Trump is Doing What Kennedy Tried To Do – Kevin Shipp | Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog Video Description

Thank you for telling the truth about CIA’s awful unlawful things they do, and all around the world — “the shadow government” reporting to no one, not Congress, not the President! I love all that President Trump is doing for us to save our country, and hope he will be able to do something about the out of control shadow government that is dragging our country and it’s reputation down all around the world; and now trying to unseat our duly elected President, too, as they have done in other parts of the world, too! This interview led me to another Shipp interview on a Veratas YouTube, which was extremely interesting of the history and terrible things by the CIA, scary stuff they’ve done. BUT, if I may pick out one thing in the Shipp Veritas YouTube interview, mostly said by the interviewer — Lockheed Martin (which is lumped into “military industrial complex” ) —is not the bad guy! They do not make the NEED for our military equipment and the NEED for our defenses; they thankfully are excellent in designing and manufacturing planes and military equipment based on what is required for defense of our country and our children! Do we want to be defenseless against those around the world who wish for our annihilation? Thanks to President Trump for now trying to bring our military equipment back up after Obama tried to sabbatage our defenses, even half of our military planes after Obama do not have parts in order to fly; not to mention lack of certain missile defenses (via Obama). Anyway, thank you Mr. Schiff for your bravery to come forward with this information about the “shadow government”! Bravo!

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