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Brave Host Tries (Fails) to Eat Like The Rock

The Rock makes eating 10 pounds of food a day look easy -- you might not want to try it.

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Henri Pierre Ano's Posing Routine at the 2015 NY Pro

The posing routine of the 2015 IFBB New York Pro bodybuilding 4th place finisher, Henri Pierre Ano.

Guy Cisternino's Winning Routine at the 2015 NY Pro

The posing routine of the 2015 IFBB New York Pro 212 Bodybuilding champ, Guy Cisternino.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015 - You're fascinated by the power of your own feelings today. However, your common sense encourages you to retreat when you get close to emotions you can't control. These conflicting desires create a bit of a paradox because you can't experience the magic if you're unwilling to fall into the shadows. Don't even pretend that you're in charge when you're not. Expressing your vulnerability opens a doorway to intimacy now that was previously hidden from view. Take a leap of faith and follow your heart.

Rock Hard Challenge 2015

Get huge, ripped, and perform better than ever. Show us your progress, and the reader with the most dramatic gains will win an M&F feature and a BSN prize pack. No matter who wins the grand prize, everybody wins big with this radical new program.

10 Power Foods for Size & Strength

When it comes to the infinite number of foods that you can put in your body, there are good foods and there are bad foods. Clearly, you know to avoid the bad foods whenever possible, but when it comes to choosing the very best foods for your physique goals, that's an even harder decision. FLEX is here to make it easier for you to find the best of the best--we call them Power Foods.

More Chest Muscle in Less Time

This twice-weekly workout plan is built on that simple premise; instead of starting your week with the flat bench, per the usual, you’re going to head straight for the incline. With your pre-workout raging through your veins, you’ll soon be pressing gnarly weight loads toward the ceiling, touching off crazy new growth in your under-trained upper chest. From there, things normalize with flat-bench dumbbell presses and pushups, with some calculated twists to jack up the intensity, of course.

Add One Inch to Your Arms in One Month

The key to serious size is to take that mythical, only-in-the-gym pump and turn it into permanent muscle. Sure, you can do some fast back-to-back exercises and push your pump through the roof—causing your clothing to fit tight—but just a few short hours later, that pump is gone, and you don’t have the muscle to show for it. The answer to this dilemma is to combine pump-type training with permanent size- and strength-building exercises, then allow for maximal recovery before beating your muscles into submission in the next workout.

6 Tips for Growing Bigger Calves

The calves are for most, quite resistant to growth. Every time you take a step the calves are activated, and are burdened with carrying around your bodyweight all day long. This means that you must attack the calves fiercly if they are to have any reason to increase in size and strength. Conventional training simply will not do when it comes to calves, so I have listed below 6 unique methods for sending a wake-up call to those stubborn calf muscle fibers.

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5 Ways To Get More Out Of Bodyweight Training

A lot of people tend to scoff at bodyweight exercises, figuring that they are an inferior method of developing a better physique. But bodyweight training can enhance your look and performance (see: gymnasts), and there are ways to make it more challenging and wholly more productive … as long as you’re willing to bust out of your comfort zone for a few minutes. Try one of these quick remedies to get a better workout the next time you decide to go ironless. 1. Pick Tougher Exercises In your quest to have a more Arnold-like back, you have been using wide-grip pull-ups as your go-to move on the bar. But typewriter pull-ups, during which you pull up to one side then, remaining in that top position, drift to the other side before lowering yourself, are far more challenging. Other bodyweight-only exercises like dips, handstand push-ups, star push-ups and countless others offer real growth-inducing benefits if you’re willing to give them a try. Related: Best Bodyweight Exercises to Get You Ripped 2. Vary Rep Speed Different rep speeds address muscle fibers differently, and bodyweight exercises grant you a lot of freedom in this department.

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According to our poll, the "power rack abuser" is the most annoying dude in the gym --> …

5 Foods You Should Never Eat Before a Workout

By now, we all understand the importance of fueling up before an intense sweat session. What you may not know is you could be sabotaging your workout with the wrong foods. Avoid these five at all costs.

Who impersonates Arnold the best? 

J.J. Watt, Ryan Mallett and other Texans players take their best shot at impersonating their favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger lines. These were shown during the J.J. Watt Charity Classic.

6 Tricks to Improve Your Posture

When I think of bad posture I always think of people who sit at a desk all day long. Desk work is very demanding on your shoulders and your posture. Think about it. After working eight hours on a computer screen, your shoulders are rounded forward and your neck is protruding forward. Aside from having a desk job, you can get bad posture from working out incorrectly . Overdoing chest movements and not incorporating enough rear delt and back movements can increase poor posture. Poor posture is our bodies way of adapting to the situations we subject it too.

