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Unlock Gains With a Shorter Range of Motion

Try it on a variety of compound and isolation moves. For example, on dumbbell overhead presses, lower the weights until you feel a mild stretch in your shoulders, but don’t go all the way down; then press them back up three-quarters of the way. Because the weights aren’t supported by the joints or connective tissues on either end of the range of motion, the muscles (in this instance, the deltoids) work at their max throughout the entire set.

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Lift Heavy for More Muscle

Get stuck in such a rut and your results are bound to level off, to plateau. At this point, it’s about time to switch things up. If you’re like me, you’re not a fan of high reps – sets of 15, 20+ – so the only other option for changing things up from a rep-count standpoint is to decrease reps, which naturally means you’ll have to go a little heavier than you’re used to with 8-12 reps.   When my routine starts to get a little stale, one thing I love doing is working in heavy sets. Not necessarily sets of one, two or three reps (I’m not a powerlifter), but rather sets of five and six reps. Going heavy like this, I feel, gives the body a different training stimulus to promote plateau-busting. Plus, I just like the way my muscles feel when they’ve handled some heavier weights – they feel stronger, of course, but also a bit harder, and I feel leaner, too. I like that.

5 Reasons to Start Meditating Now

Shut down your brain for 10 to 20 minutes every day and your life will drastically change for the better.

Master This Move: Dips - The Upper Body Cure

To get started, simply perform three sets of as many reps as you can without training to failure. Do this twice per week—on your chest or triceps days if you follow a body-part split, or on your bench days if you train on an upper/lower schedule. For each workout, try to exceed the number of reps you performed the week before, adding extra sets if necessary.

10 Best Ways to Get Better Sleep

With beeping smartphones, crying babies and the distractions of work and relationship issues, getting a “good night’s sleep” is a tall order these days. Although deep sleep —also known as slow-wave sleep and essential for physical restoration—and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep—a lighter type of sleep that restores the mind—are both important, a helpful strategy would be to focus on “solid, unbroken sleep,” says J. Todd Arnedt, Ph.D., associate professor and director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the University of Michigan.

Retro Athlete: Markus Rühl

“I like being a freak. It’s a compliment when people go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ seeing my size.” So said Markus Rühl a few months before he finished fifth in the 2004 Mr. Olympia. Usually, those people weren’t saying, “Ooh.” They were saying, “Rüüühl!” The German Rühl was immensely popular with fans, if not judges, for his unabashed quest to cram as much mass as possible onto his wide, 5'10" frame. A late starter but fast riser, he didn’t begin serious workouts until he was a skinny 20-year-old, but five years later he flexed in his first pro contest.

Get a Ripped Lower Body with this 15-Minute, No-Frills Leg Workout

You probably want your leg-training sessions to be over with as quickly as possible. In this no-frills workout, the exercises go from most demanding on your nervous system to least, enhancing your power and leg strength before torching your quads with a classic squat.

Five Ways to Spot a Good Wine

Swirl and sniff. Here's where two rules of tasting 101 come into play. Does it have nice legs? You know those slender lines of liquid that slowly drip down the sides of the glass. Legs mean little when it comes to a good wine, but it can clue you in on its alcohol content. Sniff. What do you smell? Honey? Peppers? Apple? Oak? Chances are, the more you smell, the better the wine may taste. "Juicy impressions of three types of fruit or aromas of three things (that you like) the nose knows," says wine industry veteran Tim McDonald. "I am a big believer of sniffing and swirling; the taste is confirming what you sense. Good [wine] is the combo of all of it, the sum of the parts. If you think it's bad, it probably is."


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3 Compound Combination Moves for Total Body Fitness

Increase power, endurance and muscle mass throughout your body with these efficient compound moves.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Weekend Is Take a Long Drive by Yourself

Even if you don’t find your own private racetrack, that’s okay, because if you’re drawn to the road, the drive is the prize. It could be a quick lap around the neighborhood to untangle some mental knot, or a spontaneous, hours-long tour through Nowheresville for some torque-inspired contemplation of life’s mysteries.

Fighter Diet BLOW OUT SALE

Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

Final Mens 212 Mozolani Pro Classic 2015

Final Mens 212 Mozolani Pro Classic 2015

Gal Ferreira Yates on Twitter

Preparing the cocktail named 'Viagra' at my friend's party!

The Best Places to Party in America

We know you bring the fun with you wherever you go, but if you're looking for some nightlife inspiration, consider one of these lively locales.

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Is it as political for you as a pro as it was when you were an amateur bodybuilder? @PHILHEATH

Low Cable Shrug

Low Cable Shrug

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Big thank you to @MuscleMeds for making sure everyone walks away with a goodie bag full of products and samples!

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Monster Thigh Construction

Perform this exercise with one leg at a time, and with your torso angled slightly inward. Thus, if you were to work your right leg you would angle your body toward the left at around 30 degrees off center. This bodily position will also cause your hips, thigh, and foot to be angled inward as well, which is exactly how you want to remain throughout the set. Make sure to bring the weight down slowly and under complete control (as this can be a precarious position for your pelvic structure) so that your knee ends up at about the middle of your chest at the bottom of the movement. As you push upward try to do so with the power of your outer thigh (vastus lateralis) and glute, literally squeezing all the way to the top of the movement. This is not an exercise that should be done with heavy weights, so try and stick with a rep range of 10-12.