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No Carb Leg Day with Mike O'Hearn and Fan Q&A (Bodybuilder, Fitness Celebrity, Powerlifter)

Would you like to ask Mike O'Hearn a question? Go to and join today for live Q&A sessions and the opportunity to have all of your question...

IronLife mag - Launching May 2014

IronLife is a new monthly digital fitness magazine. We're committed to delivering in-depth advice from the world's best experts. This IronLife exclusive was ...

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Jay Cutler Visits India and Germany

The Expo was full of fans, I signed many free autographs and took endless photos with fans and it was a pleasure because I really do cherish my fans. Ronny and I were the main attractions at the expo, it was great to see Ronnie as well, we had a little show down on stage and got to do a seminar together, it was like old times.  I also had a chance to catch up with Gary Strydom who I looked up to growing up, he was one of the first Pro’s I met when I was 20 years old and  he gave me a lot of valuable advice. I will never forget what he told me nor how he took the time to really talk to me it meant a lot. My stay in India was great, it was my third trip there and I am looking forward to attending next year, can’t wait to see all the great fans from India again.


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The 5-Move Kettlebell Workout for Muscle-Building and Fat-Loss

Take your conditioning to the next level with the single workout that does double duty. This five-move routine will build muscle in both the upper and lower body while burning fat.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - Your thoughts are zipping around today, possibly moving so fast that you can't even finish one idea before you jump to the next one. Others may criticize you for your sloppy thinking, but their negativity only irritates you since you were hoping for their support. Instead of posturing to defend your ideas, use the feedback you receive to help sharpen your perceptions and improve your plans. There is a distinct advantage to being a team player now rather than trying to prove you can do everything on your own.

Top Shortcuts to a Leaner Midsection

Add some deep core burn to your usual battery of abs exercises for a midsection with finish.

How To Build Muscle Without Gaining Fat

Building muscle is a process that takes progressive training (as in heavier work load, more reps with a given work load etc), calories and recovery. If you don't eat enough your energy will suffer and what happens: you won't be able to train hard to stimulate those muscles to grow. The reason why people lose muscle when trying to cut some body fat is: they stop training as hard due to lack of energy. You see, if you can keep on training as intensely as you can during your normal higher calorie diet you prevent most of the muscle loss during a leaning out phase.

Summer Full-Body Workout Routine

You will keep the weight on the lighter side, and execute more reps so that you do not over-train or fatigue your body to where you can't finish each set. You should incorporate a variety of techniques into your workout routine and superset smaller exercises that can be done with the H.I.T. principles but you don't train the WHOLE body in one workout setting for this routine. You will stick to 1 or 2 muscle groups and train them in accordance with a planned resistance training schedule as follows.

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5 Exercises to Work Your Abs to Exhaustion

Looking to push past the standard crunch? Skip the sit-ups and sculpt your stomach with these super tough exercises.

5 Mistakes Impeding Your Training Progress

Depending on your goals, you need to vary between the different ranges every couple of weeks. Overdo the 8-12 range and you may get huge, but your strength will suffer. Conversely, staying in the 1-5 rep range will make you incredibly strong, but very little visible change will occur and the chance of injury increases.

A heartfelt message from Ultimate Warrior's wife, Dana Warrior

My streak was broken April 8, 2014 when he collapsed. I fought and screamed and cried for him not to leave me, but I wasn't to win this round. Heaven won and I lost, but I had the ULTIMATE love for 20 years and my children learned to be Warriors from THE ULTIMATE DAD. I wouldn't trade a moment of the life we shared, good or bad, for anything on God's green earth. He is the love of my life and gave me the gift of our beautiful, sweet, amazing girls. He was loyal and kind and strong and brave. He taught me to live by his creed,"Live Strong, Act Bold, Be Brave. Nothing's too hard to do, ALWAYS BELIEVE," and with that creed I will carry on and make him proud.

HIIT 100s Diet: Carve Up Your Physique in 6 Weeks

Of course, training is just half the picture when it comes to getting lean. Much like your time drops each week, your carbs will too. This will work nicely to get you shredded. Each week in the training program you drop 10 seconds of rest. With the HIIT 100s diet , you drop carbs each week by .10 g per pound of body weight. You start the diet with 0.6 grams per pound of bodyweight in week 1 and end up at close to zero grams per pound in the final week.

