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Why I Care: Years of Living Dangerously

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Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Get Pharrell's new album G I R L with 10 Brand New Tracks on iTunes: Get Pharrell's new album G I R L with 10 Brand New Tracks ...

6 Weeks to Superhero Overhead Press

I've tried every way known to man to quickly put on a significant amount of muscle while simultaneously getting ripped to shreds. This is what I've found to ...

1:14.4 500m Row

Pro Strongman and Powerlifter Chad Wesley Smith of Juggernaut Training Systems rowing a near World Record on a Concept 2 Rower at CrossFit Tustin.

From Boys to BEASTS - Underground Strength Gym

http://UndergroundStrength.TV - Underground Strength Insider Newsletter Sign Up & FREE Training Course UNDERGROUND STRENGTH & MUSCLE SHOP FROM ZACH: Start HE...

Workout Intensity & Training for LIFE

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Jay Cutler's Inspiring Speech

Jay Cutler addresses the crowd and the athletes, delivering an inspiring message, at the 2014 NPC Jay Cutler Desert Classic. Contest coverage sponsored by BPI.

Fighter Diet Solutions

The essence of Fighter Diet is to allow you to get lean, build muscle by eating so you're full and content. It's a non negotiable. No reasonable personal would be ok with feeling miserable 24/7! I know I sure would be angry, grumpy and as soon as I had the chance I'd go eat anything off my lean menu.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014 - It's crucial to filter out enough of the chaos so you can concentrate on achieving your goals. You may have your work set out for you today because it's not easy to reach the destination you have chosen. However, there's no reason to scale back your agenda. Instead, make a concrete plan and then follow it as best you can. Leading with common sense now won't prevent you from reaching the stars, but impulsively rushing in could complicate your journey. Aim high but keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

5 Easy Ways to Start Building Bigger Biceps

Want bigger, better biceps ? Then just do barbell curls until you puke. Ha. If only it were that easy. According to some self-professed experts, sometimes it is! But here at M&F , we take a more calculated, scientific approach to training, which helps you reach your full potential with your physique goals. Right near the top of the list of bodyparts that guys want to bring up are the biceps. But curling aimlessly is just as limiting as it sounds.

MusclePharm Assault at

Warnings: This product is only intended for use by healthy adults over 18 years of age. Do not take this product with alcohol. Do not take this product with any product containing caffeine or other ingredients that have a known stimulant effect. Consult your physician before using this product if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications or supplements. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, expect to become pregnant or are nursing. Do not use this product if you are at risk or are being treated for any medical condition including, but not limited to: high or low blood pressure; cardiac arrhythmia; stroke; heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease; seizure disorder; psychiatric disease; diabetes; difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking a MAO inhibitor. Discontinue use and consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not exceed recommended serving size or suggested use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Reach for a Stronger Midsection

For as easy as crunches and sit-ups are, it’s amazing that so many people still like to cheat on them. Apart from not making the abs do the work they should, cheating also decreases the range of motion. The solution can be as simple as raising your legs in the air with the toe-touch crunch.

Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Foods That Reduce Anxiety

Here's some good news to keep in mind the next time you're stressed out: Eating may be a stay-calm trick. We're not talking about stuffing yourself with your typical go-to comfort food, such as mac and cheese or French fries, because that will only leave you feeling guilty and even more anxious. Instead, feed your face with one (or more) of these 10 superfoods to feel at ease fast.

How To: Build Muscles of the Calf

You’ll perform one calf exercise—either the standing calf raise or seated calf raise—in each of your leg workouts. Choose a load that allows you to do at least 10 reps, then perform as many sets as it takes to do 30 total reps. Rest 45 seconds between sets. Each week, try to add at least five reps to your total. When you can do 50 total reps in five sets or fewer, increase the weight by 20–30 pounds and start at 30 reps again. For variety, feel free to occasionally mix in single-leg versions of standing and seated calf raises. Rest 30 seconds between sets in this case.

21 Awesome Shoulder Exercises

Want to add some variety into your shoulder workout? Here is a powerful demonstration of 21 shoulder exercises that you can easily add into your routine. Fitness trainer Andy McDermott, creator of this "deltoid destroyer," video uses circuit training almost exclusively for getting lean and mean results while under the tough time constraints of a hectic lifestyle.

