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Kai Greene Hits the Mandatories - Arnold Classic Brazil 2016

Watch IFBB Pro bodybuilder Kai Greene hit the mandatories during prejudging at the 2016 Arnold Classic Brazil.

Muscle on Women

Why you should never worry about getting too Bulky Save this weekend with these 4 MUST HAVESFat Loss by Mind PowerW


Why you self sabotage when you start to get results Save this weekend with these 4 MUST HAVESFat Loss by Mind Power

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BUY NOW > Scientifically Engineered Pumps Enter the gym and experience Gamma-ray; the fastest working, blood...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016 - Applying what you have already learned this year can seem like an uphill battle, but, luckily, if your first idea doesn't work, you have plenty more up your sleeve. Unfortunately, your mind is moving much faster than reality, and you could become frustrated as you wait for events to catch up to your thoughts. Nevertheless, your patience is about to be rewarded while the Moon visits your uplifting sign. Make as much progress as you can during the next couple of days when the cosmic winds are blowing in your favor.

8 Unconventional Exercises for a Total-Body Workout

Sculpt a rock hard body with this killer muscle-building routine from IFBB figure pro Jelena Abbou.

5 Easy Ways to Start Building Bigger Biceps

Want bigger, better biceps ? Then just do barbell curls until you puke. Ha. If only it were that easy. According to some self-professed experts, sometimes it is! But here at M&F , we take a more calculated, scientific approach to training, which helps you reach your full potential with your physique goals. Right near the top of the list of bodyparts that guys want to bring up are the biceps. But curling aimlessly is just as limiting as it sounds.

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Pull more weight by fixing your form. Read this before your next deadlift session: …

Hormone Control

A number of bodybuilders have e-mailed me requesting the same thing: “Can you check out my precontest diet?” Time and again, their approach to dieting is the same: no carbs. A no-carb or very-low-carb plan can be effective — it almost always means fewer calories, so that’s a plus. It also means insulin, a potentially fat-storing hormone, is controlled. But it doesn’t guarantee a ripped fat-free physique. Getting ripped is about controlling calories while simultaneously keeping hormones in balance. That’s what this article is about — providing the guidelines for a hormonal profile that will keep your metabolic rate humming to burn bodyfat. Here’s the data on six main hormones you need to know about.

Classic Workouts

That place, of course, was Gold’s Gym, and the story of how these men and a handful of others helped turn it into the epicenter of bodybuilding reads like one of the screenplays piled atop a movie exec’s desk just a few miles inland.

Lunge Towards Massive Legs

The lunge is a great movement for developing the thighs and strengthening the hips. Lunges target two primary muscles groups:              1) the hip extensors, comprising the gluteal muscles (glutes) and hamstrings             2) the knee extensors, made up of the four muscles collectively known as the quadriceps. The muscles used in the lunge are the same as those utilized in the squat, but the lunge provides greater range of motion, allowing more substantial glute and hamstring development.

The 5 Best Exercises for Women

Stepping into a gym can be intimidating when you’re not sure where to start.  It can seem even more daunting when you want to incorporate strength training and the weights sections of your gym are crowded with muscley guys who are grunting and throwing dumbbells on the ground. But building muscle has many healthy benefits, including helping you burn more fat and calories at rest, making you stronger for everyday activities, and possibly even preserving brain health.  Here, certified personal trainer Yami Mufdi shares the five best exercises for women. Incorporate them into your fitness routine and start seeing results in a few weeks!

Along Came a Spider Curl

My biceps aren’t big, but they do have detail and a bit of a peak, and I owe both to two things: my genetics, and spider curls. I can’t offer much help in the genetics department (talk to your parents about that), but I can provide you with some solid info on what I consider the No. 1 exercise for hitting the outer head of the biceps brachii muscle, which is the one responsible for providing that peaked look to a flexed biceps.

