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STRONGCast 19: Marty Gallagher on No Fads, No Gimmicks, No Shortcuts

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Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot with Lionel Beyeke!

Come behind the scenes with FLEX and photographer Per Bernal to see Lionel Beyeke train legs the day after his 4th place finish at the 2014 IFBB New York Pro!

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - You are being flooded by vivid images arising from your subconscious today. But you may feel as if a friend or partner is pushing you to do something that doesn't really fit into your notion of reality. Someone might stir your anxiety as the inquisitive Gemini New Moon activates your 7th House of Companions. The more you try to figure out what it all means, the farther away the answers seem. Don't take your lack of clarity too seriously, for it will pass soon enough. In the meantime, open your mind and enjoy the show.

Mike O'Hearn

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The 3-Move Total Body Workout

We often times get caught up in the plethora of exercises and routines that are displayed all over the Internet. Having too many options to choose from can keep us from focusing on our goals. We start a routine with hopes to build more muscle and strength, faster, but then end up finding another great routine to follow two weeks later. It is true that you need to switch things up once in a while to create continual adaptations. But many take this to the extreme. Six weeks is a good amount of time to work consistently at a routine. Tracking your numbers, and adding weight to the bar while continuing to work on form and execution, will bring you much better gains than changing your routine all of the time.

One-Leg Leg Press

No two legs are created equal, not even your own. Chances are, one’s stronger and/or bigger than the other, even if just slightly. The goal, then, is to make them as close to identical as possible, to seek balanced development from side to side, which is where unilateral training comes into play. A leg-training program in which every exercise is done both legs at a time is an incomplete one. You need to get your legs working independently of each other on a regular basis, and doing leg presses one leg at a time is one of many great ways to do this.

6 Weightlifting Tips for Getting Jacked

Consuming a large amount of calories is a must if you want to pack on muscle mass for a larger, stronger, more powerful frame. However, food alone won't get you to the promised land. To achieve this sought-after balance of muscular harmony, you need to build quality muscle mass through a combination of diet and exercise.

4 Easy Metabolic Boosters

Metabolism is such a nebulous term in the fitness industry. But it has a specific and very elaborate meaning. For our purposes, it is the rate at which your body burns energy. This, of course, is good to know for those of us concerned with body composition because the more energy you can burn, the leaner you will generally be. Resting metabolism refers to the rate that your body burns energy while you do nothing. So if you can find a way to crank up your metabolism , you’re on your way to a much better body. There are a few ways that you can enhance this rate of burn and some might be less obvious than others.

Zach Even - Esh

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5 Tricks To Make Produce Last Longer And Taste Better

Like strawberries, oranges and grapefruits have a much brighter, richer flavor at room temperature. And lemons and limes yield more juice when they're not ice cold. But just because these citrus fruits can stay out, doesn't mean they should (even though they may look stunning in a bowl on your table). Stone says most citrus will stay juicy at room temperature for about a week, but will keep even longer if stored in the fridge. Just take the fruit out to warm it up before eating or juicing it (you can even pop it into the microwave for five to 10 seconds for maximum juice).

8 Reasons You're Not Getting Ripped

If you’ve upped your diet and training regimens these past few months but still aren’t satisfied with the results you’re seeing, now’s the time to iron out the kinks if you plan on sporting your new-and-improved 2014 beach body this summer. Skirting the obvious — changing your workouts consistently, adopting better sleep hygiene, staying hydrated, and keeping cheat meals to an absolute minimum — these eight things can also hinder your goals of entering the summer as shredded as possible .

Shock Your Workouts With Continuous Partial Recovery Training

The idea behind CPR is the strict monitoring of rest periods during your workouts to ensure your muscles never completely recover between sets. From the very beginning of a CPR training session, you’re building fatigue—in both your muscles and your cardiovascular system—and your body won’t get a break until you’re on your way out the door with your gym bag over your shoulder.

Crank Out More Pullups

Pullups aren't neccessarily easy; some novice gym-goers have trouble even getting one or two. Duffy recommends grabbing assistance bands, which you wrap around the bar and place under your feet. "These elastic bands will counterbalance your body weight and help assist you with getting more pullups," says Duffy. Even advanced athletes can benefit from assistance bands—they might help get you one, two, or three more reps than you normally would without assistance. Novice trainees can train with assistance bands each week and more advanced athletes could sprinkle the use of the bands every other week.

Workout Pyramids: The Fastest Way to Lose Fat

To make pyramids even harder, record your time. Do your regular workout then afterwards, add in your push up/knee grab finisher. Set the clock, push start, do the finisher and record your time. Complete the finisher again two days later with the goal of beating your previous time. This will ramp up your training intensity, burn fat and give you a great conditioning workout. Want to raise the bar even more with workout pyramids?  Add in some fitness equipment.

