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Advanced Isolation Workouts for Muscle Definition and Detail

the same exercises day-in and day-out you've done an outstanding job at holding your body back from it's potential for next-level definition and hardness.

HIRP: WPO Edition!


Dallas McCarver's Finals Posing Routine | Arnold Classic 2017

Dallas McCarver's Finals Posing Routine | Arnold Classic 2017

Men's Open Finals Wrap-Up Video | Arnold Classic 2017

Muscular Development's Peter McGough, Ron Harris & Shawn Ray wrap-up the final men's open results from the 2017 Arnold Classic. 

Amateur Overall Figure Winner Interview | Arnold Amateur 2017

MD Latino's Kit Sanderson talks with Amateur Overall Figure Winner Mu Cong just moments after the conclusion of the 2017 Arnold Amateur.

Kai Greene's Opinion On the Arnold Competition | Arnold Classic 2017

 Muscular Development's Ron Harris catches up with 3x Arnold winner Kai Greene and gets his opinion on the outcome of the 2017 Arnold Classic and Cedric's epic award speech.

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What Are Good Carbs?

Guess which of these are better sources of essential vitamins, minerals , and fiber? Cookies, cakes, and chips? Not so much. Whole-grain foods, fruits, and vegetables deliver a powerful one-two punch of nutrition and slow-digesting fiber. Together, they help keep your energy high and your appetite in check for hours. These "good" carbs are called "complex carbs."

2017 Arnold Classic Routine: Lionel Beyeke

2017 Arnold Classic Routine: Lionel Beyeke

Tip: Is Your Phone Wrecking Your Workout? | T Nation

Other studies have found that we don't perceive time the same way when we're lost in our gadgets. That's fine if you're in the waiting room of the dentist's office, but not so good if you're between sets at the gym. You think you're on your phone for 30 seconds, but it may be more like a minute or two. You may not notice this, but the three people waiting on the machine or bench certainly do... and they hate you.

Search for the Golden Shaker

We’re putting 10 golden shakers in random U.S. orders of $49 or more. Each one is worth $1,000 in-store credit! You could also get one of 6,000 limited-edition shakers. Start shopping for your chance to win!

2017 Fitness International Routine: Whitney Jones

2017 Fitness International Routine: Whitney Jones

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Workout 4 of 5. Build yourself a set of super strong shoulders w/ @humanfitproject . Get the full PRE-CUT plan:

Tip: Try the Kettlebell Kickback | T Nation

Because of their unique leverage and loading mechanics, kettlebells place a huge amount of strain on the triceps, particularly on the lateral and medial heads. Although they won't give you as much continuous tension as the cable variations, the amount of activation in the contracted position is so great that it more than makes up for the momentary relaxation in the stretched position.

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Watch Cedric McMillan's epic award speech with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 2017 Arnold Classic:  #asf2017

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6 Hours Left To Save 20%. Use ARNOLD20 for 20% off Apparel, Supplements and eBooks. Expires at Midnight PST

Leaning Lateral Raises to Build Bigger Shoulders

For most people, the conventional lateral raise doesn’t provide enough stimulation, because you don’t experience much tension on the delt until your arm is halfway up. The leaning lateral changes the angle so that your delts work even in the bottom position, making the lift more challenging and more effective when you’re looking to sculpt rounder shoulders .

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12 Signs You're Overtraining

You take your workouts seriously. But, have you ever found yourself placing unreasonable demands on your body to the point of overtraining? Rest assured, if your commitment to gym time is in the neighborhood of about five hours per week, chances are you aren’t at risk of overtraining. However, if it’s greater than five hours per week and training is becoming a borderline addiction even at the expense of possibly doing harm, it’s probably time to reassess your goals. If you’re in this position, ideally you’ll have the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer who can quickly help you get your training back on track. Regardless, it’s crucial that you listen to your body and know the signs of overtraining. We’ve compiled a list of 12 common symptoms of overtraining.

13 Shawn Ray

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Broke Man's Guide to Muscle-Building Groceries

Do you truly use all the food you buy? You probably don't. Before stepping out of the house to buy more food, take an inventory of what you already have. Condiments, spices, frozen and canned food items should be on at that inventory list; this can easily slash your weekly food bill. Next on the list should be leftovers. Last night’s dinner can be today’s lunch, freeze it and it could be next week's lunch too. If you’re one to toss food after a meal, then you are that average American who’s a national statistic. That stat: 28 to 43 dollars of about 20 pounds of food a month gets tossed. So lesson learned here, learn to love your leftovers.

