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I've tried this particular protein powder in taster sachets back when I used to buy Muscle and Fitness, and out of all the protein powders I've tasted, this has had the distinction of having the highest macrocount per serving I've had of any protein (not a bad OR a good thing) and also the nicest tasting. I've tried the Chocolate and the Strawberry Milkshake flavours, and both of those were mixed in 150ml of water, then shaken vigorously and left to settle for 5-15 minutes. Both had a thick, creamy consistency which I absolutely loved, and served only to compliment the taste. The Strawberry was my personal pick, and tasted exactly like a Nesquik Strawberry shake, which is a big plus! The chocolate was nice too, but a little bit watery, which is no REAL issue, just something I had to gripe at. The macro-count per serving is quite high for protein, sitting at 150cal or so with 24g of protein. I don't have a big issue with that, and would find a way regardless to fit it into my calories for the day if it was part of my stack, but alas it is not. It's something to mention too for those who don't like that calorie count, or are focusing on cutting weight for competitions or general fitness goals. All in all, brilliant tasting product with a fairly high calorie count per serving, but that shouldn't be a huge problem unless you have a bugbear about calories for your whey.

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