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Clean ATP energy. Better oxygen utilization. Faster recovery.

Mike O'Hearn Titan Tour 2014 Bodybuilding Powerlifting Weightlifting

A select few individuals will have the opportunity to train with one of the greatest athletes of all time, Mike O'Hearn, during his 2014 Titan Tour, coming s...

Lehigh Wrestling Workout At The Underground - Intensity Highlight & Lehigh Wrestling Workout At The Underground Strength Gym Highlight Mid July,...

Here's Why Ya Gotta Say "F**k It!" A Little More Here's Why Ya Gotta Say "F**k It!" A Little More

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Nattie by Nature

With a powerhouse combination of brains, beauty, and undeniable skill, this diva not only hails from a long line of WWE superstars but also holds her own in the ring. The first girl to prove she can hang with the big boys in the famous “Dungeon,” Natalie Neidhart came out of the womb dropping her signature move, the Sharpshooter, on the world. She was the middle child and definitely the entertainer of the three girls in her family. Her grandfather, uncle, and father set the standard for what it meant to be a part of the Hart dynasty and she has certainly done everything to far exceed those expectations. “Being in the WWE is part of my blood,” she says. “It’s very important to me. It’s very much a part of who I am.” As a young kid she knew her life’s goals. “I remember when my dad won his first tag-team championship, he brought the title home, and my sister and I grabbed it and had our own wrestling match with it, she recalls. “It’s so funny to think about those times. Growing up around it made me want to do it.”

7 Ways to Burn Fat Without Touching a Weight

7 Ways to Burn Fat Without Touching a Weight

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - Even if you're a natural-born adventurer, pushing into new territory now encourages you to take creative risks you might not have previously considered. Your enthusiasm is high and you are suddenly inspired to try doing things differently than ever before. Others are watching you to see what you are going to do next. Surprise them with your unorthodox behavior today as you reach for the stars. If you act like the innovator you imagine yourself to be, you can be an inspiration to everyone else, too.

Shawn Flexatron Rhoden IFBB Pro

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Moves and Tips to Build Stomach Bricks

In some of my early competitions, judges would tell me that my abs looked great when flexed, but when standing relaxed they were hardly visible. I heard that message loud and clear and knew it was time to step up my abdominal training and to start building some “bricks” in my midsection. The following have been the key reasons behind my “abdominal metamorphosis.”

3 Old School Squats

Don't let your legs languish anymore. Instead, return to the glorious days of old with these low-tech, free-weight squats that define hardcore leg training.


The answer lies in my Power Bodybuilding workouts, a program outlined here for the first time ever. The foundation is the three crazy-ass, heavier-than-hell power-lifts: bench press, deadlift, and squat. Those are surrounded by bodybuilding moves. The result is a body that's not only show-and-go but also show-and-dominate, superhero style.


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The 4-Week Lean Muscle Diet

Make no mistake, it’s by no means coincidence that the first three letters of the word “diet” indicate just how miserable the process can be. Constantly being hungry, having to forgo satisfying carbs in favor of vegetables, eating smaller portions of bland-tasting foods. Yet to get really lean - the kind of shape that’ll have you eagerly pulling off your T-shirt - doesn’t have to mean total self-sacrifice for the sake of a six-pack . Tailoring the right nutrition plan, will have you muscular and ripped in as few as four weeks.

5 Simple Tips to Get Lean and Healthy

People who gain belly fat or visceral fat are at greater risk of serious health problems than those who accumulate fat in other areas. Your waist size is a good indicator of whether you have too much stomach fat. There are many measurements that compare your body fat distribution such as waist-to-hip ratio and body fat percentage. They are more precise but, your waist size alone can give you a good estimate if you are at risk. For most men, the risk factors for heart disease, cancer and diabetes increase with a waist size greater than 40 inches (102 centimeters).

30-Minute Big Back Workout

Add more width and thickness to your entire back with this 30-minute session.

The Rock Teases DC Comics Film Role Possessed of "A Superman Level of Power" - /Film

The first quality we were looking for is that he had to be extremely complex and have a lot going on and what that does for me as an actor and for the studio, just gives us space that we can explore his complexities. The other quality is that the character we were looking for had to be well known but never brought to life. That does, again as an actor, is that it gives me a little bit of space and it just gives me a chance to put an imprint into his personality with the set of tools that I can bring to the table and put a very unique twist on his personality but still pay homage to who he is. The third thing and most important is that he had to be a badass mother***ker and on a Superman level of power where he could throw down. In those three qualities, I’m happy we’ve found that character and right now we’re out to a lot of writers.

