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The 5 Essential Landmine Exercises

There may be no better tool than the landmine to give every lifter access to high-quality strength training. Get to know it through these moves, and prepare to be converted!

The strongest, longest, most powerful home runs of the millennium

These players hit it out of the park. Sometimes literally.

13 Players who Absolutely Crushed their 2017 NFL Combine Workouts

Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, John Ross, and more athletically gifted prospects put on a show of pure natural talent for scouts.

2017 Arnold Classic In Review | Shawn Ray Unleashed Ep. 20

Back in sunny California, Shawn Ray takes a look back at the Arnold Classic weekend and hits the highlights of who won and who missed the mark. He gives his unleashed opinion on the backstage RX controversy , then wraps it up with a look ahead at this contest season.

Increase Muscle Size & Strength with Cluster Sets

The ability of cluster sets to increase training volume has clearly been demonstrated in many studies. One of these studies by Iglesias-Soler et al. 4 had subjects perform two sessions of squats with a weight they could do for four successive repetitions. In the first session, the subjects performed a traditional set with three total sets and three minutes of rest between sets. In the second session, they performed a cluster set with same weight, but rested 45 seconds between each mini-set. The results showed that the cluster set training increased the total number of repetitions considerably, relative to traditional training. In addition, cluster set training also resulted in the weights being lifted with much more velocity, indicating much better mechanical performance, or power output, during the lift.  

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9 Fake Health Foods | T Nation

It's ironic: A product that's sold as a health food can be so damn fake and unhealthy. From poor support of protein synthesis to gas and diarrhea, I'm just not seeing what's so healthy, especially for three dollars a bar. Better I think to retrain one's palate to not desire chocolate bars so desperately. Why not instead remember how delicious real foods are? A lot of my heroes growing up became amazing bodybuilders on staples like potatoes, brown rice, chicken and broccoli. They weren't so weak as to seek excuses to eat daily desserts.

Tip: Rest This Long Between Sets | T Nation

As far as the workouts being longer, you could ameliorate the problem by using the 2-minute rest periods to work ancillary muscle groups that might normally be worked later on, or near the end of a training session. For instance, you could do sets of biceps curls, calf raises, or ab work while recovering from sets of squats, bench presses, or deadlifts.

Tip: Fasting Diets & Belly Fat Rebound | T Nation

Do popular fasting diets set you up for future gains in abdominal fat? Science is giving us clues. Check this out.

4 Strategies To Boost Your Metabolism!

Long-term dieting can adversely impact your metabolism, because it causes your body to begin conserving energy, which then depresses your metabolism. It's been shown that long-term dieting negatively effects your total daily energy expenditure by reducing the number of calories you burn per day.[6] For every week you diet, aim to spend at least as many weeks off your diet. This will help provide adequate time for your metabolism to be restored to pre-diet levels and allow ample time to increase muscle mass. Ideally, the longer you can spend away from a calorie deficit, the better the impact you'll have on muscle mass, and ultimately your metabolism.

The 11 Strongest Women of All Time

Accomplishments : Aneta Florczyk started her career in powerlifting at age 16. In addition to earning the title of Europe’s Strongest Woman in 2004, she was also named World's Champion and World's Strongest Woman in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008. She’s won the competition more than any other woman in history, according to Guinness World Records. In addition to this world record, Florczyk also holds a Guinness World Record in lifting up adult men overhead (that would be 12 men in two minutes).

7 Official Muscular Development Magazine

Official Muscular Development Magazine

8 Shawn Ray

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The 30 best back exercises of all time

Start by holding the bar against your body with your hands at shoulder-width on the bar. Keeping your back in its natural curve, bend your hips and knees (as you would in a squat), lowering the bar to just above your knees. Explosively extend your hips as if jumping, while at the same time shrugging your shoulders and pulling the bar straight up in front of your torso. As the bar reaches chest level, bend your elbows and flip your wrists to catch the bar at shoulder level.

5 Rules for Building Bigger Triceps

The man who wants  bigger triceps  cannot live on pressdowns alone. Too often, we see guys in the gym—and maybe you're one of them—working his triceps to death at the cable pressdown station. Ten sets, 15 sets... whatever it takes to get them sore. But what the pressdown-happy masses don't seem to realize is that this exercise emphasizes the lateral (outer) head of the triceps. So if that's all you do, the other two heads of your tri's are going to be underdeveloped and you'll never get the kind of growth you're hoping for.

