WATCH: Fixing Dave Tate — Observing Dave's Current Training Capabilities Video Description

To begin, Dr. Rusin watches Dave perform a box squat using the spider bar to a high box. With a compound movement such as this, a lot of things are happening, so Dr. Rusin observes one joint at a time from the bottom up, beginning with foot, to the ankle, through the knees, hip, pelvis, torso, spinal positioning, and shoulder positioning. He also observes from multiple angles, including the back oblique angle, the front oblique angle, directly from the side, directly from the front, and directly from the back. Dr. Rusin remarks on the great importance of having significant load and velocity in this movement to reveal compensation patterns. As Dave works up in weight and gets closer and closer to failure on the lift, Dr. Rusin observes Dave's right hip shake and demonstrate some instability, which also impacts the knee angle and degree of rotation at the hip.

Videos for 4/8/2018