Blast Your Back with the Inverted Row

Contract your back muscles and bend your arms to pull yourself up to the bar. When your chest touches the bar, slowly lower yourself back down to the arms-extended position. To increase difficulty, elevate your feet on a bench or seat in front of you.

9 Foods an Athlete Would Never Eat

Top performing athletes know that nutrition is king when it comes to gaining an edge over their competitors. However, no matter what your goal is—carving out your six-pack, increasing your stamina—the gateway to success lies on your plate. An athlete’s diet is more than just calories in and calories out—it’s fuel. The right foods increase your energy, promote muscle growth, and aid in muscle repair. The wrong ones set you back. When it comes to chowing down, there are certain eats a serious athlete just won’t touch.

Mr Olympia Phil Heath trains shoulders 4 weeks from Olympia

Mr Olympia Phil Heath trains shoulders 4 weeks from Olympia

Chris Hemsworth's God-Like Thor Workout

Hemsworth in particular was a model of consistency, and the physique he built has made “Chris Hemsworth Workout” the top search suggestion when you punch the actor’s name into Google. The Internet, though, is a minefield of shameless, click-baiting “Thor Workout” imitators. Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further than the full, unabridged template we present here, with exercises demonstrated by IFBB physique pro Sadik Hadzovic. So get ready to hit the gym, and remember: There are no shortcuts.

Instant Muscle: Dumbbell Ideas

Sometimes you need to break habits, and dumbbells can be the perfect substitute for your usual equipment on your favorite lifts, unlocking better (and safer) gains. For instance, upright rows are nearly always done with a barbell, but that can place shearing forces on your shoulder joints and often result in rotator cuff injuries. The dumbbell version is safer because your arms move freely; your body decides the right range of motion.

The Million Dollar Arm Workout

It might be a long shot developing a 95mph fastball to make the big bucks in the big leagues, but you certaintly can build yourself some solid beach muscles. Here's the only 30-minute arm workout you'll ever need.

The Spring Break Body Plan

Perform each workout once per week. You can do I and II on back-to-back days, rest a day, and then do III and IV. Superset exercises marked A and B. So, you’ll do a set of A, then B, rest as prescribed, and repeat. The remaining exercises are done normally. Take three seconds to lower the weight on each rep of each exercise. In the first week, use light weights— about 60% of what you can handle. Increase your loads gradually each week until, in Week 6, you’re sure you’re going heavier than you could have in Week 1. At this point, add one set to each exercise (the number of reps is up to you, where applicable). Do no training the next week. Your body will compensate for the intensity by growing bigger and stronger.

7 Early-Morning Stretches to Build a Better Body

Tired of waking up in the morning achy or constantly tight and sluggish? Chances are you're like everyone else who skips out on stretching. To start waking up with energy and safeguarding your body from injury, run through these seven quick and easy stretches for every muscle.

Getting Big Vs. Getting Strong

This is called Compensatory Acceleration Training (CAT). Lots of bodybuilders do this unknowingly when doing a set of 12 reps – the first 3-4 reps are explosive, while the next 8-9 reps have a little less steam. Whether they know it or not, they are getting beneficial adaptations from the dynamic method for strength gains in the first few reps. Your first rep is always your strongest – from that point on you are getting weaker – so exerting maximum force from the get-go can help you dynamically increase muscle tension.

10 Caffeine-Free Foods to Help You Focus

A combination of healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates consumed together is what replenishes energy levels. If you aim for a mix of carbs, fat, and protein at each meal and snack, you won’t have to worry about crashing and losing focus during the day. The other key to staying alert without caffeine is to eat every two to three hours. By doing this, you maintain your blood sugar levels.

Kick-Start Your Metabolism: Part 1

In order to lose weight and put on lean muscle, the formula is pretty basic: Follow a healthy and balanced low-fat diet, rid your program of processed foods and preservatives, control your portions, and adhere to a solid workout program that includes both resistance and cardiovascular training. It sounds uncomplicated, and in most cases it is—as long as you stick to the program you’ll receive the desired results you’re looking to achieve. However, what do you do when your body and metabolism have had enough and your system shuts down, and no matter what diet you follow, no matter how long and hard you train—you simply can’t lose weight and all progress has halted? Whether you’re a serious athlete who has come off a long, intense preparation, an athlete who had to go into “system shock mode” and basically starve yourself to achieve your results, or if you’re an individual who has gone from one extreme to the other with your body and are experiencing a sluggish or what seems like a nonexistent metabolism—you can get back on track. In this article, I’ll lay out the necessary steps to recharge your metabolism to have it running more efficiently than ever.

