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The Guns Of Wrath: Frank McGrath's Biceps And Forearms Smoker -


Kevin Levrone Interview from the Expo | FIBO POWER 2015

Bodybuilding legend Kevin Levrone talks with Team MD's David Baye at the 2015 FIBO POWER Expo. In this interview he talks about the recent launch of his supplement line, the overall healthiness of Europe and how appreciative the fans are to see bodybuilders.

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1 CPPS Certification – Level 1 – May 30-31, 2015 | CPPS Coaches

Question 1: Are there an pre-requisites to attend the CPPS certification and is it ONLY for coaches and trainers? Answer: Absolutely not. There are no prerequisites for attending the certification. All you have to do is review the curriculum and come ready to learn. We’ve had personal trainers, physical therapists, strength coaches, and fitness enthusiasts (who just loved to train and want to learn more about training the right way) – take the certification.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, April 17, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015 - It's never difficult for you to justify a play day, but it's even easier now that the ardent Aries New Moon highlights your 5th House of Fun and Games. Everyone seems drawn to you because they assume life will be more exciting when they are in your company. But they get more than they bargain now for because you're not as footloose and fancy free as you appear. Beneath your cheery disposition is your unrelenting drive to make this day as memorable as you can. Although others may be surprised when they realize your true motives, they'll still be glad they joined you on your adventure.

4 Unconventional Moves For Huge Gains

One of the most dangerous things any iron aficionado can do is to get comfortable. Comfort is the death knell for muscle growth and strength gains. Every once in a while you have to abandon the familiar to really generate the uptick in mass that keeps your boat floated. Stepping away from the bench and trying some unconventional moves might be the best thing you ever did.

The 14 Best Things You Can Do for Your Body

Your quality of life is largely dictated by one factor: your physical health . And when it comes to building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we all know that eating right and working out are more or less the keys. But there’s more to being healthy than choosing brown rice over white and hitting the gym five days a week. To take your health to the next level, you’ve got to think details, like meditation, flossing, and sex frequency (don't worry: research says the more, the better). If you’re ready to live to 100, start off with these 14 habits.


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The 8 Best Ways to Switch Up Your Plank

Planks are the new sit-ups for modern-day  core training . People like numbers so instead of doing 300-500 sit-ups every night, they’ll form a statue-like creature on the floor next to their bed and be motionless for as long as possible. But, as with anything, we must apply the Principle of Progressive Overload to ensure continued progress. No one in their right mind wants to hold their planks longer and longer—thankfully, progressive overload can be applied by other means.

Video Series: Top Secret Chest Arsenal

WHEN IT COMES TO TRAINING CHEST, barbell and dumbbell flat-bench and incline presses sit at the top of the food chain. But once the foundation has been built, breaking through and putting the finishing touches on your pecs requires a little ingenuity. Fortunately, FLEX has five new moves that will have all the curious gym rats stealing your pec routine in no time.

3 Pointers for Building Your Own Home Gym

The equipment you purchase will be based on how much available space you have and how much your budget allows for. If you have a two-car garage and a big budget you can build an insane gym. By the same token if you have a small room and a small budget you can still construct a gym that will give you awesome results.

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Ten Healthiest (Surprising!) Ingredients

These power foods can help you lose weight, build muscle, boost your memory, and amp your immune system.

Top 10 Yoga Poses for Men

Mastering these basic yoga poses will help you strengthen and stretch your muscles, improve your posture, and prevent workout injuries. So…what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for serious challenges on and off the yoga mat.

The Ripped Back Workout

As enjoyable as bench-pressing may be, focusing too much on chest and arms and not enough on your back can have real performance consequences. Training your back improves posture, results in more power production, and, not to mention, completes that ever-desired V-taper look. “A strength-and-conditioning program is simply incomplete without a back-training regimen. “Continuous pressing (like flat and incline bench) without back training leads to strength imbalances; you have to balance out your pressing to keep muscles firing so one area is not overdeveloped or underdeveloped,” says C.J. Murphy, M.F.S., owner of Total Performance Sports in Everett, MA. “Since all power is transmitted through your torso, you want to develop the torso, and the back is half the torso.” Build serious back strength with this five-move back workout designed to improve athletic performance.