How to build muscle and strength without lifting weights

For example, do the body weight squats at a good strong pace, setting your legs up to be explosive for the squat jumps. Fatigue should set in during these jumps, which is, of course, great for muscle building as you move forward with the workout. “Then finally, the iso hold is like the icing on the cake,” Nguyen says. “Because the muscle has nothing left already and I’m still asking it for more. So ultimately, it breaks more muscle cross fibers so that you get growth, and that’s the bulk part of it.”

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Elitefts - The 21 Deadlift Salute rounded off XPC Events... | Facebook

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19 Hidetada Yamagishi IFBB Pro

Hidetada Yamagishi IFBB Pro

The Flexible Dieting Solution

There are a lot of myths surrounding flexible dieting, Layne and Steve break down what the truths are!

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Dog/Service Animal Lovers Pls RT! Hey @Uber this kind soul rejected service to my fam today b/c of our service animal. Against the law?

The best hotel gyms in the U.S. for a phenomenal workout: 2017 edition

It’s rare for a sports club to add guest rooms—it’s a huge financial gamble—but Los Angeles Athletic Club (aka LAAC) in downtown LA has parlayed it into a unique business model. This century-old members-only club (members have included Charlie Chaplin, surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku, and General George Patton) now boasts a 72-room boutique hotel, 80,000 sq. feet of circuit-training gym, cycling studio, indoor lap pool, aerobics room, basketball court and squash court, with a robust fitness schedule that includes everything from yoga and Pilates to kickboxing (with bags) and water aerobics. It’s also well known for organized group classes, like water polo and basketball, and more than 100 Olympic medalists and professional athletes have trained here, from Mitch Gaylord to Arnold Schwarzenegger. When you’re done with your workout, hit up Fresh8, which serves up protein bites and green juices. While it’s a private club for members ($650 initiation fee/starting at $116/month), hotels guests can use the facility for free.

Leg Training Tip From The Rock

"This is a motherf*cker, but challenge and push yourself... One triple drop for your final set. Remove one plate every 25 reps. 75 reps total. Continue on w/ the rest of your leg training - squats (or hacks), lunges, curls and extensions.

100-Rep Sets

Alternately, you can work 100s into your usual routine as a shock treatment. Do an occasional century set session for a lagging body part, or rotate such workouts so that all body parts get the treatment from time to time. Not only can this jump-start new growth, but it can also recharge your training in general, especially when you have nagging injuries. Don’t have time for your usual workout, or your joints are still reeling from your last one? Do one set per exercise for 100 reps. Such a routine will be faster and also allow you to train around injuries. You may look a little crazy and a lot weaker doing marathon sets. But, if used only occasionally, 100s is a smart way to foster heavyweight gains.

4-Day Workout for Gains in Weak Areas

A basic training program has been prescribed for every body part. To emphasize some muscles over others, simply plug in the appropriate exercises that focus on the lacking area from the lists provided. The areas we’re offering targeted training for are the upper chest, lower lats, side delts, biceps, and calves—common weak points on guys that, when corrected, really make for a complete physique. Customize the workouts as you like, and get the body you want at last.

10 at-home teeth whitening products for a brighter smile

AuraGlow's  one-size-fits-all mouth tray takes care of the inconvenience of boiling and molding trays to your mouth, and lets you whiten both your top and bottom teeth at the same time. Its powerful teeth whitening light—comprised of five LED bulbs—accelerates the whitening gel process to break down stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, and smoking faster and more efficiently. The light tray even has a 10-minute timer, so you can easily keep track of your whitening session time. The Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System also comes with two whitening gel syringes (containing 35 percent carbamide peroxide) for a total of 20+ whitening treatments.

27 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

You've got one chance every week to really load up on calories, so don't be shy. Once a week, your path to bulking up should lead you to all kinds of tasty items you don't even dare glance at the rest of the week.

How to Know if Your Gym Sucks?

I don't think I've ever been to a gym with owners that fix things as soon as they are broken. You have to go to a really high end gym to expect that. As far as your specific issue, it's because it's a fucking speed bag that nobody but you and a few of your friends gives a shit about. This is the main reason stuff doesn't get fixed quickly. If enough people complain and the owner feels as though memberships are in jeopardy, he'll fix it. You've stayed at the gym, and haven't threatened to leave, right? And nobody else has left over the bag issue? That's why it hasn't been fixed. No incentive for the owner to get it done.

16 ways to feel more confident

"Whether you’re looking to make a career change, face a big challenge, embark on a new relationship, or tackle a new project, trust yourself to take one step," Errey advises. "That’s it. Then, when you’ve taken that step, trust yourself to take the next. You don’t know what's going to happen ahead of time, so trust your ability to engage with the process rather than the outcome." This is a great solution if you're the type to back away from making decisions when it feels like everything hinges on them, or if you're terrified of change. Instead of taking the plunge, change one or two things for a week, and see what happens. These small experiments can help you make an entire transformation.

