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25 strength-training exercises for the best upper-body workout of all time

People throw around a number of different words they think are “synonyms” when it comes to strength training: weight lifting, resistance training… the list goes on. But really the term “strength training” incorporates body weight exercises, bands, machines, weighted equipment, and essentially anything that isn’t running, swimming, jump roping, or flexibility training (like stretching), according to  Men’s Fitness ‘ Group Training Director Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S. So it’s not synonomous with weight lifting—it’s an umbrella term that includes it. And while weight lifting is great, there are tons of other strength-training moves that don’t include actual weights that can help you sculpt a strong, muscular upper body.

The Only Core Workout You'll Ever Need

The chain of core muscles may be complex, but strengthening them doesn't have to be. This trunk-focused routine, created by Equinox coach Michael Ryan, covers essential functional movements — push, pull, squat, hinge, and walk — in just six exercises that keep your entire torso engaged. The beauty? Do it right and you'll build every muscle in your body. The bonus: You'll need only one kettlebell.

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I give up. What I’m saying counting calories in and out doesn’t work. If you eat correct foods calories in takes care of itself. Ask Dr Eric Westman he has given patients a list of foods to eat. Eat what’s on the list only. Eat when hungry stop when full. Never mentions calories

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Olympia Classic Physique Champion, Breon Ansley has a message for All NPC Shawn Ray Classic Competitors competing November 10th in Honolulu, Hawaii! Hit the Gym with GRIPPED FITNESS AUDIO WIRELESS HEADPHONES!... …

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Have you ever tried reverse grip bench presses? Here's why you should:

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Think you can't build mass with cables? Ronnie Coleman sets the record straight:

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Stretch the chest, activate the lower traps, and mobilize the shoulders with this drill. Take a look: …

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Peanut Butter And Banana Pretzel Pizza Pizza for dessert? You'd better believe it! #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Read more:

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Before you can "train to failure", you need to understand what it means:

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Everyone RETWEET!! We don’t have to take our final if we reach 50K RTs!!!! (By 5/18 @ noon)

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Be honest. Most cheat meals happen because you just want them, you don't actually need them. Here's a reality check: …

Pauline Nordin on Instagram: “I don’t care for trends, fashion, mansions or having more than one car. My physique is the only accessory I want, the only second vehicle…”

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Olympic Lifter Quiana Welch: Breaking Records And Bending Iron Welch, a Signature-sponsored athlete, overcame a hardscrabble upbringing to become an elite Olympic lifter. #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Read more:

Tip: The Easiest Way to Improve Insulin Sensitivity | T Nation

Furthermore, fast eating doesn't allow enough time for insulin to do its thing. Nutrients don't get delivered to the right address. They end up in the fat mailbox instead of the muscle mailbox.

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Derek Lunsford's champion-caliber shoulder workout:

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Training great athletes does not automatically make you a great coach. Too many undervalue working with novices, youth and those that are challenged in a myriad of other ways. True experience comes from exposure that is multifaceted.

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Heavy Tire Flips. To get stronger you must lift heavy weights. To get stronger you must get faster. Strength & Power must be blended together, each athlete needs a lil’ something different.

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Speed Tire Flips. There is a large psychological component in training, if you can build confidence in an athlete PLUS greater Physical capabilities, you are on the right track

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Flameout can significantly decrease body fat by increasing insulin sensitivity and increasing metabolism and it can decrease systemic inflammation, possibly warding off heart disease, arthritis, and a host of other diseases. Learn more about the formula: …

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I like not being the same as everyone else. Normal Actions = Normal Results = Average #Manasquan  staying RELENTLESS

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It’s NOT the equipment, it’s the COACHING. Every NFL / College Football team has same equipment yet some consistently win, others consistently average or losing record.

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“I keep myself in good shape because it opens more doors. If I have to portray guy who’s an athlete or a soldier, I’m not like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to lose 30 pounds,’ you know?” — Robert Buckley 

The 7 Smartest Workout Tips of All Time | T Nation

Grab a pull-up bar at about shoulder width, keep your shoulders down and back in a solidly packed position, and enjoy the vertebral decompression effects of just hanging around. Ideally, find the highest pull-up bar you can. Extend your entire body out nice and straight for the most benefit. If you're too tall or the bars in your gym are all too low, extend your legs out slightly in front of you with your feet just off the floor rather than tucking your feet behind you.

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Heavy Metal: My Favorite PR Songs Three high intensity tracks to get your adrenaline blasting. Ben's blog -

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"Imagination is the reality of the dreamer." - Scott Ringenbach

Flex Wheeler on Instagram: “In the words of one of my biggest idols, @therock “always be the hardest working man in the room” Maybe that’s not the Exact quote but you…”

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Want a bigger squat? Poor ankle mobility is an overlooked problem with an easy solution. See 9 more expert tips to get fix your squat: …

UndergroundStrengthGym on Instagram: “#HUSTLEMANIA attacking at #manasquan #undergroundstrength #scotchplains 👊👊🔨🔨 / We love the WORK 🔨🔨 / #scotchplains #manasquan #coach…”

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Because you asked me about my take on it... I'm not saying that this isn't the exact approach I would take in very obese populations. I'm only trying to note the red flags for grand applications, per your request...

