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Dynamik Muscle | Kai Greene

Dynamik Muscle & SLMF have joined together to bring my brand "our brand" straight to Mexico...

BUILT for the BEACH: Get That 'WTF?!' Body

The reboot of the original BUILT for the BEACH workout program is now available at It includes video demonstrations and new workouts.

Build Massive Legs Without Barbell Squats!

Think you need the king of barbell lifts in order to rock a leg day that brings you to your knees? Not today. But strength coach Josh Bryant will still push you to the edge with this 5-move gauntlet!

UFC 199: Rockhold vs Bisping

When original opponent Chris Weidman pulled out due to injury, the "Count" stepped in on late notice.

Gridiron Warrior: Train Like Vernon Davis

To handle the demands of life as a NFL tight end, Vernon Davis takes his training and nutrition seriously. Here's a window into how he built the strength and armor to last in a brutal sport!

WATCH: Black On Black Signature Line Now Available

Your favorite elitefts logos presented in a new way.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016 - You may be overly sensitive to the cosmic tides these days; progress is too slow for your taste now that Mars and Saturn are backpedaling in your sign. However, the emphasis could be on someone else while the Gemini Sun sheds light on your 7th House of Partnerships, setting up a dilemma between your internal and external worlds. Consider ways to express your own needs while still honoring the most significant relationships in your life. Being true to yourself doesn't mean that you must ignore everyone else.

The Complete 4-Week Beginner's Workout Program

In the fourth and final week of the program, you’ll train four days in a four-way split that hits each bodypart just once (except for calves and abs, which are each trained twice). Four-day splits are common among experienced lifters because they involve training fewer bodyparts (typically 2–3) per workout, which gives each muscle group ample attention and allows you to train with higher volume. As you’ll see, chest and triceps are paired up, as are back with biceps and quads with hamstrings, each a very common pairing among novice and advanced bodybuilders. Shoulders are trained more or less on their own, and you’ll alternate hitting calves and abs — which respond well to being trained multiple times per week — every other workout. No new exercises are introduced in Week 4 so that you can focus on intensity in your workouts instead of learning new movements.

The No-Squat Leg Workout

After completing the workout, do full body static stretching, spending 1-2 minutes on each bodypart with extra time spent on trouble areas like tight hips and upper back. If possible, drink a protein shake with simple carbs at this time too, if not shortly after, to promote proper muscle recovery.

20 Tips to Shed Body Fat for Good

Consuming too many starchy foods, such as potatoes, rice, pasta and breads (especially at one sitting), provides your body with more than it needs for energy and glycogen stores; anything left over will be stored as fat. "You don't have to eliminate starchy carbs completely," says IFBB pro Mike Matarazzo. "But you should really cut back on them when trying to shed body fat." Limit total starch servings per day to 3-5, where a serving size is one cup of pasta, rice or sliced potatoes.

5 Weightlifting Tricks You Should Know

These training techniques will vault your performance in the weightroom for maximum results in the long run.

6 Worst Things You Can Do to Get a Bigger Chest

Walk into the gym any Monday night and you're likely to see the majority of guys working like mad on their pecs. So why is it that chest usually leads off the training week? Well, because big pecs are cool! Just look at the Terminator, Rocky, and Superman and it's easy to see why most men covet massive, thick, and striated pectorals. The funny (or sad really) thing is, despite all of the hard work, very few get to display the kind of chests that make jaws drop and tempt the ladies to reach out for a quick feel. Building perfect-pecs is not as easy as lying on a bench and mindlessly pressing humongous weights. It takes a well-thought-out, progressive and meticulous approach that carefully avoids the following mistakes.

M&F Iron Maiden: Yessica Martinez

South Beach's hottest powerlifter is drop-dead gorgeous.

Spring Sports Nutrition Guide: Protein

Discover today’s best-tasting, most potent protein supplements on the market to maximize your muscle-building potential.

8 Amazing Fat-Burning Intervals

By incorporating intense periods of work with short recovery segments, interval training helps you give maximum intensity while still maintaining your exercise form. The magic of high intensity interval training (or HIIT, for short) is that it keeps your body burning fat even after you leave the gym. During a HIIT workout, your body can't shuttle enough oxygen to your muscles during periods of hard work. Therefore, your muscles accumulate a “debt” of oxygen that must be repaid post-workout in order to get back to normal. The result: Your metabolism is revved for hours after you leave the gym. Trainers refer to this phenomena as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. The biggest way to use it to your advantage is to regularly work short, intense bouts of exercise into your workout regimen.

