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The 15 best exercises to target your love handles

These moves (plus 2 bonus workout finishers) are designed to incinerate fat and carve your core.

Follow me along during my 2012 off-season and pre-contest preps in a never before seen format with over 95 minutes of 12 grueling workouts plus...

Sexy Back: Jessie Hilgenberg Back Workout

Start building your back with IFBB Figure Pro Jessie Hilgenberg's video back workout!

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How I Got In My Best Shape Ever At Age 55

In my early 30s, my career took a sudden turn. I had been running a ymca weight room and doing personal training on the side (though it wasn't called "personal training" yet). At a weightlifting competition in queens, new york, i met dr. Fred hatfield, who at the time was just launching his latest brainchild, the international sports sciences association (issa), now a respected personal training certification agency. I'm not sure exactly what i said to him or how i managed to convince him i had any value at all, but six months later, i was sitting in santa barbara helping fred's partner, dr. Sal arria, with issa.

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The 10 People That Drive Gym Owners Crazy | T Nation

Now, to those who needed to do cardio, this must've been annoying. But, I didn't care. I cared so little, in fact, that I didn't bother warning him about the puddle of sweat HE was about to dip the back of his head in. He was getting ready to do some dumbbell presses on a bench and there was a giant sweat puddle left on it by the previous inconsiderate asshole. By this time, cardio sweat man had dried himself off, changed his shirt and was ready to crack off some big reps with a pair of 30s.

The Single Biggest Diet Mistake | T Nation

First, we have to look at what most fat-loss diets have in common. Diets make you stop (or greatly reduce) eating what we'll call "obvious crap" – the junk food, the treats, etc. You know, the stuff that everyone knows isn't doing them any good, and the stuff they only seem to stop stuffing down their gullets when they're "on a diet."

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The Men's Fitness guide to the top 30 muscle-building foods

Fermented dairy products like kefir are a little-known magic bullet for muscle building. Kefir is the perfect addition to any muscle-building blender bomb, providing distinct nutritional advantages over water or regular milk. If you usually use water in your shakes, 1 cup of kefir will add 150 calories to your diet. Compared to regular milk, kefir will allow your meal to be more easily digested due to the presence of probiotics (up to 10 billion good bacteria per cup). These healthy bacteria will help keep your digestive track running at peak condition so it can break down and assimilate a maximum amount of calories and nutrients from your meals.

Tip: The Coregasm is Real | T Nation

In the past, many women have been baffled about this phenomenon. About 20 percent said they couldn't control their experiences and were reluctant to train in a public gym. Many felt guilty or thought something was wrong with them. This study shows that it's very common, and except for being, well, weird, it's not a sign that anything is wrong.

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Tip: The Most Painful (and Effective) Way to Squat | T Nation

There are a lot of techniques for building stubborn muscle groups and correcting strength deficiencies, but the "one-and-a-half eccentric isometrics" method is hard to beat. It's a combo of two effective techniques: the 1.5 method and eccentric isometrics – slow negatives followed by a pause in the stretched position. Here's how it looks with squats:

Instagram post by Shawn Ray • Apr 3, 2017 at 2:26am UTC

Tip: Stop Being Needy and Self-Obsessed | T Nation

The only thing you're inspiring is blood flow to lonely penises and "send nudes" direct messages. I just don't think many women are inspired to work out or eat better because you took a progress photo of your crotch. Just admit that you need the attention. Psychologically, that's healthier than pretending you're someone's "inspiration."

Tip: Do This First, Trigger More Muscle Growth | T Nation

One of the prevailing theories about resistance training and muscle growth has to do with tapping into stubborn Type II muscle fibers. You generally need to exhaust Type 1 fibers before you can access the Type II fibers, but those Type II fibers often resist your attempt to get at them. Metaphorically, they keep their legs crossed, and conventional sets of 3 x 8 only get you so far.

