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2015 FitExpo Chicago -

Don't miss the Optimum Nutrition booth at the FitExpo Chicago. We've partnered with them to offer free T-shirts to their first 5,000 visitors!

60-40-20: Get A Killer Pump With Rest-Pause! -

Looking for a technique to finish any workout with a bang? Look no further. It's called 60-40-20, and it adds up to 120 seconds of pure hell followed by a massive pump and epic growth.

Méana Franco Takes Second at CPU Canadian Nationals / Elite FTS

"I feel good, came in second, and lost by one kilogram," Franco said. "I'm hoping to compete at the Arnold next year and come up with a 900-pound-plus raw total."

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Dwayne Johnson, USA Network partner on new unscripted series

USA also announced that it is partnering with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on an “alternative development” project that is not yet titled. Johnson and Dany Garcia will develop and executive produce the unscripted television series, which comes from their production company, 7 Bucks Production.

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The Infamous Story of The BIG Curl Bar - Zach Even-Esh

It was a summer morning and I had arrived at my favorite place, The Metuchen YMCA. This wasn’t the updated YMCA. This was the small basement weight room outfitted with what we call today “old school” York Barbell equipment.

7 Reasons to Get Fit in Your 20s

A perk to being lean, fit, and muscular in your 20s is that it certainly won’t hurt your odds in the romance department. But believe it or not, there are more important reasons to hit the gym and get in shape while you’re young. To highlight a handful of them we spoke with certified personal trainer John Rowley.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - Your brainwaves are running amok today and you could work yourself into a state of high anxiety if you can't settle down enough to pick a single path. You may feel as if you're wired for surround sound and you're tempted to play several of your favorite songs simultaneously. Instead of trying to tune into one channel at a time, just enjoy listening to the complex mix, regardless of the opinions of others. Even if your unorthodox method doesn't seem to make sense now, you should be able to untangle all the information after the fact. One person's cacophony is another person's symphony.


Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

Best Pre-Workout Foods

Bananas “They’re nature’s PowerBar,” boasts Dr. Louise Burke, head of Sports Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport and coauthor of The Complete Guide to Food for Sports Performance: Peak Nutrition for Your Sport . Bananas are loaded with digestible carbohydrates (read: fuel) and are packed with potassium, which aids in maintaining nerve and muscle function. The body doesn’t store potassium for very long, so a medium banana before a workout will help keep nutrient levels high. Villacorta especially recommends bananas for morning exercisers: “Get up and eat a medium banana with 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt. Wait about 30 minutes and then hit the gym. Your body will need the carbohydrates and protein.”

6 Muscle-Building Exercises You Can’t Do Wrong

Bad technique also goes beyond injuries: it kills performance. You’ll never lift the weight you can truly lift, and you’ll shortchange your muscle growth. You’ll use the wrong muscles, worsen your posture, and never achieve great results.

10 Rules to Eating for Mass

However, although there may not be any secrets to eating for size, there are rules — 10, to be exact. Know and live by these rules and you will gain the mass you want. And when we say live by them we mean live by them. Bodybuilding, after all, is a life- style, not a part-time hobby. You shouldn’t expect to grow following a diet only some of the time, any more than if you hit the weights only some of the time. It’s about a commitment to the body- building lifestyle that counts, which means 24/7/365 focus, discipline and drive. Remember: every time you eat a meal, you are bodybuilding. So, eat well and eat often.

Ben Pakulski's Top 10 Training Techniques

HALF SCIENTIST AND HALF MONSTER, BEN PAKULSKI IS THE DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE OF BODYBUILDING. No one in the IFBB Pro League today applies greater scientific rigor to their workouts than Pak- Man. Armed with a degree in kinesiology, he is forever seeking the latest training research, and if you’re lucky enough to converse with him, he can explain the proven logic behind the technique of his every exercise. So he’s Jekyll, the scientist. But he’s also Hyde, the monster (in a good way). Hyde-like, he’s capable of conquering bar-bending weights, and he brings a ferocious intensity to the gym. At first glance, some of his methods seem bat-crap crazy, but they’re only mad in relation to the norm—plodding through the same routine workout afer workout and expecting to magically expand muscles without asking anything extra of them. Now what sounds crazy? Pak-Man is rare among bodybuilders for applying his brain to his workouts at least as much as his body. And as the following 10 factors illustrate, he has some unique and uniquely efective ideas about training. 1) GET TENSE, STAY TENSE Let’s start with the fundamental concept behind all of Pakulski’s workouts.

