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Powerlifting: The Greatest Sport in the World

A short list of why Powerifting is the World's Greatest Sport.

The 15 best exercises to target your love handles

These moves (plus 2 bonus workout finishers) are designed to incinerate fat and carve your core.

Cedric McMillan's Window of Opportunity | Unleashed Ep. 23

8x Mr. Olympia Lee Haney has said Cedric McMillan could be the next Olympia Champion. How long will that window of opportunity stay open? Shawn Ray gives his Unleashed opinion.

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True GRIT Protein is the most advanced fast- and slow-release protein blend available today! It’s the only protein available that features a 50:50 ratio of fast and slow release whey proteins, including 12g of micellar whey protein – the only sustained-release whey protein on the planet. In fact, True GRIT Protein is precision dosed to deliver a sustained-release of amino acids into your system in order to fuel muscle recovery and growth. True GRIT Protein is an extremely pure formula with zero added aminos, fillers or dyes.

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4 New Deadlifts You Gotta Try | T Nation

It's hard to build or strengthen any one specific area with run-of-the-mill deadlifts. Nothing gets in a really lengthened state in conventional deadlifts, and everything in the back – from the traps to the lats to the thoracic extensors – functions only in a static or isometric state throughout the movement. That's what these muscles are supposed to do: protect the spine by holding it in a neutral position.

The 10 People That Drive Gym Owners Crazy | T Nation

Now, to those who needed to do cardio, this must've been annoying. But, I didn't care. I cared so little, in fact, that I didn't bother warning him about the puddle of sweat HE was about to dip the back of his head in. He was getting ready to do some dumbbell presses on a bench and there was a giant sweat puddle left on it by the previous inconsiderate asshole. By this time, cardio sweat man had dried himself off, changed his shirt and was ready to crack off some big reps with a pair of 30s.

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Instagram post by Shawn Ray • Apr 6, 2017 at 1:28am UTC

Build Monster Overhead Strength | T Nation

That's because most people lack the appropriate grip strength to handle significant loads during bottoms-up exercises, oftentimes resulting in their grip strength failing before their shoulder does. By applying bands to bottoms-up kettlebell presses, you can use relatively light loads that won't be enough to cause the grip to give out, but will still provide extreme tension to the shoulders and upper-body pressing muscles.

The Killer Kettlebell Workout to Lose Weight and Get the Perfect Body

The Killer Kettlebell Workout to Lose Weight and Get the Perfect Body

Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

Eligibility:  The Twitter contest (the “Contest”) is open to Twitter members who are eighteen (18) years of age and older at the time of entry (“Contestant”). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union, or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant’s participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children, and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

6 Best Shoulder-Saving Exercises

Take a lacrosse or tennis ball and position it between a wall and the back of your shoulder blade. From there, move. Keep the arm straight and it over your head (flexion), down (extension), towards the midline of the body (adduction), and out towards the wall (abduction). Fix the ball in place and see what kind of pain free range of motion you can muster. Get creative. You can even form a 90-degree angle in your elbow and internally and externally rotate the shoulder. After moving the joint through every manageable position, move the ball slightly and try it again. Search for hot spots, “floss” the areas that don’t feel great and get ready to feel and move better.

Tip: The One-Arm Row is Overrated | T Nation

The dumbbell row isn't a good lat builder. Don't get me wrong. Rowing movements will hit the muscles of the upper back surrounding the scapulae, but you'll get more bang for your buck by using other rowing exercises instead of the one-arm row. This is because of the body's position relative to the dumbbell.

Chris E. Hayner on Twitter

Dear @TheRock , where do I get these fancy @UnderArmour shoes of yours? Also will they make me electrifying? Asking for a friend.

Underground Strength Gym April Singlet

**This item is a preorder. We will ship this within 5-7 days after the store “closes”. Please talk to the coach, owner, or person organizing this to get a better idea of when the store closes.”

Tip: It's Lifting. Not a Nursery Rhyme. | T Nation

There are those who do truly crazy things (stunts basically) just to see if they can. Sometimes they get away with it, and sometimes they go to the hospital. Mastery in the gym can make you feel invincible. This is dangerous. Doing not-very-smart things with your body and heavy weight usually has more drawbacks than benefits. I'll admit, it's fun to watch, but please don't die trying to entertain us.

