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Our track record of transforming and helping hundreds of athletes that have walked through these doors does not fit us into the Wal Mart of Athlete Strength & Conditioning.

WATCH: Fixing Dave Tate — Observing Dave's Current Training Capabilities

To gain a greater understanding of Dave's current capabilities, Dr. Rusin watches a full training session of six movements.

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1 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

May the force stay with you en route to achieving your 2018 fitness goals. Invest some of your Imperial Credit in new gym gear, nutrition, and a bodyweight program straight from the streets of New York.

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

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Tip: The Top 3 Training Splits | T Nation

Hitting each muscle group twice per week is perfect for most lifters. But how do you organize your training? Try these three splits.

Tip: Shoulder Triples for Strength and Size | T Nation

Three things that most people agree on: They want to get stronger. They want to build muscle. They don't want to get injured. Ideally, they want to accomplish all three in the most time-efficient way possible. Many people complain about not having enough time to go to the gym, but when they actually do go they spend 30 minutes standing around doing absolutely nothing. Take those 30 minutes of chatting, standing, and "resting" and do something useful. Supersets are nothing new, but if you apply the principles of strength, muscle endurance/growth, and mobility together you can create damn good workouts that are extremely productive. In a "triple set" you combine a heavy weight for low reps, a moderate weight for medium reps, and then a banded, full range of motion exercise for high reps to hit all three areas of strength, endurance, and mobility. Here's an effective shoulder triple set: 5 close-grip dumbbell presses (heavy) 10 wide-grip dumbbell presses (moderate) 20 banded dislocates For the close-grip dumbbell press, use a weight you can do for around 8 reps with good form.

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The 2018 NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic welcomes 1983 Mr. Olympia, Samir Bannout as our Special Guest November 10th at the Hawaii Convention Center! Join us:  #mrolypmpia #samirbannout #hawaii #npc #shawnrayhawaiianclassic @samir_bannout @OldSchoolLabs

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday, April 5, 2018 - You find rejection a difficult pill to swallow, especially if someone criticizes your innovative suggestions today. You’re not in the mood to jump through hoops to pitch your solution to a current problem. Naturally, you want others to accept your ideas, even if they are unproven. Stop defending your plan; assimilate the feedback you receive even if it’s too harsh for your liking. President Bill Clinton said, “The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.”

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Some of the best foods to help you get ripped without breaking the bank:

Tip: Ginger, Pain Relief, and Performance - Biotest

There were nine studies included in the analysis for use as an ergogenic aid. Two studies showed decreases in inflammatory markers in the ginger groups. One study showed a decrease in recovery time in bicep 1RM in the ginger group. Another study showed small to moderate effect sizes in range of motion and RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of the elbow between ginger and placebo groups. The rest of the studies didn't seem to show any difference.

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5 Combat Rope Moves to Torch Your Metabolism

Hitting the treadmill for yet another steady-state run may be a tried-and-true way to burn a few calories, but it’s about as much fun as watching paint dry. If your workout is due for an overhaul, you may want to look for the coils of rope sitting in a corner of your gym. These combat ropes, or battle ropes, may seem inconsequential, but they’re actually a metabolism-boosting super tool in disguise. Swinging these long, heavy ropes doesn’t just work your arms, it works everything, taxing your legs , core , and upper body, all while sending your heart rate soaring.

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The Olympia Sweeps starts now! Backstage access, official Olympia jackets, autographed posters & show programs…that’s just the start. We’re giving away 100+ prizes! Get your VIP or Finals tickets to be automatically entered for your chance to win! …

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

FLEX on Twitter

FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

FLEX on Twitter

FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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@DeFrancosGym you just keep getting better with @TripleH & @StephMcMahon ‘s prep every year! They looked amazing! Well done guys! #DefrancoStrong #Wrestlemania

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How to effectively train every body part with only a Smith machine:

Tip: The Surprising Side Effect of Getting Too Fat - Biotest

For the not-obese person who enjoys one too many cheat meals, this could become a slippery slope. The fatter you get, the more sweetness you need to satisfy your "sweet tooth" and the harder it'll be to enjoy healthy foods. But as you lose body fat, you'll grow more taste buds and be more sensitive to healthy flavors.

