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STRONGCast 19: Marty Gallagher on No Fads, No Gimmicks, No Shortcuts

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Sports Training Guide: Cross Training Performance

Build strength, power, speed, endurance, and agility with this cross-training workout.

Brent Metcalf Highlight

Shows a rare dominance for a lightweight. If you can escape and take them down you will win.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014 - You may be eagerly lost in your current exploration of all the things you want to accomplish today. Unfortunately, you might not make much progress if you try to do too much. Your energy level is probably quite high now that the Moon is visiting your sign, enabling you to respond to others quickly. However, you can easily burn through your reserves faster than you expect. Even if you think you're the Energizer bunny, it's smarter to react slowly and steadily like the tortoise if you want to finish the race.

28-Days-to-Lean Meal Plan

You'’re training hard every day with your program, going heavy on the weights and sweating up a storm with cardio . Newsflash: While that'’s critical to your ultimate success, that'’s just not enough for you to lose the fat you want to. To reach your get-lean goal, you must also follow a get-lean diet. Why? Even if you work out hard for an hour every day, that still leaves 23 more hours for you to wreck all your hard work in the gym with just one slip-up: a measly handful of chips, a beer with the guys or a burger at lunch. Diet is a huge, so to speak, part of the fat-loss equation. It's the backbone of your entire plan, the foundation of a hard body. Bodybuilding nutrition consultant Jim Juge says nutrition determines your success or failure, plain and simple. "The diet is 65% of what you need to get in shape,"” he says. Juge would know, as he'’s helped countless dedicated people reach their goals, from achieving their best body ever to placing first in bodybuilding competitions. You've got 28 days to get to your goal, so we've recruited Juge to help you every step of the way.

Show Off Muscles: Neck, Forearms, and Calves

In the gym, you’re only as strong as your weakest link, so you can’t expect massive leg development or a huge squat without a solid set of calves . Likewise, you’re going to have a tough time developing solid pecs if you have weak hands and skinny forearms. And that barn-door shoulder width and V-taper we’re all after can’t possibly be attained with a pencil-thin neck as your foundation. These muscles need work, especially if you haven’t been hitting them directly, and the benefits of training the “ancillary” muscle groups are myriad. In fact, your body wants to maintain some level of equilibrium when it comes to size, so if you focus on these forgotten groups, your toil will result in quick gains in both strength and mass.

Straight Up Quads

You’ve seen these moves before, but they are tried-and-true muscle builders that remain popular in the bodybuilding world for one reason—they work. Leg extensions are a great starting exercise as they pre-exhaust the legs before the serious work ahead— leg presses, split squats, and stepups. Time to toss the skinny jeans for good.

The Best Full-Body Muscle Workout

Any kind of pressing exercise will train your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Any pulling movement (a row or chinup variation) recruits your back, rear delts, biceps, and forearms. Squatting movements (and deadlifts, which aren’t quite a squat but require all the same muscles) take care of the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Even your calves get some stimulation as they help to stabilize your squat. Your abs, of course, get worked on all these movement patterns, provided they’re done with free weights rather than machines, and work to brace your spine throughout. The workout at right contains everything you need to put on size fast—a squat, press, and pullup—done with heavy weights, and you should be able to wrap it up within 45 minutes.

10 Size Secrets

To help you get on the right track, we contacted 10 of the world’s best bodybuilders and posed one simple question to each of them: “What’s one thing you’ve done in your training that has produced great gains in size when nothing else seemed to do the trick?” Some of the responses involved obscure techniques, others were very straightforward, but one thing is certain: they will all help you pack on some serious size.   Let's GROW...

Why You Don’t See Results From Your Workouts (or Diet Plans) - Born Fitness

We all want to believe that we can achieve our fitness goals, but all too often “false hope syndrome” makes the process harder than it needs to be. You need to set realistic expectations of who you are, what you are capable of achieving, and want processes you need to set up to help you be successful. This goes back to building systems. If you know that you fall victim to cravings, don’t tell yourself those days are over and that you can completely control yourself. Odds are, you’re lying to yourself and these positive intentions—while seemingly good—can be harmful. That’s because the moment you slip up you’ll not only revert back to old behaviors (not terrible when it happens once in a while—hey, we all screw up!) but more importantly it can crush your self-esteem. And once that happens, willpower becomes overrun and you fall off the wagon.

