Top 10 Fitness Industry Charlatans - Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting Video Description

I understand what you are saying about people taking the information the wrong way however the trend between people taking out Joe Wicks with his increasing success seems to be pure jealousy. His message is to help the general population to increase fitness and get healthy whilst living normal lives. I would say he has managed and will continue to do so as his success takes off. Personally I think he has done amazingly to actually get somewhere in the health and fitness world and might just be the man who is stopping all these ‘fads’ and allowing the population to go out and drink and not spend every hour of the day in the gym! I personally have not bought his plan but i do follow him on instagram and have his book. I love his recipes which are extremely yummy. Noone has the same calories so his portions are purely a guidance and they are 100% more healthy than any pre-made ready meal you might buy in the supermarket. He is promoting healthy whole foods alongside an active lifestyle.

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