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The 6 Best Solo Training Techniques! -

Think you can't maximize intensity when working out alone? You're wrong. Add these 6 methods to your training arsenal to see optimal results!

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thursday, March 5, 2015 - You might feel lost as you try to bridge the gulf between your professional obligations and your philosophical approach. Today's analytical Virgo Full Moon illuminates your 10th House of Career, temporarily demanding that you set aside your personal feelings while you attend to business. Nevertheless, it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Consciously acknowledging your inner process supplies the necessary key that helps you navigate through the outer turmoil. Peace begins at home.

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Top Moves for Monster Quads

Perform leg extensions as you normally would, but as you near the top of your concentric contraction, turn your feet outward. Squeeze hard at the peak of the contraction. EMG studies have shown that this turning outward of the feet can stimulate greater electrical activity in the vastus medialis than normal extensions, which in turn may lead to greater growth in that region of the muscle. I feel this exercise is especially effective done one leg at a time.

The Best and Worst Foods a Man Can Eat

BAGELS There are two sides to every bagel, and each of them represents one portion. Keep that in mind, and it's OK to indulge your carb cravings. Unless you work out in the morning. In that case, eat both halves to refill depleted energy stores. Rating: B

10 Rapid-Fire Fat-Burning Workouts

Summer is right around the corner, and it's the perfect time to get in gear. To get started we've curated ten fat-burning workouts from some of the best built bodies in the fitness industry. 

5-Minute Workout: Log Clean and Press

The move will build total-body strength and a pair of sleeve-busting shoulders. Best of all: This workout takes less than five minutes.

The Extreme Fat-Loss Circuit

If your goal includes six-pack abs, then your workouts are going to have to become metabolic at some point. This means complex moves performed for high reps. Bianca Sultana, NCSF-CPT gave us a perfect example of a workout that would meet all those requirements.

15 Minutes to Bigger Pecs

You've got a dilemma: you wouldn't dream of missing that coveted chest routine this week, but you just don't have time to fit it in. If you're as pec-obsessed as most guys, this has catastrophe written all over it—or so you think. No worries. If you've got 15 minutes and a cable station at your disposal, you'll be walking in and out of the gym in no time with a pair of pumped up pecs .

5 Ways To Squat Without A Barbell

Breaking news from Team Obvious: The squat is cool. Yeah, that’s right: The squat is cool. And we’d bring you live team coverage on that story if we could. The myriad body-changing benefits offered by the squat would be enough to fill a teleprompter, but to touch on the main points, this compound lift helps add mass to your entire body (not just your legs), creates a huge surge in natural growth hormone and holds tremendous athletic carry-over. But you don’t have to step under a plate-loaded barbell to squat. Each of these variations, which all deviate slightly from the traditional squat, holds unique benefits of its own. 1. Bodyweight Squat If you want to gain strength and size, then doing progressively heavier squats is the way to go. But bodyweight squats are a fantastic tool that can help you notch higher rep counts to enhance muscle quality and burn more calories during your workout. Sans barbell, you are also able to identify and gradually correct form problems that may be plaguing your weighted squats. Bodyweight squats also can be used as a brutal leg finisher.

The 20 Best Forearm Exercises of All Time

Training your forearms serve two main purposes: increasing strength in other exercises (such as the deadlift) and making your upper body more symmetrical. Failing to train forearms results in less  grip strength and for some people, simply put, skinny-looking arms. Target this highly important body part with these 20 forearm exercises. 

The 9 Best Plyometrics Exercises for Muscle

A plyometric movement is quick, powerful move that starts with an eccentric (muscle lengthening) action and is immediately followed by a concentric (muscle shortening) action. Performing plyometrics movements increases muscular power, which translates to higher jumps and faster sprint times. Combining the moves with resistance training is a way to maximize power and performance, but as a general rule, if you lift legs heavy one day, then skip the lower-body plyometrics training and vice versa for upper-body lifting and plyometrics. Increase your power, strength, and personal records in the gym with these nine heart-pumping plyometric moves.

Lee Labrada Presents: Posing Like a Pro, Episode 3

Legendary bodybuilder Lee Labrada walks you through the fine art of posing, including tips only a master can provide. In this episode, Lee explains the "Compulsory" round, and goes over how to properly execute the "front double-biceps", "front lat spread", and "abdominal and thigh" poses.