5 Things You Should Know About Avocados

Think you know everything about this super food? Think again!

Inner Armour Mass-PEAK at

Directions For Mass-PEAK: As a dietary supplement, mix 4 scoops with 14-16 oz of water or milk depending on your desired consistency. Use approximately 3.5-4oz of liquid for each scoop of Mass-PEAK®. Additional servings may be used to meet your daily calorie and nutritional requirements.

FD The Women's Guide (Athlete)

Before After So im not the type to measure bodyfat it's just numbers. I measure how i feel and look. Anyway before fd someone put this bodyfat machine ( where u put your arms up) it measured 26% and i had no idea what that meant but i physically felt i wanted to be leaner and the trainer guy told me a bunch of stuff but i wasn't convinced. Then i found Pauline saw her photos, read her comments and watched her videos.. I Was convinced!   Anyway ive been doing fd consistantly ( once in a while a cheat day) my family thinks im crazy and its un healthy but all i have experienced is great results! The other day some trainer dude measured my bodyfat and it was 14% and i thought what!! Thats not true.. Anyway for everyone just starting FD,  KEEP THE FAITH  it Really really works if you are

BPI Sports Whey-HD at

Directions For Whey-HD: Mix one scoop of WHEY-HD™ with 6-8 ounces of cold water and drink immediately after workout or strenuous activity. May also be taken anytime to promote recovery and help build strong muscles.*† For optimal results, use in conjunction with a proper diet and always consult with a physician prior to beginning a training regimen.

FD Cardio 4 Leanness (Fitness)

Hi Pauline, I am writing to you with my sincere gratitude. I have been working my butt off to lose the last 15 pounds and get into competition shape. I haven't begun competing in fitness competitions but I am a pageant queen headed to Nationals at the end of June. I am 40 years old and have had 4 children. I was plateaued in my weight loss and feeling incredibly frustrated. I have a decent nutrition plan and work out religiously but nothing was happening. I saw an add on your Facebook for the E-Book, Cardio for Leanness. I quickly bought it and read it. I started with the Contest Prep plan and figured I could do the final Stubborn Fat version if I got stuck again. As you can see by the pictures I have attached, in just 2 weeks I have made major changes in my body!!! I have tons more ener

8 Weeks to TREEmendous Legs

Since many lower-body muscles span two joints, they play a role on each joint and are involved in both isolated and multi-joint movements. For example, your main quad muscle, the rectus femoris, works across the hip and knee on the front (anterior) side of your body. This partially explains that they sometimes don’t fire during certain portions of the squat movement and why some good leg extensions may help your ailing legs. Several muscles in the body need to be attacked in a few different exercises to ensure they’re completely blitzed. And this is just the beginning.

Can Tim Kennedy Shut Michael Bisping Up?

Here is the stare down video—again, this feature some seriously spicy language, so be warned. Bisping's beef is reportedly that Kennedy was dissing him in the run up to fight, calling him dirty. That might explain the venom with which he unleashed his tirade during this stare down. Kennedy looks completely unfazed, and we will find out tonight if the mind games pay off for him. Coverage of the The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale begins at 7pm ET/4pm PT live on Fox Sports 1.

Rip it Good

There are many different types of “fat burner” supplements on the market, but perhaps the most popular and effective category is thermogenics. Thermogenics work by boosting the body’s metabolism. That is, you burn more calories during a given activity, even if you’re just sitting on your butt watching Pumping Iron again. Most products achieve this effect by increasing norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that the nervous system releases; it is basically a form of adrenaline). Synephrine is one supplement that raises norepinephrine. Try doses of five to 20 milligrams (mg), from a standardized Citrus aurantium extract, once or twice daily for amaximum of 40 mg per day.

12 Forgotten Exercises

While they don't get credit among the A-list exercises, these gems deserve being revisited.

9 Machines You Should Never Use

Exercise machines were invented to provide a safe alternative to free weights, but sometimes they’re anything but. They can put your body into unnatural positions and take your joints through dangerous ranges of motion. Over time, this can lead to injuries. Avoid the following machines at all costs, and use the alternative exercises we provide instead for safer, more effective training. 