The Single Biggest Diet Mistake | T Nation

First, we have to look at what most fat-loss diets have in common. Diets make you stop (or greatly reduce) eating what we'll call "obvious crap" – the junk food, the treats, etc. You know, the stuff that everyone knows isn't doing them any good, and the stuff they only seem to stop stuffing down their gullets when they're "on a diet."

Tip: Build Better Lats With Cables | T Nation

In this case, a machine is better than free weights. Check this out.

The Intermix: Your 4-week build and burn plan

Two main workouts focus on muscle-building and are centered around the big five lifts: squat, deadlift, bench press, row, and overhead press. Three complementary workouts will break up the weight-training days and have been designed for fat-burning and endurance. You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds: a body that’s simultaneously being worked to build and burn while building strength and size.

10 Thrilling Moments from the Ultimate WrestleMania

In a match for Jericho's United States Championship, Owens set out to prove himself the better wrestler, and take the title in the process. Owens and Jericho would trade high-impact moves such as a Double Underhook into a Power Bomb by Owens, and a Top-Rope Frankensteiner by 'Y2J', but the finish came when Owens put Jericho out of action with a further power bomb—dropping his opponent back-first into the side of the ring.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Brock Lesnar dethrones John Cena as highest-paid wrestler in 2017, according to ‘Forbes’

AJ Styles, who's mesmerized the WWE Universe as "The Phenomenal One" since his debut in last year's Royal Rumble, comes in at #6 with an impressive $2.4 million—beating out a number of veterans including Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. Shane McMahon follows right behind at #7, after his return to WWE as the commissioner of  Smackdown Live!

Build Your Chest So It's Aways Visible

Of course your pecs are going to elongate when you raise your arms, but truly dense, powerful pectoral muscles don’t vanish outright. They should still be thick under the clavicle by the shoulder and slope downward to the solar plexus. Look at Steve Reeves’ chest, or Reg Park’s, or mine—our pecs still looked well developed even when we hit poses that weren’t intended to feature them.

Tip: You're Doing This Stretch Wrong | T Nation

To me, the couch stretch is a "hip opener" but it's not just a stretch for tight hips. Think about it this way: If you can increase your capacity to open your hips you'll be able to access the full potential of your glutes. That little bit of extra drive could be the difference in you locking out a one rep max deadlift or getting a no-lift.

Instagram post by Andrew Wary CSCS • Apr 4, 2017 at 1:25am UTC

Tip: Fix Your Shoulders, Bench Heavier | T Nation

You've probably heard that you must drive your shoulder blades down into the bench to "stabilize" them in order to press without pain. While this is true to some extent, what eventually ends up happening is an exaggeration causing poor positioning at the shoulder blades, leaving you in more pain than before.

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24 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

Active people ask more from their bodies. You can get most of the nutrition you need through a smart diet. But for the rest, a multivitamin can be one of the most important supplements in your stack.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017 - Normally, you're more than happy to go along with a friend on a little adventure. But today you're strangely aware of your looming responsibilities, making it difficult to say yes and feel good about it. Listen to your conscience; it's best to politely decline now and get to work. It's surprisingly gratifying to delay the fun while you dig into the list of chores you typically avoid. French author Gustave Flaubert wrote, "Pleasure is found first in anticipation, later in memory."

Tip: Use This to Safely Elevate Testosterone | T Nation

Another study, conducted in South Africa about the same time as the one above, found that Eurycoma, unlike steroids, doesn't shrink the testicles or enlarge the prostate. The researchers discovered this by either giving rats low but still huge, off-the-scale doses of Eurycoma longifolia, or doses of Eurycoma that were larger still (the human equivalent of up to 12 to 16 grams per day).

'50 Shades Darker' Actress Dakota Johnson Stuns in White-Hot One Piece

Actress Dakota Johnson relaxes by the ocean wearing a white one-piece swimsuit while vacationing with friends in Miami, Florida.

