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Fit Fix: Here's What It's Like to Do Skate Tricks in Zero Gravity

Today in new moves from Tony Hawk, and everything else you need to know.

Nikki Walter's Fitness-Model Back Workout

Has your backside fallen behind? Time to play catch-up. Build a strong, balanced back in only 30 minutes with this video workout from fitness model Nikki Walter!

WATCH: Black On Black Signature Line Now Available

Your favorite elitefts logos presented in a new way.

Dynamik Muscle | Kai Greene

Dynamik Muscle & SLMF have joined together to bring my brand "our brand" straight to Mexico...

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VIDEO: Strongman Eddie Hall motors towards deadlift half a ton world record at Leeds Arena

Britain's strongest man Eddie Hall is in the driving seat to deadlift a world record half a ton at Leeds First Direct Arena

T NATION on Twitter

T NATION on Twitter

Core strength and better looking abs -- here's how to get both: …

T NATION on Twitter

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@BioLayne @MarcLobliner bros, Gravity is real. Calories as they relate to thermodynamics and metabolism are FAKE. Explain bio-availability.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016 - You might feel as if circumstances are out of control and your attempts to manage them are restraining your forward progress. Naturally, you don't like covering old ground again; your imperative is to move full speed ahead. However, something very special awaits your discovery if you have enough courage to investigate the shadows that trail along behind you. Exploring buried emotions may temporarily derail your momentum but ignoring them could be catastrophic. The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but felt by the heart.

Training Style: Push-Pull

If you train your body over four consecutive days instead of three, you can still do a push-pull split. Do push (without triceps) and pull (without biceps and forearms) on the first two days, legs on Day 3, and arms on Day 4. Take at least one day off, then repeat.

28 Days to Six-Pack Abs Workout Program

First up is the diet. This will become your most important component because it takes the most discipline, and if you’re not getting rid of the fat and water, then your abs are going to seem more like a two-pack. With the diet, don’t drastically cut carbs, instead burn them. Keep carbs constant until your abs are truly ready to be seen, then a quick cut will rip out the final drops of water. This is the biggest mistake I’ve seen, dropping carbs too fast and too much, which reduces energy and forces “skinny fat” syndrome instead of good fat burning. Increase your protein to 50-60 additional grams per day and amino acid intake to 10-20 grams per day of supplementation; do this while increasing your veggie intake, so that you can get your calorie count where it needs to be to shed the excess poundage. To reduce excess water weight, add natural diuretic-based products that have dandelion and green tea extract and uva ursi and cranberry. Also, make sure to hit a fat burner that cooperates with your gut, and keep tabs on your indulgences. When you’re out, resist the urge to consume heavy or sugary drinks and fatty foods.

Thrash-Your-Guns Arm Routine

Usually, drop sets are done wrong. You don’t have to drop half the weight to do a drop set properly. It was proven that decreasing the weight by as little as 5-10% is the ideal drop and still respects your repetition range. For example, do tricep pressdowns with 100 lbs. for 10 reps, drop it to 90-95 lbs., and you’ll be able to crank out another clean 8 to 10 reps.

The Big Biceps Workout

Remember, muscles eventually get bored by the same old workout. They learn to be more efficient, and they just flat out quit growing in the absence of new challenges. By working smaller muscles first in your workout, you burn them out and require the larger muscles to work even harder to recruit more muscle fibers. And while this may seem contrary to the physiological standards for muscle expression, continual stress forces continual recruitment, which should translate into greater strength and size gains in the long run.

6 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Get back to building muscle and burning fat with these t-boosting power foods.

8 At-Home Workouts to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

There are days when the gym is the perfect respite from a long day at work. You can get in, sweat, get out, and feel completely renewed. Then there are days when the gym is one giant irritation. There are two many people clanking weights, or chatting when they should be clanking weights, and all you want to do is walk back through the door and head home. Well, guess what? You can do that—and still get a killer workout in.

Welsh Wheels

Spurred on by images of the legendary Tom Platz—he of the world-renowned leg development—Lewis would eventually construct a blueprint for a classic set of wheels. From front to back and side to side, Lewis’ legs have set a new standard for excellence, fueling his rise from 2007 British Championships overall champion to his current run as king of the IFBB’s ultra-competitive 212-pound class.