Trainer Q&A: What's the Difference Between HIIT and Tabata?

Tom Holland: When I coach people for Ironman, marathons, running , or any type of aerobic activity, HIIT allows athletes to get more work at a higher intensity than if they did it steady-state. By having those rest intervals, you spend more time in the upper end of aerobic capacity, whereas you wouldn’t be able to do that if you tried to do 10 minutes of really high-intensity exercises. It's going to have positive physiological adaptations, including improved fat burning , insulin sensitivity, and skeletal muscle oxidation.

Top 10 Yoga Poses for Men

Mastering these basic yoga poses will help you strengthen and stretch your muscles, improve your posture, and prevent workout injuries. So…what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for serious challenges on and off the yoga mat.

Kai's 10 Big Back Principles

He’s No. 2 now. In all of the world, there is only one bodybuilder ahead of Kai Greene,and that’s the man he finished second to at the last two Olympias: Phil Heath. No. 2’s greatest advantage over No. 1 is lat width. It wins him the rear-relaxed shot. On theother hand, one of the things the current Mr. O has over the top contender is backseparation—especially in the lower traps. That and Heath’s fuller delts win him the rear double biceps. Rear lat spread is a toss-up—Greene is wider, Heath features more density and details, especially mid-back.

10 Rules to Eating for Mass

However, although there may not be any secrets to eating for size, there are rules — 10, to be exact. Know and live by these rules and you will gain the mass you want. And when we say live by them we mean live by them. Bodybuilding, after all, is a life- style, not a part-time hobby. You shouldn’t expect to grow following a diet only some of the time, any more than if you hit the weights only some of the time. It’s about a commitment to the body- building lifestyle that counts, which means 24/7/365 focus, discipline and drive. Remember: every time you eat a meal, you are bodybuilding. So, eat well and eat often.

Mind Over Muscle

They’re part of your vision, too. When I competed against Sergio Oliva the first time, and he posed his tremendous lats, I shied away. Regardless of how good my body looked, I let him beat me mentally. Because I felt like a loser, I became one. But when we rematched a year later, I was able to convince myself that I was the winner before the contest even began. As a result, no matter what Sergio threw at me, I had the guts to match him pose for pose, and I took the Mr. Olympia title from him. As strong as the body is, the mind is where true strength comes from. One of my favorite examples is the Russian weightlifter, Vasily Alekseyev, who was the first man to clean and press more than 500 pounds. Think about that: Few men ever bench-press 500 pounds, let alone press it overhead. Nevertheless, Alekseyev wasn’t intimidated. He did it, then American Ken Patera did it, and others have followed. That kind of feat will never be easy, but once someone has the courage to do it, it happens again and again. Whatever your goals, in the gym or in life, you must make up your mind about them first.

Big Arms Workout Fix

OUR ADVICE: You’re smart to employ a system of progression by adding reps weekly, but you can’t use it on every exercise—especially when you’re performing 11 total lifts! That’s too much work for small muscles like the biceps and triceps. Furthermore, you’re doing 24 sets for the bi’s and only nine for the tri’s—that’s a major imbalance. Cut this down to nine total sets for each muscle—three sets of three lifts for each. You can switch up these moves every four to six weeks for more variety, but keep to your progression plan of adding a rep weekly and then increasing the weight.

9 Amazing Uses for Aspirin

When we found out that aspirin might help slow the growth of cancer , we got to thinking: What else is the anti-inflammatory good for? Turns out, a lot. The headache reliever’s got some great household uses, like helping to remove soap scum and patch up drywall; some personal hygiene applications, like combatting acne and dandruff; and of course heart health-boosting potential. Ready to put the all-purpose pill to the test? Start here.

Plyometrics Workout Video—The Key to More Power and Speed

In his new workout video for Q, a blog by Equinox , Hunt demonstrates the benefits of plyometrics training in slow-mo. And in our opinion, it´s pretty badass. Over six phases—water jump, depth jump, plyo-pull ups, helicopter pushups, standing broad jump, and rotational medball slam—Hunt uses resistance and explosive motion for a full body power workout. And based on the way he rips through these plyos, his training has obviously paid off.