Become a Modern Day Warrior: The Diet That Broke All The Rules

Always eat breakfast, eat every 2 - 3 hours, and avoid hunger: these are three diet rules you never violate—at least, never on purpose that is. For example, we accept that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that eating frequently boosts our metabolism, and that hunger pangs lead to overeating.

The (Delicious) Mass-Gaining Diet

All you need to gain mass is a steady supply of calories, and the know-how to time your carbs properly. Here’s how it works: eat protein foods, fats, and vegetables up until your workout each day. After training, add carbs to the mix. The amount and type of carbs you eat will vary depending on what kind of training you did that day and when you did it (we have three options for morning, midday, and night trainees). You don’t need to count calories or measure exact portions. On your heaviest workout days and accessory sessions, you’ll be able to eat so-called “bad” carbs liberally— we’re talking all the sugary and starchy foods most experts say to steer clear of—without gaining appreciable fat.

How to Keep Your Abs When You're Out of Commission

(I recently came off a SLAP tear repair surgery, that means no use of the shoulder for months, not even any running or lower-body work. There goes high-intensity exercise. But, luckily for me I went into it in shape. What's left had been diet, and a few other tricks. So if you're down and out yourself and looking for the tricks of the trade, or you're just a lazy bum looking for a quick read on how to live leaner, then click on through.)

8 Mass Ingredients

For most bodybuilders, pushing through punishing workouts day in and day out is actually the easier part of their regimen. Much harder is sticking with a diet that maintains an anabolic state — that is, building muscle — for the 22 or 23 hours a day when our bodies are desperately trying to recuperate between workouts. Luckily, nutrition need not be akin to rocket science. This simple checklist runs down eight top foods for mass building.


The fat content this fish provides serves up a good dose of essential omega-3 fats which help foster a healthier mind and a leaner body composition while helping ward off a number of potentially life-threatening diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Have you tried halibut before but found that you're not a fan or the popular flatfish? It all comes down to cooking method. Trust me, when prepared it can be one of the tastiest protein sources you'll eat.

Instant Muscle: Two Curls in One

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and, keeping your elbows at your sides, curl the weights up as normal. At the top, rotate your palms 180 degrees to face downward, then slowly lower the weights back to the starting position. Because you’re limited by how much weight you can reverse curl (which will always be less than what you can lift with your palms facing up), you’ll need to use a fairly light weight, but the overall muscle activation you’ll get will make up for it. The Zottman curl creates incredible tension in your biceps, brachialis (the muscle between your biceps and triceps), and brachioradialis (your main forearm muscle), leading to faster muscle growth.


I agree that they shouldn't be in health products! But it's unfair to say "pushes" these products. Consumer awareness on this stuff is limited, after the FDA tells everyone not to worry and most supp companies leave it at that. buys from these supp companies and is simply responding to what the market demands. For now, the market is largely ignorant to these potential risks. A lot of consumers take the stance that you're gonna die from something anyway, OR they don't see enough conclusive evidence to worry about it. Every consumer should decide for themselves what makes it into their shopping basket...we decide what sells and gets marketed! As for me, I choose not to take the risk :)

The Spring Break Body Plan

Perform each workout once per week. You can do I and II on back-to-back days, rest a day, and then do III and IV. Superset exercises marked A and B. So, you’ll do a set of A, then B, rest as prescribed, and repeat. The remaining exercises are done normally. Take three seconds to lower the weight on each rep of each exercise. In the first week, use light weights— about 60% of what you can handle. Increase your loads gradually each week until, in Week 6, you’re sure you’re going heavier than you could have in Week 1. At this point, add one set to each exercise (the number of reps is up to you, where applicable). Do no training the next week. Your body will compensate for the intensity by growing bigger and stronger.

Get Stronger (& Bigger) Now!

FLEX has compiled 15 science based strategies for getting stronger in the gym immediately. From technique tweaks to nutritional manipulations, these tricks of the trade will give you a boost right away. Will your squat increase by 100 pounds in the next week? Unfortunately, no. But this is a good place to start.   So turn the page and let's go....

