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Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014 - It's no fun trying to contain your enthusiasm as the Moon dashes into impulsive Aries and your 5th House of Creativity. You don't want to wait for the traffic light to change from red to green; you're ready to hit the gas pedal right now. Unfortunately, moving quickly lessens your chances for success. You have an incredible opportunity to do something significant today while also having fun. Push ahead with cautious determination instead of flying by the seat of your pants.

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The (Delicious) Mass-Gaining Diet

All you need to gain mass is a steady supply of calories, and the know-how to time your carbs properly. Here’s how it works: eat protein foods, fats, and vegetables up until your workout each day. After training, add carbs to the mix. The amount and type of carbs you eat will vary depending on what kind of training you did that day and when you did it (we have three options for morning, midday, and night trainees). You don’t need to count calories or measure exact portions. On your heaviest workout days and accessory sessions, you’ll be able to eat so-called “bad” carbs liberally— we’re talking all the sugary and starchy foods most experts say to steer clear of—without gaining appreciable fat.

The Top 15 Pushup Variations

. So it might be time to switch it up with a few new challenging moves. You'll feel more motivated, diversify the muscle groups you're hitting, and build muscle and strength in places your average-Joe pushup wouldn't even dream of touching. We tapped Anthony J. Yeung C.S.C.S. and strength coach at PUSH Private Fitness in Toluca Lake, CA, to see how many different variations he could come up with.

7 Early-Morning Stretches to Build a Better Body

Tired of waking up in the morning achy or constantly tight and sluggish? Chances are you're like everyone else who skips out on stretching. To start waking up with energy and safeguarding your body from injury, run through these seven quick and easy stretches for every muscle.

The Five-Move Anywhere Abs Workout

We don’t doubt your will to get 6-pack abs . Now, it’s time to be consistent and have them look the way you want them to— ripped . We caught up with IFBB men’s physique pro and certified personal trainer Pierre Vuala to see how he keeps his midsection shredded without even using equipment. “Whenever you do any ab workouts, it's always good to get all the air out as you squeeze at the point of full contraction,” Vuala says. No equipment ? No excuses.

Freaks Book Release Week

Hi there! If you’re even vaguely considering getting my new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth , but are on the fence, here’s my big attempt to convince you, especially since this week is a big week in ensuring the success of its release. So, it’s my job to entice you and convince you and it’s your job to see if this book is for you. Deal?

10 Pill-Free Ways to Manage Pain

Pushing your limits in the gym leads to solid gains, but it can sometimes, unfortunately, lead to pain due to pulls, strains, and other injuries. When you feel any type of pain in your muscles, tendons, or ligaments, it’s time to put down the weights and heal your body. This doesn’t mean popping a pill and calling it good. Instead, try some of these alternative ways to manage acute and chronic pain. Why go sans pills? Adam Graves, ND, LAc and founder of Colorado Natural Medicine , says that pills like Advil can help with inflammation in the short term, but they don’t help muscles heal and recover in the long term--and that's the end goal when it comes to keeping the body healthy and free of aches and pains.

5 Reasons to Never Neglect Water

Research has shown that water speeds up your metabolism, cleans the body of toxins and generally helps to make everything in your body run smoothly. Considering an adult male is usually 60 percent water, this all makes sense. You need that water to digest food, circulate blood, keep your mouth from drying out and do a number of other things we often take for granted. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty – be proactive about it.

15 Minutes to Bigger Arms

It doesn’t take long to blast your arms and spark new gun growth. The below six exercises are to be performed as two separate giant sets (three exercises per giant set) repeated twice, which, according to my math (see below) will take you a mere 15 minutes. All the best mass-building moves for arms are included here—from chins to dips to close-grip bench. To maximize efficiency, set up all of the exercises/stations before you start the workout so you can transition quickly between them.

Balls Out: The Perfect Muscle Building, Nutritious Snack

Build muscle in 15 minutes with this easy to prepare snack.

The Better Sex Meal Plan

Being active and healthy has a huge positive effect on your libido. So, if you're a little less "up" than usual and you want to give your energy between the sheets a little boost, try out this sample one-day meal plan to give you a energy in the sack this Valentine's Day and through the weekend.