The Predator's Mean Greene Back Workout

Not Greene. Greene won the jackpot in the back genetics lottery and milked it to the max. His lats are wide and thick, inserting so low into his waist it almost looks like he doesn’t have a waist from behind. He’s got so much muscle tissue back there his lower lats actually hang over his spinal erectors and glutes. Greene’s wide shoulders only help his front lat spread match his rear lat spread; when he hits the pose from the front, he’s got meat hanging down of his frame. In a Kai Greene back double biceps pose, things come alive, fibering out, jumping of back there: his back is crisp, detailed, gnarly—add your own adjective. Greene’s back has been a strength for him since back in the day when he was placing in the top 3 at the NPC Universe, the show he’d win in 2004 to earn his pro card.

Workout Routine for Big Forearms and a Crushing Grip

Sure you can do the standard wrist curls and extensions with heavy dumbbells or even a few sets of hammer curls. Or, you can do a few extra things and really see your forearms grow. First, check out clubbells. While most gyms do not have them, you can get yourself a couple different sizes and do some hammer extensions and flexions (known as abduction and adduction) as well as pronating and supinating your arm extended out from supports.

9 Tricks to Gain Mass Without Getting Fat

We know—this is the advice you always hear and never want to take. But hear us out: Even if you ingest the proper post-workout protein , hitting happy hour after the gym hampers your muscle protein synthesis—how much muscle is being built to repair exercise damage—according to a 2014 study in PLos ONE . Then there’s the fact that it'll take you longer to get back at it (not even including the hangover), as recovery from delayed-onset muscle soreness is slowed by booze, says a 2012 New Zealand study . To top it off: “Since men are prone to store fat around the gut and near major organs, and alcohol consumption is also associated with increased fat storage in this area, it’s wise for them to lay off the booze when trying to see progress,” says Franci Cohen , personal trainer, certified nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and founder of Fuel Fitness in Brooklyn. 

10 Best Foods To Boost Your Mood

Although Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” it was once thought that food had no effect on the brain or feelings of well-being.  Caffeine, alcohol, carbohydrates and fats all directly effect how you feel.  There’s a reason that soups and stews in the winter months make us feel content or eating watermelon on a hot summer’s day can make us feel refreshed.  All these foods release certain brain chemicals that elicit feelings of happiness and excitement.

The 9 Toughest Sunscreens for Men 2016

So, in order to make this your best and healthiest summer to date, we have gathered nine of the very best sunscreens that are Skin Cancer Foundation-recommended (marked by a seal of recommedation on the bottle) and will protect your face and body daily. We even have some that are approved specifically for vigorous outdoor activities . What does the seal mean you might ask? Well, to earn it, the products must have their test results reviewed by an independent committee of photobiologists, experts in sun damage and sun protection.

Instagram photo by Ronnie Coleman • May 27, 2016 at 9:46am UTC

6 Worst Things You Can Do to Get Stronger

If greater strength is your primary goal, you'll want to avoid these strength-sucking pitfalls.

13 Simple Ways to Burn More Calories

Getting in shape and burning extra calories doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. We don’t have to spend hours in the gym contrary to what you have heard. Did you know there are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat? Seems like a lot, but if we can focus on burning extra calories each day by maximizing the time you spend in the gym by working out more efficiently, as well as making it a priority to burn extra calories at the times they would be spared, you will see a difference in your shape. Here are 13 ways you can burn more calories and shape up in and out of the gym. Keep in mind, small changes in your daily routine while practicing a healthy diet can only bring positive change to your physique.

10 Ways to Cure Your Stinky Feet

Shoes provide the perfect environment for bacteria: All of these germs flourish in places that are dark, warm, and moist—things you have very little control over in a closed-toe shoe, Feder explains. But you can be proactive about the amount of moisture or perspiration once you take your shoes off. Think of a sauna or steamy shower, for example. All of the muggy, moist air is trapped in a closed space. But once you open the door, everything's allowed to air out and dry. The first step to eliminating stinky feet is taking your shoes off and letting both breathe.