6 Signs It’s Time to Switch Your Workout Routine

When you start a new routine, you feel the burn in the first set and by the third, you’re probably struggling to finish. The longer you do the routine, the easier this becomes—until it’s too easy. “During the exercises, you need to feel challenged in order to see results,” Fuentes says. If you’re shooting for 8 to 12 reps per set, but suddenly you can do 15 on the second and third set, it means your muscles have adapted too much and it’s time to increase your weight or change your routine, he explains.

The 8 Worst Things a Beginner Can Do in the Gym

While bodybuilding is not as complex as rocket science or brain surgery, the process of building muscle, gaining strength and losing fat still takes a tremendous amount of knowledge, as well as hard work. It is vital that beginners have the right information from the start so that their journey with exercise provides maximum results, without injury, distress or too much time wasted. Although your program will evolve as time passes, much of what you learn, and put to use from the start, will create a solid foundation that will serve you throughout all of your years in the gym.

Build a Classic Physique

To look like a classic bodybuilder, you've got to train like one. So FLEX enlisted to help of IFBB pro Chris Cormier, who competed throughout the '90s and early 2000s with one of the league's premier classic physiques. Now Cormier is sharing his secrets. It's all here: the split, the workouts, and his insider tips. Are you ready to build a classic physique that is reminiscent of legends like Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, and Flex Wheeler? Then read on.

10 Hidden Physique Killers

Not every so-called "bodybuilder-friendly" food is all it's cracked up to be - and some seemingly unhealthy eats can actually be good for you.

The 8 Best Plyometric Exercises for Muscle

A plyometric movement is quick, powerful move that starts with an eccentric (muscle lengthening) action and is immediately followed by a concentric (muscle shortening) action. Performing plyometrics movements increases muscular power, which translates to higher jumps and faster sprint times. Combining the moves with resistance training is a way to maximize power and performance, but as a general rule, if you lift legs heavy one day, then skip the lower-body plyometrics training and vice versa for upper-body lifting and plyometrics. Increase your power, strength, and personal records in the gym with these eight heart-pumping plyometric moves.

Top 5 Forearm Training Mistakes

The majority of bodybuilders don’t do direct forearm work, whereas many others do four or fewer sets of wrist curls. No segment of the iron game neglects forearms more than the very champions we feature in these pages. And therein lies a problem — you’re not a pro bodybuilder. Phil Heath’s DNA allows him to grow two of the world’s best lower arms by merely gripping bars during upper-body exercises. You’re not so lucky. The assertion that you’ll get enough forearm stimulation by simply training everything else often holds true for Mr. O competitors, but rarely does so for the rest of us.

10 Foods to Cure Sore Muscles and Speed Up Recovery

Here, nutritionist  Kristen Carlucci , RD, highlights a range of foods you can eat at every meal of the day so you can enhance your workout recovery whether you like to exercise first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night. Stock your fridge and pantry with these ingredients, and start feeling the difference.

The Maxed Out Muscle Workout: Triceps

As the name implies, the triceps consist of three muscle heads—the lateral, long, and medial. The lateral and medial parts get worked mainly with pushdown variations and close-grip pushups, while the long head is hit by skullcrushers. Dips work everything hard.

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The 28-day fat loss plan that also stops junk food cravings... for good:  (free download)

Hardcore Waist Whittlers

Show off your six-pack and send your metabolism soaring with this serious ab routine, demonstrated by IFBB bikini pro Michelle Lewin.

25 of the Easiest Healthy Recipes

But never fear! We are here to help. Here, we present to you 25 of the easiest and healthiest recipes around. From breakfast to dinner—and every meal and snack in between—we have you covered. None of these recipes take over 20 minutes to prepare (most of them take 10 minutes tops) and none call for fancy schmancy ingredients that require a special trip to the organic market. Instead, what we have for you are tasty and simple meals, snacks, and desserts that require little to no effort and are packed with lean protein , veggies, and other good-for-you ingredients. Incorporate these dishes into your diet and you’ll be shedding the fat in no time flat.

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Sport a stunning set of abs and build serious core strength with this plan: …

Built for the Beach Version 2.0: Five Muscle-Building and Fat-Loss Workouts to Expose Your Abs

You're going to start the program with the most hated (or loved) bodypart—legs. Why? Because leg day is tough, it's going to take a lot out of you—so let's get that out of the way early. We'll also make sure to put some serious focus on the abs. We've created TWO options of abs workouts that you'll add to three of the five workouts. We're also going to couple up chest and back—two more big body parts to crank up the demands. It will also leave you with one hell of a pump. You'll finish the week off with one of TWO options for something called the "Full Body Flush." It's exactly what it sounds like. You'll be drenched when you're done. And exhausted.

