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The answer lies in my Power Bodybuilding workouts, a program outlined here for the first time ever. The foundation is the three crazy-ass, heavier-than-hell power-lifts: bench press, deadlift, and squat. Those are surrounded by bodybuilding moves. The result is a body that's not only show-and-go but also show-and-dominate, superhero style.

6 Super Simple Recovery Drinks and Snacks

Maximize muscle recovery by choosing these smart and healthy post-workout foods and beverages.

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

While it’s true that lower carb diets provide many health benefits and can help with weight loss, low carb does not mean no carbs. When you’re training and exercising, your needs for carbohydrates increases. And if you’re trying to gain muscle, carbs are an essential part of the equation. What’s more, for many people, white rice is, in fact, one of the best carbohydrate sources because it isn’t associated with stomach distress, allergies, bloating, and it’s not loaded with sugars that are linked to diabetes or obesity.

Five Ways to Make Your Push Up More Productive

5. Push The Ground Away From You Instead of pushing yourself off the ground, think of pushing the floor away from you. This force production translates into full body tension and creates a bracing effect throughout the whole body. By pushing the ground away from you, you’ll use more muscles making the push up more of a full body exercise.

Row to Get Ripped

Rowing has been a proven strengthening and conditioning tool for ages (Vikings aren’t traditionally thought of as weaklings, are they?). Yet, when it’s time to do cardio, most guys walk right past their gym’s Concept2 rower and head straight for the treadmills. That’s a huge mistake: Rowing is one of the most dynamic total-body exercises you can do. When done correctly, rowing hits the bi’s, lats, spinal erectors, core and legs all at the same time.

The Anatomy of a Dress Shirt

It could if it's custom: “With a custom shirt, you have the opportunity to personalize it and make it your own, not just to custom-fit your body, but also to custom-fit your personality,” says Jon Patrick, vice president of product at custom menswear company J.Hilburn .

FD Spectacular Chest (Athlete)

To build a balanced, muscular body you can’t neglect the chest. Fitness minded men like to have a nice chest. Ladies who experience diminishing breasts due to leaning out, can help create some volume on top by making sure they build pecs too. (Spectacular pecs are not just for men!) How do you focus on the chest? Pauline’s latest ebook, sPECtacular Chest, is all about this.


Along with being able to lift heavier weights, advanced bodybuilders also know about sore joints and mysterious aches. The repetitive nature of bodybuilding makes such nuisances a matter of everyday life. The longer and heavier you train, the more common these occurrences become. That means that all the things you skipped as a beginner, including warming up, doing rotator-cuff exercises, foam rolling, and even stretching, become even more critical if you want to lift relatively pain-free for years to come.

Go Wide for Super-sized Shoulders

Being that the deltoid is a three-headed muscle, it is important to work each of these heads equally in order to bring about proportional and complete development. It should be noted that the rear (posterior) head gets plenty of stimulation from the rowing movements that are performed on back day, and that the front (anterior) head is hit hard any time you rep out on a press or flye for chest. All of the extra work that these two deltoid heads receive can often lead to the side (lateral) head falling behind.

Awards - Men Bodybuilding - 2014 New York Pro Championships

Awards - Men Bodybuilding - 2014 New York Pro Championships

Ronnie's Monster Weights

Yes, but only as a consequence of other factors — not as a goal in themselves. Everyone else seems to know more than I do about the specific pounds I’m lifting; that’s because my mind is elsewhere. I’m aware of all the talk about my 200-pound curls and my 800-pound squats and deadlifts, but those are only temporary numbers. The weights increase as my muscle mass increases; they don’t precede it.


My first workout program was given to me when I was 19, by a trainer at a gym that was only for huge guys. He had me train every bodypart every day, four days a week, with two exercises, four sets of 10 reps each, using very light weight and only with machines. His excuse: “They’re safe and you can’t make the wrong moves.” You’ll notice that he only let me do one exercise for triceps. His excuse: “You also train your triceps with chest and shoulders, so you’d be overtraining them if you did more.” Since I played soccer at the time, he also said there was no need for me to train my legs and calves. My workouts took four hours, but I never got a pump. After six weeks, I realized this program was worthless, so I scrapped it.

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak at

See, nature, in all her ingenuity, has designed the human body as the ultimate training machine. Since the dawn of mankind, our bodies have changed very little. And when it comes to growing our muscles in a freakish way, we still need the right combination and mega-doses of essential amino acids, carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Only Animal Pak has everything you need.

Sylvester Stallone's Full Arm Workout

BodyBar Handshake Curls Sly holds one end of a short BodyBar and moves his wrist as though shaking hands. As it becomes too heavy, he chokes up on it to crank out more quality reps. He continues moving his hand closer to the center of the bar until he’s knocked out 25–30 reps, with one bar in each hand at the same time.

10 Best New Hairstyles for Men

Arguably the most popular style right now, dudes looking for edge are going sky-high with The Mainstream Hipster . And it works for men of all ages—we’ve seen this look on the likes of Justin Bieber and David Beckham. “This one’s an attention getter,” Medico says. “It’s not for the wallflowers of the world.” Do it if: Your hair is straight to wavy, fine to medium. Put the scissors down if: Your hair is very thick or very curly. Ask your barber to: Leave at least three inches on top to build up the pomp. Side length can range from short to medium, depending on your style. How to pull it off: If you’re dedicated (and not too proud), blow-drying the top straight back helps build body. Once dry, use a strong hold product like Phillip B Lovin Pomade ($26) to keep hair in place.