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Muscular Development Brazil Pre Show

Shawn Ray shares some perspective on anticipated showing of many of the IFBB professional bodybuilders showings and does so from Rio at the Expo on Friday be...

Why do Box Squats?

Zach demonstrates the benefits of the Box Squat for athletes and overall lower body development. http://UndergroundStrength.TV - Underground Strength Insider...

600 lb Tire Flip - Jon Schleiffer at 175 lbs

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Wrestling Workout - Strength Endurance Circuit - Wrestling Workouts direct from The Underground Strength Gym http://UndergroundStrength.TV - Underground Strength Insider Newslet...

Biceps Workout Finisher

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Safety Bar Squats / Manasquan Underground Strength Gym of Edison & Manasquan http://UndergroundStrength.TV - Subscribe to Zach's Newsletter

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A typical Fighter Diet workout day

I love walking to the gym and the warm wind feels like a gentle caresse on the cheeks. I love psyching up for the work to be done, feeling like being a warrior to do mission accomplished. My bose phones vibrating from the deep bass of Bass Mekanik's DROP THE BASS, I remember the doctor warning about tinnitus, but hey I'm loving the vibe!!! I rather FEEL NOW than to plan for my days to come as an old lady. On the road I walk, I prefer to walk in the center line, it feels like you own the world. What a day!!!  Here's my workout. A typical one. You will now realize why I don't write down my routines: there are no routines in my world...


Essentially a bench press from the ground, the floor press doesn't make the bench press any easier. Quite the opposite! The nature of the position nearly eliminates the drive of your legs and the arch of your back. The upshot is that this exercise will add productive volume to your upper body and contribute to an improved bench press.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014 - The most important thing you can get from others now is an honest reflection of your own feelings. It's not necessary to focus on specific issues or work to change the circumstances in your life today. Instead, take time to examine how you present yourself to the outer world through your everyday actions. Share your concerns with those closest to you because they're the ones who will help you clarify what ultimately matters most to your heart.

Johnnie Jackson: Raising the Dead

Johnnie Jackson is a true hybrid. Lots of guys claim to be bodybuilders and powerlifters, but no one’s had more success at the former while excelling at the latter than JJ. During his 12-year pro bodybuilding career, this 42-year-old Gulf War veteran has perpetually fnished near the top. Meanwhile, pursuing his powerlifting “hobby,” he’s a human forklift. in a 2012 competition, he deadlifted 832 raw. Fame and fortune have come via his physique, but Jackson maintains his love for moving major metal. His hybrid back workouts begin with low-rep deadlifts before higher-rep, growth- inducing sets for width and thickness. Thus, Jackson makes sure he’s always as strong as he looks.

Add 1" to Your Arms in a Day

In case you missed it the first time around, we dusted off this routine and updated it based on nearly a decade of more in-the-gym experimentation for even better gains. We can’t promise that you’ll see a full extra inch on your pipes, but if you follow our directions correctly, you should get close. In fact, if you gain anything less than half an inch, you’ll know you did something very wrong. Along with that guarantee we’ll give you another one: you will be sore. But within four days—after your bi’s and tri’s have had a chance to recover— your arms will swell to where you’ve never seen them before.

More Ways to Shock Your Chest Into Growing

Here are 5 more supercharged chest-blasting techniques to get your pecs out of a rut.

One-Leg Leg Press

No two legs are created equal, not even your own. Chances are, one’s stronger and/or bigger than the other, even if just slightly. The goal, then, is to make them as close to identical as possible, to seek balanced development from side to side, which is where unilateral training comes into play. A leg-training program in which every exercise is done both legs at a time is an incomplete one. You need to get your legs working independently of each other on a regular basis, and doing leg presses one leg at a time is one of many great ways to do this.

The New Rules For Getting Ripped

Forget inconvenient diets and three-hour gym sessions. Score the six-pack abs and body you've always wanted by following these better, smarter rules.

America's Hot Girls of the Gym

ANGT (America's Next Great Trainer) presents America’s Hot Girls of the Gym. We hit gyms across America to catch some of the hottest, fitttest girls in action. In the first of a series, this gallery showcases those who have put their time in at the weightroom to build a rockin' physique. So check these hardbodies out and get inspired to build your own masterpiece in the gym. 

