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12 Best Manny Pacquiao Knockouts

Get ready for the boxing fight of the century—Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather—by reliving the former's greatest moments.

Manny Pacquiao Puts Speed Skills on Display

Few fighters possess the incredible hand speed of the Pac-Man, as demonstrated in this high-octane clip.

The Fighter Diet 12 Week Butt Bible Challenge Kit 3

Vince Brasco Interview | IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 2015

Team MD's Louis Uridel interviews inspirational NPC bodybuilder with dwarfism Vince Brasco at the 2015 NPC Pittsburgh Championships.

Life Lessons from the Nepal Earthquake

What I learned from watching a building fall on somebody again, and again, and again

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Boxing Moves to Punch Like a Boxer

Ready for the fight of the century on May 2nd? Manny Pacquiao will take on Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on Saturday in what is perhaps the most antipated fight in years. To get in the spirit of things, why not add some boxing moves to your workouts this weekend? In this video,  Work Train Fight owner Alberto Ortiz takes you through the four basic punches (jab, right cross, uppercut, and hook), plus doles out two exercises to help strengthen your punches. Boxing is not only fun to watch, but also an awesome total body workout. After your workout, check out the 12 best Pacquiao knockouts and the 12 best Mayweather knockouts and decide who you'll root for. And if you're headed to a bar to watch the fight, check out how to knock a dude out in case things get heated.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015 - Kicking back with a few of your best friends might be just what you need today. In fact, the timing could be right for a celebration, since it's wise to surround yourself with like-minded people while the Moon is currently visiting your 11th House of Networking. Be grateful that you are a part of a growing community. Your sense of belonging to something greater than yourself grounds you in ways that may not be apparent on the surface. When you're more comfortable with your place in the world, you become a more productive member of society.

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Legendary Backs: Ronnie Coleman

On his way to a record-tying 8 Mr. Olympia victories, Coleman continually set a new precedent in back muscle and displayed an unrivaled combination of size and detail.  The often-used claim, "contests are won from behind" was never more true during Ronnie's reign as King of the Olympia.  And every grainy ounce of muscle was earned with heavy weight and hard work.

Supplement Your Mass

We know why you’ve neglected to step it up – with so many different supplements on the market today, you don’t know what to take, when to take it or how much of it to take. Well, leave the planning to us. Here, we give you a supplement plan for gaining mass that starts simple and progresses steadily, brining you to a hardcore mass supplement program while building big time muscle along the way.

Eight Power Fruits for Better Health

There’s something important you’re not doing—and you’re far from alone in your torpidity, because most Americans are every bit as lax as you are on this score. Too many guys aren’t filling the recommended half of their plates with fruit and vegetables, and if you’re part of this crowd it’s something you’ll need to address, because your diet is likely deficient in the vitamins , minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals your body needs for optimum health—and no, canned fruit and fruit juices don’t count.

Along Came a Spider Curl

My biceps aren’t big, but they do have detail and a bit of a peak, and I owe both to two things: my genetics, and spider curls. I can’t offer much help in the genetics department (talk to your parents about that), but I can provide you with some solid info on what I consider the No. 1 exercise for hitting the outer head of the biceps brachii muscle, which is the one responsible for providing that peaked look to a flexed biceps.

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3 common gym practices that cause elbow pain and how to fix it: …

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 12 Rules for Success


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Are you getting enough Omega-7? Do you know what Omega-7 is? Check this out: …

Nothing Can Stop The Rock

The workout, the meal plan, and the won't-quit attitude that forged Hercules.

The Facts on Fat

F-A-T-S...yeah, it’s a four-letter word, but — as you’re about to see — the right kinds of fats actually do a body(builder) good. Whether your goal is getting huge or getting shredded, fats can be your ally. You just have to know which ones to eat, which ones to avoid, how much to eat and the best times to eat them. So put away your fears and get the full skinny on fats, your new BFFs. GOOD FATS: Polyunsaturated Fats WHAT: Fats that have more than one double-bonded carbon in the molecule. Polyunsaturated fats stay liquid at room temperature and when chilled. They also include the essential fatty acids that the body needs but can’t produce, namely omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. BENEFITS: 1- Fights the breakdown of muscle tissue 2- Conserves branched-chain amino acids 3- Offers anti-inflammatory properties (reduces muscle soreness, enhances joint recovery) 4- Enhances fat loss (shown to be true of omega-3s) SOURCES:  Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Trout, White Tuna, Flaxseeds and Walnuts, plus Safflower, Corn, Canola, Soybean and Fish Oils

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10 Ways to Boost Your Good Cholesterol

As a result of all this, doctors don't just want you to lower your total cholesterol count; they want you to change the ratio as well, so you have more HDL and less LDL. "When we looked at the data, we found that the higher your HDL went, the lower your risk of heart attack," says cardiologist William Castelli, M.D., former director of the Framingham Heart Study in Massachusetts. An HDL level of 75 or more seems to convey extra longevity for many people, while a count of 100 or more is so beneficial that it was dubbed the "Methuselah syndrome" by one researcher. HDL less than 35 or so, meanwhile, can carry significant risk of heart disease. Genetics plays a large role in HDL. A few guys have naturally low levels and need to keep their LDL low as well to make up for it. (As Castelli puts it, you don't need a substance that removes cholesterol from your blood if you don't have much to begin with.) But there's plenty that everyone else can do to pump up their HDL. Never one to shirk from a task that doesn't involve housecleaning, I managed to find two handfuls of ways to turn my "good" numbers into great numbers.