Life Extension Annual Blood Test Super Sale

The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.

5 Rules for Building Bigger Triceps

The man who wants  bigger triceps  cannot live on pressdowns alone. Too often, we see guys in the gym—and maybe you're one of them—working his triceps to death at the cable pressdown station. Ten sets, 15 sets... whatever it takes to get them sore. But what the pressdown-happy masses don't seem to realize is that this exercise emphasizes the lateral (outer) head of the triceps. So if that's all you do, the other two heads of your tri's are going to be underdeveloped and you'll never get the kind of growth you're hoping for.

14 Smoothie Super-Boosters

These Brazilian super-boosters are now commonly found in the frozen section of health food stores. The berries are packed with anthocyanins and flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that may help aid in the prevention of cancer and the boosting of skin health. Consuming berries like açai may help fight aging by fighting free radicals (unstable atoms that can damage cells) in the body. Açai berries may also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, thanks to their plant sterols, and may improve weight loss due to their high fiber content. These berries are delicious in your A.M. smoothies and best paired with coconut water and spinach.  3 Green Juice Recipes That Pack a Punch>>>

Man Drops 40 Pounds in Impressive Transformation

“There were two main things; one was my health. I had had a few health scares, where I passed out, had to go to the ER by ambulance. Also I had some chest pains six months later and then my dad had to have a heart valve transplant. So that really woke me up,” he tells Manning went on to lose 40 pounds over four months and got ripped in the process, winning the challenge and netting $50,000 in the process.

Fiber Fixes to Fight Hunger and Promote Health

Seems like you'd be foolish not to have fiber if you're trying to control your weight. Since fiber also helps prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other maladies, you should be screaming for fiber by now. But if you think getting more fiber means forcing down bowl after bowl of lettuce and prunes, you'll probably just be screaming. Relax -- Bonci has several painless ways for you to increase your dietary fiber.

Pauline's Week

Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

Suspended Animation

There’s more to it than all this, though. The key concept here is creativity—the notion that the best kind of training involves coming up with different exercises that work best for you. The following group of unique moves, done circuit-style once or twice per week, will accelerate your core training like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day—as if you haven't heard that before. But what you may not know is that eating breakfast is essential for successful weight loss. "It's like putting logs on a wood-burning stove. You need that initial input of fuel to get your metabolism going for the day," says Milton Stokes, R.D., author of Flat Belly Diet! For Men . Shoot for 400 to 600 calories within an hour of waking up, with an emphasis on nutrients that will leave you satisfied for hours: protein healthy fats, and fiber. Try these popular options, designed specifically to boost calorie burn.

Get Crushed: High Intensity Sprint - Pushup Workout

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Each week we’ll give you a tough, one-off workout that you can try when you are looking for the ultimate training challenge of just feel like you need a break from your regular routine. But be warned, this training program will leave you totally CRUSHED.


Take a big step forward and a big step back—you want to make sure your knee isn't extended past your toe. To ensure a full range of motion, drop down until your knee is almost tapping the ground. Hold at the bottom, then bring it back up.

The Complete Arnold: Biceps

When doing any dumbbell curl, whether it’s standing, seated, incline, or concentration curls, start with your hand in a neutral position and then rotate it as you perform the rep so that your palm faces upward. Two inches or so from the top of the curl, twist your hand farther so that your pinkie finger is higher than your thumb and forcibly tense the biceps. The pain of the contraction is very intense, but it’s well worth it. Do this with every rep of every dumbbell curl you perform and, over the long term, it should make a big dif erence in your arm development. In addition to supinating, I preferred to let the dumbbell “drag” behind to get a stronger contraction of the biceps. Most people start a curl with their wrists straight, then flex their wrists toward the shoulders for better leverage as they raise the weights. That essentially eliminates gravity and nullifies the final part of the movement, where the peak contraction can really be accentuated. But when I curled the weight, I let the dumbbell roll down my hand and settle in my fingers so that my wrist was extended throughout each rep, not flat or flexed as you usually see.