The Truth About Your Post-Workout Carbfest

New language: Assuming you do just one hardcore workout a day, you can replace the carbs you burned up exercising by consuming 0.25-0.50 grams of carbs per pound of body weight after your workout.[6] But if you do more than one workout per day, consume the carbs within about an hour of the end of your workout. That way, your body will have a chance to digest them before you exercise again that day. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you'll need 38-75 grams. On the low end, that's about a large banana. On the high end, a banana and a couple of handfuls of pretzels or a scoop of carb powder in your protein shake . If you're at 200 pounds, you're looking at more like 50-100 grams. If your daily workout is on the lighter side, you need far less.

Six Moves for a Shredded Six-Pack

Ah the six-pack. The goal of most every fitness enthusiast.  A tight, lean, shredded stomach  not only looks great, but also feels great and builds more confidence. Let's face it, a chiseled midsection is something we all strive to strut. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to build this work of art. For those that do however, the rewards are well worth the struggle.

Today's Workout

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2017 Arnold Classic: The Expo

Around the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival Expo


If branched-chain amino acids were a boy band, then leucine would be Justin Timberlake, and valine and isoleucine would be... those other guys. Leucine has received so much hype over the last few years that many people opt to take straight leucine supplements over the complete complex of BCAAs. That could be a mistake, says recent research. While leucine is a main instigator of post-workout protein synthesis, a study out of Oita University in Japan shows that isoleucine contributes to the burning of body fat. Subjects in the experiment were fed a high-fat diet. After isoleucine was added to the food, weight gain and fat-tissue growth was reduced and organs and muscle tissue showed signs of utilizing more stored fat. While leucine also helps you stay lean, through raising metabolic rate, the combination of all of the BCAAs seems to possess more fat-fighting horsepower when taken together than when consumed separately. A good dose of BCAAs for strength and physique athletes is 10 grams once or twice daily.

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It’s hard not to be captivated when looking at Amber Dawn Fokken. Her striking blue eyes and perfect physique are a powerful combination. But behind the beauty is a strong ambitious woman who has accomplished an incredible amount. Amber is a dedicated athlete and fitness model with multiple wins and also an intelligent businesswoman with a successful online training business. We love the “whole package” and the power that is captured in her photos.

19 Shawn Ray

Shawn Ray


Epigallocatechin gallate, better known as EGCG, is the potent antioxidant found in green tea that is often extracted and used in commercial fat-burner formulas. While EGCG has proven to be powerful in vitro, poor bioavailability in the human body hampers its health and physique-boosting potential. Australian researchers found one way to markedly improve uptake of the valuable nutrient: take it on an empty stomach. In the experiment, subjects who took EGCG capsules with water first thing in the morn-ing experienced blood levels of EGCG that were four times greater than those who took the capsules with a light breakfast or infused into a whey-containing smoothie. Other sources suggest that tak-ing EGCG with a cup of brewed green tea and a dose of fish oil will further enhance its efficacy

Lose weight like a celebrity: Trainer to the stars reveals how

Ben Bruno is the man behind some of the best bodies in Hollywood, including Kate Upton and Jessica Biel. He walks TODAY’s Al Roker and guest co-host Jaimie Alexander through a typical day’s diet for his clients. He says egg yolks are actually good for you: the egg white trend is a thing of the past!

The 10 Worst Things You’re Doing for Your Muscles

But sometimes our habits in and out of the gym unknowingly can sabotage our hard work—or at least make us less efficient in producing the results we’re striving so hard to achieve. Here are the 10 worst things you’re doing for your muscles and what you can do instead.

How to survive 5 awkward sex moments

Encountering the occasional embarrassing moment during sex is inevitable. Whether you're walked in on or have a little too much "drank in the tank," the result is instant mortification--for you and her. But don't worry: There's a way to survive every awkward sexual encounter. We took five more-common-than-you'd-imagine scenarios to sex educator Barbara Carrellas, author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century , who gave us rock-solid advice on how to fix slipups between the sheets. Sex tips Why you can't get a hard on 30 million men in the U.S. suffer from ED—don't be one of them.

