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Cheddar Avocado Gains Burger

Welcome to, home of the Gains Burger. We've got your order hot and ready to go.

Fit Fix: 'Dozens' of Russian Athletes Used Steroids at Sochi Olympics in State-Sponsored Doping Ploy: Report

Today in major international drug scandals, and everything else you need to know.

File Your Taxes, Suckers: Ben Affleck Kicks Some Serious Ass in 'The Accountant'

When Affleck isn't portraying a wealthy, reclusive savant who beats people up at night, he's portraying Batman.

The Last Rep - Kevin Levrone's Comeback Broken Down

In episode 10 of The Last Rep with Bob Cicherillo & David Baye, the guys recap the 2016 IFBB/NPC Pittsburgh Pro/Championships. They also go on to talk about:

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The Rock Clock™ on the App Store

The sweet tunes of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was the motivation I was missing as I began my daily routines. I can honestly say these past few days I've woken up with more energy, determination and grit. I couldn't be more delighted The Rock found a way into all our bedrooms but I can't help but think he could have found a more energy efficient way. The need to leave this sweet app open overnight is a real bummer. I know The Rock always thinks ahead and would never go to sleep without plugging his phone in but The Rock is also pragmatic. He would recognize that at times it is just impractical to plug the phone in. Like when I'm camping and I want to get juiced up for that big hike. I have no doubt The Rock has some of our nation's top minds working on this. They should set the fix as a project and wake up on The Rock's time, they'd have it fixed (crushed) in a week.

Top 5 Traps Training Mistakes

Traps get no respect. They fit in with both shoulders and back, and therefore can be worked (and overworked) with either. Piggybacking with broader workouts, traps seldom get the honor of their own routines, and yet, your two trapezius muscles (left and right) are large, dramatic and complex, bracketing your delts and neck, and forming a kite on your upper back. By contrast, your biceps are puny and simple, but surely you have a bi routine and dote on every curl. Don’t shrug off trapezius training. Give it the respect it deserves by passing our traps test. Class is in session.

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Think you're stuck with your body fat "because genetics"? You're not. The real science: …

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Grow the calves like an athlete with this exercise. Check it out: …

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Keep your range of motion tight when rowing. Here's how to not screw it up: …

4 Ways to Burn Fat That Beat HIIT | T Nation

The higher the exercise intensity, the greater the metabolic impact. (1) Case in point, a 2008 study showed that high-intensity exercise sessions over 6 weeks (3 times per week) are a powerful method to increase whole-body and skeletal muscle capacities to burn fat. (2) As such, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become a popular and proven method to use for fat-loss, as well as to improve cardio and conditioning levels. (3,4)

Ronnie Coleman turns 52 | Birthday stories

My team made this cool birthday video for me. Best team and best life a guy could ever ask for!! Yeah buddy.

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@BornFitness What protein flavor do you recommend for your protein ice cream and protein cookie recipes? #AskBorn

Power Cleans for Athletes [Discussion w/ Travis Mash & Zach Even - Esh]

Power Cleans for Athletes [Discussion w/ Travis Mash & Zach Even - Esh]

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016 - You are graced with a natural ability to shine your love light into the darkness, creating a more meaningful experience without appearing overly serious. Still, there are weighty matters on your mind and you should take them to heart today. Luckily, your thoughtful actions now will begin to resolve the emotional tensions that have plagued the past few weeks. Adopting an I-can-do-it attitude is the first step toward lightening your load.

The Body-Reboot Workout Program

This four-week plan, by IFBB pro Stacy Naito, D.O., fosters muscle confusion, changing sets and reps weekly so you never get bored. Throw fat burning into overdrive with a mix of plyo and strength training, working your body from top to bottom. "This program eases the beginnger into a consistent regimen, which slowly ramps up, offering the perfect strategy for reaching fitness goals," says Naito.

Kai Greene Explains the Jefferson Squat

To do it, take a wide stance and hold the bar between your legs with one hand in front of your body and one hand behind it. Keep your glutes tensed while you squat down 
in the bucket (below parallel). Use smaller plates on the bar, no more than 25s, so you can get down deep enough. The key is to force your knees out—when you do that, it activates your glutes so you keep them under continuous contraction throughout the set. The better I became at doing Jeffersons, the more proficient I got at squatting. I learned how to activate my qlutes, hams, and quads better. Doing Jeffersons then the adduction machine one after the other has been crucial to my glute and hip-flexor development. Jefferson squats—that’s one of my secrets I’m giving away for free.