Bodybuilding Nutrition: Healthy Snack Options

While getting a healthy array of body-friendly food at crucial mealtimes - breakfast, lunch and dinner - should be the cornerstone of your overall nutritional approach, it is the in-between times that can often make or break your physique. If you're chained to a desk all day, for example, you may find it difficult to keep on track with your food intake. As a result, your energy and metabolism come to a screeching halt, leaving you staring blankly at a computer screen and slowly widening at the hips. Getting the right snacks at the right times could make all the difference in how much progress you're able to make. Follow these guidelines for healthier snacking during the day.

8 Performance Pointers for Summer Six-Pack Abs

You’d like to think it’s never too late to start, but the truth is that clock is ticking when it comes to getting those washboard abs in time for beach weather. Don’t panic, though: get started with these tips today and you’ll be set for a (mostly) shirtless summer.

Tips To Lose Fat Fast!

Whey Lean Drinking whey protein as a between-meals snack is a smart way to enhance not only muscle growth but also fat loss. UK researchers found that when subjects consumed a whey protein shake 90 minutes before eating a buffet-style meal, they ate significantly less food than when they consumed a casein shake beforehand. The scientists reported that this was due to whey’s ability to boost levels of the hunger-blunting hormones cholecystokinin and glucagonlike peptide-1.

Lean Legs Pak 2 (Athlete)

Fighter Diet followers are becoming famous for lean legs! Yeah we're doing it! Let me take you on a tour on how to do it! Step 1: Build the dense muscle mass which gives your legs SHAPE Pauline Nordin Without muscle you can't shape up. I know you might be scared of getting bulky thighs, but you will not when you do Fighter Diet combined with my Lean Legs concept. Lean legs are not made over night. Start with sticking to it for three months without questioning 'is it happening?'. it is happening, don't worry about it. Step 2: Use a Fighter Diet diet plan which helps your body shed fat while building muscle. When you want to get tight and firm instead of jiggly, you need to provide enough good food without adding too many calories from unnecessary extras. Step 3: Melt off the layer of bod

7 Rules of Being a Great Workout Partner

Forget about the dumbbells , kettlebells , Olympic weightlifting platforms, pull-up bars, cross trainers and even your lucky deadlifting t-shirt. The most important piece of ‘equipment’ in the entire gym is that guy standing above you on the bench press, making sure you don’t decapitate yourself while going for a new PR. That’s right, a great workout partner can motivate you, keep you accountable, push you harder and keep you from killing yourself. But with great power comes great responsibility. Here are the key traits that make for a great workout partner.

The 50 Hottest Female Trainers of 2014

We scoured the country for America's 50 hottest female trainers.

The 7-Day Shrink-Wrap

You should already be following a diet to get lean, and should therefore be aware of how much you’re eating. But to remove any guesswork, we’ll give you some numbers to hit for the week: Consume one gram of protein and 10–11 calories for every pound of your body weight; 20% of those daily calories should be from fat, and the remainder from carbs. (Remember to first subtract the protein calories you’re also eating from the total allowed before you calculate the number of carbs.) For example, a 200-pound guy following this program would consume 200 grams of protein per day, and eat 2,000–2,200 calories—that’s approximately 420 calories (about 50 grams) from fat, and 880 calories (220 grams) from carbs. Your protein and fat intake will stay relatively constant, but your carbs can be raised or lowered as needed (see Step 5). So, if you’re taking your shirt off on Saturday, begin following this protocol the Saturday prior.

Squared Away

This one exercise being done in that fashion is a microcosm of Morel’s entire workout routine, which consists of six days on and one off. Each and every body part is worked twice per week, with shoulders hit every Tuesday and Friday. But what makes it even more interesting is that Morel will do a two-a-day split with back on those same days, doing shoulders in the morning on the former and the afternoon on the latter.

Supplement Spotlight: Fuel Up with These Pre-Workouts

Excess body fat isn’t good for much except this: It’s a great source of workout fuel. The key is to get your body to let go of this stored energy pre- and post-workout. These supps provide a two-for-one, helping fuel workouts with your own fat. • Raspberry Ketones Rising in popularity, raspberry ketones can increase metabolic rate and release fat from storage. • Capsicum Sometimes listed as capsaicin, this supplement from chili peppers helps drive up your metabolic rate so you naturally burn more calories. • Green Coffee Bean Extract This fat burner contains a higher concentration of chlorogenic acid than do roasted beans. This is the chemical that works with caffeine to release and burn body fat.