Diet 911: Ketosis for Dummies

The last issue is your consumption of “residual” carbohydrates—the carbs you’re not even aware you’re eating, like those in nuts and meal-replacement shakes. It’s OK to have some nuts, but you should rely more on other fat sources that are carb-free like oils and cheeses. Remember that meal replacement shakes and protein shakes are not the same. The typical meal-replacement powder contains up to half your day’s intake of carbs. Instead, opt for a scoop of regular protein powder after your workout. Make these changes and you’ll see your six-pack soon enough.

Sarah's Competitive Nature Helped Her Get Fit!

That was the end of Sarah's plan to effortlessly get back her prebaby shape. Instead, she was left facing a long, painful recovery. It took more than a year for Sarah to get back on her feet, but once she did, she knew it was time to take back control of her health. By harnessing her competitive nature and entering a fitness contest in her workplace, Sarah kicked off her fitness journey and has been running full-speed ahead ever since.

5 Sex Moves That Will Rock Her World, According to a Lesbian

“When you’re in a position that allows it, absolutely do it,” says Goddard. “You want to see the look on her face, whether you’ve got your face between her legs or are doing her against a wall.” Women want to feel seen and want you to connect to them, and eye contact expresses your intention and arousal.

The Classic Straight Up Biceps Workout

“There’s no magic number of reps when it comes to building massive biceps,” says Ryno, who recommends doing this routine either with triceps or on its own.“The key is to include a variety of rep schemes—low reps, medium reps,high reps—into your overall program. This routine forces you to use all of these rep ranges. Be mindful to select the proper poundage foreach exercise. Going too heavy only leads to bad form, not fully stimulating the muscles and overstressing the elbows. You need to focus on the biceps working.Train the muscle, not the movement.”

10 Ways to Fight Fat

’Tis the season to show the world the reason you spend all that time in the gym! But if you want to really make sure that those few pounds of fat are gone in time, consider some help from supplements. Supplements work through a number of mechanisms to help your body burn more fat . To maximize their effectiveness, combine ingredients that work synergistically to enhance both fat release and elimination. Here, we break down the most popular fat-burning ingredients by their mode of action. Find out here which ingredients to look for in a commercial fat burner, or build your own synergistic stack.

Is It Better to Wear Lifting Gloves or Chalk Your Hands?

Chalk helps absorb sweat and lessens the chances you’ll get blisters, he explains. “Gloves are less messy, but they don’t stop sweat from getting on your fingers,” which could make you lose your grip. Also, not having direct contact with the bar may give you less sensory awareness of what you’re doing. In other words, “It’s just not the same feeling.” Not to mention chalk looks badass, which can earn you your man-card in the eyes of some lifters.

Spring Sports Nutrition Guide: Protein

Discover today’s best-tasting, most potent protein supplements on the market to maximize your muscle-building potential.

Seven Best Carbs to Build Muscle

Benefit: A mass builder with fiber You can determine a quality bran muffin by reading the label, but your best bet may be to make your own. Purchase any high-fiber cereal that has a muffin recipe on the side of the box. Substitute honey for sugar, add two or three scoops of whey protein to the mix, and you have a high-carb, protein-rich snack. Fiber in the cereal makes the end product low glycemic or "slow burning," which is ideal for bodybuilders who struggle to stay relatively lean while bulking up.

Pauline Nordin on Twitter

Rosymay in my current Fighter Diet Challenge. HARD WORK APPLIED CONSISTENTLY PAYS... …

6 Reasons Your Bench Press Sucks

Fair or not, the bench press has become the yardstick of lifting prowess for gym rats nationwide, and if you want to become top dog at your local gym, you'll have to press respectable numbers. If your bench hasn’t improved since Vanilla Ice last hit the airwaves, it's time to make some changes.

Big Ramy's Planet-Size Pipes

“We get the heavy lifting from pressing and pulling during chest and back workouts, “Alaqi tells the curious journalist. “So for arms, we don’t need to go as heavy and risk injury. We try to fill the arms with as much blood as we can.” That’s why you alternate biceps and triceps exercises. “I think this is better [than working biceps and triceps separately] because you fill the whole arm with blood,” Alaqi states. You tighten up your wrist straps, as a precautionary measure to fend off tendon strains. It’s time for work.