4 Small Tweaks for Bigger Muscle Gains

It’s amazing how the smallest changes can  bust a plateau . Adjust your stance or grip, set the bench to an incline instead of flat, or change implements from a barbell to a  dumbbell , and you’ve suddenly expanded your exercise options widely with only the slightest effort. If your gym is well equipped, there may be an infinite number of ways to expand your exercise repertoire that you haven’t taken advantage of yet. If it isn’t, you just have to get creative. The following are some variables you can change.

M&F Cheat Sheet: Core Construction

It’s not just your abs, people. By understanding what makes up the core and how valuable it really is, you can see greater results in, well, everything else.

Gaspari Nutrition SuperDrive at

STRAP IN, FLIP THE SWITCH, AND GET OUT OF MY WAY. When you want to throw down in the gym, isn't it nice to have a little mental jolt to get amped? Tyrosine is a precursor to neurotransmitters such as epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. Caffeine helps release these neurotransmitters within the central nervous system. It's been shown that certain neurotransmitters can help affect performance and mood, so why not crank them up to help blast through your workout? To further bump up the mental stimulation, SUPERDRIVE contains the new stimulant higenamine which contains a critical component to work in conjunction with n-acetyl tyrosine, DMAE, citrus aurantium, and caffeine to bring your mood to a higher level as you're blasting though your training session. The focus and stimulation is unrivaled, all with NO CRASH! Without question our products work. SUPERDRIVE™ isn't just another concentrated pre-workout, it's an effectively dosed pre-workout designed to deliver exactly what you want with pure innovation.

Summer Full-Body Workout Routine

You will keep the weight on the lighter side, and execute more reps so that you do not over-train or fatigue your body to where you can't finish each set. You should incorporate a variety of techniques into your workout routine and superset smaller exercises that can be done with the H.I.T. principles but you don't train the WHOLE body in one workout setting for this routine. You will stick to 1 or 2 muscle groups and train them in accordance with a planned resistance training schedule as follows.

The Ultimate 6-Week Home Workout

Are you so short on time that commuting 20+ minutes to the gym keeps you from getting your workouts in? Or maybe you’ve got a different reason to want to train at home. Either way, we’ve created a three-days-per-week lifting program that requires, equipment-wise, only the bare necessities – a set of adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable bench.

2014 Ultimate Athlete Games: The Training Program

The Ultimate Athlete Games are coming. It's time to prepare to test your fitness.

Protein Face-Off

This fight will be decided in 10 rounds, or categories, each with a separate but distinct focus that goes to the heart of protein effectiveness. Unlike boxing's 10-point must system, however, we're going for golf scoring - low score wins. The winner of each round is awarded one point, second place gets two, third gets three and, if you're still following, fourth gets four. We'll tally the points from each category, and the protein with the fewest points will be crowned the M&F Protein Powder Champion. If all the challengers are ready, it's time to touch gloves and fight it out. You wanna ring the bell?

The Shakedown Episode 3: Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

One of the most popular shake combinations, we give you a quick and delicious recipe for a chocolate peanut butter post-workout shake.

Mastering the Power Clean - MuscleMag

In a sad state of strength training affairs, a lot of people never give the power clean a shot because they have been told that the movement is too complicated. They’ve also been led to believe that the benefits of performing the power clean don’t outweigh the investment of time one must make to learn the lifts. This is just not true. The basic movements of the power clean aren’t complicated. Most people can fully extend their hips. Can you perform a vertical jump? Yes? Then you can, with practice, learn the power clean.

How Much Fat Should I Eat? - Born Fitness

You have a lot more freedom to eat “fatty” foods than anyone would have thought 10 years ago. When I  design diet plans  for my online clients, I do so by giving them a wide variety of options that they can plug into meal templates. This means enjoying everything from steak, pork, chicken with skin, eggs and fish, as well as dairy products, avocados, nuts and seeds and nut butters. When it comes to cooking, don’t sweat it: butter, olive and coconut oil are all great options. While each individual is different, a good rule of thumb is that you can eat upwards up .4 to 5 grams per pound of your target body weight. (So if you wanted to weight 180 pounds, you could eat as much as 90 grams of fat.) The number might initially seem like a lot, but when adjusted for how many calories you should take in per day, it’s exactly right.