7 Presses for Pumped Delts

That’s because maximizing growth on all three delt heads requires some degree of overhead pressing . Overhead presses allow you to overload your delts with heavy weight, which calls more total muscle into play and increases growth hormone release. Each of your shoulder workouts – unless you are limited by injury – should begin with one or two presses. This handy guide lays out some options that you can rotate in to keep things fresh. By swapping out your presses, you can slightly alter the muscular emphasis and keep your delts from getting too comfortable.

Operation 16

Muscle & Fitness teamed up with ProSupps athletes Jason Poston, IFBB Pro, three-time Olympia Physique Top 3 Competitor, and Allison Frahn, IFBB Pro, four-time Figure Olympia, to create a total body program designed to help you put on quality muscle while leaning out. The workout and supplement regimen—called OPERATION 16—will make 2016 your strongest year ever. Follow as the Pros take you step-by-step through each workout of this program.

Rip it Good

There are many different types of “fat burner” supplements on the market, but perhaps the most popular and effective category is thermogenics. Thermogenics work by boosting the body’s metabolism. That is, you burn more calories during a given activity, even if you’re just sitting on your butt watching Pumping Iron again. Most products achieve this effect by increasing norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that the nervous system releases; it is basically a form of adrenaline). Synephrine is one supplement that raises norepinephrine. Try doses of five to 20 milligrams (mg), from a standardized Citrus aurantium extract, once or twice daily for amaximum of 40 mg per day.

Bodybuilder's Guide to BCAAs

Before creatine, arginine and whey protein ranked supreme as popular bodybuilding supplements, the branched-chain amino acids were the hot ticket for bodybuilders. Today, BCAAs are back on the must-have list of supplements because bodybuilders have found that they work well to enhance muscle growth, strength, energy and even fat loss. If you’re not using them, here’s your guide to why you should.

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BACK, ARM & DELT Training: Arnold Schwarzenegger's MUST-DO Exercises -->

5 Mental Tricks for Better Workout Results

“Light weight,” eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman says as he settles under a bar for a max-rep set of bench presses at 495 pounds. Little verbal cues like this represent the tip of the iceberg for what people have used to help them get through tough workouts. The brain is willing, after all, even if the flesh is weak. Our panel of experts chipped in on some of the psyche ups that they use to push the envelope in the gym.

Chocolate Before Training?

They reported in a 2011 issue of the European Journal of Nutrition that when the subjects consumed the dark chocolate before the workout they were able to maintain their blood glucose levels,  had higher insulin levels and experienced less oxidative stress. The ability to better maintain blood glucose levels means that you’ll have more energy to keep up your training intensity. The higher insulin levels can help to better drive muscle growth. However, higher insulin levels during a workout can limit fat burning. So if your major goal is fat loss, add the chocolate to your postworkout shake instead. The lower oxidative stress means enhanced muscle recovery after the workout, which can lead to greater growth.

Ronnie's Monster Weights

Egotistic lifters would like to believe that heavy weight is the most important aspect of bodybuilding. They’re wrong, but so are their opponents who think that heavy weight is the culprit behind injuries and delayed development. That’s not an indictment of heavy weight, but of the way it’s often handled. Perform an exercise properly with good form and there’s no such thing as too much weight. The point is that heavy weight, perfect form and optimal pump are all equal parts of the same equation. One is not more important than the other.

Shouldering the Load

If anyone has the shoulders to bear a heavy load, it’s the big, bad Wolf.  Sit down and shut up as the German IFBB Pro shows us how he prefers to destroy his delts with heavy weight.

The Protein Powder Handbook

A cup of whole milk provides 8 grams of protein, 8 g of fat and 11 g of carbs (lactose or milk sugar). The remainder is mostly water. The protein is about 80% casein and 20% whey. Since casein makes up the majority of this protein, it mainly provides benefits similar to casein along with some of the benefits of whey.

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Physique -minded athletes primarily want to build muscle while minimizing bodyfat. And although weight training alone can help you achieve those goals, adding in some cardio will help round out your training while improving your metabolic conditioning, fat loss, and overall fitness.