The Speed Conditioning Workout

Here’s what you need to know about speed training. There’s speed strength, which is applying maximum force at high velocities (like a power clean or snatch), and there’s speed conditioning, being able to maintain running speed for about seven seconds or longer. Both types of speed training can benefit athletes of all experience levels since being able to accelerate quickly then slow down correctly can prevent injury in the gym and workplace. Not to mention, speed gives athletes a critical advantage over their competition in the field of play. “This workout focuses on the technical component of speed training, going over the movements to perform at an optimal level,” says Curtis Williams, C.P.T., P.E.S., and former NFL wide receiver. “The moves are specific to building speed, and it works.” Blast through this performance-boosting speed workout to burn fat, get faster, and improve endurance.

5 Flexibility Marks Every Man Should Hit

Unfortunately, simply bending over and touching your toes post-workout isn't going to do the trick. It comes down to the right exercises and time. To help you decide where you need some extra work, we've outlined five flexibility tests that examine nearly every part of the body. Go through each test and find out where you fall short. Then, prioritize those areas to help increase your flexibility and ward off potential injury.

The Inside Scoop on Trans Fat

Your best move is to religiously read nutrition labels and make sure any food you eat contains zero grams of trans fats—right? After all, as of 2006 the Food and Drug Administration made it mandatory for food manufacturers to list trans fats content of packaged foods. Yet ensuring that you get less than the 2-gram daily maximum of trans fats recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) can be trickier than it seems. That's thanks to a loophole in labeling laws allowing food manufacturers to label foods as containing "zero trans fats" if the trans fats content is less than 0.5 gram per serving.

Supps in Flux

Outside of sports, both drugs have prescription uses, but anabolic steroids are considered Schedule III banned drugs by the DEA, and HGH laws can vary by state. “[HGH] is regulated under a specific law that limits its distribution and the reasons for which a physician can even prescribe it,” says Collins, and testosterone possession without a script could land you in jail. Using performance-enhancing hormones carries serious health risks, ranging from heart and liver damage to sexual dysfunction—including testicular atrophy (yes, it can shrink your balls). HGH use can cause joint pain and an imbalance between your good and bad cholesterol.

How Much Rest is Best?

You need rest to grow. Sleep and time away from the gym are essential to the process of repairing the muscle tissue you damage by lifting weights. No matter who you are, there’s no way around this fact. But how much rest you need is a question that’s dogged exercise scientists for years. Now a new study from Japan suggests that a 12-day deconditioning period, in which no training at all is done, can help resensitize anabolic signals within your muscles-signals that can become desensitized to weight training stimuli over time.

Top 6 Signs You're "Overrunning"

How to tell if your race training’s getting too intense—plus how to protect yourself as you pound the pavement.

Cocoa Powder

New research reports that (-)-epicatechin may also reduce myostatin levels in older adults. Researchers examined changes in protein levels of growth factors in young versus old human skeletal muscle. In humans, markers of musclegrowth-inhibition increases, such as myostatin and -galactosidase, increased with aging, while growth factors such as follistatin, MyoD, and myogenin decreased. Treatment for seven days with (−)-epicatechin increased handgrip strength and also the ratio of anabolic growth factors and reduced myostatin levels. The researchers don’t know exactly how (-)-epicatechin reduces myostatin, but the common sources of (-)-epicatechin are cocoa and tea. So including these two common ingredients may have some anabolic activity in addition to many health benefits. - FLEX

10 Little-Known Facts About WWE Superstar John Cena

Pro wrestler John Cena uses the catch phrase “You can’t see me” in his pre-match talk, but how many of these Super-Cena facts did YOU see coming?

Artificial Sweeteners

When researchers blocked sugar receptors in mice, they found that, while the natural sugar glucose bound to the receptors despite the block, artificial sweeteners like those found in diet sodas were unable to bind to the receptors. The brain’s dopamine reward system responded to glucose but not to the artificial sweetener sucralose, as well. Remember, dopamine is the body’s reward system, so in essence, one can overindulge in artificial sweeteners due to the lack of dopamine response. Researchers also found that post-artificial sweetener ingestion, dopamine levels remained the same as pre-ingestion levels, which stands in contrast to the rise in dopamine levels afer the mice had consumed glucose.