How to Survive ‘Murph’

Every Memorial Day, countless CrossFitters—and, increasingly, everyday gymgoers—put themselves through this brutal combination of calisthenics and running. Here are the 10 best pro tactics to get through it.

Omega JYM by JYM at - Best Prices on Omega JYM!

There's also no need to worry about mercury in Omega JYM.* To provide such a potent and pure dose of omega-3s, Omega JYM is put through a process called "molecular distillation." This safely separates the DHA and EPA from mercury, PCB, dioxins and other contaminants that may be present in unprocessed fish oil. This not only provides a more refined and powerful fish oil, but also leaves less odor and taste due to less rancidity and oxidation. Perhaps best of all, you won’t have to deal with the dreaded “fish-oil burps” that many experience from taking less processed fish oil.

High Protein Healthier Nachos

Nachos don’t have to be a bad snack. In fact, they can be a protein loaded meal, if you make them the right way and are willing to make a few substitutions that maintain the taste but sacrifice some nutritional gut bombs (the type you don’t want). These are protein packed nachos. Perfect for a snack and always good for any sporting event.

Work Your Hamstrings with Romanian Deadlifts

Next, pinch your shoulder blades together and hold your chest up through your entire range of motion. Finally, take a big breath before every rep and push your abs out to increase your core stability. “With each rep,” says Smith, “take in as much air as you can. Once you’ve done that, wiggle your toes to make sure your weight stays on your heels.”

Epic Guest Posing at the 2016 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro

Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson, Shawn Rhoden, Big Ramy, Branch Warren, Brian Yersky, Guy Cisternino and Sergio Oliva, Jr. pose down in an epic guest posing appearance at the 2016 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro!

Help Impact A Hero — Memorial Day SS Yoke Bar Special

For every limited edition SS Yoke Bar we sell, $100.00 will be given to  Impact A Hero , an organization committed to helping severely wounded heroes who have fought and sacrificed for our country. We have chosen Impact A Hero because of their transparency and their commitment to ensuring that the money you donate is directly used to help our veterans and their families. Your donation dollars don’t go to funding a multi-million dollar salary or more marketing efforts for the organization — these donations are used exclusively for helping those who have sacrificed for our country.

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It’s been said that if you don’t have the squat in your program, you don’t have a program. No other single exercise works as many major muscle groups as effectively. The squat is unparalleled for increasing muscle size, thus raising the metabolic rate and making your body a fat-burning machine. It also helps prevent and rehabilitate knee injuries and builds the foundation of great speed and jumping ability. What most new trainees don’t realize is that there is more than one way to perform this great exercise, each with their own advantages. Here are 10 variations for you to try:

3 Quick Fat-Burning Workouts

Fletcher points out that advanced lifters can use short workouts to their advantage, "Short high-intensity sessions are quick and effective, they supercharge your metbolism and burn more calories in a short period of time." He recommends using these workouts as a "finisher" to your already existing workout routine or as a quick-independent workout.

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7 Training Steps to Pack on Size

Strength  begets size. That is to say, the stronger you get, the bigger you become. But real strength - the kind that warrants crowd-gathering, bar-bending loads of weight - isn't just a matter of will. It's a matter of science. Over the years, research and anecdotal evidence have steered us toward several reliable ways to get stronger and, consequently, bigger. The following seven commandments of strength need to be a part of your program if you expect to start moving around the big-boy weight (and if you expect to have the physique to go along with it).

The 10 Best Protein Powerhouses, Ranked

The greatest protein sources on the planet: packed with muscle-priming leucine, low in calories, and containing all nine essential amino acids.

Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

Eligibility:  The Twitter contest (the “Contest”) is open to Twitter members who are eighteen (18) years of age and older at the time of entry (“Contestant”). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union, or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant’s participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children, and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

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Dwayne @TheRock Johnson closes deal with Legendary on action project set in China:

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