5 Worst Things to Do to Build Bigger Shoulders

Although presses overhead most strongly activate the anterior (front) deltoid head, they are still the best exercises for manifesting overall muscle mass in the shoulders. I don’t know too many “delt-monsters” out there who do not include at least one form of pressing in every shoulder workout. However, like laterals, overhead pressing exercises are also performed incorrectly much of the time. In an effort to use more weight, many trainees use a very short range of motion, only bringing the bar about halfway down before pushing back to the top. Now while this might look cool, the only thing these people are accomplishing is working more triceps than delts. Another common error is leaning back (often again to be able to use bigger weights) during presses, which shifts much of the emphasis off the delts and onto the clavicular pecs. So, sit upright and always use a full range of motion!

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Nina Agdal Looks Sexy in Everything and Nothing

If you had the slightest thought of having a chance with 24-year-old supermodel Nina Agdal you can kiss that dream goodbye. Leonardo DiCaprio has chosen the absolute stunner and would be wise to hold onto this one. Agdal hails from Denmark and although she is known for her modeling has already made her way to the big screen in the movie Don Jon back in 2013. Click through to see her pictures as she splashes around in the pool.

The 9 most basic facts about losing love handles and belly fat

Unlike women, who tend to distribute extra pounds all over, men hoard all of theirs in one spot: the belly, producing unattractive love handles and the potential for cardiovascular disease and other health ailments. Unfortunately, getting rid of love handles and belly fat isn’t as easy as it is to get them in the first place. It takes a concerted effort around the clock, not just during a one-hour daily workout. But, there is some good news: a lot of small lifestyle changes can make those love handles disappear—if you recognize the facts of the matter. Pete Williams is a NASM certified personal trainer and the author or co-author of a number of books on performance and training.   Abs workouts 56 ways to burn belly fat faster Our experts offer up easy, doable ways to shed fat.

Get Bigger Arms by Correcting This 1 Bicep Curl Mistake

Go right into the next rep—and stop one rep shy of failure each set.  This keeps constant tension on the muscles and induces the fatigue you need to signal muscle growth.

5 Ways To Train Around Achy Joints

Dedicated lifters are a stubborn bunch, soldiering on through the pain and never missing workouts. And while a steely commitment to keep lifting no matter what is commendable, you're not doing yourself any favors by doing your normal to-the-limit workout when your knee, elbow, or shoulder is crying "uncle."

3 tips for cooking a great paella

Making Spain's iconic dish isn't all that difficult, but there are a few tricks you'll want to keep in mind.

7 Best Bodybuilding Foods

PREPARE IT:  Although many gadgets promise an easy way to separate the yolk from the white, the quickest, easiest method is to simply use your own clean hands. For this six-egg-white omelet recipe, crack six eggs into a medium-sized bowl. Next, using clean fingers, lightly grasp the yolks, lift them out one by one, and discard. With a fork or whisk, whisk the egg whites with salt, pepper and any of your favorite herbs until well combined and a few bubbles have formed on top. Spray a medium nonstick skillet with cooking spray. Place it over medium-high heat and add egg whites. After about 15 seconds, reduce heat to medium. Pull in on the edges of the omelet with a spatula and slightly tilt the pan so the uncooked egg runs under the cooked portion. Continue this around the perimeter until most of the uncooked egg disappears. Then fold the omelet in thirds, as if you're folding a letter to fit it into a business envelope. Using the spatula, carefully slide it from the pan to a plate and eat it immediately.

Add 1" to Your Arms in a Day

In case you missed it the first time around, we dusted off this routine and updated it based on nearly a decade of more in-the-gym experimentation for even better gains. We can’t promise that you’ll see a full extra inch on your pipes, but if you follow our directions correctly, you should get close. In fact, if you gain anything less than half an inch, you’ll know you did something very wrong. Along with that guarantee we’ll give you another one: you will be sore. But within four days—after your bi’s and tri’s have had a chance to recover— your arms will swell to where you’ve never seen them before.

13 superfoods people have totally forgotten about

And it's not the only superfood in decline. The tried-and-true superstars that are probably sitting forlorn in your pantry and wasting away on grocery store shelves shouldn’t be pushed to the side. Aside from grapefruit, we bring you 12 other forgotten superfoods that still deserve your affection and consumption. Plus, odds are you already love these foods—you just need a little reminder.