The Big Chest Workout

The following six-week chest-building routine has you training the pecs twice a week and hitting the muscles from top to bottom with incline, flat-bench and decline exercises – four of them free weight pressing moves and one cable flye thrown in as a burnout finisher. The reps top out at 10 to encourage heavier weights and promote hypertrophy, and volume bumps up to 16 sets per workout in weeks 4-6 to maximize mass. Nothing fancy, nothing cute. Just simple and effective.

Body Shredding Burpees

There are a few different approaches to burpees , but the CF standard form is: 1) Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. 2) Drop into a squat, driving your hips back and down while reaching for the ground in front of you with your arms. 3) Transfer your weight to your hands, kick your feet back, and land in the top of a pushup position. 4) Immediately bring your feet back under you— ideally you can shoot your feet up in between your hands, with your legs almost extended. Jump vertically to finish the movement, then immediately begin the next rep.

Explode Your Guns with this Biceps Blasting Method

The IGYG method is super simple and easy to program. Two training partners will perform an exercise for a specific number of repetitions and will only rest while the other one is working. So, once one lifter is done with their reps, the other partner will immediately begin their set. They will go back and forth until the total number of target sets is completed.

A Day with "The Beast", Roelly Winklaar!

A day in the life with "The Beast", Roelly Winklaar! BSN athlete Roelly Winklaar answers all of  your questions and then takes you to the gym with him for a chest/bicep workout.

Brazilian Nuts - The One-Stop Shop for Selenium

Since megadoses of selenium can negatively impact your health, take no more than 400 mcg per day, the upper limit set by the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine (Washington, D.C.). In another nod to Brazil nuts, New Zealand researchers found that eating them was just as effective at raising selenium levels as taking a supplement. The scientists gave subjects either 100 mcg of selenium from a supp, 100 mcg of selenium through Brazil nuts or a placebo. After 12 weeks, the subjects taking the supplement or eating the nuts had blood levels of the mineral that were 60% higher. Both groups also showed increased blood levels of glutathione peroxidase, a critical antioxidant enzyme that depends on selenium to function properly.

Rookie Mistakes: The Overhead Press

MISTAKE 3: YOU'RE PUSH-PRESSING INSTEAD OF STRICT-PRESSING The standing press is a great way to improve absolute strength—as long as you don’t cheat. The push press involves a drive from the lower body to transfer more force into the bar, allowing you to move more weight overhead. Although it’s an explosive move, push-pressing too frequently won’t improve your standing press numbers and it won’t target your shoulders as much. Check your ego at the door and lower the weight by 15% so that you can strict-press with no help from the lower body to transfer forces.

E-Cigarettes: A Chance to Kick the Habit Or A Health Crises in the Making?

Fifty years after the landmark Surgeon General report that exposed the lethal effects of lighting up tobacco cigarettes, U.S. health officials and nicotine addicts are grappling with a new controversy: an invention we haven’t even begun to understand.

The Best Dumbbell Biceps Workout

HOW IT WORKS The workout starts with strict dumbbell curls. Since you’ll be fresh, youshould have no trouble giving each set your utmost focus, using only the strength in your biceps to complete your reps. The drag curl follows—another movement that relies on precise form and prevents your shoulders  or back from assisting. Later, you can loosen up, doing curls again but this time with intentional cheating. At this point, you’ll be tired and unable to execute reps with perfect technique anyway, so you’ll get a little help from your hips to power through your sticking point. Your biceps will still be working hard, and with most of your workout accomplished, all you need do now is top them off with blood to ensure the greatest growth.

The Complete Arnold

In his days as reigning Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger penned a monthly column, appropriately titled “Ask the Champ.” It appeared only in the Weider magazines, where readers could send him training questions and receive their answers directly from Arnold in this public forum. Today, the Austrian Oak writes a column, “Arnold’s Page,” in FLEX every month. Some months, questions are answered; other months, he discusses a training topic that should be of interest to a majority of our readers. Either way, it’s the same great information dispensed by the most famous bodybuilder the world has ever known. From the archives of Weider magazines dating back more than 30 years, we’ve compiled what we believe are some of the most compelling topics and questions Arnold has ever addressed. The result is a comprehensive, meat-andpotatoes Arnold Schwarzenegger training seminar.

