50 Muscle Building Secrets - Part 1 Video Description

It’s easy to lump all pro bodybuilders into the same category: a bunch of genetic freaks who were able to build physiques that are simply unattainable for the average man. But having spoken with hundreds of them over the years, I have found that there are tremendous variations among them and how they respond to different styles of training, different exercises and nutritional tactics to become the amazing muscular specimens they are. And despite what the cynics out there may think, the pros do have valuable advice that can help the rest of us gain muscle mass and be the best that we can be. Here, I’ve delved back into the vaults to bring you 50 tips and secrets from a wide range of pro bodybuilders over the past decade and beyond. Among them, you will be certain to find more than a few that will be key to improving your physique.

Videos for 4/19/2017