One-Off Workout: Push and Stretch Your Chest

McComsey says this is a great workout for packing on size in the chest because of the variety involved. "You're using both barbells and dumbbells for the pushing, flyes which provide a stretch, especially of the muscle fascia and you've got some bodyweight work in there with the push ups. It's an amazing formula for growth."

9 Tricks to Burn Fat Fast

You can’t get lean without adhering to a clean diet, but at the same time, occasionally straying — a.k.a. cheating — can actually assist in losing fat. This doesn’t mean you should eat fast food all day long; rather, that you can increase carbohydrate and overall calorie intake for a single day. You can even have one meal of anything you want: a pizza, a burger and fries, lasagna, etc.

The Fighter Workout

If only there was a way to do effective cardio training without running. Oh, wait, there's boxing and mixed martial arts. Fast-paced workouts can be used for boxing and MMA training in addition to just straight-up getting shredded. "This workout is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) since your heart rate increases and decreases," says Oscar Hernandez, C.P.T., the designer of the routine. "Incorporate it into your weekly routine as a day of cardio to burn calories." Square up and get ripped fast.

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(Not Quite) Barn-Door Delts

So perhaps barn-door-wide delts aren’t quite the “ideal” goal. Instead, let’s take a surer, saner aim — how about shoulders with development among all three heads of the muscle? Shoulders that display proportional aesthetics, perfectly topping a classic V-shape silhouette, with impressive size and striations to boot.

Pimp Your Dumbbell Pullovers

The dumbbell pullover has been a staple in many bodybuilding programs. In this article I’m going to 1) help you understand which upper-body muscles it best helps to develop, based on muscle activation research, 2) show you a quick and easy tip we use to make this exercise safer on your shoulders, and 3) a dumbbell pullover variation that’ll help you get even more benefit out of this classic exercise. Use Dumbbell Pullovers on Chest Day, Instead of Back Day Many trainers and lifters alike often refer to dumbbell pullovers as primarily a lats exercise, including yours truly, as I also included dumbbell pullovers in my Full-Spectrum Bodybuilding: Lats article. However, a 2011 study in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics showed that barbell pullovers activate the pecs to a higher degree than the lats. So it makes sense that dumbbell pullovers, since they’re the very same motion, also activate the pecs better than the lats. The practical application of this is that we now feel dumbbell pullovers are better placed in chest-focused workouts instead of back-focused training days.

12 Best Tools to Recover From Any Workout

After we lift weights or do an endurance workout, our bodies need to repair torn muscle tissue. Our bodies also need to recover strength levels, eliminate inflammation and reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness. Ice, heat, compression, electrical stimulation and foam rolling have been shown to be beneficial for improving markers of muscle damage, so we created a list of things that incorporate one or more of these elements. Choose your recovery mode with these 12 unique tools for returning to action fast.

Get Your Fastest Mile Time Ever

In last year’s New York Fifth Avenue Mile, an event well attended by amateur runners, 173 non-elite men (and three women) crossed the finish line in 5 minutes or faster, putting them in the top 5.7 percent of racers. It’s a challenge, to be sure, but are you up for it? Here's how to know if you’ve got it in you, and how to get there (or hit a personal best in the attempt), with advice from renowned Olympic running coach Jack Daniels, now of the Run Smart Project .

Coping With Injury

Ironically, injured people often treat their bodies with less care than they would while they’re healthy — when it needs to be at the very least flipped the other way around. Don’t push it when you have an injury; it’s easy to go overboard and “reach” for the point that you feel back to normal. Take a step back, get treated by a good practitioner, and take care of your rest and nutrition. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be back to full strength.

Even Stronger Than They Look: Tom Platz

Those numbers may seem dubious, but check out a YouTube video of him squatting 500 for 23 butt-to-ankles reps, shot in 1992, five years after he retired from bodybuilding. If you can believe your own eyes, you’ll know Tom Platz is the greatest high-rep squatter who ever stood in a power rack.

The Six Best Exercises for Six-Pack Abs

Spoiler Alert: Crunches and situps are not the secret to six-pack abs . In fact, repetitive or excessive spinal flexion (e.g., bending your chest toward your knees at the back) is just about "the worst thing you can do for your back," says David Larson, C.S.C.S., a strength coach at Pulse Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition to swapping crunches for some more complex moves (detailed below), proper diet is essential for carving out that six-pack—just ask any fitness model or strength coach. But here are six key exercises to get you started on making your abs the best they’ve ever been.