Running Kills Junk Food Cravings

An hour of running may actually suppress junk-food cravings, says a study out of Scotland’s University of Aberdeen. After running on a treadmill for 60 minutes, volunteers viewed images of high- and low-calorie fare. MRI scans then showed that “following exercise, parts of the brain that control appetite began to ‘light up’ when viewing  low-calorie foods ”—meaning, the brain considered them rewarding—“but the rewarding aspect of high-calorie foods was suppressed,” says Daniel R. Crabtree, Ph.D., who led the research. “There was also a reduction in feelings of hunger and a desire to eat, and an increase in fullness.”

Shawn Rhoden's Back Attack

Typically, Rhoden starts his workout with barbell or T-bar rows—the sort of free-weight basics that helped his mentor (and supplement company employer) Ronnie Coleman construct arguably the best back ever unfurled. Still, unlike eight-time Mr. Olympia Coleman in his prime, this year’s Arnold Classic contender doesn’t stuf all the iron he can on the collar of a T-bar. “I typically go up to six  plates,” he says of T-bar rows. “I want to get a good range of motion, a good stretch, and then a full contraction. I don’t want to have to use momentum to get the weight up. And I don’t want to go so heavy that I can’t concentrate on my back and start using my biceps.”

7 Pick-Up Lines to Never Use

This misses the point a little bit. There’s no such thing as a perfect pick-up line that will get you the girl. All you can do with an opener is start the conversation on the right foot. But there are terrible pick-up lines that guarantee that you won’t get the girl. Stay away from these seven.

Old School Delt Development

Keeping the waist slim and tight to offset shoulder development is also tricky because you can work your abs so hard, (like I did mine) that they get thick and overshadow the width of the shoulders. One exercise I tell everyone NOT to do is side bends with weights. This also widens the oblique muscles around the waist and even though you think you’re reducing it, it’s actually getting bigger. However, wide shoulders can be achieved if approached properly. Years ago it was thought that the behind-the-neck press was the best way to develop the delts. We all did them and there was a guy in our gym that could actually do them with 315 lbs. That’s really strong, and he was thick and big, but his waist was twice the width of his shoulders. Over the years it was discovered that this exercise caused a lot of shoulder problems and arthritis because of its unnatural movement. At this point in my life I can’t even get my left arm back to grab the bar from doing these for so long. Many of us found alternative exercises to do in place of it though, such as the standing press with a bar, alternate dumbbell presses and Smith machine presses.

The Complete M&F Beginner's Training Guide

In the realm of fitness, three-month programs dominate the landscape. You’ve even seen plenty of them in this magazine over the years. Are they effective? Absolutely. But we’re going to let you in on an interesting secret: It doesn’t necessary take eight or 12 weeks to get your feet wet in the gym. Not that you’ll be a seasoned vet after four weeks, but if you can just get that first month under your belt, you’ll get yourself over the proverbial hump where so many fail and give up, and set the stage for a lifetime of gains. Let’s just call this the accelerated beginner’s guide to bodybuilding. In this plan, your first month of training will be demanding, but not so demanding as to cause injury (or worse yet, burnout), and progressive in the sense that each week you’ll graduate to different exercises, higher volume, more intensity or all of the above. After four weeks you’ll not only be ready for the next challenge but you’ll have built a significant amount of quality muscle. In other words, one month from now you’ll look significantly better with your shirt off than you look now.

7 Ways to Improve Flexibility

Improving your bending ability is crucial for more than just preventing injury. In fact, flexibility training is an important aspect of gaining strength and size. The typical lifter spends most of their day outside of the gym hunched forward over a computer further deteriorating any chance at proper posture. Outside of just preventing injury, having better posture helps to show off the muscular physique you worked so hard to build. Proper flexibility also goes hand in hand with full range of motion exercises like squats and deadlifts, which are major muscle builders . Having tight hips and shoulders is a limiting factor for proper form on these exercises and can limit your program.