John Cena: 'No Reason' to Bring Back the Attitude Era

No, no, I think that’s what’s great about our audience. We had a wonderful event last night in Pittsburgh at Consol Energy and the crowd actually took it upon themselves to where they wanted to be the stars of the show. It made for an interesting element and that’s what makes WWE so interesting. Its unpredictability, its “live as it happens” atmosphere and I think that you get more than anything in any other sport, in any other area of entertainment. In a sport, if you have a home team, you root for the home team. In WWE there is no home team, you pick your favorites, you cheer for them, and really the crowd can turn on a dime and react a certain way on any given night. Last night was a perfect example at the Royal Rumble. It made it great. We had 16,000 WWE fans chanting whatever they want, creating an atmosphere that they loved and it ended up being a great event.

Marriage Is a Success Booster

Sure, get hitched and you’ll lose some personal freedom (and the chance to ever again finish a joke), but you’ll gain something better: a sense of personal success. When 2,000 adults were asked how happy or successful they felt, 60% of spouses rated higher than singles. “Success isn’t just about fortune or fame,” says study rep Mark Maguire, “but feeling you have the right mix of friends, family, social networks, and a sense of community.” We’re not suggesting you run out and put a ring on it—but at some point, even a wolf of Wall Street is happier sharing his den.


Taco Bell's new waffle taco is getting a lot of buzz, but a stack of fluffy waffles topped with crispy fried chicken has long been the clucking king of the breakfast-dinner kingdom. Has there ever been another combination so delicious, so appetizing, so rich, so loaded with grease and saturated fat? Don't give up on this classic combination just yet! Instead, try this healthy spin on the original recipe and stick to your fitness goals.

Daily Session: Kettlebell Full-Body Workout

All the really ripped guys in your gym use kettlebells, so naturally you want to use them too. However, you don’t know exactly what to do with it. To break it down, we had strength coach and powerlifter Ryan LaPlaga, CSCS tell us how to program kettlebell moves for maximum muscle gain and major fat loss.

Quad Squad: The Squat and Leg Press

The squat , known as the granddaddy of all bodybuilding exercises, simultaneously works more major muscles than any other resistance-training movement. The quadriceps (quads), hamstrings and gluteus maximus (glutes) are specifically targeted, while the hip and torso muscles are incorporated for stabilization and to assist the primary muscles. You can see why many experts in weight training consider the squat to be a whole-body exercise, even though you utilize it as a lower-body move.

The Texas Chest Massacre

Crank up the heavy metal, tighten your belt, keep a bucket handy and journey with us to MetroFlex Gym in Arlington, Texas, for a real-life horror show.

Shawn Rhoden - 2014 Australian Pro

Shawn Rhoden - 2014 Australian Pro

Muscle Building Barbell and Bodyweight Workout

You start the workout with five deadlifts and immediately transition into five broad jumps. Rest no longer than 60 seconds before moving back to the barbell. Although these are big power-and-strength moves, which typically call for longer rest periods, these submaximal loads and low rep counts allow for a little manipulation in order to infuse a slight conditioning element. Additionally, you may find that the broad jumps help produce stronger, cleaner reps when you get back to the deadlift, a result of a phenomenon known as post-activation potentiation (PAP).

5 Protein Bars for On-the-Go Nutrition

The nutrition bars at the checkout have their time and place. We explain when and where.

Bulk Up Without Getting a Belly

Bulk Up Without Getting a Belly

Teenage Girl Benches 265 RAW!

At the 2014 Arnold Classic 14-year-old Russian powerlifting sensation Maryana Naumova achieved yet another personal best with a 265-lb. raw bench press.

The Shakedown Episode 1: Mixed Berry Smoothie

Each week, fitness director Sean Hyson runs you through quick, easy recipes that give your protein shake an additional nutritional punch along with better flavor and a greater macro count. Each shake comes in at less than 500 calories, and requires just a handful of healthy ingredients you can find at the supermarket.

“Generation Iron” Available On Digital and On Demand - MuscleMag

Generation Iron will be available on iTunes and other digital platforms on April 4, 2014, and On Demand on April 15. The digital downloads include bonus footage with Lou Ferrigno as well as a Making Of featurette. Generation Iron will be on DVD May 13. (Check back soon for a giveaway!)

Mike O'Hearn

You just can't flex it! #lift

35 EliteFTS - Superior Products and Knowledge for Lifters, Athletes, Coaches, and Trainers

I wrote this for the elitefts team last summer and thought I would share with the readers. This ended up being am eighty four page file. I will post in sections. Part One - Broken Part Two - Reject Part Three - Flunked Out Part Four - Back to School Part Five - Columbus, Ohio Part Six - The Lean Years Part Seven - The Bootstrapping Years Part Eight - From �I� to �We� Being A Father I had to take a break from writing these as they were getting to be depressing to me. Too many bad memories. Well, not really bad, but there were a lot of hard times, stress, adversity, and we seemed to be growing, but the pace was too slow to make any significant difference. Even when you are growing at 20% per year, when you start at nothing, it takes time for your capital to build. Add to this our net margin was between 5-7% and losing money on almost every seminar. I would be lying if I said there weren�t a number of times that I wanted to go back to being a trainer. I had a fraction of the stress and made way more money. I was taught at a young age that if you begin something you finish it and never quit, so I stuck with it.