7 Curls for Bigger Biceps

We asked Antoian to walk us through the benefits of a handful of curls that you may or may not currently use in your repertoire. We also requested that he skip longwinded execution explanations since, in general, curls are performed the same way: keep your arms at your sides, elbows close to the body, and bend your arm from the elbow as you bring the weight to your shoulder.

The Best Jump-Rope Workout

Make sure you’ve got a good rope. Beaded or plastic “speed” ropes are more durable than cotton ones and whip around faster, making for a more intense workout . They’re also mandatory if you want to build up to doing advanced jump-rope moves like the double jump (which we’ve included here, although we don’t expect you to master it right away). Before you begin using a rope, measure it to your height. When you stand on the middle of the rope, the handles should extend to your armpits. Cut and adjust the length as necessary. You have to gradually prepare your lower body for the impact of jumping, so begin on a waxed wooden floor or rubber floor. Hold the rope with hands at about hip height and elbows slightly bent, keeping your upper arms close to your sides. Your chest should be out and your shoulders back and down. Make your jumps small and land on the balls of your feet.

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Stay Honest for Bigger Biceps

"People tend to bring their elbows forward for two simple reasons," says Ernesto Osorio, CSCS, a personal trainer with One2One Fitness in Houston. "The first is trying to achieve a greater peak contraction of the biceps. The second reason is that of pride and ego - you can typically use more weight when you're not isolating the target muscle, a nice way of saying you're cheating. And while it's okay to occasionally use cheating techniques to spark growth, doing so on every rep can hamper your progress.

1st Call Out at the 2015 New York Pro: Martinez Vs. Morel

The pre-judging battle for 1st and 2nd place at the NY Pro!

The Four-Move Workout for Your Lower Abs

The lower part of the abs is the most stubborn area to remove excess bodyfat. There are some diet and training tricks to help the process along, but you'll need a workout to compliment your other efforts.

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Tuesday, 5/12 at 12 noon > Official 2015 Flex Lewis Classic event t-shirt will be available at

3 Fat-Melting Moves You Can Do Anywhere

With the rise of CrossFit culture, shows like American Ninja Warrior , and fitness movements like BarStarzz, more people than ever are looking for equipment-free exercise options that they can do at home, outdoors, in a hotel room, or wherever they happen to be incarcerated.

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Leg Day with Steve Weatherford: The Heavy Legs Workout

What does the fittest guy in the NFL do when he's really in the mood for a hammy-hammering, quad-crushing leg day? He goes heavy. Right on time for start of the offseaon, here comes the third workout in our " Leg Day with Steve Weatherford " series. Rest assured, these exercises are intense and are sure to have you wobbling out of the gym. Each phase comprises at least three sets of exercises designed to give you a leg day fit for legends.

Fix Your Diet: Understanding Proteins, Carbs, and Fats - Born Fitness

Essentially, trans fats come about as a result of overprocessing our foods in order to offer consumers a longer shelf life. If your food is pre-packaged, it’s a pretty safe bet that it has its fair share of trans fats. If you are serious about your goals, you should try to avoid trans fats at all costs. Or if you just don’t want to be eating plastic garbage.

Five Body-Weight Finishers to Break Out of Hibernation

Spike your metabolism by ending your workout on a high-note—you’ll increase the amount of calories you burn after you leave the gym and create more stimulus for muscle growth. Better still, instead of pounding your body and joints with more weights, we’ll give you the best bodyweight finishers to drop a few extra pounds of fat and say goodbye to that stubborn belly.

The 4 Week Speed and Agility Training Plan

Perform the speed ladder drills, sprints and single leg deadlift twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays, for the next four weeks. Sprint on an open surface such as a football field or hill.  Walk back to starting point for sprints.

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Freedom Fighters: 10 Badass Workouts With Real Military Men

The real muscle around here is our military. To pay respect to our brave, freedom defenders, we've caught up with some actual servicemembers themselves and asked them about their favorite exercises. In return, we pulled together a featured workout for each one of them.

Do You Suffer From Post-Bingewatching Anxiety Disorder?

There’s an argument to be made that Bingewatching Is Unhealthy , if only because of all the sitting involved. In a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, watching more than two hours of TV a day was linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. But the damage can be more than physical. What about your mental health? What happens to you emotionally when the series comes to a close, and there aren't any more episodes to watch?