Daily Session: Pull-Up Bar Workout

The gym is crowded, sardine can packed - and the only thing available is the pull-up bar and the small amount of floor space directly under it. You could just decide to skip your workout , but you know it’s a slippery slope. Your missed workout today will totally derail your whole plan. Enter Bianca Sultana, NCSF-CPT and founder of BODYbyBianca Training System. She provided us with a workout to get the most out of that small space.

Peak Arms: The Ultimate Arms Workout

Sandler warns against going so heavy that you need to perform cheat reps, in which you throw momentum into the move to get it going. Though cheating may allow you to complete a few additional reps, if you go too heavy you remove stress from your target muscle. “That’s one reason I’m a big believer in using pure isolation movements for the arms, such as a preacher curl for biceps or skull-crusher for triceps,” says Sandler. “Other good choices for biceps movements include the one-arm cable curl and the concentration curl, in which your triceps is pressed against your inner thigh. Getting the form right is key.” >> Focus on Isolation After going heavy with your first exercise to focus on strength, the Peak Arm routines also include movements that better isolate your muscles and minimize cheating. “For overall biceps development, you want to hit both the outer and inner biceps,” says Joseph. “To make sure you hit the outer biceps, I recommend you use a fairly close grip with your standing EZ-bar curls and a neutral grip with your dumbbells curls. I find hammer curls to be extremely effective at hitting the outer biceps as well,” he continues.

Workout Buffet: Optimum Delt Development

Try all four of these shoulder workouts over the next four weeks or simply select the one that you feel most closely suits your shoulder goals for the moment.

Gain Big with Bad Food

In addition to boosting your metabolism, a planned cheat meal can help you stay in shape consistently. Even if you’re following a strict diet for a number of weeks, or even months, you will eventually have to give in and eat some junk food. Eating well for six out of seven days per week is hard work, but a break each week allows for longevity. Also, because the cheat is scheduled, you can enjoy the food you’ve been craving all week guilt-free, as opposed to feeling like you’re not following your diet .

Are You Too Busy to Work Out? Me Too. - Born Fitness

Not a #GetShredded member, but a #StartStrong member; and I seriously couldn’t echo the comments of “pjthiel” more. One of the most selfless trainers out there. I cant tell you how many times I’ve told people how happy I am that I get to work with you. I know that if I have a problem, you’ll respond quickly. I know that if I have a success to share, you will be happy and excited with me. I can honestly say that when I get your emails, I know that you’re actually happy for me – and I can feel your smile all the way from California. That’s something you can’t fake. For your support, I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my fit little heart (that is currently housed inside my “built by #BornFitness abs” – well, close to, anyway. You know what I mean). Hope your next gym sess is wonderful – and that you give yourself as many Bulgarian squats as you give me

Late Night Carbs and Body Fat

Answer: No doubt the origin of this belief stems from the notion that carbohydrates simply turn into fat, especially carbohydrates that are not being used. However, the fact is the conversion of carbohydrates to fat, a process called de novo lipogenesis, does not occur to any significant degree in people (it does in rodents which is perhaps another origin of this myth). It would first take the glycogen stores in your body to be filled and then consuming 700-900 grams of carbs on top of this over the course of multiple days for de novo lipogenesis to occur at any significant degree as multiple studies have shown.

Ain't Nothing But a Peanut

According to a new study, talking to yourself may be the extra boost you need to enhance performance. Researchers allocated subjects to either a control group or a self-talk group. All subjects first completed an incremental power test to establish peak power output andthe subjects were asked to cycle to peak exhaustion. For the self-talk test, they were reminded to use positive self-talk statements. When comparing the self-talk with no talk, there were no physiological differences between the groups in respect to heart rate at exhaustion, and blood lactate concentration sampled three minutes after exhaustion between the two groups. They found that the motivational self-talk increased time to exhaustion by 17.9% from pretest to post-test but not in the control group. The researchers also found that the self-talk group had lower psychological distress than the control group.

Bench Press More Weight Fast

Rest at least two minutes between sets. Researchers found that men doing three-rep-max presses completed an average of two more reps after resting at least two minutes between sets, compared with one. Wear a stopwatch timer or carry a stopwatch to the gym to get maximum gains.