Alcohol and Your Test Levels

Researchers found no change in concentration of estradiol, cortisol, or SHBG in response to alcohol intake. But here’s the shocker: Total testosterone and free testosterone were elevated significantly immediately afer exercise for both conditions. At 140–300 minutes post-exercise, total and free testosterone levels as well as free androgen index were significantly higher for the alcohol group compared to the placebo. Hold on, though, before you head to the nearest bar afer working out: Researchers suspect that alcohol actually destroys receptors that testosterone can attach itself to, which is why the concentration of testosterone in the blood rises.

Full-Spectrum Strong: Army Ranger Workout

Five years ago, Major Mark Ivezaj went searching for a better training program for the men under his command in Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment—one of the most elite units in the U.S. Army. He found that program and more under the guidance of world-class powerlifter Matt Wenning, who at the time was training at legendary Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio. Wenning transformed Ivezaj’s Rangers into a stronger, more athletic group of soldiers—while also reducing injuries by an astounding 64%.

Awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger King Conan Poster From Cannes Film Festival

Check out the Arnold Schwarzenegger King Conan poster that is being featured at the Cannes Film Festival.

8 Ways to Burn More Fat

Most think of altering the metabolism as “boosting it,” but there are things you can do that also change the way the body handles food. For example, simply by taking a fiber supplement, you can alter the way your body handles carbohydrates. Fiber stimulates carbs to bypass fat storing pathways, which in turn means they ultimately head down other pathways for muscle fueling or building. There you go — a simple nutrition step to modify your metabolism.

The Complete Arnold: Intensity

I would say the cheating technique. Even though I always believed in using strict form to isolate the muscles, I used the cheating method at some point in almost every workout because it allowed me to handle more weight, which allowed me to overload my muscles more so they would grow bigger. Think of it this way: Almost every exercise you do has a weak section of its range of motion. It can be at the start of the motion, at the end, or perhaps somewhere in the middle. The problem is, when you use very strict form, the only way to get through these weak points is to use a lighter weight. Yet when you do that, your muscles don’t get worked sufciently through the strong points of the range of motion. But by using heavier weight and cheating slightly through the weak point toward the end of the set, you can better overload the muscle on the strong points. Take biceps curls, for example. The weak point is at the beginning (bottom) of each rep. When I was going for a set of eight reps, I’d use the heaviest weight with which I could get four or five strict reps. When I couldn’t do any more with strict form, I’d start cheating a bit by using momentum to help me get the bar from the bottom of the rep to a quarter or so of the way up.

No Equipment Home Workouts: Fat Loss Edition - Born Fitness

Not every workout needs to occur at a gym, take 60 minutes, or even require any equipment. When I’m on the road, whether for business or pleasure, finding a fitness facility isn’t top priority. Or if I’m at home and tied to my desk, I’m not going to stress about getting dressed and ready to train. But none of those are reasons why I can’t still find a time to sneak in a quick workout. And for someone who is on the road nearly every week, this is a necessity and a realistic approach to prioritizing health.

Roman Chair Twist

The Roman chair was a staple in gyms like the original Gold’s in Venice, where hard work was de rigeuer. As you’ll soon find out, exercises done with the Roman chair aren’t as forgiving as ab exercises done on the floor or a machine. (So if you have lower-back issues, don’t do them.) With nothing to support your upper body, your core needs to be locked at all times, which also means more muscle recruitment in the abs, obliques, and lower back. It’s tough, but if you want killer abs, you need to embrace hard work—not trends. The iron gods will smile upon you.

10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Boobs

Nipples, implants, breast-gasms (they exist!)—experts weigh in on all of the questions you’re afraid to ask your lady.


Today in the kitchen, I'm going to show you how to make my sweet potato protein cookies. I know it might sound weird to put sweet potatoes in a cookie recipe, but I promise it's good! I really love making this recipe because I can make it any time of year and the cookies have amazing flavor.


In the ’80s, when they started appearing on everyone from Tom Cruise to Madonna, muscular middles went mainstream. Hard cores were no longer hardcore. In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s era, some champs worked their abdominals for 30 minutes daily. For some of today’s pros, crunch time only comes precontest. This article is for nearly every bodybuilder, from gym novices to Mr. O competitors, because most of us are letting our abs off easy. This month, we’ll examine the most frequent midsection mistakes and lay out ab solutions for making your center the center of attention. Class is in session.