Supps in Flux

Outside of sports, both drugs have prescription uses, but anabolic steroids are considered Schedule III banned drugs by the DEA, and HGH laws can vary by state. “[HGH] is regulated under a specific law that limits its distribution and the reasons for which a physician can even prescribe it,” says Collins, and testosterone possession without a script could land you in jail. Using performance-enhancing hormones carries serious health risks, ranging from heart and liver damage to sexual dysfunction—including testicular atrophy (yes, it can shrink your balls). HGH use can cause joint pain and an imbalance between your good and bad cholesterol.


The majority of fit individuals don't spend hours in the gym, live on a diet of cabbage, or nit-pick the optimum amount of holy water to achieve immortality. Instead, fit people share a set of outrageously simple and positivity-reinforcing habits. These are the eight habits of highly successful fit people, according to the first major batch of our Strength in Numbers data.

E-Cigarettes: A Chance to Kick the Habit Or A Health Crises in the Making?

Fifty years after the landmark Surgeon General report that exposed the lethal effects of lighting up tobacco cigarettes, U.S. health officials and nicotine addicts are grappling with a new controversy: an invention we haven’t even begun to understand.

Volume Training, Old Method New Age

It’s undeniable. Whether fortifed with solid research or enshrined in the practice of the giants, the more you do, the bigger you get. Some 40 years ago, volume training was common practice among the best of the best. Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, who epitomized the perfect physique and brought the sport to its rightful place, did it. Tom Platz, who still holds legendary acclaim for the most massive thighs to step onstage, did it as well. Scores of other greats, like eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney followed, until a new breed of bodybuilders came along touting the benefts of far less volume. Under the guise of training regimes from the fIles of Nautilus pioneer Arthur Jones came successful competitors like Mike Mentzer. And there’s no denying the incredibly V-winged back of six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates. Others ensued with equally impressive results using both methods, and the debate of set superiority began. Sure, there have been modifcations to both the low-and high-volume training programs of yesteryear, but while the battle on the iron playing feld continues, overwhelming support suggests that to hang amongst the superthick, a volume-oriented approach is a must-try.

Core-Sculpting Pilates Routine

Do you have a gut or a tight, lean midsection? As a master Pilates instructor for 10 years, I can comfortably say that I know what’s best when it comes to your core. Strength, stamina, and posture are the keys to solid abs. Below, you’ll find five quick and easy Pilates exercises you can do anywhere—even in front of the TV while you watch ESPN highlights. Each exercise will hit the major core muscles: transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi, spinal erectors, and, of course, the rectus abdominis.

7 Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger

Still stuck moving the same amount of weight? Any of these strength killers could be to blame.

Elitefts™ SS Yoke Bar Exercise Variations

About the Author Mark Watts is The Director of Education at He has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from California University of PA and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Clarion University of PA. Watts has been working with college athletes in over 20 different sports at the Division I, II & III levels for over 15 years as a strength & conditioning coach. Prior to EliteFTS, Watts coached athletes at Denison University, The United States Military Academy at West Point, Allegheny College and Clarion University. Watts has also completed strength & conditioning internships at The University of Tulsa and the Ohio State University. Watts is certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association. Watts started competing in powerlifting in 1997 and is an amateur strongman competitor in the Master's division. Watts is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and is a USMC veteran.

Diet plans & workouts for body transformation

When you first make up your mind about changing your lifestyle to accommodate your desire to look like a million bucks, consider it a short term project. This will help you feel less overwhelmed when it seems like the new diet never ends. Take one day at a time and focus on perfecting one after another. All the sudden this project becomes a habit. And habits have a habit to stick, unfortunately the bad ones in particular, but that´s why it´s a good idea to change a BAD one for a BETTER one instead of trying to have no habits at all.

Trainer Q&A: Why Do I Get Calluses?

What do I do when a calluses tears? When a callus tears, it has to be trimmed back as close as you can get it to the live part of the skin. And it will have to be kept covered until it fills back in. This process takes at least two weeks. That’s why you don’t want them to get out of control and tear because it sets back your training.

5 Better-Body Burger Recipes

the beef and Mrs. Dash until well combined. Shape into an oval patty about 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. Grill until desired doneness is reached, about 2 minutes per side for medium rare.