Guardian Muscles: 3 exercises to strengthen your calves and feet

Don't let shin splints or a Charley horse sideline your running routine. Power up your tibialis, peroneus, and foot extensors with these essential moves.

Z-12™ Deep, Refreshing, Restful Sleep Formula - Biotest

The typical experience with Z-12™ results in falling into a deep, restful, uninterrupted sleep within 15 minutes of taking two capsules at bedtime, and waking up the next morning entirely refreshed without the least bit of grogginess.

7 Ways to Make Your Biceps Workout Harder

Heaving up heavy weight with herky-jerky form may look impressive to newbies, but those who train hard understand proper form always trumps heavy weight. ”When your form is terrible your biceps look terrible,” Friedman says. “Instead of creating a nice shape for your arms, you’ll get bulky, blocky biceps because there was no focus on the tension. Try doing five seconds with the concentric phase and five seconds with the eccentric phase. And if that’s not a challenge, try five seconds up and 10 seconds down.”

The Mystery of High Intensity Training - Revealed!

Mark Dugdale's high-intensity training strategy.

Tip: Do This First, Trigger More Muscle Growth | T Nation

One of the prevailing theories about resistance training and muscle growth has to do with tapping into stubborn Type II muscle fibers. You generally need to exhaust Type 1 fibers before you can access the Type II fibers, but those Type II fibers often resist your attempt to get at them. Metaphorically, they keep their legs crossed, and conventional sets of 3 x 8 only get you so far.

Cor-Performance Whey by Cellucor at - Best Prices on Cor-Performance Whey!

Cellucor just changed their formula and I had no idea it requires 2 scoops to get LESS protein!!! I have been taking 1 scoop for the last 2 weeks after I got my protein. Just realized today it requires 2 scoops, what a crock!! 2lbs used to be serving size of 1 scoop with 25g protein PER scoop, the new protein is 24g protein for TWO scoops!! Not to mention it is now more calories, more sodium and more cholesterol. Total rip off. By the way the picture when I purchased was the OLD bottles, so I had no idea, I should be refunded AND the CURRENT description says 24g of protein in 1 scoop, which is FALSE. I will be purchasing Dymatize moving forward, Cellucor this change was a bad idea esp to your loyal customers. Only reason I gave 2 instead of 1 is because the flavors are at least decent.

The 10x10 shred extension workouts

Whether you've heard of it or not, German Volume Training, or GVT for short, has been around the weightlifting world since the 70s. The idea between GVT is to overload your muscles with extreme volume, but with fewer exercises. The traditional setup you'd see would most likely be three main, compound exercises performed for a total of 10 sets at 10 repetitions each. Between each set you'd see a modest amount of rest—roughly a minute or two. And, as expected, the amount of weight used would need to be on the lighter side or else you'll burn out early. On paper, it doesn't sound too bad, but you'll soon realize that 300 reps is a ton of reps, and even more so when they are big-boy exercises. You may also see a couple isolation exercises thrown in for 3 sets at 10 repetitions each. For this particular mini-plan, we've modified traditional GVT. It's somewhat of a mutant.

Instagram post by Fouad 'Hoss' Abiad • Apr 4, 2017 at 12:30am UTC

Keep Your Gut Functioning Properly

One key to keeping them on your side and not turning into an unruly mob of harmful bacteria is to continuously add in more good guys to keep the baddies in check. And that means you should be getting plenty of foods that feature probiotics. Load up on naturally fermented foods like live culture yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, etc.

The 20 Best Forearm Exercises of All Time

Training your forearms serve two main purposes: increasing strength in other exercises (such as the deadlift) and making your upper body more symmetrical. Failing to train forearms results in less grip strength and for some people, simply put, skinny-looking arms. Target this highly important body part with these 20 forearm exercises.