The Number One Fat Loss Workout

Pairing up exercises that work opposite muscle groups (so they don’t compete with one another for recovery) burns more calories than traditional training with straight sets. For example, doing multiple sets of a chest exercise paired with sets of a back exercise shuttles blood back and forth between the working muscles, making your heart work harder. Increased heart rate means more calories burned, and training multiple areas of the body at once also leads to shorter, more intense, and more efficient workouts. Science backs it up. A 2010 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that noncompeting supersets led to greater energy expenditure relative to training time and subjects burned calories at an accelerated rate.

Ask Men's Fitness: Do Girls Enjoy It When You Talk to Them During Sex?

The second reason to talk to her in bed is to turn her on by keeping her mentally in the action. This is the trickier one because what does it for one woman may gross out the next. So pick up cues. Terms like “cock” and “pussy” can be polarizing, so unless she starts talking about them first, keep those words holstered. However, here are some fail-safe options that any woman will respond to: “You’re so sexy,” “You’re amazing” (if she’s on top), “I just want to please you” (if you’re on top or about to pleasure her in any way), and “I don’t want this to stop.” Be sure to continually remind her that she’s turning you on and that you’re going to concentrate on her pleasure—those are things no woman can argue with.

10 Form Mistakes You Need to Fix Now

Avoid these critical form mistakes to build more muscle and prevent injuries.

Watch Bill Murray Give An Epic Speech At A Random Dude's Bachelor Party

Celebrity approval ratings aren�t tracked as rigorously or as accurately as those of politicians, but if they were, it�s hard to imagine many would score higher than Bill Murray. After appearing on Saturday Night Live and churning out a ton of brilliant, over-the-top comedies like Stripes and Ghostbusters , the actor has spent the past two decades redefining himself as an understated genius who gravitates toward quirky projects and randomly surprises members of the general public with impromptu moments of hilarity and wisdom. Take this past weekend as an example when the legendary comedian gave a baller speech at a bachelor party. The story first showed up this morning on Deadspin . A random dude named EJ was inside a steakhouse in Charleston to celebrate his bachelor party alongside twenty of his friends. At some point, one of the dudes noticed Bill Murray was eating in a separate room. At first, they tried to send him drinks, which he politely turned down. Then, they asked him to come say a few words, which he politely turned down. Then, out of nowhere, he just showed up and gave the hilarious speech seen above.

Eat These Organic Foods

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. There are countless decisions you need to make while spinning your wheels through the supermarket aisles, not the least of which is whether or not to opt for anything organic. And organic is everywhere these days, from protein bars to frozen pizza, so it’s understandable to fret about which items are both essential and certified organic for your optimal health and fitness gains. One thing is for certain: while organic foods are undeniably less processed, they come with a heftier price tag. Here’s where you should shell out more of your hard-earned cash...and where it doesn’t matter so much.

How to Use Free Weights for Ripped Six Pack Abs

Free Weight Ab Lifts: Lay flat on your back holding a dumbbell. Put your feet together and raise your legs up as while keeping them straight. Engage your abs and use them to pull your upper body off the floor as close to your legs as possible. Hold for 3 seconds before returning to rest position.

Rip it Good

There are many different types of “fat burner” supplements on the market, but perhaps the most popular and effective category is thermogenics. Thermogenics work by boosting the body’s metabolism. That is, you burn more calories during a given activity, even if you’re just sitting on your butt watching Pumping Iron again. Most products achieve this effect by increasing norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that the nervous system releases; it is basically a form of adrenaline). Synephrine is one supplement that raises norepinephrine. Try doses of five to 20 milligrams (mg), from a standardized Citrus aurantium extract, once or twice daily for amaximum of 40 mg per day.

Diet Q&A: Should I Be Eating Hemp Seed?

Eating a mostly plant-based diet is one of the healthiest commitments you can make to your body. Doing so will not only help you maintain a lean physique, but it will also keep your mind and body running at optimal levels for a longer period of time. One of the latest stars of the plant-based movement is hemp. It may sound like some weird hippie supplement, but hemp is actually an all-natural plant-based protein. But is it a worthy addition to your diet, or just a stilly fad? New York-based Maria A. Bella, R.D., C.D.N., clued us in on what you need to know about the trending seed.

Fact or Fiction?: Running Ruins Your Knees

Another interesting thing to note about the study: While doctors often advise older people to walk for exercise, running is just as smart an option. According to the research, when runners were asked to walk and then run on a 50-foot runway, running generated eight times the amount of impact on the knees as walking, but running required longer strides and reduced contact with the ground, offsetting the impact of all those intense foot strikes. So, over any given distance, the pounding on a person’s knees was about the same whether they ran or walked.