Phil Heath on Instagram: “New week same goal, to be the best version of self! Embracing the journey as it will have all types of terrains some easy some difficult.…”

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Add the floor slide to your workouts for better upper back and T-spine mobility. Here's how to do it: …

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When it comes to putting your best foot forward there's nothing better then having the right shoe that is as comfortable as it is stable. Every time we receive a pair of Ryderwear X Kai Greene Signature... …

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A 3-phase plan to increase your bench press and build a bigger chest:

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If your biggest concern with a new diet is "How many times can I cheat?", you're probably never going to get lean. Here's why: …

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Old-School Ways To Build Your Six-Pack If anyone knows how to train abs right, it's the guys who put bodybuilding on the map! #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Read more:

Transformation Contest - Mi40 Nation - Ben Pakulski

Submit your entry now and Ben will send his own personal “MI40 Morning Success Guide” to help you get the most out of your transformation and give you the best chance at winning!

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Via @sandragrajales_ifbbpro Jalones en polea isométricos! 5,5 4,4 3,3 2,2 y 10 con los dos brazos al mismo tiempo! 3weeksout!!! Waist trainer @neosportsmx Outfit @torafitnesswear

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Pursuing your passions is hard. Reaching for greatness gets exhausting. There will be days when you just don't want to do it. Do it anyway. You'll be glad you did. #MondayMotivation #QOTD

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Eating like a bodybuilder doesn't need to be boring:

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You mean the doctor that erroneously vilified fructose for years, then tried to move the goalposts when data started to crumble that hypothesis?

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder | Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition is legendary for both quality and innovation. In addition to producing the world's best-selling whey protein, ON's Gold Standard 100% Casein™ introduced slow-digesting nighttime protein to the weight training world and Amino Energy created the anytime energy category in sports nutrition. When technology makes advancements possible, ON will be the company bringing it first to your shaker cup.

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A look behind-the-scenes with @antonioguterres @Schwarzenegger & @sebastiankurz as they prepare to talk climate action at the @R20_AWS . "There's going to be a lot of action tomorrow."

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See you all this weekend with Contest Coverage from GENERATION  in White Plains, New York! * Mr Olympia Qualifier @GenerationIron @NPCUSA @GrippedAudio @IFBBPROLEAGUE @MrOlympiaLLC

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If you ate 1,500 Calories of ice cream (cals in) but burn 2,000 calories a day (cals out), what would happen at the end of the week?

The Best Tips for Every Lift—Deadlift, Squat, Bench, and More

Stankowski recommends holding your breath while lifting. Think of it like a slightly deflated ball—when you pump more air into it, it becomes stiffer and more resilient. The same is true with your body. “(Dr.) Stuart McGill talks about this concept of super-stiffness,” says Stankowski, “where you’re using all the layers of your  abdominal core muscles , kind of like how plywood has strands that go in opposite directions, layer over layer of these opposing strands, our abs kind of work like that, too. When the overlapping muscles of your core contract, they work together to provide cumulative support. If you inhale, the air pressure from within your body meets the “plywood” resistance of your core muscles, creating a powerful combination of internal and external forces that produces an overall “super-stiffness” in your core, transforming your core into a solid granite  base of support .

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You might have noticed that lists of anti-inflammatory foods abound on the internet. However, critics stress that the overall dietary pattern is more important than adding certain ingredients. 

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"Widen the knees (you may need padding), until the rocking feels 'just right.' Now comes the key: keeping your hands and knees in the same position, widen your feet out as far as you can. Try a few rocks here." See how this drill improves leg training: …


Think about what you spend each year on gym memberships and the time and money spent driving there and back. That’s more  than enough to put toward a decent home gym. Working out from home can be motivating, but it’s also time and money saving. New baby? Train during naps. Tight schedule? It’s a short commute. You may have to work on your state of mind and focus when it comes to avoiding distraction, but I assure you, with the right gear, a small yet effective home gym can easily become a reality. There’s a plethora of quality stuff out there, and these are just five items that stuck out as affordable and user-friendly and deliver a solid well-rounded workout. It would be nice if we all had a power rack and a cable station in our living room, but let’s be realistic. These items are effective, inexpensive, and space saving alternatives for when life gets in the way of that trip to the gym.

EliteFTS on Instagram: “Control your Emotions. You can't be relentless in a pursuit to anything if you can't control your emotions. Even lifting heavy shit, or…”

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Behind the Eyes of An Athlete: The Inner Me, The Enemy Behind every win is a backstory. What happens when your "inner me" becomes your enemy? Article -

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82 Tip: Upper-Body Day? Do This Drill First | T Nation
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84 Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, May 14, 2018
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