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Follow me along during my 2012 off-season and pre-contest preps in a never before seen format with over 95 minutes of 12 grueling workouts plus...

Powerlifting: The Greatest Sport in the World

A short list of why Powerifting is the World's Greatest Sport.

The 15 best exercises to target your love handles

These moves (plus 2 bonus workout finishers) are designed to incinerate fat and carve your core.

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4 Common Myths About Women And Fitness

You've probably heard them all: Training will make women bulky. Spot reduction works. Eat whatever you want as long as you exercise. Read on to separate fact from fiction.

Tip: The Kneeling Scrape-the-Rack Press | T Nation

One exercise I like to use with clients is the legless or tall kneeling scrape the rack press. By kneeling on the ground you take the lower back out of the equation, which automatically makes it more challenging because it's harder to cheat. Moreover, because you're pressing INTO the rack you'll get more serratus activation and anterior core recruitment which will nudge you into a little more posterior pelvic tilt (better overall alignment).

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The 10 People That Drive Gym Owners Crazy | T Nation

Now, to those who needed to do cardio, this must've been annoying. But, I didn't care. I cared so little, in fact, that I didn't bother warning him about the puddle of sweat HE was about to dip the back of his head in. He was getting ready to do some dumbbell presses on a bench and there was a giant sweat puddle left on it by the previous inconsiderate asshole. By this time, cardio sweat man had dried himself off, changed his shirt and was ready to crack off some big reps with a pair of 30s.

5 Today's Workout

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4 New Deadlifts You Gotta Try | T Nation

It's hard to build or strengthen any one specific area with run-of-the-mill deadlifts. Nothing gets in a really lengthened state in conventional deadlifts, and everything in the back – from the traps to the lats to the thoracic extensors – functions only in a static or isometric state throughout the movement. That's what these muscles are supposed to do: protect the spine by holding it in a neutral position.

5 Keys To Firing Up Fat Loss While Still Kicking Ass

Putting a focus on weight-loss can sometimes mean slogging through workouts that feel anything but "high performance." It doesn't have to be that way! Here's how Craig Capurso keeps chasing lifting goals while staying lean.

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Post-Workout Carbs: Best Choices To Grow & Recover!

There are really only two times of the day to take in simple carbohydrates: first thing in the morning and after your workout. Let's look at our options and the Glycemic Index of these options...

Tip: The Coregasm is Real | T Nation

In the past, many women have been baffled about this phenomenon. About 20 percent said they couldn't control their experiences and were reluctant to train in a public gym. Many felt guilty or thought something was wrong with them. This study shows that it's very common, and except for being, well, weird, it's not a sign that anything is wrong.

Tip: Improve Ankle Mobility Fast | T Nation

Do this before leg day and you'll feel the difference in your squats and deadlifts.


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Tip: Fix Your Shoulders, Bench Heavier | T Nation

You've probably heard that you must drive your shoulder blades down into the bench to "stabilize" them in order to press without pain. While this is true to some extent, what eventually ends up happening is an exaggeration causing poor positioning at the shoulder blades, leaving you in more pain than before.

Tip: The Most Painful (and Effective) Way to Squat | T Nation

There are a lot of techniques for building stubborn muscle groups and correcting strength deficiencies, but the "one-and-a-half eccentric isometrics" method is hard to beat. It's a combo of two effective techniques: the 1.5 method and eccentric isometrics – slow negatives followed by a pause in the stretched position. Here's how it looks with squats:

Tip: Stop Being Needy and Self-Obsessed | T Nation

The only thing you're inspiring is blood flow to lonely penises and "send nudes" direct messages. I just don't think many women are inspired to work out or eat better because you took a progress photo of your crotch. Just admit that you need the attention. Psychologically, that's healthier than pretending you're someone's "inspiration."

Tip: Do This First, Trigger More Muscle Growth | T Nation

One of the prevailing theories about resistance training and muscle growth has to do with tapping into stubborn Type II muscle fibers. You generally need to exhaust Type 1 fibers before you can access the Type II fibers, but those Type II fibers often resist your attempt to get at them. Metaphorically, they keep their legs crossed, and conventional sets of 3 x 8 only get you so far.

Are You Making These Nine Beginner Mistakes?

Record everything in your workout: what exercises you did, what weight you used, how many reps you did, etc. Also, track your physique by taking photos and measuring your bodyweight, circumference, and body fat percentage periodically. This will highlight your successes and failures so you can adjust your exercise program and diet to upgrade your results.

Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

Eligibility:  The Twitter contest (the “Contest”) is open to Twitter members who are eighteen (18) years of age and older at the time of entry (“Contestant”). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union, or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant’s participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children, and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017 - Normally, you're more than happy to go along with a friend on a little adventure. But today you're strangely aware of your looming responsibilities, making it difficult to say yes and feel good about it. Listen to your conscience; it's best to politely decline now and get to work. It's surprisingly gratifying to delay the fun while you dig into the list of chores you typically avoid. French author Gustave Flaubert wrote, "Pleasure is found first in anticipation, later in memory."

9 muscle-building no-cook recipes

Whether it's just too freaking hot to turn on the oven or you just don't feel like cooking, whip up these muscle-building meals without lighting a flame. That's right: There are plenty of ingredients you can simply meld together to create delicious, filling, and healthy meals in minutes sans any heat at all. Here are nine.

The Men's Fitness guide to the top 30 muscle-building foods

Fermented dairy products like kefir are a little-known magic bullet for muscle building. Kefir is the perfect addition to any muscle-building blender bomb, providing distinct nutritional advantages over water or regular milk. If you usually use water in your shakes, 1 cup of kefir will add 150 calories to your diet. Compared to regular milk, kefir will allow your meal to be more easily digested due to the presence of probiotics (up to 10 billion good bacteria per cup). These healthy bacteria will help keep your digestive track running at peak condition so it can break down and assimilate a maximum amount of calories and nutrients from your meals.

10 Thrilling Moments from the Ultimate WrestleMania

In a match for Jericho's United States Championship, Owens set out to prove himself the better wrestler, and take the title in the process. Owens and Jericho would trade high-impact moves such as a Double Underhook into a Power Bomb by Owens, and a Top-Rope Frankensteiner by 'Y2J', but the finish came when Owens put Jericho out of action with a further power bomb—dropping his opponent back-first into the side of the ring.

Build Your Chest So It's Aways Visible

Of course your pecs are going to elongate when you raise your arms, but truly dense, powerful pectoral muscles don’t vanish outright. They should still be thick under the clavicle by the shoulder and slope downward to the solar plexus. Look at Steve Reeves’ chest, or Reg Park’s, or mine—our pecs still looked well developed even when we hit poses that weren’t intended to feature them.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Try this workout program from Men's Fitness to shift between bulking up and leaning out and give your body the time it needs to switch gears.

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Coach, Advice on Constant CNS Fatigue?

Klippe, I am not CT, so defintely hope he chimes in here as well. But, I have been in your position before. I am 42, kids, stressful job, etc. My key learning was not to over-plan or over-analyze. I used to have every workout planned, and I would spend hours a week just sorting through the details, to the point that the workout actually became an added stressor in my life. It got to the point where I just grew tired of working out..and this used to be my favorite thing to do! What worked for me was just letting things go...don't plan, just do what you feel you can that day. The stress was instantly gone, and I actually found myself getting excited about going to the gym again Now, I only have 1 workout that is planned (the Big 3, 5x5 or 8x3), then I leave the rest of the week open and instinctive. This might not work for everyone, but thought I would share, as it helped me get excited about going to the gym again.

Revitalize Your Abdominal Workouts

The other thing that makes this routine unique is the inclusion of the vacuum. Your internal abs aid in your breathing and posture, and strengthening them can help prevent or relieve lower back pain, assist stabilization during lifts like squats and deadlifts and even slim your waistline. You’ve probably noticed that even some ripped bodybuilders have trouble holding their bellies in. This is, in part, because of structural weakness in their transverse abs. The best way to strengthen this area is the vacuum — an isometric exercise you can perform anywhere. Exhale and simultaneously suck your midsection in as far as possible, and hold for as long as you can (up to one minute) while you continue breathing. If this starts to feel easy, pull your waist in harder. Each hold is one set.

Boss Everline's Hollywood Transformation Secrets

Making a poster-worthy change in your physique takes more than eating less and surviving vomit-inducing intervals. Learn what really works from one of the most in-demand coaches in the industry!

