Get Huge with Evan Centopani's $100 Diet Video Description

In "Huge on a Hundred," we decided to raise the stakes and give Ox a little more wiggle room. His goals: Add a little more variety to the overall lineup, add a fifth meal per day, and boost the protein of at least one of the egg meals. He also wanted to have a vegetable alongside each of his three daily meat dishes. Unlike Frank McGrath, who conquered the Big on a Budget challenge without including a single veggie, Ox believes no diet is complete without something green. "I think it's important to have some vegetables in your diet to get those micronutrients to keep your digestive system working as well as possible," Ox says. "Really, if someone said, 'I have $10, and I could put it toward some more protein or some vegetables,' I would put it toward the vegetables. But that's just me."

Videos for 5/21/2017