Why You Should Never Skip Legs!

Why You Should Never Skip Legs!

The T-Shirt Workout

HOW IT WORKS This program devotes one day to your shoulders and lats and another to your chest and arms. In the first workout you’re making your upper body wider, and in the next you’re making it denser from front to back. You may recognize some moves from CrossFit workouts (snatch grip high pull), some from the bodybuilding world (dumbbell flye), and others you’ve seen in pictures with a “no” symbol over them, indicating danger (behind-the-neck press)—it just means we’ve pulled from all the training wisdom available, both new and old school, to get the best results possible. (And don’t worry about behind-the-neck-pressing—as long as your form is on point, you’ll be fine.)

8 Weeks to TREEmendous Legs

Since many lower-body muscles span two joints, they play a role on each joint and are involved in both isolated and multi-joint movements. For example, your main quad muscle, the rectus femoris, works across the hip and knee on the front (anterior) side of your body. This partially explains that they sometimes don’t fire during certain portions of the squat movement and why some good leg extensions may help your ailing legs. Several muscles in the body need to be attacked in a few different exercises to ensure they’re completely blitzed. And this is just the beginning.

Whey Or Casein For Muscle?

From my experience, it’s in one’s best interest to utilize a ratio of 70% cold-filtered whey protein isolate plus 20% micellar casein and 10% hydrolyzed whey peptides. Combining both fast- and slow-assimilating, high-quality protein sources provides the benefit of initial high blood amino acid levels and an insulinotropic response from whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey peptides, while the micellar casein sustains blood amino acid levels for up to six hours, which elicits an anticatabolic effect.

3 Ways to Improve Your Pushup

Yes, believe it or not, quads impact your pushups. If you have weak quads , it's hard to hold your knees in the fully extended position that a pushup requires. An inability to do this will cause the knees to fully lock out, which is great for the end of a squat. Holding those knees fully extended leads to two things: decreased blood flow to the muscles that need it (the blood sits in the legs) leading to decreased muscle activation and therefore decreased results; and raised, posteriorly tilted hips, leading to rounding of the lower back and possible disk injury. Be sure to work squats into your routine 1-2 days per week for 3-5 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

6 Habits That Shorten the Life of Your Running Shoes

It's no easy feat to find a pair of running shoes that offers the perfect combination of style and comfort…without a cringe-worthy price tag. And when you finally do find them, it's that much more frustrating when you realize you’ve worn through them in what feels like just a month’s worth of miles. Luckily, simple adjustments to everyday habits can extend the life of your favorite kicks (and may help prevent injuries that come from working out in worn-out shoes). We caught up with John Henwood, 2004 track and field Olympian and New York City-based running coach, who explained how you’re cutting your sneakers’ lives short and suggested simple sole-saving tips.  10 Head-to-Toe Running Essentials for Spring>>>

Two Truths and a Lie: Heart Smarts

If you've never heard of the game Two Truths and a Lie, here's the gist: Someone whom you've just met reveals three facts about himself, with one caveat: One of the statements is completely bogus. We're taking this classic icebreaker and giving it a healthy spin. Check out each trio of "truths" and see if you can spot the lie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Back in the Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Back in the Day


We 'Mirin is a weekly collection of the most inspiring BodySpace physiques. We 'Mirin showcases the hard work, dedication and incredible results!

Diet Soda Works for Weight Loss

The research included approximately 300 men and women who already drank at least three diet sodas a day. Participants were divided into two groups: one that drank 24 ounces of a non-nutritive sweetened beverage (NNS) daily without a restriction on water, and another that drank 24 ounces of water daily, but no diet soda. The participants attended 12 weekly group meetings led by registered dieticians or clinical psychologists to help them with weight loss. By the end of the 12–week study, participants had increased their level of physical activity from 4 to 5-6 hours per week, on average.

The No-Bull Guide to Bulking

The Hard Truth Your body can only gain so much muscle in a given period of time; it’s dependent on your genetics, age, and training age (how long you’ve been lifting). According to Nate Miyaki, C.S.S.N., a San Francisco-based nutrition coach to physique competitors, a beginner in his teens up through his 30s can expect to put on two to four pounds of lean muscle per month for the first two or three months of his training. An intermediate (several months’ to a few years’ experience) might see 1–11⁄2 pounds per month. An experienced lifter, on the other hand, should be happy with just a few pounds per year.