The Truth About Muscle Confusion

A rise in the popularity of workout DVDs like T25 may bring up questions about the benefits of body-weight exercises versus those of traditional resistance training with heavier weight. Here's what we know about the at-home fitness craze: Doing a body-weight/light dumbbell exercise plan for a few months is a form of muscle confusion and may yield significant results.

Guy Cisternino 4 Days Out from the NY Pro

After his 212 division win in Dallas last week, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Guy Cisternino takes us through his final stage of prep, just 4 days out from 2014 IFBB New York Pro!

High Intensity Training Gets Intense Results

Challenge your muscles & metabolism with this high intensity training workout.

Ask Men's Fitness: Is My iPod Turned Up Too Loud?

Ask Men's Fitness: Is My iPod Turned Up Too Loud?

The 2014 New York Pro Preview

On paper, it might look like Big Ramy has a lock on this contest, but there will be no shortage of IFBB Pro League bodybuilders gunning for the No. 1 position and the Olympia qualifcation that goes with it. New Yorkers Juan Morel, Jon Delarosa, and Neil Champagnie will all be back from last year. Victor Martinez traveled up to Canada last May and relegated Fouad Abiad to second in his own city at the Toronto Pro Supershow; now Hoss is coming to Martinez’s stomping grounds to throw down. Likewise, Steve Kuclo, third in the Big Apple two years ago, is heading north from his native Texas to represent. Also throw in the mix a couple of mass monsters named Max Charles and Akim Williams, who are both making their pro debuts.

MET-Rx Nuclear X at

MET-Rx Nuclear X is not for the faint of heart. This product isn't loaded with a bunch of junk that contains everything but the kitchen sink. This product was formulated with high quality ingredients to help you achieve the workouts you’ve been striving for.*


Man, you are the motivation I need. I just turned 60 and my lower back is chronic and they say I'll eventually need a wheel chair. I doubt that is I can keep lifting what little I can at a time. Best to you for your Spirit.

Train with Jay Cutler, Episode 1

Hi everyone, my name is Jay Cutler. I started developing a fit physique when I was a teenager, while working for my brother’s concrete business. At 18 I started training. And by 19 I won my first show. Over the years, I’ve won numerous shows and awards, including the most prestigious, Mr. Olympia, four times. At this point in my career, my passion for training has extended beyond myself; and now I love showing other people how to achieve their fitness goals.

Max Chest Blast

He always starts his chest workout with incline presses, most often with a barbell. “If I change it up, it’s because I have a little injury or something,” he says. “Otherwise I always start with inclines.” He’s been known to do seated Hammer Strength incline presses, loading the machine to its capacity with 45-pound plates, then sliding more 45-pounders onto the padded hand grips themselves— quite a sight to see. With a barbell, he’ll progress from one plate per side to four, for sets of 20 reps. His rep range is purposely limited: about six inches. As soon as his upper arm is parallel to the ground, he’ll start to press and he won’t lock out.

Metabolic Muscle in Minutes

If you invest 15-20 minutes, three days a week, you can set your metabolism on fire . How? By combining strength and conditioning exercises in a full-body metabolic conditioning circuit. If you combine movements that work a lot of muscle at one time, you maximize your bodies’ ability to increase your fat burning and muscle building hormones, and increase your metabolism.

Get a Rock Solid Core with the Dorsett Destroyer

NFL alum Anthony Dorsett joins Hollywood Physique Expert, Eric the Trainer in the gym and demonstrates the “Dorsett Destroyer”, a super intense exercise that works the upper and lower core, back and shoulders. So grab a pair of dumbbells and give it a try to bolster up your midsection. Just be warned, this core strengthening move is a lot harder than it looks.

Bigger Pecs and Arms Now

Not everyone is going to be able to finish, and be warned that if you do, you may need help brushing your teeth later that night. Keep the rest periods honest with the timer on your phone or a stop watch. It will also help to have a good workout partner to help spot when you’re nearing the end of a set. As fatigue sets in, you’ll want to focus on form to keep the right muscles engaged and stay safe.

Zach Even-Esh: Strongcast

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download and subscribe to Zach Even-Esh: Strongcast by Zach Even-Esh, get iTunes now.