4-Move Workout for a Shredded 8-Pack

Everyone wants a six-pack , the six bricks that solidify an ego. Don’t be like everyone else, go for eight. That way, if you fall short, you’ll still have at least six. To get to this washboard promised land, you'll need to do giant sets. Yes, giant sets! That means doing four exercises back-to-back, non-stop, with no rest. Once you get through the fourth exercise, take a minute rest and question your existence. If you can handle the pain, here are the four ab-chiseling exercises , followed by my quick, eight-pack abs routine.

Instant Muscle: Build a Batwing Back

Making one lat work isometrically keeps it under tension, and when that tension is released it causes a cascade of fresh blood to the muscle that supports a pump and, by association, new growth. Meanwhile, you still get the benefits of training through a full range of motion by performing normal reps in the same set.

5 Reasons why Squats are Better than Leg Presses

Here's why the squat reins king when it comes to building size and strength.

The One-Rep Workout for Incredible Strength

Getting bull strong isn’t just good for the ego. Stronger muscles are generally bigger muscles with a greater capacity for work. Maximum strength training also thickens your bones and connective tissues, making them less susceptible to common injuries, especially as you get older. The best and quickest way to get superstrong is to lift the heaviest weights possible—loads that you can only manage about one rep with. It may not sound like much work, but heavy training is exhausting, just in a different way from the higher-volume pump training  you’re probably accustomed to. Doing sets of one rep won’t cause the burning you feel doing 8–12 reps on curls, but it will take your full concentration. Still, because the sets are short and you need to rest fully between them to recover, it’s a relatively comfortable and fun way to train, and the satisfaction you’ll get from seeing your lifts improve dramatically over time will be a powerful motivator to keep going.

4 Time-Tested Workout Plans for a Summer Shred

A study by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata, who founded Tabata training, found that high intensity training improved VO2 max (or your maximal oxygen consumption) by about 14 percent, while anaerobic capacity improved by 28 percent. These effects will help you shed those extra pounds of fat, while also building lean muscle.

Add Muscle All Over

If you went to a trainer, he’d give you an assessment, and the results would likely be the following: You have a weak core, poor grip strength, a lack of mobility in your upper torso, and tight hips. Most guys suffer from these problems—the result of doing only exercises you enjoy. Our program addresses the areas you’ve overlooked, those poor, deflated muscles begging for your attention, attacking them with lifts you’ve never tried (or even heard of) like the Zercher carry and silverback shrug. Other moves, like the quadruped rotation and single-leg RDL, will enhance your mobility , allowing you to activate even more muscle. We also make special use of a sandbag (a loaded duffel bag will suffice), which will improve your grip and strengthen your core at the same time, enabling you to do even more new exercises.

Solving Sleep Problems: Non-Obvious Solutions to Better Rest and Recovery - Born Fitness

Your solution is timing your sleep so that you don’t wake up during the wrong portion of a sleep cycle. A good rule of thumb is aiming for 7.5 or 9 hours of sleep per night. If you must sleep less, sleeping 6 hours might prove to be more restful than 7 because you’re more likely to wake up in the first phase of sleep as opposed to a jarring alarm in the middle of your REM sleep.

The Summer Body Project: The Workout Routine

A well-rounded high-intensity resistance plan that will build muscle while getting you ripped to the bone.

Beat the Clock to Beat Your Gut

DIRECTIONS Perform each workout (Days I, II, and III) once per week, resting a day between each session. You can add these routines to the end of your existing weight workouts , or you can perform them separately as conditioning sessions. Complete one set of each exercise in turn (known as a circuit), resting as needed between rounds. One time through the circuit is one round. On Day I, do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes; on Day II, complete five rounds in as little time as possible; on Day III, do as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes.


Learn the secrets about performance training that will make you faster, stronger, more explosive and better conditioned than your competition. The Juggernaut Method 2.0 offers total strength and athletic development for anyone from the Elite level power lifter, strongman, football player, fighter, or anyone looking to become unstoppable.

5 Surprising Places to Touch Her

We all know where the obvious sources of pleasure are, but there are other areas on her body that when touched, can bring her to climax. Switch up your routine by paying attention to these often overlooked sweet spots.