Giant Sets For Big Wheels

Done intensely enough, giant sets will even provide cardiovascular benefits. They also cause a spike in production of growth hormone and IGF-1., and  they increase metabolic stress because of the continuous sequence. Because the muscle is hit so hard and at so many different angles, exercise-induced muscle damage results, a key element in becoming large and in charge.

4 Treadmill Workouts You’ve Never Tried

Get on it: Set the treadmill to a 2.0 incline; run 30 seconds as fast as you possibly can; walk for 30 seconds. More advanced runners can crank it up to one or two-minute intervals, with a one-minute recovery in between sets. Not sure what your sprint pace should be? Start on the slow side, then up the pace a few notches each interval. You should be running so fast that maintaining that speed for longer than your chosen interval time feels impossible.

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Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

5 Ways You're Wasting Your Workouts

Working out three or more days a week is a big time commitment. Don’t you want to make sure you’re getting the best results for your effort? See faster gains by eliminating these self-sabotaging habits.

8 Boredom-Busting Smoothie Recipes

Strawberries and frozen banana—again? Power out of a smoothie slump by blending new ingredients, like hemp seeds, winter squash, and dried figs, into a health-boosting beverage your taste buds will love.

Slow-Roast Tender Chinese Spareribs

Cantonese ribs derive their unique flavor from hoisin sauce, honey, ginger, and garlic. Hom’s overnight marinade sends five-spice flavor to the bones. Yes, the two-hour roast is probably longer than the delivery guy would take, but the recipe is simple. You’ll spend a few minutes making the marinade, and for the rest of the time you can pretty much sit on the couch. That makes this recipe a winner for friends. You can catch the first half of the game while the ribs cook. Crack a beer. Enjoy the party. Then eat well.

Killer Legs

For many of your sets inside the rack, you’ll begin and end each rep from the bottom position. Technically, that’s known as a “reverse squat,” but let’s call it what it is: insane. During a standard squat — regardless of weight — your body builds up energy during the negative (downward) portion of the rep. As you descend into the squat, the elastic recoil builds energy, helping you explode out of the hole. Don’t believe us? Try stopping for a full second at the bottom and see how much energy you lose. With this workout, you’re going to force your quads to get you out of the hole without the benefit of that built-up energy. And that’s going to cause your legs to swell.

Curt Schilling on vile tweets to daughter: 'This wasn't a mistake. This is a crime.'

@SWesleyMcgranor Pornographic comments towards a minor are, indeed, "threats" since there is an implied position of power that comes with age. Aside from that, the answer is yes. The semi-anonymity of typing something in a twitter feed should not absolve individuals from being held accountable when they make obvious, overt, aggressive sexual or physically threatening comments to someone. We need to start holding people accountable when they make these comments. Would it be ok if that person came up to her on the street and made the comment? No. Then how is this any different? We have a whole generation out there who think it is acceptable to use this media to harass, harangue, or openly threaten and degrade others. If we don't stop it, things can only get worse. As the article stated, he gave them all the option to apologize and hopefully learn from this mistake. Only two did. His behavior was above board all the way. He did not return their comments with threats of his own. He sought them out and demanded that they own up to the threats made against his daughter. I don't see anything wrong with this, and I hope it circulates as a warning to others out there who think it is a good thing to hit the send instead of delete.

Visualize for More Muscle Size

Don’t get me wrong, all of those things are essential to optimizing your time in the gym. However, if you truly wish to realize your “intensity potential,” then its time you start using visualization. This is a tried and true technique that is utilized by many top professional athletes and Olympians to bring about their best performance on game day. You too can use it to help manifest your best performance in the gym. It is easy to do, and only takes a few minutes.

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition for Runners

An effective training schedule isn’t made up of runs alone ; to improve both your fitness and your race times, it’s essential to put thought into what you’re putting into your stomach. By eating the right foods at the right times, “your body will recover and be able to perform the way you want it to,” says Lauren Antonucci, R.D., a board-certified specialist in sports nutrition and director of Nutrition Energy . “Plus, you’ll reduce your chance of injury and illness,” she adds. Here’s how to fuel up pre- and post-run to maximize results .

