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Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015 - You are forever the optimist and usually don't see anything wrong with asking for what you want. However, life is complicated these days because your desires are drawing you far outside the social norm and you're afraid people won't understand your unorthodox needs. Your imagination is running wild today, challenging you to combine your fantasies with reality. Fortunately, expressing your emotions may be the catalyst to start the alchemical reaction that propels you to your destination of choice.

Gain 10 Pounds of Muscle in 4 Weeks

The second half of the program is all about maximizing size with slightly higher reps and an emphasis on intensity. Rep ranges move up to 10-12 for most exercises, which is ideal for promoting muscle hypertrophy (growth). Overall volume increases slightly during these two weeks, mainly due to the addition of isolation exercises that you’ll perform before compound movements for your chest, back, shoulders and legs. Called pre-exhaustion, this technique dramatically increases workout intensity. You fatigue the main target muscle with an isolation exercise, then hit it in this fatigued state with a compound move, which if done right will lead to your main muscle failing before assistance muscles give out. (For example, for chest the dumbbell flye hits the pecs directly, so your triceps shouldn’t end up being the weak link and cause the termination of the set during the bench press).

Rock Hard Challenge 2015

Get huge, ripped, and perform better than ever. Show us your progress, and the reader with the most dramatic gains will win an M&F feature and a BSN prize pack. No matter who wins the grand prize, everybody wins big with this radical new program.

12 Concepts Bodybuilders Should Use Every Day

HEALTH: In reference to his cigarette smoking and junk-food tendencies, Mike Mentzer once declared that he wasn’t a “health nut,” he was a bodybuilder. He died at age 49. If you focus on bodybuilding through the prism of pro contests and the endless pursuit of more size and cuts, then it’s easy to lose sight of the health-boosting components of our sport. Don’t make that mistake. A regular exercise program coupled with a muscle-growing fat-deflecting diet, nutrient supplementation and adequate rest is a health-building lifestyle. Health and bodybuilding should go hand in hand.

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Food Fixes

Knowing that, why would you settle for a good meal plan when you can have a terrific one with just a few tweaks? To eat like a true bodybuilder and optimize your results in the gym, you need to pay attention to the specifics, like when to eat slow-burning carbs and when to rely on the fast-burning variety, and when to consume whey protein versus using a casein-based protein food.

16 Greatest Physiques of All Time

In this list, we've narrowed the field to the best of the best. In our opinion, these are the eight greatest bodybuilder and physique competitors and the eight greatest celebrity physiques that we've ever seen. All 16 athletes were once Cinderellas, but now they've taken the spotlight through hard work in and out of the gym. Which physique reigns supreme? That's for you to decide.

Gym Fix: Work Your Chest and Triceps With the Floor Plan

What happens when you stick to that template week after week and year after year? Absolutely nothing. You’ll grow and get stronger for a while, but as soon as your body adapts to what you’re doing every workout, your progress grinds to a halt and you’re left wondering what you can do to get yourself back on track and making gains again.

60 Days to Fit: The Workout Plan

This plan is that better way and was formulated by one of the most respected individuals in the fitness industry, James Grage, co-founder and executive vice president of BPI Sports in Hollywood, FL. Grage isn’t just a successful businessman, he’s also a gym rat in the trenches who’s been pounding the iron for decades with a shredded physique to show for it.

How To Do The Dumbbell Bench Press

With nothing more than dumbbells and an adjustable bench, you can blast the hell out of your pectorals via presses and flyes — with the dumbbell bench press leading the way. This exercise has a couple of advantages over the traditional barbell bench press. One, it allows for a deeper stretch at the bottom, which helps activate more fibers at the outer edges of the fan-shaped muscles, and two, it doesn’t allow a stronger-side pec to dominate, meaning more balanced development overall. (The dumbbell press is also great if you’re training alone and don’t have a spot.) Here, we tell you how to properly perform the dumbbell bench press. Plus, we give you tips on how to work it into your chest training program. Muscles Worked: Prime movers are the pectoralis major, with a secondary (yet important) assist from your triceps. Starting Position: Lie face up on a flat bench with your feet planted flat on the floor, holding a dumbbell in each hand just outside your shoulders. Your elbows should be bent a bit beyond 90 degrees, pointed out and just under the level of your torso.

Get the Best Results for Your Body Type

A recent study in Sweden found a correlation between obesity and a person’s ability to make amylase (AMY1), an enzyme that helps break down starch (carbohydrates) in your mouth. The results showed those who have more AMY1 (the gene that correlates with the amount of amylase you have) had lower Body Mass Indexes (BMI) across the board, lending credence to the “carb intolerance” theory of weight gain.