The minimal-equipment, quick-hitting 'No Excuses' workout plan

When you “can’t commit” to working out, is it because a) you don’t have time, b) you don’t have enough equipment, or c) both? If you said yes to any of those, it’s time to rethink your routine—and, frankly, lose the excuses. Because the truth is, even if you have only one weight and just a few minutes, you can still get ripped with these kick-ass routines. So next time we test you, let’s hope you have the right answer.

The Killer Kettlebell Workout to Lose Weight and Get the Perfect Body

The Killer Kettlebell Workout to Lose Weight and Get the Perfect Body

3 tips for nailing the front squat

Doing goblets squats is a good way to segway into the front squat, as they require a load placement in front of the body. The front load allows for a much more vertical torso, meaning more forward knee tracking, and ultimately a deeper depth. The goblet squat will improve your hip mobility and enforce an upright stance while squatting.

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Build rock-hard muscle and get the size you're looking for with this workout from the @humanfitproject :

The 3-day full-body detox workout program

Forget the headache and upset stomach—a little aspirin, some water, a mid-day nap, and you'll be fine. No, it's those 600-800 empty calories you put in your diet (and that's just from the beer). Once you've shaken yourself back to reality and gotten over the guilt, it's time to get back at it in the gym. That's where the DETOX plan comes in.

6 ways to lose fat faster

Reinvent your cardio workouts with these six tricks to help drop pounds and flab more quickly.

SciVation Quake 10.0 at Best Prices for Quake 10.0

Taste: Scivation products always perform in this department. Definitely one of the best tasting pre's I've tried. The only fallback is you can't really taste the watermelon or bubblegum flavor. When searching for it, you can kind of taste the watermelon flavor. That's why the 9/10. With that said, it mixes really easy and leaves behind no grit, debris, or excess foam. Is definitely easy to drink as the flavor is very good and doesn't leave any bad taste in your mouth. It has 7g bcaas, 6g l-citrulline, 2g Peak O2, 1.5g l-car, 350mg caffeine, 1.5g arginine nitrate, as well other ingredients. serving size is 2 scoops, and I found myself doing 1.5 scoops to get the best benefit. This gives me endurance, and gives me awesome pumps all while helping with recovery! I am totally in the zone and feeling good with this. It gets 9/10 because of the price, especially if you are taking 2 scoops but if you want a top notch product then you're going to have to pay up for it. Awesome product and absolutely recommend this.

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Ladies, you will get a kick out of these fit-girl problems nobody talks about! #Bodybuildingcom

9 Foods That Will Kill Your Sex Drive

Yes, bad breath is a turn off when you’re trying to seduce your partner but don’t turn to mint for the quick fix. The menthol that’s found in mint has been linked to lowering t-levels, leaving you with little to no sex drive.

Are you getting quality, muscle-building sleep? Answer these 4 questions to find out.

Are you getting enough quality sleep to allow your body to repair and build new muscle? Answer these questions from the National Sleep Foundation to rate your Z’s. If you can’t say yes to at least three, your health—and strength gains—may be suffering.

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7 cheap sources of healthy protein

If you still want your meat, (and its high protein content) but don't want to shell out for the stuff behind the seafood or meat counter, here's your best option. A single, five-ounce can of tuna yields almost 30 grams of protein. However, studies have shown that mercury found in tuna can be harmful to your health. According to the FDA you can safely eat 5.6 ounces of Albacore tuna per week and 16.4 ounces of light tuna.

Four Strategies to Muscle Up Your Forearms

We regularly make the point to hardgainers that, since you’re not a pro bodybuilder, you shouldn’t train like one. Nowhere is the truth of this maxim more evident than in the flesh between the wrists and the elbows. Many Mr. Olympia competitors don’t directly train forearms; some never have. They rely instead on superior genetics and the indirect stimulation of gripping during back and biceps exercises. Forget what they don’t do, and focus instead on what you should do — train your forearms as frequently as your deltoids, and guard against complacency. Why should your lower arms grow if you merely pump out the same lackluster sets of wrist curls at the end of every arm routine?

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