The Scary Truth About Chicken

Then Carole began questioning Perdue's methods. She especially didn't like the litter their birds were being raised on top of—a stew of sawdust, shavings, spilled feed, feathers, crap, urine, and dead birds. In mass-market chicken production, the birds live crammed wall-to-wall on that toxic potage. In winter, with the windows shut, she says, "you couldn't see from one end of the chicken house to the other. It was a cloud of dust, feathers, and feces." And it reeked of ammonia. When Perdue asked the Morisons to seal off the windows in their chicken houses, the Morisons refused because they didn't think it would be good for the chickens. So Perdue terminated their contract. For years, the houses sat empty.

The Top 10 Meat Proteins

Chicken breasts are the classic lean muscle building protein. Don’t get stuck in the monotony of eating bland baked chicken breasts day in and day out. You can shred cooked chicken breast with two forks and toss it in a vinegar-based/East Carolina style BBQ sauce for a brand new flavor without extra calories. Another option is tossing a couple chicken breasts in a Ziploc bag with balsamic vinegar and fresh rosemary the night before you are going to cook it for an easy and essentially calorie free marinade.


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Train hard and heavy one day, then use pump work the next day. The plan: … #WorkoutWednesday

The Butt Bible Pak

I have been steadily doing Pauline's fighter diet workouts daily  for about 1 year. Often times I have noticed with drastic weight loss like experienced, skin is not tight and toned. I always worried about that. Thanks to fighter diet workouts, the weight has been kept off and my body continues to shape up and really define. No sagging skin or evidence of weight loss. Thank you so much for your no nonsense approach to fitness, the basics Pauline teaches truly do work! Thankful to Pauline and fighter diet for pointing me in the right Direction and giving me the tools to build a body I only ever dreamed of! I have been using Pauline's butt bible pack,  as lower body has been my toughest area to tone up after losing weight! Fighter diet has been the answer! Not only did my legs tone up but

Fly on the Floor for Massive Pecs

Integrate this pec pounding move into your chest workout to take your development to a new level.

The ABC's of BCAA's

Before creatine, arginine and whey protein ranked supreme as popular bodybuilding supplements, the branched-chain amino acids were the hot ticket for bodybuilders. Today, BCAAs are back on the must-have list of supplements because bodybuilders have found that they work well to enhance muscle growth, strength, energy and even fat loss. If you’re not using them, here’s your guide to why you should.

Spike TV Rebrands, Inks Deal With Dwayne Johnson

Spike TV used its upfront presentation platform on Tuesday to unveil a new logo and tagline, and announce an overall deal with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson , among other news.

Fit Food: The Benefits of Avocado

Want to up your intake of healthy fats? These quick avocado recipes will give you a major health boost.

The No-Nonsense Paleo Diet Meal Plan

Ultimately, to get the full affect of the Paleo diet, you need to pair it with a rigorous workout routine. Most hardcore proponents of the diet suggest that training should not be the sole focus, instead, getting your body moving in natural ways in outside environments. This helps to stimulate the real world strains and stresses that our ancient ancestors went through to survive and stay healthy. The reality though is that it’s not a sustainable or achievable workout regime for most people. Completing CrossFit-type workouts that are focused on generic routines that use bodyweight and Olympic lifting are able to closely mimic the types of full body workouts that say, “taking down a mastodon.” Typical gym workouts of parking yourself on the treadmill for an hour or busting out some bench presses and leg presses are not encouraged. “In general though, simply creating an exercise plan that combines heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise with strength training for 30-60 minutes most days of the week, is all you need to see results,” says Jones Armul.

Get the Best Results for Your Body Type

A recent study in Sweden found a correlation between obesity and a person’s ability to make amylase (AMY1), an enzyme that helps break down starch (carbohydrates) in your mouth. The results showed those who have more AMY1 (the gene that correlates with the amount of amylase you have) had lower Body Mass Indexes (BMI) across the board, lending credence to the “carb intolerance” theory of weight gain.

7 Tips for Burning Fat and Building Muscle

Go outside and take a walk. Do some pushups , do some lunges – just get moving. And it you think you need hours and hours each day, you’re wrong. 10-15 minutes of moving, stretching, doing bodyweight exercises will add up very quickly in a week. Start slow and do 3 times a week and as you progress, do 4 or 5 times a week if you want. Now do this each week over the course of a month, 3 months and a year. Be consistent.