Steve “King Snake” Kuclo’s KING-SIZED Workout

I first started training when I was 17 and HEAVY was all I knew. I had the mentality that if I could move heavy weight and continue to get stronger, I could get bigger as well! As most beginners know, pretty much no matter what you do, you will grow when you first start pumping iron. But, there will come a point when things need to change and you need to keep your body guessing, as it will adapt to whatever you are doing after a period of time. It may be six months or a year, but the same thing over and over will eventually stop working—the way it did when you first started the program.

4 Super Supplements for Super Results

Got a limitless budget to blow on supplements? Yeah, neither do we. That’s why it’s important to identify which supplements are absolute necessities for your specific training goals. You can’t just take what everyone else is taking and expect to see Olympia-worthy results. Looking to get lean? A bottle of xyz fat burners from the pharmacy ain’t gonna cut it. Is strength your focus? Then why, in the name of Arnold, aren’t you taking creatine? Are you training at high intensities day in and day out? Have you checked out beta alanine? Consider what you are training for before you consider what you’re training with .

Velocity Diet® Plan - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

5 Rules for Gaining Mass

If you'’re looking to add muscle mass to your frame, hitting the weights hard is a given. Quality time in the gym begins a cascade of changes that will stimulate your muscles to grow bigger in response to the challenges you throw their way. It'’s tempting to think that'’s all it takes to add muscle to your body. After all, you can actually feel your biceps growing after an intense set of curls. That pump is tangible, real-time biofeedback to let you know that blood is flowing to your muscle cells, beginning a chain of events that stimulates protein synthesis. Maybe that'’s why it's easy to overlook how important good nutrition is in the mass-building equation. When you choose to eat, say, chicken instead of ice cream, there'’s no immediate muscle gratification -- no pump to keep you motivated. Make no mistake: Eating for muscle is just as important as lifting for muscle. The foods you grab in the morning on the way to work, the meals you pack for lunch and mid-afternoon, what you put into your body immediately following your workout, and your final meal of the day impact your results as much as, if not more than, the number of reps you squeeze out at the end of a set.

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Don't miss out on 20% off our top brands today only! #BbcomBirthdayBash Shop Now -->

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Don't deadlift like a hooker. Keep that spine neutral. 7 ways to fix your ATP: …

Tip: Make Healthy "Weight Gainer" Cookies | T Nation

Dr. Peter Lemon, renowned protein researcher, had a problem. His human test subjects wouldn't comply with the higher protein, higher calorie diets he needed them to eat for the sake of his research. Some of these studies ran for months and Dr. Lemon needed to make it convenient for subjects to consume the right nutrients.

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A warm-up shouldn't be excessive. Get primed to train fast with this quickie: …

5 Rookie Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Squat

Avoid these all-too-common missteps that will limit your gains in the weight room.

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Next time you get on the floor for push-ups try this shoulder-building variation: …

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Don't leave the rower out of your fat loss arsenal. Here are 4 challenges: …

Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Have FUN & LOVE the training, the dedication & lifestyle 👊👊👊💀💀💀 #UndergroundStrengthGym #Edison #Manasquan”

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Live Updates: Day 1 Olympic Trials

The Olympic Trials get started today at 9 AM CDT. Weights and Styles Contested Today: Men's Freestyle: 65KG, 125 KG | Women's Freestyle: 58KG, 63KG and 69KG | Greco Roman: 59KG, 66KG, 85KG, 98KG For full results, scores, and finals matchups go here. Saturday Round 1 Morning Session: 65KG: Frank Molinaro v. Kellen Russell Tied up in a 2 on 1 from Russell. Push out for Molinaro early in the first. He leads 1-0. Another step out for Frank. 2-0 Molinaro. Flurry of points makes it 6-1 Molinaro with 2:00 to go in the 2nd. Now 9-1 lead for Molinaro. Hi c for 4 makes it 13-1 Molinaro but it's under review. Molinaro takes it! 65KG: Logan Stieber v. BJ Futrell Stieber in on a leg immediately and beats the whizzer of Futrell for a 2-0 lead early. Another shot with a cutback finish by Stieber and now it's 4-0 with 1:33 to go in the first. Logan shoots, Logan scores. Common theme. 6-0 Logan after 1. TD to a lace finishes it in the 2nd for Logan! Wow. 10-0 Logan Stieber over Futrell. 65KG: Jimmy Kennedy v. Dean Heil Pushout early for Jimmy. Then a quick TD and a gut to make it 5-0 right away! 3 more and it's 8-0 Kennedy.