Get a Shredded Six Pack Quick

Sure, diet is the main component to having defined abs, but a little bit of work on them doesn’t hurt. Since we came to that realization, we asked Andrew Sakhrani, CSCS of Monster Gym in Montreal, Canada, for a routine to whip those abs into shape for summer.

6 Fitness Tests You Should Be Able to Pass

Spring is finally here, which means all of you students out there have finals coming up. For most of your classmates, that means lounging around for as long as possible before a series of grueling all-nighters fueled by caffeinated drinks and thoroughly processed salty snacks . Don’t let yourself go down that road—use your time wisely (at least go about it better than your roommates do). And, of course, don’t let exercise fall by the wayside through all those sedentary hours of reading and writing. Take a study break to take our "fitness final exam," assembled with the help and recommendations of trainer Dan Trink of Trink Fitness.

Zach Even - Esh - Subscribe & Get 3 FREE Muscle & Strength Training Courses Kick A** and Take names in Life AND Lifting. Highlights from The Underground Strength Gym. Thanks for taking time to watch my video and listen to my thoughts on life and lifting and Living The Code. Honesty Integrity Commitment Work Ethic Connect with me: http://UndergroundStrengthG... in Edison & Manasquan STORE: http://BodyweightBodybuildi... Show less

Bake The Best Macaroni And Cheese

See, when I was younger my father sometimes had to play the role of chef when my mom was working a late shift. With little kitchen skills, he’d turn to boxed mac ‘n’ cheese and, being a fat-fearing parent of the early-90’s, he’d leave out the butter. His version never tasted as good as Mom’s. Glenn Harris, chef of The Smith in New York City doesn’t cut back on the butter in his iconic macaroni and cheese recipe. He also uses whole milk and heavy cream. And he includes four—count ‘em—four types of cheese. He’s not apologetic about it. That’s because after one bite of the stuff, you’ll be silenced. You’ll close your eyes. You’ll chew slowly. You’ll enjoy.

5 Benefits of Casein Protein

You’re working out, paying close attention to your nutrition and staying on track to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. But, the question remains, how do you maximize your efforts? One thing you shouldn’t overlook is to ensure you’re always getting enough quality protein. If you’re a long-time Men’s Fitness reader, you probably already know that whey is your ideal pre and post-workout protein choice. However, what you may not know a great deal about are the numerous benefits of another protein: Casein. We’ve compiled a list of the five most important benefits of consuming casein.

5 Sex Myths She Believes

Some sex myths are just flat out ridiculous. While your girl knows (or should know) that having you wear two condoms is definitely not better than one, there are a few myths that might send her for a loop. Even as you get older and more experienced it’s not always easy to separate fact from fiction. Here are the five most commonly spread sex rumors—we’ve set the record straight.

The Facts (and Fiction) on Fat Loss

At some point, you just have to set the record straight and debunk all the nutritional myths floating around out there. But here’s the catch: some of those so-called myths are actually true! But which ones? To help you make sense of all the confusing rhetoric going back and forth, we’ve compiled 10 of the most common fat-burning quandaries and sought to apply one of two simple labels to each: fact or fiction.

The 15 Most Important Exercises For Men

This move is much like a biceps curl for the legs , and doesn't put any major joints at risk. It’s a great finishing move for hamstrings and the Swiss ball variant involves the glutes enough that makes it a great assistance move for bigger lifts like the deadlift.


METAFORCE by S.A.N. was created with the muscle hungry athlete in mind. Its special formulation is what sets METAFORCE apart from other protein-blend products today. METAFORCE contains a precise 6-Stage Fast & Controlled Multi-Dispersed Protein Matrix that is loaded with anabolic fats and virtually no carbohydrates. Being time-released makes METAFORCE an excellent adjunct as a nighttime protein or simply when one is forced to go on without food in sight (for 4-6 hours).

Lean Legs Pak (Athlete)

Best selling combo pak with diet, weights and cardio all in one. Most effective attack to get lean, defined, sculpted, head turning legs!

5 NO BS Training Tips & "Over The Edge" Workouts - Zach Even-Esh

In fact, even if you are younger OR older than me, you likely hear from everyone else… all the “experts”, that you shouldn’t do this or should do that…. bla bla bla

Exercise in Focus: Alternating Dumbbell Curl - MuscleMag

If the standing barbell curl is the reigning king of biceps bashing, the dumbbell curl is quietly biding its time for the throne. It directly engages the biceps through its main action — that is, to bend the arm at the elbow. Unlike the barbell, dumbbells don’t allow a weaker side to compensate for a stronger one, making it a vital move to correct strength imbalances, and allows for grip variations to vary the stress on the biceps muscle, all in the name of more complete development.