The 10 Strongest Humans to Ever Walk the Earth

We’d like to make it clear that comparing athletes whose peaks came a century apart makes educated speculation a must. First, there’s the issue of chemical enhancement, something obviously not available to a Louis Uni. Second, Todd points out that during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, strength athletes didn’t so much train as give performances on an irregular basis. The strength they displayed for gawking crowds was raw and untrained—and it was their performances that made them stronger, nothing systematic. In this light, we attempted to recognize not just recorded strength but potential strength as well. Call it a metaphysical leveling of the playing field.

20 Moves For a Jacked Back

To Do: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, holding a kettlebell by its handle with both hands, allowing it to hang in front of your hips. Squat as you lower the kettlebell between your legs, then swing it up and out in front of you as you extend your knees to drive it up. At the top, your arms will be outstretched in front of you and the kettlebell will be around shoulder height. In one continuous motion, allow the kettlebell to come back down to the start position as you bend your knees to position yourself for the next rep.


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Three Ways to Sharpen Your Abs

Failing to add weight to ab exercises and training your core with only one movement are two of the worst mistakes you can make on your quest for a six-pack. The abs do much more than just crunch your torso, and they need to be worked against resistance to activate all their muscle fibers. Below is a plan for training your abs three different ways, and much harder than you’re used to.

The Best Barbell Workout

Perform the exercises as a circuit , completing one set of each in turn without rest. If an exercise feels easy using the load you have available, perform your reps slower and with more control. (Or, if you have extra weight, load it.) Another option is to choke down on the bar. Gripping it lower will decrease your mechanical advantage and make the exercise harder. After the last exercise, rest two minutes and then repeat the entire circuit. Continue for 20 minutes. You can repeat the workout up to four times per week, resting a day between sessions.

The Best Protein Powder for Every Goal | Eat This Not That

Stifle the Woody Harrelson jokes: Hemp protein is derived from the less-fun parts of the hemp plant, offering a substantial amount of fiber (here, 8 grams) that’s easy to digest. With 15 grams of protein per scoop, this organic option is an ideal mix-in for oatmeal or smoothies (or brownies, if that’s your thing); the fiber will make you feel fuller longer, and it contains eight essential amino acids to build muscle.

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Four Exercises You Need to Switch

While this is a great exercise for building hamstring and lower-back strength, the position your knees are in puts stress on the back and cuts off circulation between the heart and the legs. The result? The force you create diminishes with each rep, meaning less efficient work and minimal results. Five Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Workout>>> Find Supplements to Fuel Your Training at GNC Live Well >>>

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Kidney failure, heart attack, etc. 31 bodybuilders who paid the price of being pros: …

The Speed Conditioning Workout

Here’s what you need to know about speed training. There’s speed strength, which is applying maximum force at high velocities (like a power clean or snatch), and there’s speed conditioning, being able to maintain running speed for about seven seconds or longer. Both types of speed training can benefit athletes of all experience levels since being able to accelerate quickly then slow down correctly can prevent injury in the gym and workplace. Not to mention, speed gives athletes a critical advantage over their competition in the field of play. “This workout focuses on the technical component of speed training, going over the movements to perform at an optimal level,” says Curtis Williams, C.P.T., P.E.S., and former NFL wide receiver. “The moves are specific to building speed, and it works.” Blast through this performance-boosting speed workout to burn fat, get faster, and improve endurance.

Every Ab-Ripping Exercise from The 21-Day Shred

Every Ab-Ripping Exercise from The 21-Day Shred

Five Hot Dogs That Aren't Too Hard on Your Body

Light a fire under the classic cookout staple with a host of healthy and tasty ingredient alternatives.

Phil Heath: Pyramiding vs. Straight Sets

I prefer to do straight sets in the 10- to 12-rep range. For a pyramid set, you start using a lighter weight and executing many reps. After that set is complete, you move onto the next set, where you use a heavier weight and perform fewer reps. It’s a good way to warm up, especially on your first exercise for a body part.  With warmups and  techniques like pre-exhaust,  I can go into  my heaviest set right  away. If the weight is  too light—and if I can get  more than 12 reps, it is—I  increase the weight for  the subsequent  sets. I’m always aiming  for at least 10 reps. So  I’m not going heavier  and doing fewer reps  set after set. I’d rather  spend energy on my  actual work sets.

The Best Total Body Cardio Workout

101 Best Workouts Of All Time is the ultimate answer to the question "What workout should I do?" No matter what equipment you have available, from a fully-stocked supergym to a pair of mismatched dumbbells in your garage, or nothing but your body weight alone, you can build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt the physique you've always wanted.