Behind the Bar: All About Bourbon

The mint julep—bourbon, sugar, mint, and crushed ice—is among the most popular cocktails you can make with bourbon. It’s also become the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. “The light and fresh taste became associated with spring, so it only seemed natural to enjoy it at the Derby,” says Veach. The Old Fashioned, made with bourbon, water, sugar, bitters, and sometimes fruit, is also a popular drink. And we can’t forget about the Manhattan—bourbon, mixed with sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters.

Hormone Control

A number of bodybuilders have e-mailed me requesting the same thing: “Can you check out my precontest diet?” Time and again, their approach to dieting is the same: no carbs. A no-carb or very-low-carb plan can be effective — it almost always means fewer calories, so that’s a plus. It also means insulin, a potentially fat-storing hormone, is controlled. But it doesn’t guarantee a ripped fat-free physique. Getting ripped is about controlling calories while simultaneously keeping hormones in balance. That’s what this article is about — providing the guidelines for a hormonal profile that will keep your metabolic rate humming to burn bodyfat. Here’s the data on six main hormones you need to know about.

5 Ways To Improve Workout Density

Perform more work in less time with these novel approaches to building a better physique.

Strength and Fortitude

Dave Henry pretty much has it all right now.  He’s an Olympia 202 Showdown winner, he’s on the verge of retirement from the military at the ripe old age of 39, he has a beautiful wife and a young daughter, he never does any cardio for a show, and he has plans for a second career on the East Coast, where he’s building a house. Henry is driven in all facets of his life, and has little time or patience for those whose work ethic or integrity don’t match his own. Not only is his physique getting better as he gets older, his strength consistently improves year after year—a rarity once one hits the pro ranks and the amount of weight lifted becomes secondary to aesthetics. He’s called the Giant Killer for a very good reason. But he’s made some big changes over the past year, which paid dividends at the 2013 Olympia 212 Showdown.

Winter Mass Meal Plan

FLEXonline has everything you need to GROW this winter!  Start with the WINTER MASS PLAN PART 1 (click here) and  WINTER MASS PLAN PART 2 (click here) . Thn learn the 10 RULES to EATING FOR MASS (click here) .  Once you've got that down, you're ready for the WINTER MASS ATTACK MEAL PLAN and here it is:

5 Form Flaws You Need to Correct Now

MISTAKE 3: JUMPING DOWN FROM BOX JUMPS CrossFit has popularized the box jump, and it’s awesome for building power and athleticism. The problem is not so much how you perform it but rather what you do after each rep. To get off the box more quickly and begin the next rep sooner, some people jump. It may not seem like a big deal, but repeatedly hopping off a surface two or more feet above the floor can up the load on your joints twofold or more, boosting the risk of an Achilles tendon tear. What’s more, most folks don’t land athletically— with their feet flat and hips bent to absorb the force. Instead, they land with their weight shifting to one foot and feet turned out.

The Triton Jewelry Sweepstakes

The Triton Jewelry Sweepstakes

Ben Pakulski on Paleo Diets

Visit - - Ben Pakulski Goes Paleo? The Paleo Diet In BodyBuilding. In this video, IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski explains the Paleo Diet, also know as the Caveman diet. Can the paleo diet be used in bodybuilding? See here...

H.U.G.E. Superiority Complex

Well, supersetting is not the be-all and end-all of training techniques, but it’s certainly in the conversation when you’re talking about the most effective ways to increase your intensity. Supersets are simply two sets of different exercises performed one after the other without resting between the two. Officially, under the Weider Training Principles vernacular, “supersets” refers to sets done alternately for opposing muscle groups, such as triceps and biceps, and “compound sets” refers to doing two movements for the same muscle group; these days, however, “supersets” is the more commonly used term for any back-to-back exercise combo.

5 Best Meats to Throw on the Grill

Not to scare you away from the grill this season, but facts are facts. Over-charring, over-smoking, even keeping an unkempt grill can affect the nutritional content of your meat. A clean grill coupled with some efficient cooking is key in serving the best quality food to your family and friends.


