CT Fletcher's 10 Commandments of Muscle Growth - Bodybuilding.com Video Description

Another fantastic article/video from Bodybuilding.com! I really enjoy CTs personal insight and approach. When you really listen to the commandments they make a lot of sense! What I liked most is saying and believing with conviction. You can take this approach to any goal in life. Also, for muscle building you cannot get away from pain. Through lifting and fitness I have learned his commandment and welcome pain. I know that pain is muscle building/repairing itself. It is something I crave! People always debate and argue what is best. There is no better truth than 'listen to your body.' Everyone is different. So really why should we debate? We should only share and try to help everyone achieve whatever goal they want to accomplish. It is best to figure what works best specifically and individually for you. Another plus is that the video quality is amazing. I look forward to focusing on these commandments for muscle growth and more gains in the future. Thanks CT and Bodybuilding.com!

Videos for 5/29/2015