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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015 - You may experience existential conflict as you reconsider your current work duties in relationship to the personal circumstances of your life. Your rational mind is so purposeful now that you could overlook the advice of your friends and partners as you search for a solution to your dilemma. Stay open to hearing someone else's point of view as long as it's based on facts. Reestablishing harmony between home and career isn't as hard as you think when you're on the side of truth.


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2-Day Bigger Guns Triceps Routine

Any movement that involves extending the elbow will work the full length of your triceps, but individual heads (long, lateral and medial) are activated somewhat differently depending on arm and hand position. Flaring your elbows out on triceps exercises will hit more of the lateral head, which is more noticeable from the side. Keeping your elbows in will hit the inner head and add a bit more thickness to your arms.

Muscle in Minutes: Legs

When I think of athletes with huge quads, I think immediately of Olympic lifters. The key to their quad-bloated success? They perform a ton of fronts, heavy. So we start the week off with heavy front squats to get the quads growing and move right on to hamstrings. The hamstrings are made of primarily fast-twitch muscle fibers, so a hearty diet of high-rep sets on leg curls isn’t really doing them any favors. It’s important to with stick with heavy weight, in this case via the Romanian deadlift, which targets the muscle across two joints (the knee and the hip). By the time you get to the lunges, you are pretty spent but it’s crucial to hit the glutes, hams and quads just a little more in this short of a workout.

Protein All Day

Which one of your meals should contain the most protein?

Burn Baby Burn

Researchers took trained men and had them perform a traditional workout doing four sets of eight diferent exercises (bench press, leg press, leg curl, seated row, military press, biceps curl, triceps extension, and situp). A second group performed high-intensity training, using heavier weights and lower reps. The high-intensity workout was much shorter. The traditional workout took 52 minutes to complete, whereas the high-intensity workout took 22 minutes. They measured the men’s metabolic rate on two separate occasions, once before the workout and then again 22 hours after it was finished. At the end of the study, training volume was much higher for the traditional resistance-training group (17,273 pounds vs. 8,536 pounds).

Build Arms Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guns are arguably the most famous in human history, and rightly so. Stretching the tape to a full 22 inches, they weren’t just the biggest of his day (the late-’60s to the mid-’70s) but also the most ideally shaped. Arnold kept things basic and brutal, yet made sure to cover his bases by including exercises that he considered mass builders, and others that isolate the biceps .

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Training Styles: Full Body

A new look at the old system of training every body part in every workout.

On Trial: Incline Dumbbell vs. Preacher Curls

When you perform the incline dumbbell curl, your arms move behind your body. This stretches the long head of the biceps, which runs over the shoulder joint. When you stretch a muscle before you contract it, that muscle is able to contract with more force (i.e., it is stronger), and so it takes on the majority of the load during an exercise. Since the long head of the biceps makes up the mass of the biceps peak, the incline curl is an effective exercise for building the biceps peak.

3 Prehab Moves for Any Workout

Lying Dumbbell External Rotation Lie on your right side, supporting your head with your right hand. Hold a dumbbell with your left hand, keeping your left elbow bent 90 degrees. Hold dumbbell in front of stomach with left elbow at side. While keeping left elbow tight to side, rotate dumbbell upward until forearm becomes vertical. Pause. Return dumbbell to start. Do all reps then switch sides.

4 Time-Tested Workout Plans for a Summer Shred

A study by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata, who founded Tabata training, found that high intensity training improved VO2 max (or your maximal oxygen consumption) by about 14 percent, while anaerobic capacity improved by 28 percent. These effects will help you shed those extra pounds of fat, while also building lean muscle.

The Muscle Matrix Workout

Perform this workout at least six hours before or after your normal training. For example, if you lift weights at night, complete this routine in the morning. Perform four sets of 15 reps for each exercise, moving slowly so that it takes five seconds to complete each repetition.