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This is the landmine barbell setup. Here's how to use it for lateral raises: …

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Here's who should be sumo deadlifting and who should be conventional deadlifting: …

28 - The Motivational Gym Shop

A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep - Key Ring - Gym Jewellery

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Joint pain from benching is a sign you're benching wrong. Do this quick test to see: …

30 (@cutandjacked) • Instagram photos and videos

Sculpt Stronger, Leaner Legs with Supersets

Here's one way to make leg day even better: Supersize it. “Reciprocal supersets increase training density, allowing you to pack more volume into less time. This not only makes your workout more efficient, it also means you’re increasing training volume within a given session, which can enhance muscle development,” explains Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., C.S.C.S, an assistant professor of exercise science at Lehman College in the Bronx, N.Y. The concept is fairly simple: Work one muscle group (agonist) while the opposing one (antagonist) rests, then switch the order. For legs, this may mean focusing on quads for one move (with squats or a leg press), followed promptly by a hamstring-centric move like a deadlift or ball curl. “Studies indicate that by contracting an agonist muscle, you can actually increase force output during subsequent contractions of the antagonist,” adds Schoenfeld.

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Take your time on the way down to build bigger guns. Here's how it's done: … (quick video)

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"Body love" is a sham. Here's what will bring you real satisfaction: … #bodylove

5 At-Home Exercises For Your Thighs

Many women long for tight, toned and strong thighs that look great in shorts and feel just right in a sexy pair of jeans . For those who feel you have to go to the gym to get a great leg workout, this at-home leg sculpting workout may leave you feeling strong (and sore!) tomorrow but it will help reshape your lower body.

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Tight hip flexors cause all sorts of painful problems. Here's a quick stretch for 'em: …

The Warrior Fit Workout Program

We know you’re always on the lookout for new and effective workout programs to bust through your plateaus for greater size, strength and sculpting gains. The Warrior Fit Program was designed to do just that – using a simple and straightforward approach to get the muscle-building results you want. While the formula for success may be simple, the workouts are anything but. Each day’s routine will test your pain threshold and push you to the brink of total exhaustion. But that’s what a Warrior demands on his quest for perfection. Think you’ve got what it takes to be Warrior Fit? Now’s the time to find out!

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How to Overcome Lost Motivation

This might seem like a joke, but the facts are undeniable: there are countless studies showing how making a commitment—and preferably writing down your intentions in specific details—make it much more likely that you’ll not only stay on task but also achieve your goals. It’s behavioral psychology 101, but it’s skipped for training and meal plans. And yet, making these simple changes will enhance the effectiveness of any workout or diet.

STRONG Life 83: Strength In Life & Business, Matt Reynolds Will NOT Be Out Worked! • Zach Even-Esh

Life isn't easy, Success is earned and Success leaves clues! Matt Reynolds put in the work and didn't let obstacles hold him back. Gym owner or not, Strength Coach or not, you can learn about success and kicking ass in life through this episode.

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Taking in the view @dynamikmuscle #Dubai . It's time to work! Follow the trip on snapchat: itsyourboykai

VIDEO: Strongman Eddie Hall motors towards deadlift half a ton world record at Leeds Arena

Britain's strongest man Eddie Hall is in the driving seat to deadlift a world record half a ton at Leeds First Direct Arena

Dr. Tom Bilella talks Nutrition - One size fits nobody! - Official Website of Joe DeFranco & DeFranco’s Gym!

Tommy – Thanks for the feedback…it means a lot. Glad you liked the show! “The Guru” is definitely one of the best kept secrets (outside of NJ) in the fitness/nutrition industry!!

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The Best Arm Workout in Under 10 Minutes

We’ve incorporated different pieces of equipment and varying grips to challenge your muscles (and your grip strength) to promote more muscle growth. We’re also focusing on three main areas of the arms: biceps (hitting the long head and the short head), triceps, and forearms.

Breathe Like An Athlete

Breathing. We usually don’t think much about it; our bodies simply make it happen autonomously like it does digestion and circulation. But then you sprint to catch the bus, carry your toddler up two flights of stairs or kill it in your WOD. Suddenly you’re gasping for air, desperately sucking O2 like a beached cod. At these times breathing becomes a voluntary activity, and the way you inhale and exhale could actually affect athletic performance.

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Workout Routine for Big Forearms and a Crushing Grip

Sure you can do the standard wrist curls and extensions with heavy dumbbells or even a few sets of hammer curls. Or, you can do a few extra things and really see your forearms grow. First, check out clubbells. While most gyms do not have them, you can get yourself a couple different sizes and do some hammer extensions and flexions (known as abduction and adduction) as well as pronating and supinating your arm extended out from supports.

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