Stay Honest for Bigger Biceps

"People tend to bring their elbows forward for two simple reasons," says Ernesto Osorio, CSCS, a personal trainer with One2One Fitness in Houston. "The first is trying to achieve a greater peak contraction of the biceps. The second reason is that of pride and ego - you can typically use more weight when you're not isolating the target muscle, a nice way of saying you're cheating. And while it's okay to occasionally use cheating techniques to spark growth, doing so on every rep can hamper your progress.

6 Quick Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Burn significant calories quickly and easily without a gym or equipment.

10 Strength-Building Strategies That Will Never Die

Strength is the foundation of nearly all physique and performance goals. When you're strong, you more easily gain muscle size, lose fat, run faster, hit harder, play longer, and move more living room furniture for your wife. We've rounded up 10 no-questions-asked tips to help you make everything in your life feel just a little bit lighter.

Top 25 Fitness Tips and Strategies from the Experts

Are you tired of putting in the effort at the gym and not seeing results? Many people show the drive, determination, and consistent effort, but don’t reach their goals. If this sounds familiar, the next logical step is usually to find an educated personal trainer with proven experience. But, if you’re not ready to take that step, or if you’d prefer to go it alone, rest assured, we spoke to some of the nation’s finest personal trainers who gave us 25 insightful tips and strategies specifically designed to help you build strength, gain muscle mass, lose fat, enhance your endurance and maintain healthy eating habits.

Eating for Abs: The Beach-Body Diet Handbook

The only way you will ever lose fat and see your abs is if you eat fewer calories than you're eating now. Nothing else—not lifting weights, not cardio, not supplements—can offset failing to adhere to this simple rule. Period. So if you can put your pizza and beer day on hold for the next six weeks, read on, and we'll show you how to get a six-pack before summer is over. IT COMES DOWN TO CALORIES

5 Reasons to Never Neglect Water

Research has shown that water speeds up your metabolism, cleans the body of toxins and generally helps to make everything in your body run smoothly. Considering an adult male is usually 60 percent water, this all makes sense. You need that water to digest food, circulate blood, keep your mouth from drying out and do a number of other things we often take for granted. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty – be proactive about it.

FLEX Online

James ‘Flex’ Lewis’ love for bodybuilding started at age 12 when he came across a book on Tom Platz. It was Platz's legs that blew away Lewis. He remembers...

8 Easy Eating Changes to Expose Your Abs

But your body needs a wake-up call every once in a while. It needs to be challenged and catered to just like your muscles. You don’t do the same workout every day and expect constant progress (and if you do, consider this your wake-up call to change that up, too.) Adopt these 8 eating strategies to keep your body guessing and your abs growing.

Why Weights Are Better Than Cardio for Fat Loss - Born Fitness

Good article ! I Just wrote something on my blog thats very similar…Im a qualified personal trainer and look to compete in the next year in mens physique! Is it always a necessity to get so technical ? I mean figures regarding calories / training zones are essential! but are the people who read these things know what atp is and all the jargon. I agree that knowledge is important but surely from a straight to the point man like yourself, don’t you think people just need to know the basics and stick to it ? after all isn’t that where we started ?? v02 max blah blah blah blah people who surely need the right guidance don’t need this waffle ? they need basic concepts! counting, burning in different zones & understanding the fuels for each zone ..job done no biggy…right ?

Build Muscle and Get Lean with the Right Breakfast

The protein-only and fasting groups displayed significant increases in growth hormone, whereas the protein-plus-carbohydrate individuals showed no changes. Growth hormone is an essential part of your muscle-building goals, as it helps to spare amino acids in the body. Also, cortisol— your stress hormone—was lowered the most in the protein-only breakfast. So why include the MCTs? Medium-chain triglycerides are easily absorbed fats that, unlike normal triglycerides, can be used immediately for energy. Studies on MCT usage have shown increases in growth hormone, more fat being used for energy, and an increase in metabolism . Having some fat at breakfast may also shift the body toward using more fat as fuel during the course of the day.