5 Protein-Packed Versions of Your Favorite Junk Food

To get muscular results, we’re supposed to eat about 200 grams of protein a day, which is equivalent to about six chicken breasts. Consuming that much protein in one day isn’t the easiest thing to do, it's a struggle for many of us. Well, fret no more because we can get sources of protein from snacks or what may be considered to be “junk” food. In general, snacks provide no nutritional value, but there are some that do. While we aren’t recommending that you get all of your protein from snacks, it's beneficial to know that that there are protein alternatives.

The Best Cardio Machine Workout

DIRECTIONS Spend one minute on each piece of equipment and repeat for rounds. Gauge your intensity with the rating of perceived exertion (RPE)—a simple 1 to 10 scale where “1” is relaxed and “10” is all-out effort. Rest only as long as it takes to transition between stations. Specific RPEs have been set for you for each round, but the machines are interchangeable. So if you can’t do the exercises in the order shown, don’t worry about it. Just hit the right RPE on each machine in turn.

Download the Bio-Gro 8-Week Hyper Growth Program

There’s no catch. You just need to add a hard-work ethic in and out of the gym and Bio-Gro™ Bio-Active Peptides to your routine, and the results will begin to happen. Whether you are trying to get lean for a competition or just look good with your shirt off, the Bio-Gro Hyper Growth program will help you achieve more than you ever imagined.

Anthony Bourdain’s 10 Rules for Grilling Meat

10 Misconceptions About CrossFit

CrossFit is all about promoting general fitness that carries over into every aspect of your life. But that doesn’t mean you might not need other workouts to hit your specific fitness goals, says Hughes. That’s because the number-one rule of training, called the principle of specificity, still stands: Your workout needs to match your goal. So, if you want to run a marathon, CrossFit can certainly improve your VO2 max, overall strength, and reduce muscular imbalances, but you are still going to need to go on long, tiring 20-mile runs if you ever want to cross the finish line. The same goes for triathlons, basketball competitions, football tournaments, you name in. Many CrossFit gyms even offer other forms of training to supplement your CrossFit workouts.

Easy Gains for the Hardgainer

An individual who has a naturally “smaller” frame and lighter bone structure, and carries little body fat and muscle. Beginning your bodybuilding journey with this somatotype isn’t exactly ideal, but you could be in a less favorable position— as in, the polar opposite body type. Keep in mind, people’s somatotypes—ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph—are not cut and dry, meaning certain individuals can fall somewhere in the middle of a somatotype. First, a quick overview of the three somatotypes and their accompanying characteristics.

Superfoods: Hummus [VIDEO] | Eat This Not That

It's perfect for everything from everyday sandwiches to a party-ready crudite platter, but how is hummus helping your health? We break it down.

5 Health Tests that Could Save Your Life

Of course, 10 grand might be worth it if all that random screening actually did any good: But a seminal study by the Rand Corporation found that patients who had the most screenings over 5 years were no healthier than those given less medical attention. This isn't to say executive health exams are scams. They can be quite valuable—if you know which of the procedures are worth-while. So we asked our experts to create an a la carte menu to bring to your GP. Think of these as the best tests for a recession. 

6 Key Moves for Unilateral Strength Training

With that in mind, these six training combinations will help you incorporate unilateral exercises into your workouts. You'll want to start with the basic bilateral version of the move, and then follow up directly with the unilateral exercise, says Pire. He also recommends that you consider your goals when determining the best weight to use: aim for 8 to 10 reps (per leg for all) for strength, 4 to 6 reps for power, and 12 to 15 reps for hypertrophy (growth).

Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show

I have been waiting for Joe D to put out a podcast for the longest time! And once again Joe has over delivered to his audience. The first show was jam-packed with so much info I can't imagine how good the rest of the shows will be. DeFranco is the most well rounded coach in the world so I expect lots of great training information for a wide range of athletes and washed up meatheads (Joe's term for former athletes) alike. He also has a knack for making things very simple and practical. Whether you're training for the NFL Combine, looking to improve your running form, or trying to get abs for the summer, this should be your #1 podcast. I could listen to this guy speak all day. Kudos coach D. Jon (DeFranco follower since 2006)

On Trial: Wrist Straps vs. No Straps

Clearly, being able to complete one or two additional reps on every set of your back workout with a given weight is a definite advantage in developing back mass and strength. Although most training experts will tell you to only use wrist straps during the final sets, when your grip strength is lessened due to fatigue, our study shows that straps allow for more reps during every set.