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Enter the Vitamix Green Light Giveaway

Rise Above Lean Mass Workout

I want you resting 1 to 2 minutes max in between sets. This will not only build up your muscular endurance, but ensure that you are in the gym to work and not to screw around. Even though you will be using heavier weight on the lower rep sets, always be mindful of proper form and make sure you are contracting the target muscle. If you can't feel the target muscle doing the work, lower the weight. You will be getting four days of weight training and three days off each week. You will need these days to rest and recover. Make sure you do just that because this is the time you are growing and allowing your system to rest before you get after it again.

Classic Workouts

Even names like Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl and Reg Park — as popular and influential as they were within the bodybuilding community — weren’t enough to spark the revolution that turned their sport from sideshow to main event. What bodybuilding needed was a kind of “perfect storm” of people, place and timing that equaled more than just the sum of its parts — to transcend other niche activities such as sword swallowing and move it into the realm of mainstream cultural phenomena. Fortunately for us, such a confluence would occur, in the late 1960s in Southern California, under the Machiavellian influence of Joe Weider, without whom it’s doubtful the amazing events taking place would ever have made their way beyond the sunny shores of the Pacific at Venice Beach.


Well Stangler, the best advice I can share with you as a wife of over 30 years is...if you want to get her to do this all for you, you must make her think it is her idea. Then it is a done deal and you will have to find a good way to reward her to keep it going for you. I am sure you will have no problem with this as long as you have your shirt off..:) Have a great day and let us know how it goes for your on this one.

Pro Training Series - Episode 1: Legs

Team Gaspari's Hidetada Yamagishi takes you inside the REAL hardcore workout of an IFBB Pro bodybuilder.  In the depths of his preparations to contend for the title at the Arnold Classic 212 ( click here for more about the Arnold Classic ), Hide had no time to act for the cameras - this is real PRO TRAINING, broken down step-by-step, so you can learn from the best and train like a pro.

FDX2 Build Burn Fat Build Muscle Vegan Style (Fitness)

The key to build muscle and burn fat is to hit that sweet spot of nourishing the muscles but not the fat cells. FDX2 is all about that!

Born Fitness Newsletter - Born Fitness

Magazines and fitness brands constantly go to me for information. So if you want to cut out the middle man and receive unfiltered information with no ads, then signup up below for my newsletter. You’ll discover:


Calum's best piece of advice: Start with compound exercises. It's the best way for any beginner to get started. It's how he started. "Compound exercises not only help you develop your back but also help with coordination and core strength," Calum says. Opt for moves like the deadlift—which targets your back, legs, and glutes—as opposed to an isolation back exercise like a stiff-arm pull-down.

Fat Burning, Floor-based Beatdown

If you can perform 3-4 runs through this circuit 3-4 days a week, you will quickly improve your overall fitness level while strengthening key muscle groups. As your body, heart and lungs become accustomed to the demands, you can add additional circuits (one per week), add reps (1-2 to each exercise per week) and/or reduce rest in between each exercise. A key to performing these exercises is keeping your core engaged throughout each movement.

Gladiator Story: HARD WORK Is The Best Feeling I've Had In My Entire Life - Zach Even-Esh

Zach's inspiration in training comes from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. His mission is to help You kick ass & take names in Life AND Lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks. Zach's Commitment To Your Success Is Unmatched. He Knows What It's Like To Go From A Weakling To An Unstoppable BEAST In Charge Of His Life, Business & Destiny. Zach Made It Happen Through The Iron and Now it's Your Turn!

11 Green Foods for Every Dude's Diet

You don't have to be Popeye to know that spinach is seriously good for you. It's your go-to green food for upping your intake of vitamin K, and if you want to double down on iron , then spinach has nearly two times as much as mostly every other green. You may not be trying to beat the bad guys and get Olive to fall for you, but eating spinach will boost your energy levels and ready you for whatever challenge awaits. Fit Food: The Benefits of Spinach>>>>

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