11 Fat-Fighting Training Tips

Check out this comprehensive training guide with secrets to shedding fat and getting lean.

Ben Pakulski's Top 10 Training Techniques

HALF SCIENTIST AND HALF MONSTER, BEN PAKULSKI IS THE DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE OF BODYBUILDING. No one in the IFBB Pro League today applies greater scientific rigor to their workouts than Pak- Man. Armed with a degree in kinesiology, he is forever seeking the latest training research, and if you’re lucky enough to converse with him, he can explain the proven logic behind the technique of his every exercise. So he’s Jekyll, the scientist. But he’s also Hyde, the monster (in a good way). Hyde-like, he’s capable of conquering bar-bending weights, and he brings a ferocious intensity to the gym. At first glance, some of his methods seem bat-crap crazy, but they’re only mad in relation to the norm—plodding through the same routine workout afer workout and expecting to magically expand muscles without asking anything extra of them. Now what sounds crazy? Pak-Man is rare among bodybuilders for applying his brain to his workouts at least as much as his body. And as the following 10 factors illustrate, he has some unique and uniquely efective ideas about training. 1) GET TENSE, STAY TENSE Let’s start with the fundamental concept behind all of Pakulski’s workouts.

The Lift Doctor: Bigger Arms and Barefoot Training

If you want bigger arms, you need to continue to challenge them and force them to grow. This could mean using heavier weights, shortening your rest periods between sets, hitting a higher volume (sets x reps), or picking different exercises. One thing that always holds true for building serious arm mass is that compound movements such as chin-ups and heavy bent over rows must be incorporated into your workouts. The problem is that crushing your arms with tons of chin-ups and rows, or performing lots of barbell curls, will eventually take its toll on your joints; specifically your wrists and elbows.

6 Worst Things You Can Do to Get Stronger

If greater strength is your primary goal, you'll want to avoid these strength-sucking pitfalls.

7 Little-Known Hacks for Bigger Arms

Arms are one of the first body parts you notice on someone -- a set of big guns demands respect. These eight tips will help you gain noticeable size and definition in your arms, so get ready to purchase bigger shirts!

Burn Fat and Build Bigger Legs

To perform thrusters, hold a 25- or 45-pound plate at chest level and sit back, leading with your butt and keeping your knees behind your toes, onto the second or third stair. Once you’ve landed, stand up quickly and, in one motion using momentum generated by your lower body, press the plate overhead. For step-ups, hold the plate in a comfortable position and simply step to the second or third stair, step back down again, then repeat with your opposite leg.

3 Key Components for a Tailor-Made Diet

Reason one is self-explanatory, as you want to feel energized during your workout. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone known to mankind, so you'll want to use it around your workout. That said, you do not want to raise your insulin too much during the day as it can can have a fattening effect. Carbs should to be cycled around the workout, meaning if you train at night, do not have any for your first two meals and add them in afterward. You can play around with eating higher glycemic carbs right after the workout. Again, it matters much more to eat the correct amount of carbs than where they come from.

6 Things You Should Never Do Before a Workout

There have been hundreds of articles written about how to best prepare for a killer workout, discussing everything from what to eat, which supplements to take, and how to get your mind “right.” However, with this piece I decided to take a different approach and talk about some of the things you should AVOID doing before pushing and pulling the heavy iron. Ready? Here we go.

3 Unique Uses for the Tractor Tire

2) It’s cost-effective. Just go down to your local dump and get one on the cheap (or for free). Still, as useful as a tire can be, it would be nice to add some versatility to the repertoire. Here are three unique tractor-tire exercises you can start doing right now.

Pec-Ignition: Pump Up Your Pecs

Individuals who don't train fail to understand how post-workout soreness can be a good measure of a terrific workout. Can't make it up the stairs? Congrats on another good leg workout ! Feel a dull pain in your shoulders when picking up the grocery bags? Yup, that was Tuesday's delt routine . But finding the right combination of exercises, sets, reps and techniques to bring you to the promised land of (good) pain can sometimes be elusive. This is especially true for those with some serious lifting experience under their belts. The more you train, after all, the harder it is to damage your muscle fibers. Not today. This month's chest workout is a monster loaded with high-intensity plateau-busters that'll obliterate your pecs, give you a massive pump and - you guessed it - leave your chest sore for days. Because of the high volume and intensity, this is definitely one workout you'll want to repeat, but make sure you do so infrequently since it could contribute to serious overtraining. We'll start by blasting your chest with presses from the three major angles, starting with two incline moves - a couple of sets of incline bench presses first, then three grueling sets with dumbbells.