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The Best Sleep Positions

To sleep perchance to dream—and reveal who you really are. Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, analyzed the six most common sleep positions in a survey conducted with 1000 participants and found that not only do these positions affect our health—but they're also linked to specific personality types. Are you sending the right message when you're out like a light? Find out now.

5 Reasons Your Squat Sucks

Not getting the results you want from the king of leg exercises? Here are some likely culprits.

HIIT 100s: Carve Up Your Physique in 6 Weeks

With Hundreds, you’ll do 10 sets of 10 reps for one exercise per muscle group. Sounds the same as GVT, right? Not exactly. HIIT is incorporated via the rest periods between those 10 sets. You’ll start with just 60 seconds between sets at the beginning of the program and progressively drop rest periods by 10 seconds over six weeks until you have no rest and are doing 100 reps straight through. The two forms of training are technically different, but late in the HIIT 100s program, when you’re resting only 10 or 20 seconds between sets of 10, there’s little to distinguish them as far as the toll they take on your body.

3 Exercises for A Strong Lower Back

One of the easiest body parts to injure is most certainly the lower lumbar (lower back). The word lumbar is derived from the latin word lumbus meaning lion, which is fitting since many guys get injured while trying to unleash their inner jungle cat - allowing their egos to push more weight than their bodies can handle. Throw in a dose of bad form and you've got the perfect storm for a weightlifting related injury.

The Get Ripped Anywhere Outdoor Workout Series

Your body weight can be used to generate any number of training stimuli. Instead of going heavy with weights, you can use explosive, jumping movements to recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers. Rather than perform high reps, you can slow down the tempo you move at, forcing your muscles to stabilize you for an endurance challenge. Finally, you can do a circuit of body-weight moves just as easily as you can do the machine circuit in your gym, but using your whole body and burning more calories as a result.

8 Performance Pointers for Summer Six-Pack Abs

These training tips will help ensure you have a serious six-pack in time for the summer.

28 Days to Six-Pack Abs Workout Program

First up is the diet. This will become your most important component because it takes the most discipline, and if you’re not getting rid of the fat and water, then your abs are going to seem more like a two-pack. With the diet, don’t drastically cut carbs, instead burn them. Keep carbs constant until your abs are truly ready to be seen, then a quick cut will rip out the final drops of water. This is the biggest mistake I’ve seen, dropping carbs too fast and too much, which reduces energy and forces “skinny fat” syndrome instead of good fat burning. Increase your protein to 50-60 additional grams per day and amino acid intake to 10-20 grams per day of supplementation; do this while increasing your veggie intake, so that you can get your calorie count where it needs to be to shed the excess poundage. To reduce excess water weight, add natural diuretic-based products that have dandelion and green tea extract and uva ursi and cranberry. Also, make sure to hit a fat burner that cooperates with your gut, and keep tabs on your indulgences. When you’re out, resist the urge to consume heavy or sugary drinks and fatty foods.

Sidelined With A Hernia

Due to the nature of bodybuilding, lifting heavy weights with compound movements such as squats, deadlifts and bent-over barbell rows are part of a comprehensive program, but those same exercises put you at risk. Although weaknesses in the abdominal wall may predispose you to hernias, you can minimize your risk by maintaining strong abdominal muscles and ensuring you progress your weightlifting efforts in a logical fashion (that is, increasing your weights slowly over time). If you’ve taken some time off from performing heavy lifting, be sure you progress slowly back to your heavier weights to allow your body to build tolerance to the heavier loads. Unfortunately, once you develop a hernia it’ll likely get worse over time with continual heavy lifting. The only way to correct a hernia is through surgery. This is usually a successful feat when you have a knowledgeable surgeon who understands your needs as a weight lifter.