Project Flex Camp Ticket April 18-19th

IFBB Pro Flex Lewis presents the first  PROJECT FLEX  exclusive 2-day camp, presented by BSN will be hosted April 18-19th at the warehouse in Boca Raton, FL. This flextraordinary experience will allow fans to spend the day with Flex, learning about his story, his principles for success, nutrition, training and much more.

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10 Questions Dudes Forget to Ask Their Doctors

Paper hospital gowns and fluorescent lighting are no substitute for kicking back with beers during the March Madness—but your annual checkup should be about your doc getting to know you. Along with updating vaccinations and some routine testing, talking about your lifestyle and potential risk factors for disease is why you come in for a preventive exam, says Minesh Khatri, M.D., assistant professor of medicine and a general internist at Columbia University Medical Center.

5 Ways You're Killing Your Workouts

Most people fall into one of these two camps. Either they fall in love with a program and stay on it too long or they have gym ADD and jump around from one workout to the other without ever making any progress. Truth is, it can be tough to figure out when you’ve stayed with a program too long and when it’s time for a change. Objectively look at your current workouts. Did you give them enough of a chance for you to really learn the lifts and make progress? Have you been plateaued for the last 3 weeks but are hoping for some sort of breakthrough? If the answer is yes to either of these, it may be time to rethink how often you’re switching things up.

Bodybuilding Ain't Dead: Five Moves to Massive Biceps

Some say bodybuilding is dead. I say, f-that noise. I can't argue that multi-joint exercises don't pile on slabs of muscle fast, and CrossFit athletes aren't freaks of nature with questionable mental sanity to push themselves that hard. But at the end of the day, big arms look great, the pump feels amazing, and no one cares if you deadlifted 17 times your bodyweight to get them or not.

Choosing the Right Bench Press Grip

Using a narrower grip on the bar - where the index fingers are on the inside smooth part of the bar – will target the triceps and be much easier on your shoulders. If you can’t keep your chest up when benching, this narrow grip bench press variation can create a lot of stress on the anterior (front) part of your shoulders, as I describe in this video.

10 Essential Rules of Good Health

When it comes to achieving overall well-being, you need to balance many key aspects of health, including diet, exercise, sleep, professional care and socialization. Even just remembering to smile is a way to stay healthy and keep your blood pressure down, notes Dr. Steven Lamm, director of the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health at New York University Langone Medical Center, and author of No Guts, No Glory: Gut Solution—The Core of Your Total Wellness Plan.

5 Tips for a Deeper Squat

What we do need to answer is the “how”. In many cases it’s much easier said than done. Having a good depth squat takes plenty of maintenance work to be able to (re)achieve ideal positioning. Here are a few helpful tips.

Stretch or Die

What happens when you don’t stretch? Nothing. For a while. You lift. You get stronger. You improve your diet a bit. You get leaner. You look good. Who needs to stretch? Stretching is for yoga girls and geriatrics. Then you wake up one day and you have a slight pain in your lower back. Nothing major. “Damn,” you say, as you roll out of bed. You instinctively try to stretch it out. Maybe you lean over and touch your toes, which, coincidentally are very far from the tips of your fingers. It helps a bit, so you forget about it. You keep training. In the weight room, you are an animal. Other people look at you and say your lifts are good. But you start to notice that after sitting all day at work, your lower back is aching. You try to stretch it out. Maybe you put your hands on your lower back and do the old man, hips forward stretch with a bustling sigh, but it lingers. Not the biggest deal though, because once you get warmed up at the gym, things feel A-okay. So you forget about it. You keep lifting. You keep getting stronger. You can now squat a small automobile, which feels good. But one day you’re doing a deep squat and you feel something tweak in your lower back.

Turn Any Park Into a Gym

It’s hard to justify training in a dark gym when the sun is still shining outside. Especially since you can build muscle just as effectively using your own body weight as you can by lifting some iron. All you really need is something to push on or pull on and a little open space where you can move your body and activate all the muscles you’re used to training indoors. We came up with a plan you can do at your local park (or in the prison yard—hey, we won’t judge) to get you ripped and strong while improving your tan at the same time.

