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Vibration training involves doing basic exercises, such as squats, push-ups, lunges, and modified pull-ups on a vibrating platform. Vibration is transferred through the feet, hands or butt, which are in contact with the vibrating plate or handlebars. Vibration activates stretch receptors in the muscles, which trigger thousands of small reflex muscle contractions. Spanish researchers led by Pedro Marin found that subjects could complete more biceps curls (70 percent of one-repetition maximum) when exercising on a vibration platform than when exercising normally. Vibration training improves muscle fitness in untrained adults, the elderly, and some people with neuromuscular diseases. It may also benefit people recovering from some types of muscle and joint injuries. However, most studies found that it is a waste of time for athletes or people who exercise regularly. ( European Journal Sports Science , 10: 385-390, 2010)

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