12 Concepts Bodybuilders Should Use Every Day

HEALTH: In reference to his cigarette smoking and junk-food tendencies, Mike Mentzer once declared that he wasn’t a “health nut,” he was a bodybuilder. He died at age 49. If you focus on bodybuilding through the prism of pro contests and the endless pursuit of more size and cuts, then it’s easy to lose sight of the health-boosting components of our sport. Don’t make that mistake. A regular exercise program coupled with a muscle-growing fat-deflecting diet, nutrient supplementation and adequate rest is a health-building lifestyle. Health and bodybuilding should go hand in hand.

Get a Fighter's Physique in 12 Weeks

UFC Fit comes with 12 at-home training DVDs inspired by Dolce's work with the MMA ’s top athletes, and the program aims to help you carve out a incredible fighter’s frame in 12 weeks. UFC Fit comes equipped with three nutrition templates that are flexible to your lifestyle, a 12-week workout tracker, and a lifestyle and nutrition manual. After just 90 days Dolce says, “you’d be in shape to compete for five 5-minute rounds. Conditioning-wise, strength-wise and health-wise, you could do it.” Similar to an actual MMA match, workouts feature up to five exercises for five rounds or 3-4 exercises for eight rounds, weaving in martial arts techniques with calisthenics and dumbbell work.

6 Steps to Maximize Your Fat Loss Intervals

Cardio is the cornerstone to any good weight-loss plan—especially intervals, where you alternate going as fast as possible with brief periods of recovery. To help you make those sprints as effective as possible, we asked Phil Campbell, an interval-training expert and author of Ready, Set, Go! Fitness for his best fat-burning tips.

Live Life Lean

If you want to loose weight, get into a good shape, or just need a gym buddy- this app is for you! I absolutely love it!!!! I am actually skinny and I'm working hard to gain weight and not just fat but muscles. I love the videos with clear instructions on how to do each exercise and I find the app very cool when I need some help with which exercises to do cause once I start working out I just can't stop! And I absolutely love doing a full body 3-4 hours workouts! And when I need an idea of what to eat- I'll find some inspiration in the app but I'll just add some carbs to support my fast metabolism . A huge THANK YOU to Pauline from Paulina. :)

25 - How to Find a Job in Strength & Conditioning

The elitefts™ Sports Performance Coach Education Series is a comprehensive educational resource for coaches in the collegiate, high school, professional, and private settings. This series will take a fundamental approach to various topics that will enable coaches the additional skills to enhance their coaching abilities, improve marketability in the industry, and drastically increase the impact they have upon their athletes. Questions or Comments? Presentation Outline You Sure About This? The State of the Industry Job Security Career Longevity Critical Questions Do you have enough information to make an educated decision about your career path? The 3 Ls Geographical Restrictions Questions of Convenience Realistic Qualifications Would you hire you? WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK? Education Certification Experience Connections WHERE TO LOOK Website Listings The Geographical Commuter Circle –Contact the Right People APPLYING FOR POSITIONS The Unpaid Internship Other options Match your experience level Graduate Assistant Sometimes reserved for former players Get a masters and volunteer? Collegiate vs.

Nutrition on Speed: 5 Essential Juice Recipes for Fit Guys

How can juicing boost your workout performance? Here, five fruit and vegetable juice recipes built to increase energy and speed up muscle recovery.

Six Steps to a Successful New Routine

First thing’s first. You have to figure out what your goal is. And just in case you forgot why you started training in the first place, it’s probably to accomplish one of three things -- getting stronger, getting bigger, or getting leaner. Are all these goals independent of each other? No. But it’s a good idea to put the majority of your efforts into one at a time.  The Shred  will be all about rapid-fat loss, so get yourself mentally prepared for hyperfocused workouts.

Master the Proper Running Form

The Pose Method was devised by Russian running coach Nicholas Romanov in the 1970s and is widely being taught today by elite running coaches and CrossFit instructors around the world as the ideal running form. Like any other skill, it’s much more difficult to master than it looks, but here are the standards that every runner, from the ultramarathoner to the lowliest weekend jogger, needs to work toward.

