesson plan you’ll learn how to use this valuable technique to cheat your way to bodybuilding prosperity.

Kai Greene: Back Workout

Unless Heath was privy to the numbers on the judges’ scorecards, he knew how close it was based only on crowd reaction—and when the place went ballistic every time Greene was called out, Heath had every reason to worry. The pose that got the biggest rise out of the crowd: Greene’s rear lat spread. Not only did he display freakishly huge lats that nearly went down to his hips, he also presented them in exquisite detail. Every few degrees he moved his arms, the landscape of his back musculature completely transformed; with his elbows drawn tight to his rib cage, it looked as if two giant seashells were buried under his skin, facing each other across his spine.

Top 5 Chests of the 1980's

1. BERTIL FOX: Fox is currently serving a life sentence in a Caribbean prison for double murder. However, in the ’80s he was one of the most popular IFBB pros, despite not winning  a pro show and topping out at fifth in the Olympia (1983). He had some lagging body parts (back, hamstrings), but what he had, he had in overwhelming abundance and this was especially true of his best feature: pecs. Their thickness was unparalleled then. Fox favored basic movements, high volume and a variety of reps, from as many as 15 to as few as 4.

Wheel Deal

Standing 6'1" with legs that are long even for a typical man of his height, Nunn has built himself one of the more impressive pairs of legs in the business. From hip to knee, they’re as close to a bodybuilding archetype as you’ll find — big and sweeping with deep separations, and full of feathery cross striations that pop to life when flexed. His hamstrings are nicely split with grainy detail running from glute to popliteal fossa (that hollow behind the knee).

The Welsh Dragon's Training Tips

I never wanted to be known for just my legs. Having a balanced physique has always been really important to me. As with anything else, you have to work at it. My legs, especially my calves, grow easily when compared with my chest or back. So there was a time when I barely trained legs at all, and I focused instead almost entirely on my upper body. Rarely training a body part over an extended period does two things. First, that area isn’t going to grow. Depending on how much you train it and with how much intensity, it may even shrink. Second, it allows you to mentally and physically focus more on the other areas. If you don’t have to go through a hard leg workout on Monday, you’re going to be able to give more to your chest workout on Tuesday.

Five Things We Wish Everyone Knew About Strength Training

#1: People who walk for exercise instead of lifting weights tend to lose a whopping 5 to 7 pounds of muscle in each decade of adulthood.

The Massive Back and Delts of "Big Ramy"

The Massive Back and Delts of "Big Ramy"

Phil Heath's 2013 Leg Training Photoshoot

Phil Heath's 2013 Leg Training Photoshoot

Strong Arm Tactics

Flex Lewis turned 30 on Nov. 15. People still talk about his calves. But they’re no longer all people talk about. Because he so often flexes his arms in photos for fans, they now garner much of the attention. If observers remember him when he first burst onto the bodybuilding scene nine years ago in the March 2005 pages of FLEX, they surely wonder how the Welsh Dragon could’ve transformed his weakness into a strength and what he does to maintain arm superiority.

18 Easy Paleo Diet Recipes

With its attention to lean proteins and fresh produce, you don’t have to be on the full Paleo plan to reap the diet's rewards. Time to get cooking.

31 EliteFTS - Superior Products and Knowledge for Lifters, Athletes, Coaches, and Trainers

I wrote this for the elitefts team last summer and thought I would share with the readers. This ended up being am eighty four page file. I will post in sections. Part One - Broken Part Two - Reject Part Three - Flunked Out Part Four - Back to School Part Five - Columbus, Ohio Part Six - The Lean Years THE BOOTSTRAPPING YEARS Now we are into the meat of the company story. You can see where the foundation was built � I just needed to find a way to build the rest of the house. To try to avoid this from becoming a 20-part series, I will skip through some of these stages pretty quickly. The first years after I went full-time with Elitefts, I made nothing. And when I did, I put it toward more education. I became very efficient at �bootstrapping� and figuring out how to get the most out of everything I had and how to workout fair trades to get work done. I do not want to go into some of these exact items as this will be read by people I am sure will one day leave the company and I will have to compete against. I have learned over 15 years of business this does happen and will happen again.

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Deadlift Program from Zane Getting - Start working towards a new PR today!

5 Sex Myths She Believes

“No matter what time of the month it is, getting pregnant is always a possibility if you’re having unprotected sex ,” says Emily Morse, dating expert and host of the Sex with Emily radio show. The risk might be smaller during this time, but it’s still there. Sperm can stay alive for almost a week after it enters her body making it possible for her to get pregnant after her cycle is over. Don’t be foolish—wrap it up.