Tip: Improve Ankle Mobility Fast | T Nation

Do this before leg day and you'll feel the difference in your squats and deadlifts.

Tip: Fix Your Shoulders, Bench Heavier | T Nation

You've probably heard that you must drive your shoulder blades down into the bench to "stabilize" them in order to press without pain. While this is true to some extent, what eventually ends up happening is an exaggeration causing poor positioning at the shoulder blades, leaving you in more pain than before.

Tip: The Coregasm is Real | T Nation

In the past, many women have been baffled about this phenomenon. About 20 percent said they couldn't control their experiences and were reluctant to train in a public gym. Many felt guilty or thought something was wrong with them. This study shows that it's very common, and except for being, well, weird, it's not a sign that anything is wrong.

Tip: The Most Painful (and Effective) Way to Squat | T Nation

There are a lot of techniques for building stubborn muscle groups and correcting strength deficiencies, but the "one-and-a-half eccentric isometrics" method is hard to beat. It's a combo of two effective techniques: the 1.5 method and eccentric isometrics – slow negatives followed by a pause in the stretched position. Here's how it looks with squats:

Are You Making These Nine Beginner Mistakes?

Record everything in your workout: what exercises you did, what weight you used, how many reps you did, etc. Also, track your physique by taking photos and measuring your bodyweight, circumference, and body fat percentage periodically. This will highlight your successes and failures so you can adjust your exercise program and diet to upgrade your results.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer at - Best Prices on Gold Standard Gainer!

I thought I'd leave a review of the Cinnamon Bun flavor since there aren't any here yet at the time of me writing this. I think the flavor is great, I'm a fan of anything cinnamon. This is one of the very few quality mass gainers available that use quality whey and complex carbohydrate sources as the primary ingredients of the gainer. The way you can tell what the primary ingredients of anything are by seeing what are the first couple of ingredients listed at the beginning of the product. Most gainers have maltodextrin listed as the first ingredient which spikes insulin levels in the body and really isnt the highest quality carb source to consume in a gainer. The only negative I have is that the serving size for this says 2 scoops, but one scoop is huge and probably the size of 2 scoops in of itself. 1 serving will not fit within a protein shaker cup you would have to take each scoop separately or put it into a blender. Kind of a small inconvenience but overall it's a good product. Mixes pretty well and doesn't clump too much if you shake it well.

Post-Workout Carbs: Best Choices To Grow & Recover!

There are really only two times of the day to take in simple carbohydrates: first thing in the morning and after your workout. Let's look at our options and the Glycemic Index of these options...

23 Shawn Ray

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Tip: No Pain, All Gain | T Nation

Push through discomfort regularly and you'll get bigger, stronger, and tougher. Push through pain regularly and you'll usually wind up waking up miserable in the middle in the night, and eventually, find yourself on an operating table. After that, you'll be a burden for months on all the family members and co-workers that have to pick up the slack for your idiocy. And you definitely won't wind up bigger or stronger.

Build a Strong Core

Research confirms that if you squat and/ or deadlift, you will adequately target the core muscles in your back. One-arm dumbbell shoulder presses will also target the core muscles in your back. To target both the abdominal and back core muscles, do one-arm dumbbell chest presses. If you have time during ab workouts, add some core exercises, such as the plank, side plank, quadruped and woodchopper.

The Classic Physique Comeback

Many types of impressive physiques have been crafted in weight rooms and strutted across competitive stages over the years, but it’s the Classic Physique that has stood the test of time. With its broad shoulders, wide upper back and small waist, the Classic Physique is the epitome of physical and aesthetic perfection from which the sport of professional bodybuilding was founded. Commonly referred to as the V-taper, this coveted look continues to be the ultimate goal for bodybuilders at all levels. No longer is it just a quest for size, but also proportions and symmetry.