Yates vs. Coleman Posedown

Dorian Yates of 1993 vs. Ronnie Coleman of 2003


Now, I didn't injure my back so let's get that out of the way, first.  I did, however, wake the following day with very slight nerve irritation on my right side - you know, the side that I always had nerve pain during the past 10 lower back injuries I have had.  If I didn't injure it then why all of the crying, you might ask?  Because I have dealt with this shit for so long that I KNOW what that minor nerve irritation means and it is a prelude to shitting in the shower.  The best way to describe it is when your lower back is just slightly tight and then you either get an adjustment or you hang from a chin bar and your lower back pops and you're like, "Ahhhhh ....".  However, it won't pop because the muscles on the right side are too tight ... from ... being a dumbass and ... doing deads just one time.

Hip Flexors - to Train or Not to Train?

Hello Christian. What is your opinion on strengthening this muscle group in healty, ballanced guy who does many big hip extension movements including direct glute exercises. No sprinting or other intense activity which could involve hip flexors is done.

Instagram post by Flex Lewis™ • Mar 9, 2017 at 5:04am UTC

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Burn Fat and Build Bigger Legs

To perform thrusters, hold a 25- or 45-pound plate at chest level and sit back, leading with your butt and keeping your knees behind your toes, onto the second or third stair. Once you’ve landed, stand up quickly and, in one motion using momentum generated by your lower body, press the plate overhead. For step-ups, hold the plate in a comfortable position and simply step to the second or third stair, step back down again, then repeat with your opposite leg.

8 Ways to Burn More Fat

Most think of altering the metabolism as “boosting it,” but there are things you can do that also change the way the body handles food. For example, simply by taking a fiber supplement, you can alter the way your body handles carbohydrates. Fiber stimulates carbs to bypass fat storing pathways, which in turn means they ultimately head down other pathways for muscle fueling or building. There you go — a simple nutrition step to modify your metabolism.

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The 10 best workout challenges to put your body to the test

Let's put whatever workout routines you're following to the side right now—it's time for a challenge or break from the typical grind. These one-off workouts will test your muscular strength and endurance, and push you past pain thresholds. Sound a little too intense? That's OK. Take on each workout at your pace, focus on your form, and gradually make progress. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or workout-lunatic we're got a challenge to fit your abilities.

Upgrade Your Biceps Workout for Bigger Arms

This time there will be no lying around. Three of the exercises are standing, and the one seated move will likely be the most painful: dumbbell preachers, with which you’ll go back and forth with little, if any, rest throughout. The other key difference in this workout is a greater focus on the forearms, with two nonsupinated curling exercises (hammers and cable reverse curls). The one area these two workouts share in common: Both will produce a better set of pipes.

How To Build A Bulletproof Backside | T Nation

At first you may not even be able to feel your lower traps doing the work because you're upper trap dominant and you may go right into scapular retraction. The fix here is to think about driving your shoulders down into your pockets, not straight back, and then perform the concentric phase of the exercise. Visually, you may not see a massive difference between retraction and depression, but if you're doing it right you'll feel the lower traps kick in before you even start the concentric portion of this movement.

New Study Finds Humans Have Three Times More Brown Body Fat

Basically, there are two types of fat. The first is white adipose tissue, which is used for energy storage and broken down for ATP creation. It is also the stuff we want to get rid off. Brown fat is its metabolically active cousin, it regulates body heat via uncoupling. It's called "brown" because it has mitochondria and an actual blood supply. Sadly, we start to lose this good fat as we get older. Babies and hibernating mammals carry a lot to help regulate their body's temperature. It was always thought that once we reach adulthood, the white/brown fat ratio is set and not much can be done. This may not be true as there is research coming out that certain components might influence a transition from white to brown by creating "beige fat."

Once-a-Week Training for Mass

It seems that new research can validate Mentzer’s claim with clinical trials in younger adults but not with older adults. Researchers examined how strength and muscle mass were affected by cutting back on training to once a week in both younger and older adults. Seventy adults, 39 in the younger age group (between ages 20 and 35) and 31 in the older age group (between ages 60 and 75), completed the first phase of the trial, which lasted 16 weeks.

Instagram post by Pauline Nordin • Mar 9, 2017 at 3:43am UTC

The making of the 21-Day Shred and the Shred Series

If your body isn't quite where you want it to be, this is the place to start.

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