Get Crushed: Back Squat/Front Squat Combo

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Each week we’ll give you a tough, one-off workout that you can try when you are looking for the ultimate training challenge of just feel like you need a break from your regular routine. But be warned, this training program will leave you totally CRUSHED.

Fabricio Werdum: A Day in the Life of an MMA Fighter

MHP spends a day with MMA fighter Fabricio Werdum. We peek behind the scenes to get a look into his training, talk to his coaches and his wife and get an insight into how this grappler is working to become the king of mixed martial arts.

The 7 Golden Rules of Being a Wingman

However, playing Goose to your buddy’s Maverick is about more than telling every woman he meets the highly exaggerated story about how he once rescued a nun from a burning building. (Because the building wasn’t actually on fire. And she wasn’t actually a nun. Though she did have a habit.) It’s also your job to entertain her friends while keeping your eyes peeled for potential rivals, whose wings might need to be clipped with a swift “Alpha Mike Foxtrot.” (Look it up.)


There's always confliction about IIFYM vs. eating macros at certain times. I personally agree a little bit with both, but I would much rather eat my 3 meals containing 5.5 oz. of chicken or turkey rather than 1 meal containing 16.5 oz. That way I don't feel sick from overeating all at once and I get the same amount of macros in. 5.5 oz. sounds like very little, but it's actually going to give around 35-40g of protein on it's own before you add in protein from brown rice, potatoes, or whatever else you're eating. I was eating 325g of protein, which I've now cut down below 275... probably closer to 250 at this point. It's getting hard to drop below 250 as of now. I eat oatmeal with 20g of whey in the A.M., 3 meals with 5.5 oz. of chicken or turkey, a post workout shake with 25g of whey, and a cup of milk with almond butter 30-60 minutes before bed. Sounds low in protein, but I also have 1 1/2 cups of oats, 4 cups of brown rice, and 18-20 oz. of potatoes (usually post workout meal). Even though they are carb based, I eat so much of it that it adds a good bit to my total protein intake.


2. Plan to fail. (There are various degrees of “failing,” each with a separate tactic. We’ll discuss these in the second part of this guide.) If you “plan to fail” then you lose anywhere from 1-3 days of progress; however, you eliminate the risk of failing epically.

6 Things You Think She Cares About But Doesn't

There are lots of ways to make yourself more attractive to women. Most guys think of hitting the gym or upgrading their style. These things help, though most important is your personality--or, more accurately, how well you can break the ice, break through her barriers, and flirt in a way that she finds compelling. But not everything matters. And a lot of guys spend time obsessing over things that most women just don’t care about. Some of these may surprise you; read on. 10 Rules for Landing a Good Girlfriend>>>

Anytime Gains

RESEARCH: In a University of Jyväscylä (Finland) study, subjects followed a 20-week strength-training program that worked the whole body every workout, with special emphasis on the leg muscles. The first 10 weeks served as a preparatory phase to acclimate the subjects to weigh training. During this phase, the subjects trained just twice per week in the late afternoon. For the final 10 weeks, the subjects were placed either in a morning or late-afternoon training group. During these final 10 weeks, training frequency was gradually bumped up to three times per week.

Even Stronger Than They Look: Casey Viator

Like Platz, he was a paragon of high-rep, high-intensity strength. These Viator lifts were purportedly witnessed by a journalist in a 1971 full-body workout: squat, 505 x 14; behind-the-neck press, 215 x 20; dips, 100 x 20; barbell curl, 200 x 20; and deadlift, 400 x 30. There’s photographic evidence of his using even greater weights in later years, though probably for fewer reps. By the standards of his era, Viator was considered a “mass monster.” The size he was then, 230 at 5'8", is no longer shocking, but the weights he used for 20 or more reps are still scary.

The Power of Beetroot

As you know, beetroot juice is not the best-tasting drink to consume, so one of the problems with it is getting it down. Now researchers in the U.K. are considering beetroot bread as a possible way of enhancing the palatability of beetroot juice. In a crossover trial, 23 healthy men ate four slices (200g) of bread either with or without 100g of beetroot added to it. After consumption, each subject was monitored for changes to blood pressure and vasodilation (the ability of blood vessels to widen for steady blood flow).