Build Your Upper Arms With the Lying Triceps Extension

Lying triceps extensions have always been among the premier exercises for filling out your upper arms , but you may not be getting the full effect. Pointing your guns perpendicular to the floor when you lock the weight out gives your triceps a break—the load transfers to your elbow joints. It’s just like the top position of a bench press, and it doesn’t stimulate the triceps . Instead, move your arms back a bit so they’re about 45 degrees to the floor. When you bend your elbows, the weight will come down below the back of your head, giving the triceps a greater stretch. When you extend your elbows, you can still lock out the weight, giving you the benefit of training through a full range of motion, but your tri’s will stay engaged because your arms are at an angle rather than vertical. The pull of gravity will focus the load squarely on the triceps.

Find Out What Keeps Triple H Mean in the June M&F!

You would think that Triple H, the WWE legend who has transitioned seamlessly into an executive role with the organization, has seen and done it all when it comes to physical training, but you would be surprised. One of the biggest changes that the 44-year-old has made in recent years has been how he works out. He admits that he has gone from a guy who needed 15 minutes to get out of bed and walk straight to a guy with a 40-inch jump.

The Complete Arnold: Biceps

When doing any dumbbell curl, whether it’s standing, seated, incline, or concentration curls, start with your hand in a neutral position and then rotate it as you perform the rep so that your palm faces upward. Two inches or so from the top of the curl, twist your hand farther so that your pinkie finger is higher than your thumb and forcibly tense the biceps. The pain of the contraction is very intense, but it’s well worth it. Do this with every rep of every dumbbell curl you perform and, over the long term, it should make a big dif erence in your arm development. In addition to supinating, I preferred to let the dumbbell “drag” behind to get a stronger contraction of the biceps. Most people start a curl with their wrists straight, then flex their wrists toward the shoulders for better leverage as they raise the weights. That essentially eliminates gravity and nullifies the final part of the movement, where the peak contraction can really be accentuated. But when I curled the weight, I let the dumbbell roll down my hand and settle in my fingers so that my wrist was extended throughout each rep, not flat or flexed as you usually see.

Jerry Ferrara Sheds His Shell

Before you start a movie, you have to go get a physical, and it’s literally a Hollywood physical. They just try to make sure you’re not dying. I don’t know anyone who has ever failed. When I went, it wasn’t the usual doctor, and he was just like, “You’re perfectly healthy—you’re just overweight—but you really should start losing it now because it’s going to be so much harder when you’re in your late 30s or 40s.” There was something so simple about it.

Bring This Easy Snack to Summer Parties

They’re the usual suspects: potato salad, pasta salad, shrimp cocktail, those cottage cheese-stuffed cucumber boats. You’ll see each of these staples during at least one summer party this year. Not that there’s anything wrong with these appetizers. But you can do so much better. This season, out-do the usual with an easy olive appetizer. All you have to do is pick up some quality olives, toss them together with citrus peels, herbs, crushed red pepper flakes, and olive oil. Then, let the medley marinate in deliciousness for a few days and haul the snack to the party. Pop the olives into a bowl (with another on the side for the pits) and watch the guests pass over the cuke boats to pluck the picholines. Marinated Olives Recipe by Chip Roman chef of The Treemont in Philadelphia What you’ll need: 15 niçoise olives 15 picholine olives 15 kalamata olives 8 red cerignola olives 8 green cerignola olives 8 black cerigonla olives* Rind from 1 lemon, pith removed Rind from 1 orange, pith removed 1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes 4 sprigs thyme, leaves picked 1 sprig rosemary, leaves picked and chopped ½ cup olive brine ½ cup extra virgin olive oil Salt, to taste How to make it: Combine all the ingredients in a sealable container and allow to marinate for 4 days.

Nathan & Fighter Diet

Today I did the Fighter Diet Butt bible routine as promised. The pic attached was just a warm up weight to check form (I wanted to make sure my back didn't round at all, still a little tight).

7 Superfoods to Boost Immunity

Flu season is coming at us fast. Don’t lie, whenever someone sneezes close enough to you that you feel a breeze, you wince and wonder how long it will be until you catch the bug. But we’re here to help. “Immune system soldiers need good, consistent nourishment,” says Jennifer McDaniel, R.D.N., a food and nutrition expert. Here are seven essential foods that you should fill your plate with during cooler-weather months to help your immune system work at its optimum level.

Train with Jay Cutler, Episode 3

Hi everyone, my name is Jay Cutler. I started developing a fit physique when I was a teenager, while working for my brother’s concrete business. At 18 I started training. And by 19 I won my first show. Over the years, I’ve won numerous shows and awards, including the most prestigious, Mr. Olympia, four times. At this point in my career, my passion for training has extended beyond myself; and now I love showing other people how to achieve their fitness goals.

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