Four Strategies to Muscle Up Your Forearms

We regularly make the point to hardgainers that, since you’re not a pro bodybuilder, you shouldn’t train like one. Nowhere is the truth of this maxim more evident than in the flesh between the wrists and the elbows. Many Mr. Olympia competitors don’t directly train forearms; some never have. They rely instead on superior genetics and the indirect stimulation of gripping during back and biceps exercises. Forget what they don’t do, and focus instead on what you should do — train your forearms as frequently as your deltoids, and guard against complacency. Why should your lower arms grow if you merely pump out the same lackluster sets of wrist curls at the end of every arm routine?

Elliott Hulse & Z: StrongMan Training & Life Talk - Zach Even-Esh

Zach you directly mention it. Yourself and Elliott demonstrate it with your actions. The respective journeys you’ve been on. It really resonates with me as I’m just starting out on my journey in this industry. Hustling for clients, hustling to make something of an income to pour back into ideas, books, equipment. Hustling to learn and grow by looking at an example such as yourself. I really appreciate what you do mate, and how you do it. Thanks from the depths of my heart. All the way from Down Under.

The Explosion Mini Supercut

I've experienced a lot of explosions in my movies. Now I'm inviting you to come blow sh*t up with me. Watch the mini supercut of my explosions & enter for your chance to blow sh*t up with me: Every $10 entry benefits After-School All-Stars and puts you in the running to win a trip to LA, including flights, a 4-star hotel, and a chance to blow sh*t up with Arnold Schwarzenegger. To discover the newest lineup of once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experiences from Omaze, visit .

Reinventing Healthy Breakfast: Eggs-on-the-Go - Born Fitness

In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs and egg whites. In a separate, larger bowl, combine the remainder of the ingredients except for the Parmesan. Spoon the “batter” into each muffin cup until it’s ¾ of the way full. The muffins puff up a little when they’re cooking. Also, try to make sure to spoon an equal representation of all ingredients in each muffin (because it’s only fair). Sprinkle ½ tbsp. of the Parmesan shavings on top of each one.

Get Lean Even With Injuries

If you’ve been training for a few years, chances are you’re no longer able to do all your favorite lifts, due to injury or age. But that’s no excuse to bail on hard training entirely. Instead, with a few exercise substitutions, you can continue to challenge yourself, build muscle, and burn off the fat to see your abs inside of a month. Our routines work the whole body with joint-friendly movements that help you burn more calories and see your six-pack. This won’t hurt a bit.

Tabata Triple Threat

The Challenge You will perform three Tabata protocols in this workout, each with different movements. A Tabata is a four-minute circuit consisting of eight 20-second work intervals, interspersed with 10 seconds of rest. Though short, Tabatas have been shown to be equal or even more effective at improving conditioning than long bouts of cardio. The reason for that fact — and the catch — is that the 20-second work intervals must be balls-to-the-wall all-out efforts, with nothing held back or saved for later. Between each Tabata you will complete a quarter-mile (400-yard) run before moving on to the next circuit. Tabata 1: Alternating sets of weighted jacks and jump squats Tabata 2: Lateral jumps over an Olympic bench Tabata 3: Triceps floor presses using an Olympic plate The Exercises Weighted Jacks: While holding a pair of dumbbells, perform jumping jacks at full speed, bringing your arms only up to parallel to the floor. Start with your feet together and arms at your sides, and then jump your feet to slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with your arms parallel to the floor.

10 Best Chest Exercises For Building Muscle -

flyes aren't a great mass builder for a starting workout just like pushups but they are a good finisher to burn out that last bit of muscle fiber At the end of a workout. A dip without weight is not much different than a push up in terms of effectiveness but you can add weight to both and vary the style of both. Plyo, archer, diamond, wide, tiger, Russian, planche, LeLane are all different styles to get different pushing muscles growing and can all help. They aren't a starting workout for heavy lifters unless you want to warm up but this article is for people trying to grow their chest which probably means they don't have one. Pushups are a great exercise for beginners to get mass as its a big workout to smaller lifters.

Check out Thor Having Some Fun With Log Lifts

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson , aka Thor the Mountain , aka top strongman and star of Game of Thrones , was toiling hard over the weekend and posted this video of him working on some log lifts. He captioned the video as follows: "Playing around this morning in the sun. Not the best lookout or balance but great cardio for me.. Missed the last reps." Check it out:

Four Ways to Grill Great Corn

To grill great corn, first remove the husks and silk, and then soak the cobs in cold water for 20 minutes. (This helps the corn retain moisture while it’s being cooked.) Brush or spray the cobs with olive oil, add any extras, then place on the grill over medium heat. Cook for 10–15 minutes, turning every 5 minutes, until the kernels are tender and golden-brown spots begin to appear.

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