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The 10 best running shorts of spring 2017

Roka's achieved quite the storage feat with its Elite Training Shorts, which boast a pocket that can actually hold your phone while running (securely and without pulling your shorts down to your ankles), as well as a pocket that'll hold on to your house key. To keep you cool and stink-free, the lined shorts boast a feather-light mesh treated with a special type of silver threads that naturally eat odor and terminate bacteria. The longer length is perfect for training days where you want a little more coverage, and its four-way stretch polyester and spandex blend is infused with durable water repellent technology so sweat and water bead off the fabric. Plus, they have a mix of thermobonded tape, bonded seams, and stitching throughout the short to lighten the load and reduce chafing in high-rub zones. ($70, )

Things You Wish You Knew When You Started

I'll start by saying I wish I knew to focus on getting stronger with compound movements instead of doing things like four different exercises for biceps. Also that what you eat is a huge part of the results you get and good habits will go a long way.

7 Ways to Make Your Biceps Workout Harder

Heaving up heavy weight with herky-jerky form may look impressive to newbies, but those who train hard understand proper form always trumps heavy weight. ”When your form is terrible your biceps look terrible,” Friedman says. “Instead of creating a nice shape for your arms, you’ll get bulky, blocky biceps because there was no focus on the tension. Try doing five seconds with the concentric phase and five seconds with the eccentric phase. And if that’s not a challenge, try five seconds up and 10 seconds down.”

Mr. Olympia LLC on Twitter

Don't miss this historic event!! Get your TICKETS TODAY!! Go to  or call Ticketmaster: 800-745-3000 #Olympia2017

33 The Intermix: Your 4-week build and burn plan

Two main workouts focus on muscle-building and are centered around the big five lifts: squat, deadlift, bench press, row, and overhead press. Three complementary workouts will break up the weight-training days and have been designed for fat-burning and endurance. You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds: a body that’s simultaneously being worked to build and burn while building strength and size.

Today's Workout 23: The Swiss ball circuit to carve your core

Maybe you've noticed a Swiss ball, aka a physio ball, gathering dust in the corner of your neighborhood gym. A lot of guys look at the Swiss ball as a piece of equipment used just for stretching out before or after a workout. Some just use the Swiss ball for naps.

The Ultimate Lat Workout for a Bigger Back

This is perhaps the most prevalent problem in faulty back training and the number one reason, in my opinion, that spectacular back development is so rare. Usually one or all of the following mistakes are made by most when training back...1) Too much weight is used! Stop swinging and jerking and control the exercise throughout the entire ROM, 2) Failure to “set the body” correctly during the movement! Keep your chest out, shoulders back, and a slight arch in your lower back...and you must keep this position throughout the movement, 3) Not using a thumbless grip! By bringing your thumb to the same side of the bar as the rest of your fingers you will effectively take some of the forearm flexors and biceps out of each lat exercise. Reinforce your grip with lifting straps if you must.

Hardcore Nutrition: Are Artificial Sweeteners Killing Your Shred?

Sweetness, as far as how the body detects and reacts to it, is something we’re only just beginning to understand. One discovery that seriously challenges our assumption that NNS’s can’t make us fat is the revelation that mammals, including humans, possess receptors for sweetness throughout key parts of our digestive tract. Your body can determine if something’s sweet in your gut the same way it can for your mouth. It’s possible, then, that eating something sweet—even if it has zero caloric value—could cause a hormonal reaction, priming your body to get fat.

There's a scientific reason we all love superheroes

As we get older, our sense of justice develops and becomes more complex over time, says the study. This new research may explain why you (and the rest of the world, considering that DC and Marvel films rake in billions of dollars worldwide) love superheroes so damn much—it's an innate human trait.

The 10x10 shred extension workouts

Whether you've heard of it or not, German Volume Training, or GVT for short, has been around the weightlifting world since the 70s. The idea between GVT is to overload your muscles with extreme volume, but with fewer exercises. The traditional setup you'd see would most likely be three main, compound exercises performed for a total of 10 sets at 10 repetitions each. Between each set you'd see a modest amount of rest—roughly a minute or two. And, as expected, the amount of weight used would need to be on the lighter side or else you'll burn out early. On paper, it doesn't sound too bad, but you'll soon realize that 300 reps is a ton of reps, and even more so when they are big-boy exercises. You may also see a couple isolation exercises thrown in for 3 sets at 10 repetitions each. For this particular mini-plan, we've modified traditional GVT. It's somewhat of a mutant.