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Push Through the Pain to Build Muscle

Look, sacrifice is required in order to be successful in anything. That's a universal truth as far as I'm concerned. To have a successful career, you're going to have to sacrifice time to learn your craft. To be successful in the gym, you not only have to sacrifice time, but your own comfort as well. Pain is a part of the deal if you're training with any degree of seriousness, and there's just no way around it.

How Many Sets is Enough

The American College of Sports Medicine Journal in 2002 published “A Meta-analysis to Determine the Dose Response for Strength Development.” Looking at the results, in a number of different studies, scientists determined advanced trainees need to perform an average of four sets to make the same gains that a beginner could make with one set. A number of studies show that high-volume, multiple set protocols cause a much more favorable hormonal response contrasted to single set protocols. Recently, science has questioned the role of the acute hormonal response and its role in hypertrophy, but a 2010 meta-analysis entitled “Single vs. multiple set of resistance exercise for muscle hypertrophy” shows the superiority of multiple sets for hypertrophy, echoing the findings of “Quantitative analysis of single vs. multiple-set programs in resistance training.”

Fouad’s Dig Deep Leg Workout

The other day I got to the gym feeling extremely tired and lazy.  I’m eating a ton trying to pack on the size ( click here for Fouad's off-season meal plan ) and it leaves me feeling tired and lazy more often then I’d like.  So it was leg day and I thought, “man this is gonna be a tough one, I gotta dig deep or I’m gonna regret it.”  Even though I wanted to dig deep I knew I didn’t have it in me to squat 500lbs that day.  So instead of bitching out, I made some changes and went hard as I could.  I know everyone’s had nights like this before so I had to share the workout below for the FLX fans.  Give it a shot and tell me how your legs feel after ( talk about it here )!

Big Advice

Most people are hardgainers, who struggle to add every pound of muscle. Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler are from a lucky but tiny group of genetic superiors, but of course, both Coleman and Cutler did go from medium to large (although the transition occurred many moons ago). More important, they know how a hardgainer can grow. No, they don’t struggle like you, but the same rules apply, whether you weigh 130 or 310. Furthermore, the bigger a bodybuilder is, the more often he’s asked by someone like you, “How do I get bigger?” so we let five massive pros serve up their answers. Here are some of the largest of the supersized and their advice to you on how to get growing.

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Count by 5’s to Build Your Thighs

Squats are the king of leg exercises. It’s a natural body movement that incorporates flexion at all major lower body joints, causing max overload of the major muscles of the body. Increasing your squat strength will result in greater development throughout your entire lower body. Use the tried and true 5X5 method and focus on increasing weight each session to maximize this movement.

Ultimate 3-Day Mass Building Routine

Gaining size isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your body is built to survive, not to look like an Olympia competitor, so putting on – and holding on – to muscle mass is a complicated, multilayered affair that can vary from person to person. But one thing everyone can do to maximize your ability to add new muscle is to select the right exercises – the type that will break down muscle tissue and trigger the hormonal responses that send your body into anabolic overdrive.

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Forced-Rep Training

Most people don’t understand what a forced rep truly is. To them, it’s having someone assist with a rep when they begin to tire at the end of a conventional set. To me, a forced rep is one that’s performed when you are so completely fatigued that you can’t possibly complete another without assistance. It comes only after the body fails, not merely when it’s tired.

The Fit 5: Fighting Fatigue

"There are two macronutrients that will significantly aid in the sustainability of high intensity training: Fats (medium chained) for a more sustained energy source and carbohydrates (higher glycemic) for an immediate energy source. Either or will help fuel your training session, but the combination of the two is optimal. For fats stick to eggs, nuts, and omegas in smaller quantities and for carbs stick to fruits, coconut water, or a natural fruit juice mixed with your water.