6 Non-Boring Ways to Eat Your Steel-Cut Oats

Ready to dig in? Skip the sugar -heavy insta oatmeal packets and go for the real deal. Leftovers keep in the fridge for a week, so make a big batch over the weekend and reheat before you dash out the door. Here’s how to do it: Bring about three cups of water or milk to a boil, then mix in one cup of steel cut oats and a pinch of salt. Simmer, uncovered, for 20–30 minutes, stirring every few minutes so that the bottom doesn’t burn.

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Panda Express

It’s clear that Panda has some ridiculous genetics, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in hard work, too. “I never set out to be a bodybuilder — I just loved lifting so much that I wanted to do it all the time,” he says. “My consistency helped me build a physique with enough mass to be competitive. And I don’t train to compete — I train because I love it. The competitions are a distant second place. I just want to push myself to be the best, and it’s exciting to see the progress I make every year.”

How to Train for A Marathon Without Sacrificing Muscle

It's an age-old problem: You want to run a marathon, but maintain all the muscle you've built over years of weight lifting. Stringent cardio definitely has benefits, but no one wants to lose muscle mass. We asked Seth Gottesdiener, ACE-certified, LA-based celebrity trainer to give us a few tips on keeping the size while gaining lung capacity.  12-Week Marathon Training Plan>>>

Get a Ripped Lower Body with this 15-Minute, No-Frills Leg Workout

You probably want your leg-training sessions to be over with as quickly as possible. In this no-frills workout, the exercises go from most demanding on your nervous system to least, enhancing your power and leg strength before torching your quads with a classic squat.

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Those bodybuilders you liked back in the 90's or early 2000s? Probably dead or very sick: …

Get Strong: A Guide to Hybrid Lifts

Some exercises were made to work together. Have you ever noticed that the end position of a power clean is the same as the starting position of a front squat? Or that the bottom of a Romanian deadlift sets you up perfectly for a bentover row? We say, go with it: Combining two or more exercises that flow well—called a “hybrid” lift—is a convenient way to work more muscle, burn more fat, and get out of the gym more quickly.

Forest to Table: 5 Beginner Tips For Going Paleo

“Because not only are they good, but also in the suburban landscape , there’s a huge abundance of them. You’d be helping out your state and city government. Whitetail are also cheap. Once you’ve got a hunting license from your state’s fish and game agency, it might cost $20 for a deer ‘tag,’ the permit to hunt them.”

12 Things The Rock's Movies Taught Us About Fitness

It’s no secret that protein promotes muscle growth and recovery. Remember this stat: the average desk-jockey male requires about 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day. When you're putting the work in at the gym, this macro will have to be kicked up a notch to 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of targeted bodyweight. Make sure to find the right protein fit, overdoing it will pack on fat.

The 67% Solution

Now that we got that little sermon out of the way, let’s talk about triceps. When I was competing, the guy with the most envied triceps in the game was Mike Christian. His triceps were very impressive — big, full and cross-striated. His were the standard by which all other triceps were measured, and I made it my goal to match or exceed even his level of development. Of course, each of us must work within our own genetic constraints. Christian happened to be blessed with great genes for triceps, and he certainly made the most of them. I figured my genes weren’t too shabby, either, and that with the right amount of effort, I could draw the judges’ attention away from his to my own.

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Happy Bday, @TheRock . Hope the hardest working man in showbiz has a restful day w/ Don Julio and #PacquiaoMayweather !

Train Like The Rock: Dwayne Johnson's Shoulder Routine

Johnson hits the gym six days per week, usually focusing on one body part per day. At 40, he's a seasoned, instinctive trainer. "I go by feel," he says, and notes that when he's in the gym it's all business. "I have my headphones on. I'm listening to my music. I'm 100% focused. There's no wasted time and no wasted effort when it comes to me and the weights." And The Rock's favorite body part? Legs, which is why he leaves them for Saturday when he has extra time to train them.

The Best Abs in Hollywood

With award season well underway, there’s no denying that the men of Hollywood are hitting the gym to look their best on (and off) red carpets as well as the silver screen. Maybe the women they date, the vacations they take, and the lives they live are a bit out of reach. As for their toned bodies and admirable abs? We’ve got a cheat sheet for that.

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Happy Birthday to my friend, @TheRock . Hope you're celebrating in style & watching the showdown in the desert. #AliTweet

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From fat loss to muscle gain, these 8 gourmet protein shake recipes will fit your plan: …

The Rock is a Fan of Medicine Ball Pushups

"The medicine ball pushup is a progression of the basic pushup which builds strength in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Using the medicine ball actively engages the core and improves stability and balance."

Time for Some Motivation from The Rock

Here’s our ode to the powerful, humorous and all-around great role model, The Rock. Check out these nine best motivational pictures along with some of the highlights from Dwayne Johnson's last 12 months.

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We're wishing @TheRock a very happy birthday! Here are 6 reasons why he rocks our world:

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Big Happy Birthday @therock Seemingly larger than life, this man lives what he preaches. He's Hungry… 

Manny Pacquiao's Boxing Champ Workout

World famous boxing trainer Freddie Roach gives us the routine that's preparing Manny Pacquiao to go toe-to-toe for the fourth time against Juan Manuel Marquez.

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@TheRock happy birthday big man. My inspiration the most electrifying man in all of entertainment

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