16 Nutritional Rules for a Full-Body Shred

Shortcuts to packing on new muscle mass and getting ripped to the bone are frequently peddled on late-night TV, but sadly, these feats can not be accomplished with quick fixes or next-day miracles. You can, however, implement certain dietary practices that, over time, will guarantee your investment in fitness. Yes, getting in your best shape ever requires hard work in the gym, but without the proper nutrition to fuel your gains, you’re dead in the water. Feeding your body the right way is just a matter of repetition—learning and developing the kinds of dietary habits that leave your body with no choice but to respond with cover model-worthy size, strength, and detail. By applying the bulk of these 16 strategies to your diet, you’ll find that things really do fall into place automatically, even if they don’t happen overnight.

The 3-day full-body detox workout program

Forget the headache and upset stomach—a little aspirin, some water, a mid-day nap, and you'll be fine. No, it's those 600-800 empty calories you put in your diet (and that's just from the beer). Once you've shaken yourself back to reality and gotten over the guilt, it's time to get back at it in the gym. That's where the DETOX plan comes in.

Tip: Improve Ankle Mobility Fast | T Nation

Do this before leg day and you'll feel the difference in your squats and deadlifts.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Build muscle and get ready for the spring-to-summer shred with this workout plan from @mike_simone_ :

Bodybuilding Day: Back and Biceps

After coming off my best meet performance of my career, I am now officially a beat up powerlifter. I'm having some minor low back issues that I'm working on mending up, and then I'll begin to find a competitive option. My goals for 2017 are to compete in a bodybuilding show and also get back to the platform 100% healthy.

4 Things Being A Mom Has Taught Me About Fitness

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion for moms to reflect on how their lives and fitness goals have changed since giving birth. Here's what this year's holiday means to one new fit mom!

How to Overcome Lost Motivation

This might seem like a joke, but the facts are undeniable: there are countless studies showing how making a commitment—and preferably writing down your intentions in specific details—make it much more likely that you’ll not only stay on task but also achieve your goals. It’s behavioral psychology 101, but it’s skipped for training and meal plans. And yet, making these simple changes will enhance the effectiveness of any workout or diet.

The #1 best exercise for men, according to 8 trainers

Although we all have preferences when it comes to choosing our favorite way to get fit, whether it be CrossFit, HIIT workouts, endurance exercise like running or cycling, or something else alltogether, there are certain exercises that every man should be doing. To find out what the most crucial, best moves are for guys, we turned to the experts for their wealth of knowledge on fitness trends that are here to stay. But asking a trainer to pick his or her favorite move is right up there with asking a dad which child is his favorite. It’s not easy. But we went ahead and asked anyway and got some pretty great answers.  Unlike fad workouts, these 8 moves have stood the test of time and whether you're a body builder or marathoner, they can help you get fitter and stay injury-free. So here are some of the best, expert-recommended exercises to get you building muscle mass, burning fat, and transforming your body in no time.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, March 31, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017 - Your optimism sets the tone for a spectacular day, and you may not even be all that surprised when your fantasies start turning into reality. But don't push your luck too far today, or you might not be able to find your way home. Fortunately, observing the fine line between just enough and too much is your ticket to satisfaction now. Pursue your dreams, for they are the guiding hands of your heart, but bring along your common sense just in case.

We Asked 20 Women: What's the worst thing a guy can do after sex?

You can cross the threshold from 'genuine gentleman' to 'certifiable jerk' real quick in a woman's mind when all the getting-to-know-you courtesy is swept aside and you start sleeping together. So, do yourself (and women!) a favor and stop these awful post-sex habits. They're killing your game and drastically cutting your odds of sleeping with her again.

Coach, Advice on Constant CNS Fatigue?

Klippe, I am not CT, so defintely hope he chimes in here as well. But, I have been in your position before. I am 42, kids, stressful job, etc. My key learning was not to over-plan or over-analyze. I used to have every workout planned, and I would spend hours a week just sorting through the details, to the point that the workout actually became an added stressor in my life. It got to the point where I just grew tired of working out..and this used to be my favorite thing to do! What worked for me was just letting things go...don't plan, just do what you feel you can that day. The stress was instantly gone, and I actually found myself getting excited about going to the gym again Now, I only have 1 workout that is planned (the Big 3, 5x5 or 8x3), then I leave the rest of the week open and instinctive. This might not work for everyone, but thought I would share, as it helped me get excited about going to the gym again.

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