The Evolution of Jay Cutler's Training

When a 19-year-old Jay Cutler won the heavyweight class at the NPC Teen Nationals in 1993 , Branch Warren took home the light-heavies and the overall. Three years later, Jay took his pro card on his first attempt at the 1996 NPC Nationals. He did it by besting a heavyweight class that included Tom Prince (second), Orville Burke (third), Bob Cicherillo (eighth), King Kamali (11th), and Bill Wilmore (13th). Willie Stalling won the light-heavyweight class and overall title that year (Dexter Jackson was sixth in Willie’s class).Bodybuilding glory didn’t come immediately for Cutler: He placed 12th in his pro debut at the 1998 Night of Champions (he would come back to win it in 2000); he was third at the 1999 Ironman Pro, and fourth at that year’s Arnold Classic (he’d win his first ASC in 2002 and take the Ironman title a year later); and in his Olympia debut in 1999, he was 14th (a year later he was eighth). But when he hit his stride, very few could hold their own against this mass monster. What Cutler might have given up to a few other competitors in aesthetics, he more than made up for with sheer mass and a seeming yardstick’s measure of width through his shoulders.

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Straight-Up Forearms Workout

The  forearms  serve a number of duties. Not only do they flex and extend the wrists, but perhaps more important, they contract statically (along with the muscles of the hands) to assist in gripping heavy objects. It’s easy to see, then, how a weak pair of forearms could be the limiting factor in possessing elite-level strength. They also round out a top-level physique. If your grip is lacking, so too will be the amount of weight you can use on deadlifts, rows, weighted pullups, and other measures of brute strength. Guess how many successful  strongman  competitors have a weak grip: zero. Same goes for the top competitors in the IFBB—you got ’em or you can’t win.

6 Sleep Tips For Weightlifters

So how much sack time should you be getting? There’s no hard-and-fast rule; aim for seven to eight hours per night. And despite certain sleep issues like sleep apnea requiring a polysomnogram to detect—polysomnogram is the fancy word for sleep study—others can be corrected with simple tweaks like these …

8 Things You Should Do During Every Workout

Unless you’re forced to walk 50 miles on broken glass to get to your gym, the saying “the hardest part of going to the gym is getting to the gym” doesn’t really hold true. In fact, we think the toughest part about the gym is making the most of your time spent there. That being said, here are eight things you should do during every workout for maximum results.

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Isn’t brown rice so much better than white? Not necessarily. Remember, it’s better to receive your fiber from plant foods and not 87 servings of whole grains. Brown rice is like most other cereal grains. The “anti-nutrient” or phytic acid that is problematic for digestion and nutrient absorption is located in the bran of the grain. This is removed in the milling process that essentially changes brown rice to white rice. It is one of the few exceptions where I believe food refining is actually beneficial. When you remove the bran, what you’re left with is an easily digested, “safe starch” food without any toxic compounds.

8 Ways to Burn More Fat

Most think of altering the metabolism as “boosting it,” but there are things you can do that also change the way the body handles food. For example, simply by taking a fiber supplement, you can alter the way your body handles carbohydrates. Fiber stimulates carbs to bypass fat storing pathways, which in turn means they ultimately head down other pathways for muscle fueling or building. There you go — a simple nutrition step to modify your metabolism.

Keep Your Chin Up

You’ve probably seen that guy in the gym. Twenty-something, kinda looks like he was a former gymnast, casually steps beneath the pull-up bar, reaches up and bounces up into position, then starts repping. Effortlessly. Ten reps, then 20, like a well-oiled piston, every rep from full elbow extension to chin at bar level. You start to wonder whether he’s human. Viewing such a feat makes it hard for those of us more flesh than cyborg to follow up — especially if your club’s pull-up station is front and center on the floor in the cable-crossover station, where everyone seems to have a front-row view. Still, if you’ve stolen a couple of moments alone with the bar, you’ve tried a few. Maybe you got five or six, body convulsing the whole way, before your feet drop back to the floor with a disappointing thump. For men and women like you, there’s hope. You don’t need to be a former gymnastics prodigy or an elite Navy SEAL to get better at the chin. This progressive six-week pulling plan is meant to replace your regular back workout.

Turn Any Park Into a Gym

It’s hard to justify training in a dark gym when the sun is still shining outside. Especially since you can build muscle just as effectively using your own body weight as you can by lifting some iron. All you really need is something to push on or pull on and a little open space where you can move your body and activate all the muscles you’re used to training indoors. We came up with a plan you can do at your local park (or in the prison yard—hey, we won’t judge) to get you ripped and strong while improving your tan at the same time.

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To get ripped, jack up the hormone leptin with 30-second bike sprints: …

6 Ways to Lose Your Gut for Good

Follow our guide to crank up your exercise routine and diet and melt that stubborn belly fat for good. Chances are you’re closer than you think to getting an eight-pack.

8 Performance Pointers for Summer Six-Pack Abs

These training tips will help ensure you have a serious six-pack in time for the summer.