17 Ways to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal in 2017

It’s the unsung hero of losing weight . “People really, really underestimate the value of sleep when it comes to the weight loss process,” Trink says. When you skimp on sleep, you miss out on many hormonal and metabolic processes that aid in weight loss—plus you’re more likely to make bad nutritional choices when you’re tired. Here’s why: “When your leptin [hormone] levels drop from lack of sleep, it signals the brain to eat more,” Scott explains. Too few zzz’s also cause a spike in cortisol levels, which tell your body to save energy while you are awake, making you more likely to hang onto fat. “Carve out 7 to 9 hours a night to get restorative sleep if you truly want to be lean,” he suggests.

Instagram post by Flex Lewis™ • Mar 6, 2017 at 5:29am UTC

5 Moves for Bigger, Stronger Calves

Machine training is great for calf work because it allows you to isolate the muscle and train it as hard and heavy as you want, but what about adding a little athleticism to the mix? If you’re bored with banging out set after set of machine raises, there are myriad other ways to give your calves their due, most of which offer exponentially more benefit than standard gym exercises in terms of improving your overall athletic ability and mobility while adding all the mass and definition you want. Read on to see the moves.

Does freezing or cooking protein powder ruin it?

There's a lot of talk about extreme temperatures denaturing your protein powder, lowering the amount of amino acids your muscles can use to build mass. Here's the truth.

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"Cardio should be like a girl’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep things interesting." - @BioLayne

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@BioLayne would this be okay to take with creatine? I have it and it was free so I'd use it if so

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Biolayne | The official website of Dr. Layne Norton

Sohee and Layne have been gone a while but they are back and ready to be better than ever. Learn what they've both been up to and Layne makes a huge announcement.

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Is testosterone-replacement therapy good or bad? One man suffering from low levels searches for answers:

Tip: The Kneeling Overhead Press | T Nation

This overhead press variation forces you to have perfect form. It will immediately expose lack of t-spine extension or exaggerated extension through the lumbar region by making you lose your balance. Overhead presses are difficult enough as is, but throw in a kneeling component and you just raised the difficulty bar several notches.

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Boost Strength and Mass with the 5X5 System

We blended bodybuilding with high-intensity interval training to deliver a bigger, leaner body in 21 days. Download the Xtend Perform 21-Day Challenge app for the workout and supp plan. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Week 2 / Day 2 - Bench Opener

Final bench session before the #xpcfinals. My opener of 615. It's not nearly as fast as I want it to be, but I think a week of rest will likely help. #obb #orlandobarbell #elitefts #eliteftsresilient #nubreednutrition #iamnubreed #teamelitefts #teamnubreed #teamskullsmash #skullsmashathlete #skullsmashammonia #persist #powerlifting #bench #beard

Layne Norton, PhD on Twitter

My 5th weekly update with @AVAnutritionllc for lean muscle gain setting I talk about why I put my program on vacation mode.

Rob's 2017 Contest Prep Thread

Just like a properly executed cut where the goal is to keep all LBM and drop only fat, I think a mass phase should be the same, to add only muscle with as little fat as possible. Which, like a cut, takes discipline. I consider my off season to be a "loose prep." Prepping on 1800 cals has really taught me to love eating 2,500 a day (my typical maintenance) split up between 6 meals. The key for me is to make sure I LOVE my meals and never feel the need to cheat. I eat roughly similar meals each day. If I want a bagel with breakfast, I have egg whites with it. If I want eggs and bacon, I'll have toast with it. Maybe protein pancakes the next day. If I want sushi for dinner, I won't have carbs with lunch. If Thanksgiving is coming, I'll eat lightly during the day, smash legs and pig out and not worry about it. I eat Finibars, complete cookies and halo top all the time. Sandwiches, etc., so I don't feel the need to eat excess and I really love the foods I eat, so it's easy for me to maintain being lean. If the occasion arises to eat cake, I'll eat it and not worry about it. I almost never drink in the off season, not because I'm against it or anything, I'd just rather eat my calories.

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The Cod Father on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The Ultimate Ceviche Recipe

It’s a snack. It’s a meal. And it goes great with chips. There are few options that are both as healthy and flavorful as ceviche. This simple recipe  loads up on the protein and allows you to cook this in about 20 minutes. The hard part: Waiting for it to marinate in the fridge without digging in prematurely.

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