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@PHILHEATH your interview with Patrick Bet-David has me SO inspired. You are truly a knowledgeable person.

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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Out of 16 abdominal exercises, one reigns supreme:

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5 big mistakes people make when trying to achieve strong legs:

【筋トレ】BEAST workout2/2

【筋トレ】BEAST workout2/2

The 30 Best Back Exercises of All Time

If you’re working out for the sake of looking good (and what guy isn’t?), then you’re probably aiming to build that signature “V-taper”—a big, broad back that makes you look powerful and even more dominant. To build that deep V, you’ll need to focus on building the key muscles of your back:

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Do you think bench once a week is ok? When I was younger I’d do it more than once. Lately I feel good off one day.

Coffee with Nordin ep 104 Foods you miss

Foods you miss and creative ways to enjoy healthier versions of them

30 94- Bedros Keuilian- How to Man Up, Dominate Business and Crush Life

We have a LIVE edition of the Muscle Expert Podcast coming your way today. Bedros Keuilian graced us with his presence at Muscle Intelligence headquarters to bring us a great insight on what he does best, growing businesses at an incredible rate and living life at an incredibly high level. Bedros shows us the meaning of what it is to live a “fighter jet life”, gives us insight on what a great morning routine looks like and answers some great questions from our Facebook Live. Time Stamps: 3:15 - Why Bedros loves the MI40 style of training for entrepreneurs. 5:15 - The biggest area for most entrepreneurs to improve, finding a specialty. 8:45 - How to coalesce your thoughts and maintain a focused mindset. 11:00 - Bedros’ steps to growing a business. 13:40 - Feeding the ego vs feeding the family. How Bedros puts his focus on the tangibles rather than what drives the ego. 21:30 - Fighter jet mentality- how to live life laser focused and win the day. 23:25 - There’s always another summit. Living with a “More” mindset. 30:00 - The importance of self sufficiency. Why you need to learn to find answers yourself before asking for advice.

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@DeFrancosGym you really outdid yourself with @TripleH this year. Best he's ever looked by far, even better than after the quad injury in 2001.

Tip: Two Glute Exercises for Knee Health | T Nation

Start by placing a short band around your forefeet (balls of your feet) and taking a hip-width stance. Slightly bend at the knees and hinge at the hips until your torso is about 30 to 45 degrees. Begin taking side steps that are a few inches wide while keeping the feet forward and resisting knee collapse. Start with 10 steps in each direction for 2-3 sets.

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When should you pack in the calories and protein? When should you have your smallest, lowest-carb meal of the day? Here's the science. …

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

*I faced the pad on the presses because it creates a more natural pressing movement.  Immediately stand on one end of the band with both feet, grab the other end with your palms in a neutral hand position and shoulder width apart.  Perform a front raise with your thumbs up (1), spread the band hitting rear delts with your hands shoulder height (2), bring them back together out in front of you (3), and then lower (4).  That counts as 1 rep of 4-ways, so perform 10 reps. Do this superset for 3 rounds.

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Thinking about buying FREE King Whey Protein Crunch Bar - Pick Up To 3!? Read the latest verified review by Cindy G. … via @yotpo

Tip: The Mobility Drill You Need to be Doing | T Nation

The last thing you want to do on an off day is mentally check out and unconsciously go through your corrective exercises and mobility drills from the last week's programming. To make sure this doesn't happen, I've learned to program larger "catch-all" movements.

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It’s strange how we tend to underestimate the power of small steps and think that they are not at all useful. instead we use them as a pretext to freeze. Every step counts.. So go ahead take those baby steps & you never know they may bring about the much needed change your life

20 Total-Body Workouts, In Five Moves (Or Less)

You know those workouts that seemingly combine every kind of exercise and piece of equipment in the gym? You won’t find any of those here. That’s because you don’t need a bunch of tools, time, or moves to target every muscle and burn serious calories. We asked some of the country’s top trainers to design total-body routines that hit these requirements: fewer than two pieces of equipment, under 40 minutes, and no more than five exercises. What we got are the workouts that we want to do: They’re all fun, fast, and effective.