Steve's Log- April 16th, 2014

Do NOT stare at this picture too long, it may lead to uncontrollable over-training! Well at least according to that caption in will. Yes it’s true, young boys all over the world are hitting the iron to try to get savagely Biebs Mode and pull in mad pussy just like their iron hero Justin. Really? Is that true? Because all the young kids I see around here are grossly overweight or they all join Planet Fitness because they give out free tootsie rolls as they stand around texting their bros. None of them are in fear of suffering permanent rabdomyolysis from all the hard training I can tell you that. What is so wrong with hitting it hard in the gym? All my teenage lifting heroes like Arnold, Tom Platz, Anatoly Pisarenko and Bill Kazmaier used to train so hard they would turn purple and almost die and we tried to do the same thing. As hard as I tried to emulate that over the top style of training I could not seem “overdo it” in the gym. All I wanted was more, more, more. As a matter of fact the only side effects I did suffer were an abundance of muscles, girlfriends, confidence and overwhelming self esteem that helped me  through every facet of my life.

A Day with "The Beast", Roelly Winklaar!

A day in the life with "The Beast", Roelly Winklaar! BSN athlete Roelly Winklaar answers all of  your questions and then takes you to the gym with him for a chest/bicep workout.

44 aprilchat | Tint

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Build The Ultimate Veggie Burger

Frozen, pre-made veggie burgers suck. It’s not the idea that deserves reimagining—a burger constructed with vegetables can taste good—it’s the execution. Quite likely, your experience with veggie burgers has been unwrapping them from their plastic packaging, plunking them into a hot pan, and then choking down the whole mushy, salty mess. Condiments help. Beer is crucial. But no matter what you serve with a mass-market veggie burger, the meal never satisfies the way a beef burger does. If you make your own veggie burgers, like chef Kyle Bailey, you’ll create a meal that’s as appealing to your grumbling gut as it is to your taste buds. The key? Bailey leverages hearty black beans to build the burger’s base. Then, for more heft and texture, he adds cooked farro, a robust grain. Panko and egg bind the mixture. Carrots, garlic, and shallots lighten it up. The shot of balsamic lends the burger a savory richness. Cook and serve these as you would beef burgers, though they taste great served with crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, and a swipe of mayo. So great, you may forever leave the pre-made patties in the freezer aisle.

H.U.G.E. Superiority Complex

Well, supersetting is not the be-all and end-all of training techniques, but it’s certainly in the conversation when you’re talking about the most effective ways to increase your intensity. Supersets are simply two sets of different exercises performed one after the other without resting between the two. Officially, under the Weider Training Principles vernacular, “supersets” refers to sets done alternately for opposing muscle groups, such as triceps and biceps, and “compound sets” refers to doing two movements for the same muscle group; these days, however, “supersets” is the more commonly used term for any back-to-back exercise combo.

Jay Cutler: The Early Years

Jay Cutler: The Early Years

Diet and Refeeds

When you're lean your body reacts by speeding up your metabolism ultra fast when you hit it with lots of excess calories all the sudden. If I have these long refeeds when I'm not as lean I do not get away with it and wake up bloated. Have patience folks! You will be able to have the cookie AND eat it:-) Get lean and build muscle first with Fighter Diet then hit CRUISING phase!

Armed and Dangerous

One thing that has been a constant for Eduardo Correa—regardless of the size and weight of his fellow competitors—has been his conditioning. The man comes in peeled to each and every show that he enters and, of course, a major component of that has been the definition in his arms. When a bodybuilder takes the time to accentuate every line and cut in body parts big and small, it usually results in the biceps and triceps getting a lot of accolades, even if he doesn’t have to work as hard to get there.

Generation Iron Now on iTunes and DVD

If you haven't seen  Vlad Yudin's  hit movie  Generation Iron , which follows seven bodybuilders as they go through the grueling preparations for  Mr. Olympia , then you'll have your chance! GENERATION IRON will be available on iTunes and other digital platforms on April 4th, On Demand on April 15th, and on DVD on May 13th. According to  Variety , the documentary, which comes from the same producers that made  Pumping Iron , made some $850,000 at the U.S. box office and is set to make a million in foreign ticket sales.

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