How Doing Absolutely Nothing for 3 Minutes Could Save Your Brain

Researchers examined brain scans and found that older people had less brain tissue than younger participants. That’s not a surprise: According to separate research, your brain shrinks as you get older—starting in your mid-20s!—which may eventually lead to memory loss. (Terrified already? Try these 6 Tricks to Improve Your Memory .)

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6 Healthy Teas You Haven't Tried

Immerse yourself in the unique flavors—and health-boosting benefits—of tea.

12 Things The Rock's Movies Taught Us About Fitness

It’s no secret that protein promotes muscle growth and recovery. Remember this stat: the average desk-jockey male requires about 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day. When you're putting the work in at the gym, this macro will have to be kicked up a notch to 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of targeted bodyweight. Make sure to find the right protein fit, overdoing it will pack on fat.

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak at

See, nature, in all her ingenuity, has designed the human body as the ultimate training machine. Since the dawn of mankind, our bodies have changed very little. And when it comes to growing our muscles in a freakish way, we still need the right combination and mega-doses of essential amino acids, carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Only Animal Pak has everything you need.

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74 kg - Jordan BURROUGHS (USA) df. Morteza REZAEI GHALEH (IRI) by TF, 10-0

74 kg - Jordan BURROUGHS (USA) df. Morteza REZAEI GHALEH (IRI) by TF, 10-0

Build Bigger Shoulders with the Landmine Lateral Raise

Combining the front, lateral, and rear-delt raises into one, the landmine lateral raise works the delts through a full range of motion, while your core braces you.

The No-Frills Shoulder Workout

In this program, you’ll use moderate to heavy upright rows with a rope attachment at a cable station, which hold plenty of the same benefits but with a smoother, more natural range of motion. Then, after those more traditional sets, you’ll do high-volume, HIIT-inspired shoulder work using light dumbbells and battling ropes. The result is a complete, sweat-soaked routine that heavily taxes each of the three deltoid heads while also helping you get diced.

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"Losing fat, building muscle, and breaking negative habits are acts of violence." Free book:

6 Alternative Protein Recipes for Packing on More Muscle

Your protein palate shouldn't be limited to chicken and beef. Pork, bison -- and even ostrich -- are all lean sources of muscle-building protein, loaded with nutrients you might not be getting. Check out the two healhty ways to prepare each meat.

The Better Sex Diet

How it works: Cashews and pork are chock-full of zinc, a mineral that's essential for testosterone production. The high-quality protein in pork and quinoa can also help you lose the love handles that may be holding you back beneath the sheets (or on the couch). That's because excess fat prompts the body to tie up T, rendering it unavailable to stir sexual urges. Finally, olive oil and cashews provide a bit of good fat to your system, since very-low-fat diets sap testosterone.

Lessons From Weightlifters & Weightlifting Inspiration - Zach Even-Esh

If you read my Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning you KNOW I have a HUGE regret, which is that of NOT knowing what weightlifting was back in 1989 when “Andre The Giant” made me cry.

Lose Weight Faster: 5 Fat-Torching Tips -

Cutting out dairy, gluten, and/or red meat is almost entirely arbitrary. Cutting out excess grain carbohydrates is purposeful but anointing gluten as the next trans fat is baseless. The antibiotics and hormones used on cattle is troublesome but the actual amount in milk and muscle tissue is miniscule. It's not as simple as direct ingestion of everything the cow has been pumped full of. Dairy and red meat is high in saturated fat and should be kept in mind during calorie restriction but it's so important to so much in the body. Plus dairy and red meat is loaded with protein. I don't understand the logic in cutting out any of these foods

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#nutrition tips to live by - or just focus on no7 “ @PoliquinGroup :10 nutrition tips to be lean an muscular for life! ”

10 Superfoods for Super Health

The latest nutrition science research, as well as data collected from people living way beyond 80, strongly suggests what (and how) we eat has a significant effect on the quality and duration of our lives. So if you want to go the distance and keep pumping iron well into your golden years, consider incorporating these 10  healthy foods into your daily diet.


Now, at age 29, Longoria sought even more efficient ways to keep his body in tip-top shape for the rigors of a 162-game season. With the Major League Baseball season now in full swing, we talked to the California native to find out how he prepped.

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