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Think you know all there is to know about push-ups? Think again. Read this --> … #workout

T NATION on Twitter

Delts define the physique. Are yours lagging? Here's a (very frickin' painful) workout: …

This Salad Bar Ingredient Can Boost The Nutritional Value of Vegetables

There’s an ingredient at the salad bar you should be piling on your plate. Hint: it’s not a vegetable, but it can bolster their nutritional value, according to a study from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Diet 911: The Drinking Man’s Dilemma

First, supplement with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) . One of the stresses that alcohol places on your liver is antioxidant depletion. Metabolizing alcohol uses up glutathione, an amino acid that serves as one of the body’s strongest free-radical fighters. Taking 500–600 milligrams of NAC daily can help replenish antioxidants while clearing out toxic metabolites that are generated by the liver’s breakdown of alcohol.

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New Balance Minimus Giveaway

GENERAL CONDITIONS:   No purchase necessary to enter or win. By entering, entrant accepts and agrees to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decision of Born Fitness, which shall be final and binding in all respects. If any prize is returned or undeliverable, the prize will be forfeited and may be awarded to an alternate winner. Winning constitutes permission to use winner’s name, images, hometown, likeness, prize won, and photograph (all at Born Fitness’ discretion) for publicity or future advertising in perpetuity, without compensation, notification, or permission. Born Fitness and its officers, directors, members, agents, representatives and employees (“the Released Parties”) are not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, damaged, stolen, altered, garbled, incorrect, incomplete or delayed entries; all of which shall be void. The Released Parties are also not responsible for problems related to technical malfunctions of electronic equipment, computer online systems, servers, or providers, computer hardware or software failures, phone lines, failure of any entry to be received on account of technical problems, traffic, congestion on the internet or the website, or for any other technical problems including telecommunication, miscommunication or failure, and failed, lost, delayed, incomplete, garbled, or misdirected communications which ma limit one’s ability to participate in this giveaway.

Thrash-Your-Guns Arm Routine

Usually, drop sets are done wrong. You don’t have to drop half the weight to do a drop set properly. It was proven that decreasing the weight by as little as 5-10% is the ideal drop and still respects your repetition range. For example, do tricep pressdowns with 100 lbs. for 10 reps, drop it to 90-95 lbs., and you’ll be able to crank out another clean 8 to 10 reps.

Ask Men's Fitness: What's the Best Way to Fight Wrinkles Now?

Let’s start with the obvious. If you smoke, cut it out. It’s giving you wrinkles. Your diet is a big factor, too. Make sure you’re eating plenty of superfoods—avocados, blueberries, and also, salmon. They’re all great for your skin. We are what we eat. If you eat a greasy-ass hamburger every day, not only are you going to be a fat fuck, but you’re going to have really bad skin . You should also be washing your face with the right stuff.

Jailhouse Strong: 100 Bodyweight Squat Challenge

Here is the Jailhouse Strong challenge to you. Do this complete sequence three times, rest two minutes between sets. Complete each set in four minutes and you are physically fit. Do it in three minutes and the warden will call you sir.

10 Best Sources of Fiber

One of the keys to unlocking a lifelong lean and healthy body is fueling your body with low impact high fiber foods. These are foods that contain ample amounts of fiber but don’t contain a lot of other carbohydrates that will send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride. Fiber provides bulk to your diet allowing you to feel fuller while eating less calories (even though you will often be eating a larger volume of food). Fiber also acts as a speed bump for digestion, slowing the rate in which the nutrients enter your body; this is good for weight loss, sustained energy , and managing hunger. Here are 10 must-eat foods for maximizing your fiber intake.

Enter to Win a 4-pack of the new JAVAPRO RTD

1. How To Enter: Beginning at 12:01 a.m. (EST) on March 30, 2015, visit and follow the ‘Win Javapro RTD’ directions. Each entry must contain answers to the questions posed to qualify for the drawing. All entries must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. (EST) on April 12, 2015. Only one internet entry per person and per e-mail address will be accepted. Subsequent entries will be disqualified. Subsequent attempts made by the same individual to submit multiple internet entries by using multiple e-mail addresses or otherwise will be disqualified. In the event of a dispute over the identity of an online entrant, entry will be deemed submitted by the authorized account holder of the e-mail address associated with the entry. Authorized account holder is defined as the person assigned to an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, on-line service provider or other organization responsible for assigning e-mail addresses. All materials submitted become the property of Weider Publications, LLC ("Sponsor") and will not be returned.