6 Steps to Maximize Your Fat Loss Intervals

Cardio is the cornerstone to any good weight-loss plan—especially intervals, where you alternate going as fast as possible with brief periods of recovery. To help you make those sprints as effective as possible, we asked Phil Campbell, an interval-training expert and author of Ready, Set, Go! Fitness for his best fat-burning tips.

Narcissism: Guys Worse Than Women

Researchers combed through 31 years worth of data on almost half a million participants and found that in general, men are more narcissistic than their female counterparts—no matter what their age. But that’s not all. Amongst the traits of narcissists that the study investigated (leadership/authority, grandiose/exhibitionism, and entitlement), the widest gender gap is in the latter (“I deserve that new watch”). The second biggest difference was in authority—guys are more likely to crave power and be assertive, say researchers. It’s suspected that cultural stereotypes play a role (women may feel pressure to act without aggression, whereas guys are expected to be a bit more authoritative in society.)

If You're "More Than Muscle" You Could Win a 3-Month Supply of Isopure

If You're "More Than Muscle" You Could Win a 3-Month Supply of Isopure

WWE Superstar is King of Kings

I do. And I never understood that about it being fake. When you see a guy who does something physically that 99% of the rest of the world sees and goes, “Oh my God that’s amazing!”, and you say “well, they’re not really athletes” … Oh really? To me the International Sports Hall of Fame is more than about being good at your sport or your profession but it’s about giving back. I think that WWE superstars are finally now getting their due for all the things we do for Make-A-Wish and Susan G. Komen, the military, anti-bullying, and all the other things we do. We’re candidates for the Hall for being more than just athletes. I think what the Hall of Fame is about, as far as the people I see going in there, is athletes great at their chosen sport but also people that did more with it than just reap the rewards.

Mike Symkoviak Trains 1 Week Before the Arnold Amateur

Mike Symkoviak trains just one week before the Arnold Amateur in Columbus, OH.

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The Importance of Rest Periods

Although this may sound insane, hitting the gym is a lot more like visiting a comedy club than you might think. You need a good warm-up in both settings, there are plenty of fools to make fun of, and everyone you see is downing a drink of some type. But an even more important connection exists as well: "Like good comedy, when it comes to working out, timing is everything," says Joe Stankowski, C.P.T., a trainer in Wilmington, Del. "In other words, the amount of time you rest between sets can have a major impact on how the exercise you're doing affects your body." Rest too long and your workouts lose intensity; rest too little and you burn out too quickly. Luckily, we have expert advice on how to tailor your rest periods to any fitness goal.

7 Easy Ways to Never Miss a Workout

The hardest part of working out? Getting your ass to the gym. Make sure you never miss a workout with these easy hacks.

3 Key Tips for Building a Model Physique

model's bread and butter, but building them up for a single shoot isn't enough -- they must be maintained. If you're serious about rocking a super fit look, your washboard should be visible at all times. Having the right diet is a neccessity, luckily, the

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Becoming The Protege - Ronnie Coleman Athlete Cory Mathews Road to the Arnold

Subscribe for my weekly videos! Buy Now: My Boy IFBB Pro Cory Mathews​ has been busting his ass for the past couple months in preparation for this weeks Arnold Classic and I've been along for the ride from the very beginning with him. It been a pleasure watching him grow and we are excited to see the final package this Friday in Columbus, OH!! #TeamRCSS #RCSS #ASF15 #Protege #Motivation #BodyBuilding Follow me: Get all of my products here Check out the rest of my videos - Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed -

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Elitefts Gym Video of the Day - IFBB Pro Ken Jackson pressing 175 pound Dumbbells

Guys’ Guide to Surviving Winter: 10 Ways To Salvage Your Mind And Muscle

This guide is for the tried-and-true winter sufferers trying to maintain their physique, beat the blues and ward off the flu. Hopefully these tips will save your mind and muscle so you can tear into spring with a smile on your face and a six-pack under your shirt. 

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60 Seconds With Flex | 3 Motion Seated Raises

IFBB Pro Flex Lewis presents 60 Seconds with Flex. Today's tip is a 3 Motion Seated Raises with IFBB Physique Pro Mark Anthony. Use 3-4 sets with 20 reps for each motion. Use light weight and concentrate on your form. For a new tip every Thursday, visit ©2015 Flextraordinary Productions, Inc.

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