MuscleTech Platinum 100% Whey at

Platinum 100% Whey is powered by an impressive amino acid profile that delivers 5.5g of BCAAs, 4g of glutamine and precursor (to help replenish amounts lost during intense training and support recovery and growth), and 11.6g of EAAs (essential amino acids only available through supplementation or food, since we don’t make these in our bodies).

Photo Shoot with Flexatron!

Come behind-the-scenes with FLEX Magazine and photographer Per Bernal for a photo shoot with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden.


Prior to spotting someone's bench press, you need to know if they want a "lift off." This refers to helping them unrack the weight. It's a common practice in powerlifting competitions, since the racked bar is located where the lifter is weaker, and it may require significant effort to bring out. If they wish for a lift off, take a grip on the bar with both hands on the bar inside of theirs. Wait for their count, and then give them significant help to bring the bar over their starting position. Once it's there, gradually let off. Typically, a verbal cue lets the lifter and spotter know when the weight gets transferred. For example, my spotter knows to fully release the bar when I say "my weight."

Jon Jones' Key to Success: “I think I’m a little arrogant”

“I think I am,” he said during a press luncheon Monday in New York before his bout with Glover Teixiera Saturday at UFC 172. “I think I am a little arrogant. The thing about me, I say all the time is, I notice that I’m full of myself and I’m arrogant to some degree, but it’s obviously only when it comes to talking about MMA, where literally, I do the wildest stuff.”

The Best Bodyweight Workout of All Time

HOW IT WORKS The circuit we’ve designed here doesn’t let up. When you train any squat variation, plus the pullup and the dip, you work nearly every muscle in your body, and your heart will race to supply them with blood and oxygen. Performing a decreasing number of reps—10 to 1—helps you keep the workout going despite being fatigued and builds the endurance that ultimately leads to being able to rattle off a high number of reps in one shot. In addition to getting you leaner, feel free to use this workout to  win bar bets about how many pullups you can do.

10 Best Moves to Lose Your Love Handles

You’ve tried situps, cardio, and dumbbell side bends, but nothing seems to get rid of that stubborn belly fat on your sides. Commonly called “love handles,” this area of your torso is part of the waist-to-hip ratio, an indicator of overall health. If you have too much cushion around your waist, ask yourself, "How hard am I really working in the gym?" To get the best moves for a slim torso , we asked Sadik Hadzovic, IFBB Men’s Physique professional for his 10 favorite exercises to keep love handles away. "This workout is effective because it's fast paced and designed to target both the rectus abdominals and the transverse abdominals," says Hadzovic. "To burn fat you must do more then just crunches and situps; You need to recruit your entire body to enter a thermogenic state that leads to an accelerated rate of fat loss." Complete your dream physique with these 10 moves that will carve up your core fast.

Interview with Ed Nunn Before the 2014 Arnold Classic Brazil

Candice Lewis and Oksana Grishina interview Ed Nunn on the eve of the 2014 Arnold Classic Brazil!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.

At the end of the day, in the grand scheme of the universe, does the thing you are worrying about really matter. This time next year, or even next month, will you be worrying about the same thing? Or even remember what you were worrying about? Chances are that you won’t be. If that’s true, then it’s not something you need to be concerning yourself over.


Dr. Robert Goldman Says "The Martial Arts Kid" Is "A Historical and Impactful Endeavor"

Dr. Robert Goldman has earned many titles and awards through his remarkable life and is a man with impeccable credentials and a sterling reputation. He has rubbed shoulders with Hollywood icons like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even more impressive, he has had a seat at the table with people with the power to change the world, like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Time to Man Up

Some supplements provide temporary benefits to help get you through your workouts. Others help you achieve long-term goals— and a third category can aid both. Testosterone boosters fit into this third category. The right T-boosters can help you power through workouts, increase muscle mass, and also help stave of the more noticeable—and unwanted—signs of aging: lower sex drive, greater body-fat accumulation, and reduced lean mass. If you’re at an age when you’re starting to worry about your T-levels, the supps at right can help.

2014 Arnold Brazil: Behind-the-Scenes Friday, Part 1

2014 Arnold Brazil: Behind-the-Scenes Friday, Part 1

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