Top 10 Workout Fails of All Time: Funny Video Clips

Fact: 98 percent of all amateur workout videos are recorded by guys in their underwear. Why? Who knows why anyone does anything? Why didn’t this guy stabilize this door with a couple of doorstops and some cinderblocks? He does understand how doors work, right? The basic function of a door is that it both opens and closes. It is not, by nature, a stable barrier. And that ladder—it’s designed to support weight vertically, not horizontally. This guy is a Darwin Award waiting to happen. But let’s not be too hard on him. Give it up to homeboy for trying to turn his room into a Gold’s Gym—hey, we were all 15 once—but there’s a way to do it where you don’t end up on your ass.

Hardcore Contender - Rich Gaspari

Haney and Gaspari were training partners in 1984, the year Haney won his first Sandow. For the following seven years, as Haney collected seven more Sandows, Gaspari was chasing him, notching three straight runner-up Olympia finishes (1986-88). And while he had no hope of matching Haney's lat spread, The Dragon Slayer was determined to out-muscle the champ with back thickness and detail. To that end, his back workouts focussed on all the knotty details others overlook, not just in his lats but also in his spinal erectors, traps and rear delts. (Shrugs and rear laterals are not included in our sample back routine, but were typically done before deadlifts.) Weights were maximum, rests were minimal and intensity was sky high. He never caught Haney, but Gaspari overcame structural limitations to forge one of the best rear double-biceps shots of the '80s and make himself, for three years, the second-best bodybuilder in the world.

Pec-Ignition: Pump Up Your Pecs

Individuals who don't train fail to understand how post-workout soreness can be a good measure of a terrific workout. Can't make it up the stairs? Congrats on another good leg workout ! Feel a dull pain in your shoulders when picking up the grocery bags? Yup, that was Tuesday's delt routine . But finding the right combination of exercises, sets, reps and techniques to bring you to the promised land of (good) pain can sometimes be elusive. This is especially true for those with some serious lifting experience under their belts. The more you train, after all, the harder it is to damage your muscle fibers. Not today. This month's chest workout is a monster loaded with high-intensity plateau-busters that'll obliterate your pecs, give you a massive pump and - you guessed it - leave your chest sore for days. Because of the high volume and intensity, this is definitely one workout you'll want to repeat, but make sure you do so infrequently since it could contribute to serious overtraining. We'll start by blasting your chest with presses from the three major angles, starting with two incline moves - a couple of sets of incline bench presses first, then three grueling sets with dumbbells.

Five Lifts Not Worth the Risk

Sure, it’s impressive to lift weights like those guys you see in the summer Olympics who make a bar loaded with 500 pounds look like a feather or the guys with bodies that look like Greek statues. However, the exercises you see them doing require years of training (with a qualified coach) and countless hours of practice to get it right. And more often than not, the risk far outweighs the potential reward. So before you jump into something you may not be quite ready for, here’s a list of the five most dangerous exercises, why you shouldn’t bother, and some safer alternatives.

Roelly Winklaar's Road to Recovery

Roelly sent pictures to of him helping his cousin, Gerrit Baars, with his first amateur competition - the JBC Cup in the Netherlands. Gerrit won his class (70kg) and placed 2nd in the Overall pose down. Roelly's cousin Gerrit Baars is member of "Team Winklaar" and is already getting ready doing his second competition in just three weeks.

Protein Cycling

Does increasing your protein above the baseline result in greater gains in mass? Yes and no. Eating enough protein is a must for growth, and if you eat more than one gram (g) per pound of bodyweight, you’ll certainly cover all your bases, ensuring that you don’t fall short. However, eating more for the sake of it may not be as wise as cycling your intake of protein.

Are You Making These Nine Beginner Mistakes?

But even after you ditched the training wheels, you could still make grave rookie mistakes—mistakes that sabotage your progress and leave you frustrated, confused, and exhausted. Even if you worked out for years , it could still happen.