Tip: 4 Thigh-Quaking Squat Variations | T Nation

The basic squat is the missionary position of leg workouts. Go Kama Sutra on your leg training with these alternatives.

EliteFTS on Instagram: “Elitefts™ Pic of the Day Over 30,000 products, 500,000 Q&As, 6,000 articles, 14,000 videos, 800 exercises, over 40 pro training and…”

When Giants Roamed the Earth • Zach Even-Esh

The only thing the present day, steroid-ridden “monsters of the midway” as my late friend John Grimek called them have on the “old timers” such as Grimek, Reeves, Pearl, Delinger, etc., is size. Beauty of physique and health are all but forgotten in their quest for massiveness. One really can’t call it bodybuilding any longer because that is now a misnomer. The older generations of bodybuilders were very strong, healthy men who got that way by lifting heavy and eating lots of good food. Sadly, today’s young bodybuilders are inundated with magazines full of ugly, bald, unhappy-looking idiots with 24 inch arms, 36 inch thighs, pumped-up veins and striations (cuts) and bloated, distended bellies that pass for bodybuilders. They are not! They’re bums, who got that big by taking steroids- drugs! The young guys look at them and they, too want to be big! Big! Big! Forget about their health and body symmetry. their only goal is to get huge. Ronnie Colman, Jay Cutler- even Schwarzenneger before them- and the rest of the bloated bums have taken the sport to a new low and I don’t think it will ever come back to what it once was.

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Obesogens are endocrine disrupters that change your body chemistry and make you fat. Here's where they're hiding: …

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Who's excited for the Dream Big Awards We'll be hosting an Instagram Live Q&A after the awards with @JillianSpaeder @AsiaMonetRay @MissMaesiCaes & the Dream Big winners! Comment below using #DreamBigWithClaires !

28 Days of Gains: A Realistic Case Study | T Nation

To test this belief – that an experienced lifter could gain muscle and get leaner at the same time – I knew I'd have to get smart with my training and supplementation. The goal? To put on as much muscle and lose as much fat as possible in just four weeks.

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Intermittent fasting may not reduce strength or muscle, but it can negatively influence Testosterone levels. Learn more: …

20 Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

When it comes to keeping your weight in check, there’s just no getting around the surefire formula of regular exercise plus a nutritious whole-foods diet. No shortcuts have ever proven to work better. That said, there are countless hacks, tricks, and tips that can speed up weight loss by helping you eat less, make better food choices, and get started down a healthier path.

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This coach built 7 pounds of muscle in one month while also losing body fat. Check out the intense program he followed: …

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LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS Every week we demonstrate never before seen information to all members of the Kai Greene Academy. You don’t want to miss what your boy has got to say about Arm Training. GO TO ->... …

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The #NBA playoffs are almost here—who will get to host a championship parade this summer? Get pumped for the #NBAPlayoffs with the latest video for #ThisIsWhyWePlay

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53 The Smart Lifter's Guide to Recovery Weeks | T Nation
54 Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Our most popular training course on SALE NOW. / Discount on check out page 👊👊🔨🔨🦍🦍 / 👉👉 /…”
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56 The 13 Best Exercises for Bigger Arms
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59 Are you REALLY Strong? Or Just Barbell Strong? | T Nation
60 Terry Hollands wsm 2010 tshirt | eBay
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62 10 Things Every Woman Wishes You Did During Sex
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65 T Nation (@testosteronenation) • Instagram photos and videos
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73 Flex Wheeler on Instagram: “Insane time at the @lvmotorspeedway “MOPAR OR NO CAR” @shenawheeler @antronbrowntf @matthagan_fc @southernhotrodllc @leahpritchett_tf…”
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75 How to Get Motivated to Work Out When You Don't Feel Like It
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77 Inspiring: Change the World by Making Your Bed - by Admiral William McRaven
78 EliteFTS on Instagram: “I was recently asked what the biggest difference between intermediate and advanced lifters, and beginning lifters was. It didn't take me…”
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90 Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Sticking your neck out every day. / Wow, the people who always have negative things to say are more often than not, shouting from the…”
91 Official Muscular Development Magazine
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95 The Boston Marathon Beginner's Guide for First-time Runners
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