WWE honors the American Armed Forces on Memorial Day

WWE presents a special tribute video honoring the brave men and women who have served and currently serve in our Armed Forces.

10 Habits that Fat People Can't Give Up | Eat This Not That

Yes, Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious. But staying up to watch his show can rev up your hunger the next day, according to a study from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Researchers found that people ate 549 more calories on the days after they slept 80 fewer minutes than usual. Other research shows that sleep deprivation increases the body’s production of the hunger-stimulating hormone gherlin while decreasing its amount of leptin, an appetite-suppressing hormone—delivering a double-whammy to your self-control.

Build a Better Muscle-Building Burger

Don't destroy your macros at the next cookout, stick with the lean cuts or go veggie.

Understanding Fasted Cardio and Fat Loss - Born Fitness

Research shows that if you want to really accelerate the fat burning process with cardio, you need to do it at low intensities. But it’s not just low intensity—it’s like a crawl through the desert. We’re talking about 2 hours slogging away on a slow walk, and even then it’s limited. And who has 2 hours per day just for cardio?

How Much Sunscreen Do You Really Need?

Hale says a lotion with an SPF of 15 could provide adequate protection from the sun if applied properly—that is, a shot glass-worth every two hours. But you’ll need to reapply even more frequently if you’re swimming or sweating, and most people don’t reapply as often as they should.

10 Swell Substitutes for Crowded Exercise Machines

Rather than standing around for minutes just to do a certain exercise, use substitutes that target the same muscle groups, have similar intensity (if not more), and require minimal equipment. You’ll be able to get more work done at the gym, save time, keep your heart rate up, and get more results.

Pack on More Muscle and Get Supersized with Supersets

A post-exhaustion superset is when one performs a high-load (3-5 reps) compound movement followed immediately by a single-joint isolation exercise. An example would be weighted dips and cable crossovers. The cool thing about this type of superset is that research shows that low rep compound exercises create enhanced CNS activation, which means the second movement will effectively fire off more muscle fibers than it normally would, increasing its anabolic effect.

8 More Amazing Fat-Burning Intervals

You can get in and out of the gym fast and still burn tons of fat. The trick? High intensity intervals (HIIT). Interspersing short bursts of working at your absolute max effort with brief rest periods can seriously rev your metabolism. How? It's an effect called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC, and triggering it can help keep your metabolic rate up for hours after you exercise. Essentially, pushing yourself to your physical limits, even for mere seconds, helps create an oxygen 'debt' and while that doesn't sound like a good thing, it most definitely is when it comes to helping you burn fat. What's more, this type of workout triggers fat-incinerating hormones like the Human Growth Hormone (you produce a lot of it when you're young, but production peters out as you get older and more sedentary.) Since more and more research is piling in confirming these facts, you need as many HIIT workouts as you can get. So, we decided to add to our  8 Amazing Fat-Burning Interval Guide published last year to bring you another 8 to add to your fat-fighting arsenal.

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Don’t Make THIS Most Common Mistake When Trying To Lose Fat

Slashing calories below the basal metabolic rate (BMR) is one of the worst things you can do when trying to lose body fat. When you drastically cut calories to the 1,200-a-day range, the body will fairly quickly downregulate your metabolism in order to preserve the fuel stores, and you’ll burn fewer calories daily.

10 Ways to Build Strength Without the Size

Believe it or not, not every athlete wants to build massive muscles. Think about wrestlers, MMA fighters, gymnasts, or athletes who use their own body weight as their primary resistance, they need the strength, but the additional bulk can be more hindering than helpful. What’s important to consider is that strength is not solely a property of muscle, but rather a property of the motor system. So going for the pump, total muscle exhaustion and complete muscle annihilation is not the name of the game here. Your body increases its strength by a) recruiting more muscle fibers in a particular muscle group and b) increasing the firing frequency of your motor neurons (neurons and muscle fibers). Apply these methods below to jack up your strength, but not your size.

25 Ways to Get a Ripped Summer Body

It's all here: how to set up a workout program, a diet , exercises you should do, ways to boost your intensity and metabolism, foods you must eat, and when to consume them for the best results. We've taken years of science and experimentation, culled from some of the brightest minds in the fitness game, and condensed it all into 25 ways you can get ripped to shreds. Fast.

50 Bodybuilding Questions Answered by Ben Pakulski - 50 Bodybuilding Questions Answered by Ben Pakulski - If you are looking for bodybuilding guidance, videos, workouts, the proper training split to build muscle, see how IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski builds big muscle through the best online program here - For Students Of IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski Where Savvy Men and Women Come To Build Muscle FAST Don't miss any Ben Pakulski workout or Ben Pakulski training tips by subscribing to the channel: And "LIKING" the fanpage here:

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