The best and worst foods a man can eat

Fast-Food Burgers When a whopping 64% of calories come from fat , even a low-carb marketing makeover can't turn this cash cow into healthy food. Cruise home and grill your own. Rating: F Cottage Cheese Yes, it's calcium- and protein-pumped, but this lumpy cheese isn't quite as wholesome as you may think. A cup of the curd packs 918 mg of sodium--more than 35% of a healthy daily salt intake--so if you have high blood pressure, limit your intake. Rating: B Tomatoes With just 35 calories and 40 percent of your daily vitamin C apiece--plus a bounty of cancer fighting lycopene in every bite--tomatoes are one of the best vegetables you can eat, even if you have to resort to getting them as sauce on your slice. Rating: A Pizza Italian docs recently found that guys who ate a small 6-inch pizza once a week had a 22% lower chance of suffering a coronary than patients who rarely touched the stuff. Rating: C

Acid Trip

Science actually supports just the opposite. Continuous infusion of amino acids via IVs has been shown to be less effective at stimulating protein synthesis than intermittent feeding with protein. The boosting of muscle protein synthesis by a meal or amino acids is rapid and is sustained for at least two hours but then declines toward normal levels, which occurs in conjunction with the changes in circulating insulin and aminos. The signaling protein mTOR, which catalyzes muscle protein synthesis, is stimulated by both insulin and amino acids, especially the amino leucine. Researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, reported recently that men who consumed whey protein after exercise, either by consuming the entire drink rapidly or consuming it spaced every 20 minutes over a 200-minute feeding period, had dramatically different results despite consuming the same amount. Muscle biopsies taken from the subjects found that muscle protein synthesis was elevated to a greater extent after rapidly consuming a large single dose of whey protein than after consuming it in smaller portions over a longer period.

Today's Workout 22: The circuit for total-body muscle growth

You'll do this workout as a circuit, meaning you'll complete each exercise consecutively without rest. Once you've finished all exercises, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the entire circuit for 5 to 10 rounds.

10 Superfoods for Super Health

You may not appreciate the way it makes your breath smell, but the health benefits of including garlic as part of your regular diet far outweigh any odorous drawbacks. That's because garlic can help thin the blood, which can be helpful in the prevention of heart disease, such as heart attacks and stroke. It has also been shown to improve joint health and increase absorption of iron and zinc. In addition, studies have found that phytochemicals in garlic can stop the development of carcinogenic chemicals in the body.

7 Best Bodybuilding Foods

PREPARE IT:  Although many gadgets promise an easy way to separate the yolk from the white, the quickest, easiest method is to simply use your own clean hands. For this six-egg-white omelet recipe, crack six eggs into a medium-sized bowl. Next, using clean fingers, lightly grasp the yolks, lift them out one by one, and discard. With a fork or whisk, whisk the egg whites with salt, pepper and any of your favorite herbs until well combined and a few bubbles have formed on top. Spray a medium nonstick skillet with cooking spray. Place it over medium-high heat and add egg whites. After about 15 seconds, reduce heat to medium. Pull in on the edges of the omelet with a spatula and slightly tilt the pan so the uncooked egg runs under the cooked portion. Continue this around the perimeter until most of the uncooked egg disappears. Then fold the omelet in thirds, as if you're folding a letter to fit it into a business envelope. Using the spatula, carefully slide it from the pan to a plate and eat it immediately.

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The best dumbbell-only shoulder workout

Finally, the workout ends with seated dumbbell cleans. If you’ve ever done power cleans, you know how challenging it can be to heft a weight up from the floor to shoulder level. This seated variation isolates them even more. It’s as simple to do as it sounds: Heave the weights up. Brute force builds big shoulders.

7 Ways to Make Your Biceps Workout Harder

Heaving up heavy weight with herky-jerky form may look impressive to newbies, but those who train hard understand proper form always trumps heavy weight. ”When your form is terrible your biceps look terrible,” Friedman says. “Instead of creating a nice shape for your arms, you’ll get bulky, blocky biceps because there was no focus on the tension. Try doing five seconds with the concentric phase and five seconds with the eccentric phase. And if that’s not a challenge, try five seconds up and 10 seconds down.”

10 ways to train like a professional athlete

Myofascial release is deep-tissue work that deactivates painful muscle knots and adds suppleness to your body. You can do this yourself by using a foam roller, lacrosse ball, softball, golf ball, or massage stick. “Make smooth passes and if you happen to feel a knot or tightness, roll out that point for a little to get that specific area to relax,” says Joe Kenn, C.S.C.S., head strength and conditioning coach for the NFL's Carolina Panthers. “That muscle group is going to fire when you’re doing your movement.” Having tight glutes will hinder your ability to squat, bend, and jump," Kenn adds. Do tissue work before workouts to prepare for action and post-workout for recovery.

Tip: Two Simple Ways to Build Bigger Biceps | T Nation

Two simple adjustments will make your dumbbell curls much more effective. Check 'em out.