Training, nutrition and motivation articles.

6 steps to get hooked on fitness: www.cutandjacked....

5 Better-Body Burger Recipes

5 Better-Body Burger Recipes

I can see my abs

I’ve worked hard in the gym and even harder in the kitchen. I’ve been in calorie deficit (a.k.a. hungry!) for almost two months, shed about fourteen pounds and reduced my body fat to somewhere between ten and twelve percent. And although the image above took advantage of some very flattering light, I can finally see my abs on a day-to-day basis.

Jon Hamm: A League of His Own

At age 43, Hamm is at the tail end of a crazy seven-year streak, during which he went from handsome-but-unknown actor to dashing Hollywood superstar over the course of a single TV series. In the process, Hamm did something very special, by forging a stardom that’s actually enviable and not at all annoying, joining the likes of George Clooney and Harrison Ford in the tiny club of A-list actors who achieved their recognition not as teen heartthrobs or promising youngsters, but as early-middle-aged men. With classic leading-man looks and an easy, approachable charm, they’re as admired by men as they are desired by women. It’s a good place to be.

Ask Men's Fitness: What's a Refreshing Beer Substitute?

A: Try the French 75, suggests Tony Abou-Ganim, a Las Vegas–based bartender and author of The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails. Like beer, the French 75 is filling with a light taste. “It’s fruity with spicy notes of gin and is complemented by the acidity of the lemon juice,” says Abou-Ganim. “Add in the champagne bubbles to make it more refreshing, and you’ve got the perfect substitute for a cold, summer beer.”

E-Cigarettes: A Chance to Kick the Habit Or A Health Crises in the Making?

Fifty years after the landmark Surgeon General report that exposed the lethal effects of lighting up tobacco cigarettes, U.S. health officials and nicotine addicts are grappling with a new controversy: an invention we haven’t even begun to understand.

Dennis James Trains Mamdouh Elssbiay 3 Days Before NY Pro

Big Ramy is three days out from the 2013 New York Pro. Severely tired from no carbs over 10 days, Dennis James is pushing the Egyptian in order to be the best competitor on stage this weekend.

Shawn Rhoden's Back Attack

Typically, Rhoden starts his workout with barbell or T-bar rows—the sort of free-weight basics that helped his mentor (and supplement company employer) Ronnie Coleman construct arguably the best back ever unfurled. Still, unlike eight-time Mr. Olympia Coleman in his prime, this year’s Arnold Classic contender doesn’t stuf all the iron he can on the collar of a T-bar. “I typically go up to six  plates,” he says of T-bar rows. “I want to get a good range of motion, a good stretch, and then a full contraction. I don’t want to have to use momentum to get the weight up. And I don’t want to go so heavy that I can’t concentrate on my back and start using my biceps.”

Building Muscle Density

Okay, because I was anxious to go as high as I could, I didn’t go to failure on my sets leading to the heaviest weight. I started with 75s. Normally I’ll do 20 reps, but I stopped at 10. Then I went up to 100s and did only 8, where I still would have done 
around 20 reps in the 
past. So basically,
 every set was just 
enough to stimulate 
but not annihilate my 
chest. Now normally,
160 pounds would
be the highest I
would go for 8–10
reps, but I blew past
 that because I had a 
lot left in my chest.
 I went to the 180s.
 Let me tell you,
it felt like I was 
holding a mini bus 
in each hand.


Life gets busy and chaotic, and taking an hour to train your legs every Tuesday and Thursday isn't always possible. Good news: Daily workouts don't have to take all day! These fast-paced circuits are a great way to maximize your time, burn fat, and get the most from your trip to the gym. Crush your workout and spare your schedule with these athlete-recommended training sessions!

Nutrabolics HEMOTROPIN 2XC at

Getting high GH output and doing so at a longer duration while sleeping is the key to getting the best results from HEMOTROPIN 2XC.™ This is where our exclusive Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Maximizing Complex comes in. The powerful Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, Lemon Balm Extract, Holy Basil Leaf, and Wild Lettuce Leaf Extract work to deepen your REM sleep, facilitating GH release while supporting restful sleep.*


51 Even Stronger Than They Look: Ben White
52 Fat Is Good For You: Eating More Fatty Fish Lowers Cortisol & Triggers Fat Loss