6X Mr Olympia Dorian Yates' Squat Alternatives

Either of these exercises will serve you well as a squat-replacement exercise. I’ve found that each relieves much of the hip stress I feel when performing squats, so I’m able to hit my thighs in a way squats simply won’t allow. As with extensions, it’s important to consider your form. I’ve seen many guys bounce their upper thighs off their rib cages at the bottom of leg presses. This is an excellent way to crack a rib or damage a knee. Slow and steady wins the race with both of these exercises. Also, don’t forget to consciously contract all your thigh muscles through each and every repetition.

Power for Mass

Freddie and I talked about what he needed to bring up in order to have a more complete physique for the 2015 competition season.  Freddie needed more “posterior chain”.  This is basically a fancy term for saying he needed more hamstrings and back density.  Freddie needed to fill out his backside from top to bottom.  Traps, rhomboids, erectors, glutes, hamstrings, etc.  And if there is anything that the back responds well to, it’s moving heavy weights through space with big movements.  And that’s what the basis of our training was going to be centered on with some other principles thrown in to make sure no stone was left unturned.

Why You Shouldn’t Go Clothes Shopping on an Empty Stomach

If you head to the supermarket hungry, there’s a good chance you’ll come back with a cart packed with salty snacks. But shopping on an empty stomach can also make you buy more non-food products—everything from office supplies to clothing, according to new research from the University of Minnesota. 

Chase the Pump for Greater Gains

A couple of different strategies can be employed to maximize pump-related gains . One approach is to train with moderate to high reps and take short rest periods between sets. For example, perform 3–5 sets for a given exercise for 10–20 reps with no more than a minute of rest in between sets. Another option is to incorporate Dropsets whereby a heavy set is performed to fatigue after which the load is immediately reduced by ~25–50% and then repped out until failure. Double dropsets where the load is decreased a second time can heighten the effect even more. To optimize results, you should employ exercises that maintain tension throughout the set. Traditional single-joint machine-based exercises such as the pec deck, reverse pec deck, leg extension, and seated leg curl exercises are generally good choices for pump training due to the constant tension they place on the target musculature.

Cosmo's Orgasm Survey Reveals What Your Girlfriend Really Wants

Now that we know she’s only satisfied about half the time, lets get into the reasons things are falling flat. Sorry guys, but the majority of the blame lands on your shoulders. About 50 percent of women said, “I feel like I’m almost there but can’t quite get over the edge.” Meanwhile 38 percent confessed they didn’t get “enough clitoral stimulation” and 35 percent added they weren’t receiving “the right kind of clitoral stimulation.”

4 Time-Tested Workout Plans for a Summer Shred

A study by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata, who founded Tabata training, found that high intensity training improved VO2 max (or your maximal oxygen consumption) by about 14 percent, while anaerobic capacity improved by 28 percent. These effects will help you shed those extra pounds of fat, while also building lean muscle.

Sharpen Your Mental Focus With Green Tea

indicated that green tea is linked to lowering a person's risk for dementia as well as a preventative decline in thinking and memory in older adults. The study examined tea and coffee habits of individuals who were older than 60. Individuals were then grouped by how much green tea each drank: none, one to six days a week, or every day. The conclusion: drinking green tea one to six days per week or everyday was linked to a decrease in mental decline. As for those who didn't drink it, had lower scores on the thinking and memory test. Those individuals also performed less exercise -- a factor that can influence cognitive ability.

Dwayne Johnson on Twitter

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WWE Universe on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Having a cold? Fight it with Fighter Diet!

Fighter Diet life: training is going great, motivation is on top, then boom you're down with a cold! Or even worse, the flu!

Speed Up, Slow Down Workout Program

The payoff:  This version of 21s allows you to elicit the gamut of responses from your muscles within each workout by managing the speed of your reps within each set. You'll complete the first seven reps fast, the next seven reps slow and the last seven at your normal pace.

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