The 12 Foods You Should Always Put On Your Grocery List

Skirt steak is good if you’re in a hurry, but our chefs say that a two- pound tri-tip—a cut that’s as flavorful as rib-eye but not nearly as expensive—is the way to go for a meal that feels more like an event. Plus, it yields great leftover options for salads or sandwiches. “When I’m thinking big picture, I do tri-tips,” Hatfield says. “I’ll roast a couple at once.” Humm suggests finding a butcher who will Cryovac-seal them. “The great thing about steak is it can hold for about two weeks in your refrigerator when it’s vacuum-sealed. It’s better than freezing it, and it actually benefits the beef because it gets more tender.”

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12 Laws of Fat-Burning

Sure, calories and hormones can determine whether your body deposits food into muscle or as bodyfat, but meal frequency, or how many times you eat each day, affects your overall metabolism. Every time you eat, the body's calorie-burning engine, also known as metabolism, slightly increases. This is especially true for meals that contain protein. So if you eat six times a day, you'll experience six metabolic surges a day, rather than just four if you eat only four times a day. And, of course, eating seven or eight times per day would be even better than six. This is one way to lean out without having to drastically reduce calories. Frequent feedings tend to increase the chance that what you eat will make its way into muscle tissue rather than being packed away as bodyfat.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer at - Best Prices on Gold Standard Gainer!

I thought I'd leave a review of the Cinnamon Bun flavor since there aren't any here yet at the time of me writing this. I think the flavor is great, I'm a fan of anything cinnamon. This is one of the very few quality mass gainers available that use quality whey and complex carbohydrate sources as the primary ingredients of the gainer. The way you can tell what the primary ingredients of anything are by seeing what are the first couple of ingredients listed at the beginning of the product. Most gainers have maltodextrin listed as the first ingredient which spikes insulin levels in the body and really isnt the highest quality carb source to consume in a gainer. The only negative I have is that the serving size for this says 2 scoops, but one scoop is huge and probably the size of 2 scoops in of itself. 1 serving will not fit within a protein shaker cup you would have to take each scoop separately or put it into a blender. Kind of a small inconvenience but overall it's a good product. Mixes pretty well and doesn't clump too much if you shake it well.

Build Towering Trapezii: 5 Moves To Bigger Traps

Not everybody agrees about which day is best for trapezius training. Some say shoulder day, and others say back day. If truth be told, you're going to hit your traps on both of these days; but if you want my opinion, I find I am better able to focus on my traps while I train shoulders. My back day is usually focused on my mid-back and lats. On shoulder day, on the other hand, I get to squeeze my traps for added benefit.

10 CrossFit workouts to get rid of love handles

So how does the CrossFit set get washboard abs and the confidence to bare it all? Rather than performing endless rounds of crunches, CrossFitters focus on total body training, burning fat and building muscle through heavy compound lifts and high intensity metabolic conditioning workouts. But exercise is only part of the equation for a love handle-free physique. To really see the results of your hard work and notice visible definition, you’ll need to dial in your nutrition and sleeping habits as well.

Sculpted Back & Biceps Gym Workout Routine | IFBB Bikini Pro Amy Updike

Carve a killer back and build your biceps with this athlete-approved workout. Supplements & Clothing for Women ► Shop NLA for Her Supplements ► IFBB Bikini Pro Amy Updike Back & Biceps Workout ► My name is Amy Updike. I'm an NLA for Her athlete, and today I'm going to take you through one of my back and biceps workouts. This muscle-building workout comprises four sets of each exercise and stays within the "hypertrophy-approved" 8-12-rep range. This is a great workout to incorporate into your training once a week. To notice true muscle-building gains, stick with it for six weeks before switching things up. Now, let's get started! 1. Pull-up - 4 sets to failure 2. Lat pull-down - 4 sets of 10-15 3. Bent-over barbell row - 4 sets of 10-15 4. Bent-over dumbbell row - 4 sets of 10-15 5. Single-arm t-bar row - 4 sets of 10-12 6. Barbell biceps curl - 4 sets of 8 7. Dumbbell hammer curl - 4 sets of 10 8. Rope cable curl - 4 sets of 10 9. Concentration curl - 4 sets of 10-12 ========================================­===== | Recommended NLA for Her Supplements | NLA for Her Shred ► http://bbcom.

5 CrossFit Intensity Boosters You Should Steal

"Some of the best WODs involve a timed circuit," Eden explains. "Your task is simply to complete a group of exercises as fast as you can." A number of these have become iconic—and not only among CrossFitters—for the simple reason that they are fun, incredibly challenging, and accomplishments to pepper into your program when you need a kick in the ass. The Filthy 50 and Murph WODs are two examples in which you strive to improve your PR—your previous personal record—each time you do it.

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