5 Mind Tricks For Eating Healthy Food

Researchers from the Cornell Food & Brand Lab analyzed 112 studies that collected information about healthy eating behaviors. From the research , they found that most healthy eaters acquire and maintain their habits because a restaurant, food store, cafeteria, or spouse made fruits and vegetables convenient. Not surprising—Americans tend to err on the side of lazy and easy. To make this work for you, keep a bundle of bananas or a bowl of fruit in a high-traffic area in your house or apartment (i.e. on the kitchen table, on the counter, next to your keys), prepare and portion veggies in portable containers for work, keep bags of nuts and dried fruit in your car, or put healthier foods in the front of your fridge and pantry shelves so they’re easy to grab.  

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Be honest, is there something on my face? Happy #RedNose Day!

How to Train to Failure for Maximum Muscle Growth

These reactions can occur in a beginner, which is why those new to training to failure should start out with a predetermined set/rep scheme, and stick to it. Novices may defer to poor technique in order to train to failure all the time, which kills progress and could result in injury.

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Eat dessert and build muscle. Check out this strawberry shortcake shake recipe: …

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

T NATION on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

10 Habits That Are Hurting Your Penis

Since your penis is such an integral part of your manhood (it is your manhood), you'd think you'd be treating it right. But, you may have some seemingly-unrelated bad habits that are causing some serious harm. To make sure you’re not doing any permanent damage—or inducing any short-term holdups—take a look at these nine common habits hurting your penis and stop 'em today

10 Healthy Foods That Give You Energy

When you’re trying to keep energy levels high, one of the most important things to remember is to never skip meals. Once you go over 5 hours without food, your body starts running on empty. Hunger starts to overwhelm your senses, leading to thoughtless food choices (like hitting the nearest fast food joint or vending machine.) Instead, rely on small snacks of about 150-200 calories that can help replenish your energy at a slow-and-steady pace until it’s time for your next meal. You can incorporate these 10 picks, which have extra energy-boosting power, into your snack. Or, eat them as part of a meal on days you know you need that extra boost, as a pre-workout snack,

What If My Girlfriend Sucks at Giving Oral Sex?

That said, I’d start with a compliment. What is something about her that turns you on? What does she do really well? What do you look forward to when your mind wanders away from you at work? Hell, maybe you even love the fact that she’s so willing—and eager—to go down on you, even if the skills themselves could use a little fine tuning…

Manasquan & Edison Underground Strength Gym - October 2013 Highlight

Manasquan & Edison Underground Strength Gym - October 2013 Highlight

German Volume Training: Chest Workout

Because of the high volume training load, short rest intervals, and moderate load, this method produces a very anabolic natural growth hormone response. The idea, as Poliquin has written, is to attack the same muscle fibers over and over with the same movement for extremely high volume, and this will force the muscle fibers to experience major growth.

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BSN Syntha-6 Isolate at

SYNTHA-6™ ISOLATE is BSN®'s latest ultra-premium protein powder, made with 100% isolate protein sources. A 50/50 blend of whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate (a high-quality source of slow-digesting casein), the formula's unique ISOLAST™ protein matrix delivers a mix of fast- and slow-release proteins that promotes a moderately-paced release of amino acids to fuel active muscles.* Drinking SYNTHA-6™ ISOLATE provides the fast-releasing benefits of whey isolate and the prolonged amino acid release of casein for the ultimate post-workout recovery shake. And because it's BSN®, the rich and satisfying taste is unmatched by any other protein supplement, despite having less than half the fat and carbs of original SYNTHA-6™.

Professor Sternberg Isn't Interested in Your IQ

Professor Robert Sternberg, psychologist and psychometrician thinks schools have been testing and teaching the wrong qualities for the last century. What if we’ve been frittering away vast amounts of human potential in that same time frame? Cornell Professor Sternberg has found that success in academics and in life is more closely tied to creative and practical thinking, wisdom and ethics than it is to IQ and memorization, the measures currently in use. He’s on a mission to shake things up. Sternberg also has some invaluable advice on perseverance and seeing through our passions, and he speaks from experience as his path stretches all the way back  to elementary school.

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@PHILHEATH hey phil have your dvd and still.great dvd hop these another dvd to come ive us your work outs and ive seen a great change.

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Dwayne Johnson, star of "San Andreas," is solid. Solid as a...

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