11 Green Foods for Every Dude's Diet

You don't have to be Popeye to know that spinach is seriously good for you. It's your go-to green food for upping your intake of vitamin K, and if you want to double down on iron , then spinach has nearly two times as much as mostly every other green. You may not be trying to beat the bad guys and get Olive to fall for you, but eating spinach will boost your energy levels and ready you for whatever challenge awaits. Fit Food: The Benefits of Spinach>>>>


I really appreciate this article. I am 33, a 2nd year internal medicine resident, have a wife and 5 kids, and am now in the best shape of my life. By no means am I ready to grace the cover of a magazine, but I look good. This happened to me a year ago when I had a similar moment of clarity that it was never going to be a better time to start than right then, and that I just wasn't going to stop a constant and consistent effort. Thanks Dragon Slayer.

Push Through the Pain to Build Muscle

Look, sacrifice is required in order to be successful in anything. That's a universal truth as far as I'm concerned. To have a successful career, you're going to have to sacrifice time to learn your craft. To be successful in the gym, you not only have to sacrifice time, but your own comfort as well. Pain is a part of the deal if you're training with any degree of seriousness, and there's just no way around it.

Pressing Forward

"People always compare me to Kai Greene, and I really appreciate that,” Clarence DeVis says in his heavily accented English. Like Greene, DeVis can look pretty intimidating when he’s not smiling, but just like Greene, when DeVis grins, his smile has a way of lighting up his face and exuding warmth and amiability. “Maybe it’s because Kai has dreads and I had dreads. I’d like to think it’s because they see something in my physique that reminds them of his. Kai is the next Mr. Olympia and a great person—he’s like my big brother.”

Muscle and Fitness

Thank you for the Team Fitness membership opportunity. I think this is a great idea. I am very picky with supplements and HATE when I go to the box supplement shop and blow a ton of dough on something that sucks and ends up expiring in my cupboard. I look forward to future packages. Christopher, Alabama

Train Your Brain

Growth hormone (also called somatotropin) secretion is regulated through the anterior pituitary in the brain. Growth hormone is responsible for normal growth and development as well as metabolic effects such as a) increased mobilization of fatty acids from adipose tissue; b) decreased rate of glucose utilization; and c) increased rate of protein synthesis. The pulsatile secretion of GH is tightly controlled by neurotransmitters of the brain including dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine, as well as levels of glucose, IGF-1, and estrogens. GH is increased during highintensity exercise, but the effects are short-lived, as GH returns to baseline very shortly after exercise. The anterior pituitary gland is responsible for the acute increases circulating levels of growth hormone following bouts of resistance exercise, yet little is known about what happens to the anterior pituitary gland after years of resistance training. Researchers assigned rats random resistance exercise protocols. The resistance training protocol comprised climbing a 1m-long steel ladder, placed at an 85-degree angle, with a weight attached to a tail sleeve.

Steamed Broccoli Unlocks Cancer-Fighting Benefits

Three to four minutes of steaming—the time it takes for broccoli to turn bright green—ups its cancer preventing potential. Scientists compared boiled, microwaved, and steamed broccoli and found that steaming it for several minutes was the best way to retain myrosinase, an important cancer-fighting enzyme. Boiling or microwaving it for even a minute or less actually destroyed myrosinase. Not a broccoli fan? You can make up for it elsewhere on your plate: “Mustard, radish, arugula, and other uncooked cruciferous vegetables [like cauliflower and kale] all contain myrosinase,” says study author Elizabeth Jeffery, Ph.D.


Twelve trained men underwent two weeks of supplementation with either betaine (1.25 g twice per day) or a placebo. Following a two-week washout period (taking neither betaine or placebo), subjects switched groups. Those that were taking betaine began taking a placebo and vice versa. Before and after each two-week period, subjects did a workout session. Circulating GH, IGF-1, cortisol, and insulin were measured. Muscle biopsies were taken from the quads and analyzed for signaling proteins (Akt, p70S6k, AMPK). Betaine supplementation produced a near significant increase in GH and significantly increased IGF-1 levels. Not only that, betaine also significantly decreased cortisol levels. There was no difference in insulin levels. As for signaling proteins, betaine increased resting total muscle Akt (anabolic). Betaine potentiated phosphorylation of Akt (anabolic) and p70S6 k (anabolic). Phosphorylation of AMPK (catabolic) decreased during both treatments, which is a good thing. Betaine supplementation at about 2.5 grams per day enhanced both the anabolic hormonal profile and the corresponding anabolic signaling in muscle tissue.

51 Bulk Up Without Getting a Belly
52 9 Foods an Athlete Would Never Eat