Bring Up Your Arm Size

Because the triceps make up such a large proportion (approximately 60%) of the muscle mass on the upper arm, when it comes to bringing up overall arm size, focusing on the tri’s is a smart plan. Of the three triceps heads — long, lateral and medial — the long head makes up the majority of the mass and adds the most size to the upper arm when viewed from side. One of the best ways to hit the long head is with barbell incline triceps extensions. To perform this exercise, sit back on an incline bench set to a 45-degree angle or higher. Hold a barbell overhead so that your arms are perpendicular to the floor. Keeping your upper arms still, bring the barbell down to the back of the top of your head by bending your arms only at the elbow joints. Return the bar to the start position by extending your arms at the elbows.

6 Myths About Fat Loss

My philosophies with nutrition
are based on constant change, and that is why I refer to my nutrition style as “multi-phase manipulation.” However, when it comes to how you train during a contest phase, I have an unyielding stance on not veering from the training path you were on prior to beginning your diet. I’m a firm believer in old-school heavy training, no matter if you are in off-season or pre-contest mode. If you are my athlete, I want you to strive to hold on
to as much muscle as possible even during the diet, because the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn and the leaner and more ripped you will be. With this in mind, it only makes sense to stick with lift ing as heavily as possible to maintain size. We are more knowledgeable in the areas of training and nutrition than ever before. Today’s diets are no longer about starvation, but rather are rich in foods that will enable us to maintain strength and muscle while chiseling away fat. A well-planned nutritional program teamed with cardio and heavy training will enable you to keep your muscle while displaying a lean, ripped physique.

10 Everyday Behaviors that Are Lowering Your Sperm Count

And while there's some research suggesting moderate amounts of alcohol are good for your sperm quality, Clark adds, there's far more damning evidence for heavy alcohol use and its ability to decrease your sperm quality. How much is too much? If you're having more than three drinks a day, your swimmers are at risk, Clark says. What's worse, chronic alcohol use ramps up the conversion of testosterone to estradiol—the primary female sex hormone. And we don't need to school you in science for you to know that's not a good thing for your sperm...

Build Your Own 6-Pack

We recommend mixing things up. As long as you’re not letting momentum take over, you can do some reps quickly and others more slowly. The important thing is that you feel what you’re doing, both during and after the exercise. Faster reps have been shown to increase the amount of muscle fiber activity in the rectus abdominis and obliques, which can help you better develop your midsection. We often recommend doing some workouts with fast reps and other workouts with slow and controlled reps. Or, start a set with 5-10 fast reps, and then finish with slow and controlled reps to better feel the abs work.

12-Weeks To A Carved Out Core

The training regimen is broken down into three four-week phases. In Phase 1, you create the basic foundation that lets you proceed to more advanced routines in Phases 2 and 3. And as you progressively work your abdominals harder, you'll refine your diet each week to prepare for the unveiling of those fabulous abs come summertime. The guidelines listed here help you ease into and fine-tune your existing diet, but to really rev up the fat-burning furnace, it'll take plenty of dietary discipline as well.

2 Fat-Frying Battle Rope Workouts

body, instead try initiating the movement from your core. “Keep the waves small, fast, and uniform the entire length of the rope,” advises Hopkins. Follow her form tips (right) and then try her favorite routines (below) for a fast and furious total-body workout in minutes.

5 Reasons to Start Conquering Calisthenics

From the Spartan army to the Navy SEALs, elite fighting forces have relied on humble moves like the pushup, lunge, and chinup as vital training tools. In recent years, the popularity of gravity-defying street athletes such as Frank Medrano or Hannibal for King has caused interest in calisthenics and other bodyweight-inspired training to spike.

Maxed Out Muscle

In each video, you’ll be guided by IFBB Physique pro and Allmax athlete Chase Savoie, who will show you the best exercises for growing gargantuan muscle mass, and the training techniques he personally employs to compete with the best-built men in the world. Workouts cover the chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and legs. You’re welcome to combine the routines into one grueling training week that pushes the boundaries of your entire body, or you can choose the one that targets the area you most want to bring up and work it into your existing program. If you’ve been wondering what it takes to max out your gains, you’re about to get a crash course in muscle-building extremism.

The 10 Best Protein Powerhouses, Ranked

The greatest protein sources on the planet: packed with muscle-priming leucine, low in calories, and containing all nine essential amino acids.