The Transition: Build Large Legs, Strong Shoulders, and Shredded Abs

The Transition: Build Large Legs, Strong Shoulders, and Shredded Abs

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Want a fired-up metabolism? Fix nutritional deficiencies. Here's a biggie: …

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Tree trunk legs require jacked quads. Here's how you achieve them: …

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What's the most weight you can squat for 10 reps? Here's why you should care: …

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The Secret to a Killer Core

Combo lifts are the great equalizers for your abdominals. All it takes are a few high-powered moves like these, as demonstrated by IFBB bikini pro Jessica Paxson, to create full-body tension and burn stubborn fat. Translation: Here’s the beauty dynamite you need to sculpt a covet-worthy core.

Why Every Man Should Drink More Coffee

Everyone should drink more coffee. Not just because java is delicious and can transform a rough morning into a kick-ass day, but because you’ll reap a whole host of incredible health benefits whenever you brew up a cup:

44 - The Motivational Gym Shop


45 (@cutandjacked) • Instagram photos and videos

46 Four Weeks to Six-Pack Abs

These abs exercises, modeled by two-time Fitness Olympia and IFBB pro Oksana Grishina , will help you build a sexy midsection by emphasizing different muscle groups with each workout. Do these ab exercises as part of the "Four Weeks to Six-Pack Abs Workout" on page 16 of our March/April 2016 issue. Add 30 minutes of cardio daily to help burn fat. And don’t forget your diet: Watch your total caloric intake and macros. Otherwise, you’re not likely to get the results you want, adds Caccavale. In one month, you should see a noticeable difference in shape and definition for abs you’ll love!

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10 Hidden Physique Killers

Not every so-called "bodybuilder-friendly" food is all it's cracked up to be - and some seemingly unhealthy eats can actually be good for you.

20-Minutes to Massive Legs Workout

I am sure that you have heard it all before. To get the complete physique that you want, working your legs hard is a necessity. The legs make up the largest part of your body and carry a ton of muscle. If you skip leg day, you are missing out on a ton of growth potential. Not too mention the large hormone release (testosterone, growth hormone), fat burning enzymes and caloric burn that come with working your legs. Leg day is also the toughest day of the week. It takes high volume, high reps with heavy weight, and mental toughness to get through a true leg routine that gets results. This also means that time becomes a factor. When we are pressed for time we tend to skip the hard stuff. We will fit in our chest and arm workouts since these are the show muscles and skimp on the legs. This is a huge mistake and it can be fixed. You can still get a solid leg workout in 20 minutes. With the right routine you can blast the legs in a short amount of time. There are four primary areas of the legs that need to be hit hard; the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The key to a good leg routine is to use exercises that hit all those areas so no muscle fiber is left untapped.

7 Important Lessons from 7 Years As A High School Strength Coach With Brian DeFiebre • Zach Even-Esh

Don’t you dare sell out on those kids! You better be able to drop and give them 20 at any moment! Pullups or chinups...? There better be only a few of the strongest kids that can do more than you (if even that). Now I don’t even try to pretend that I can run as fast as them, but I won’t be last, and I’ll be frothing when I finish! I’ve done the MURPH workout with the kids, gotten under the bar to squat with them on ME day, walked up to a 250 lb deadlift without warming up and do a quick triple... that is how you earn their respect. Plus, it is so much FUN!!

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