20 Essential Superfoods For Every Man's Diet

If tough Navy SEALs eat soybeans, you can, too. Dietitian Wendy Jo Peterson, of Virginia Beach, who's married to a SEAL, serves him and his Navy buddies edamame. "They think they don't like it until I make them try it, and afterward, I tell them it's soybeans." Peterson calls soy a "perfect food." It has the protein of meat, the fiber of a whole grain, and the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals of the best vegetables and fruits. If you don't like tofu and soy milk-there are easy ways to boost your soy intake. Soy nuts and the soy protein used in some protein shakes and bars not only taste great but are very guy-friendly.

Fast Fat Burn: 30-Min Tabata Workout

Tabata , a popular type of interval training, is named after Japanese professor Izumi Tabata who coauthored a 1996 study that found intense four-minute workouts done five days a week for six weeks improved your VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) and anaerobic energy supply system. Adaptations of Tabata allow for 20-60 minute workouts all of which have short, intense work periods followed by short rest periods. “Tabata training was made to improve performance, stamina and endurance in elite athletes,” says Leo Wright, certified Group Fitness and Boot Camp Instructor and designer of this heart-pumping routine.  “It also supports excess post exercise oxygen consumption so you’re continuously burning more calories after your workout.” Burn maximum calories in minimum time with this 30-minute bodyweight Tabata workout.

9 Dumb Things Not to Do on a First Date

One thing I’ve noticed across over 10,000 clients is that dates are actually the worst place to screw things up. If you mess up when you first approach a woman, you’ve lost 15 seconds and maybe bruised your ego. If things don’t go well on a date, you’ve lost the time and money from the date itself, from the first time you met her, and all of the phoning and texting in between. Fail early, not late. To that end, I’d like to share these nine dumb things not to do on a first date. These tips won’t get you the girl on their own, but they’ll stop you from sinking your own ship unnecessarily.

Power Athlete Radio - Episode 55 - Power Athlete™

Blue 42, Blue 42, Set, Hike! Power Athlete Nation we have a special guest for you this week, it’s none other than the 2 time NFL Sack Leader, Jared Allen. The crew shoots the breeze with Jared and cover everything from what it’s like to be a rookie to how the demands of the game have changed over the years. Jared also shares some juicy stories from when him and John were roommates during their time with the Chiefs.

7 Gross Workout Habits That Wreck Your Skin

Slacking on hygiene when you’re getting sweaty could land you gnarly toenails and unsightly infections. Shield your skin by following these expert tips.

FreeMotion vs. Standard

■ A study from Globe University (Shakopee, Minnesota) found that subjects training on FreeMotion machines for 
16 weeks increased muscle strength by almost 60% more than subjects training on standard weight machines. The Globe University researchers also found that the group using FreeMotion machines increased their balance by about 200% more than the group using standard weight machines.

Beginner's Training Tips: Do Protein Types Matter

is a lifetime natural athlete with over 15 years experience in the fitness field. He's the creator of the iPhone/Android app Nutritionist, the revolutionary app that's transforming lives around the world. He's also an Optimum Nutrition athlete where he helps in the formulation of their supplements. In addition, he's an internationally published cover model and a former United States Marine.

Strength Coach Podcast with Jeff Connors

About the Author Mark Watts is the Director of Education at elitefts™. He has a master's degree in exercise science and health promotion from California University of Pennsylvania and a master's degree in elementary education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Mark has been working with college athletes in over 20 different sports at the Division I, II, and III levels for over 15 years as a strength and conditioning coach. Prior to elitefts™, he coached athletes at Denison University, the United States Military Academy at West Point, Allegheny College, and Clarion University. He has also completed strength and conditioning internships at the University of Tulsa and Ohio State University. Mark is certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association. He started competing in powerlifting in 1997 and is an amateur Strongman competitor in the master's division. Mark is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a USMC veteran.

Get to Know Kevin Oak - Juggernaut Training Systems

Kevin Oak is a sprinter turned powerlifter who is quickly making a big name for himself with his combination of awesome strength and muscular physique. Kevin starting building his explosive power as a sprinter for Villanova University before turning his efforts to powerlifting. Kevin is based in New York City and trains out of the famous Coliseum Gym. We are excited to welcome this 220 pound class star to Team Juggernaut…

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