10 Worst Bench Press Mistakes

Avoid these ten worst, yet surprisingly common, bench press mistakes and learn exactly how you can fix them to build a barrel chest without the pain.

10 At-Home Workouts to Build Muscle in Under 20 Minutes

You put in long hours at work, or maybe even work overnight shifts. You’re tight on money. You want to spend downtime with friends. A hurricane or polar vortex has you barricaded in your home. Whatever the reason, there are times when you just can’t make it to the gym. We’ve been there. And so ling as you don’t use that as an excuse to skip workouts, you’re golden. There’s no reason you can’t build muscle, strength, and size at home. It won’t take all day either. Training with minimal equipment, or even your bodyweight, is enough to get you in the shape you want.

The Keto Workout

This program turns the volume way down. You’ll train your legs only one day per week, which will allow ample recovery time—a must, given the lower-body intensive cardio sessions you’ll be doing. You may feel like you’re not doing enough sets, but remember that it’s your ketogenic diet that is responsible for most of your fat loss. To see that muscle isn’t lost with the fat, you’ll be going heavy on most exercises, and prioritizing the bench press and squat. Big compound movements like these recruit maximum muscle mass, sending your body the message that even though the number on the scale is going down, it’s not allowed to get small and weak.

8 Things You Need To Know About Your Abs

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Bold Is The New Black

Not shying away from color, the brand prefers to embrace it. Fox says that “bright color is an integral part of every collection and is something that is a key to our success. We build each collection with colors in mind and move on from there.” For men, this season of course includes the universal browns and blacks, but with a focus on rich and saturated reds, oranges, and blues for their larger iconic pieces, and even yellows, greens, and purples for the small leather goods. Men are willing to invest in more colorful long-term luxury accessories and Mark Cross knows this.

America's Hot Girls of the Beach

Check out this sizzling, summertime slideshow of fit and beautiful women across the country.

How to Get Stronger

To use APR training, choose three rep ranges to alternate between, such as 10 reps, 6 reps and 3 reps. Using 6 reps as an example, on each exercise do four sets total, including warm-ups. On the first set, do 10 reps using 50% of your 6-rep max. On the second, do 6 reps using 75% of your 6-rep max. On the third, use 100% of your 6-rep max and do as many sets as you can until you reach muscle failure.

The Best Clean Eating And Muscle-Building Food Options

Take this list on your next shopping trip to stock up on the best packaged eats of the year.

The 9 Highest Paying Fitness Jobs

Got a passion for fitness and wellness? Why not make a career out of it?

The Workouts For Every Body Part You’re Neglecting

Adding more plates to your deadlift or bench press or moving that peg down the cable stack is a pretty amazing feeling. Way, way less amazing: pulling a muscle because something in your body wasn’t actually ready for that added weight. Why does that happen? Because while you’ve worked hard to improve the strength of the prime mover muscles, the smaller stabilizer muscles haven’t gotten their due. Add these exercises into your routine to stay safe while you get jacked .

Instagram photo by Flex Wheeler • May 14, 2016 at 4:48am UTC

10 Underrated Protein Sources

Consuming enough protein is not only critical for building and maintaining muscle—it also happens to be important for maintaining a healthy nutritional profile. But that same old chicken breast can get pretty boring, whey powder only comes in so many flavors and there are only so many eggs you can eat before you start to sprout feathers—particularly if you are trying to adhere to the M&F-approved 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day benchmark. So the next time you’re in a protein rut, consider one of nature’s alternative protein sources . Or, just consider tossing some new protein sources into your diet for some variety.

Supp of the Week: VITALIGENIX T10

Whether you’re training to get bigger or stronger, a power formula that’s designed to boost testosterone levels within the normal healthy range is a must. For men, testosterone is a critical component of muscle, strength, and vitality. This makes a testosterone support supplement vital for athletes who are training hard both in and out of the gym.

T NATION on Twitter

Never sacrifice muscle for a dumb diet. This one won't steal your gains:

5 Ways To Burn 500 Calories

If we told you there was a way to burn more calories — in this case, a whopping 500 in just one workout — boost fat loss, enhance muscle gains and improve your cardiovascular fitness without having to endure another long-winded weight-training and treadmill session, you might grab your phone and dial the consumer fraud hotline. But this is one of those rare occasions when the idiom “it seems too good to be true” would fall on deaf ears. And if you’re looking to take your fitness and fat-loss efforts to the next level without spending more time in the gym, you’ll want to add some of these high-intensity activities to your already-solid foundation.

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