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Swoldier Nation - Trainer Edtion - Arms with Mike O'Hearn Swoldier Nation - Trainer Edtion - Arms with Mike O'Hearn Click here for full episode : *******Follow Me...

Men's Muscle Pak - Summer Transformation - 8 Week Progress

This is the progress video of my summer transformation. Check this out guys and see how I've came along. Remember this is a group effort. No one needs to tra...

Alwyn Cosgrove On Life, Business, Facing Fears & YOUR Gift!

Alwyn Cosgrove Info HERE: Alwyn Cosgrove On Life, Business, Facing Fears & YOUR Gift! In this episode of The ST...

Kai Greene Toronto Pro 2014 Weekend.

Working a foam roller

Founder of Fighter Diet Pauline Nordin & her assistant Goosegump the shelter cat shows how to use a foam roller for muscle massage

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014 - You may have a variety of things to do today, yet it's essential that you keep up the appearance of being a strong leader at work and at home. However, you might not know the exact recipe to make this happen. Forget about the how-to book filled with step-by-step instructions. Instead, reclaim your power by trusting your instincts and being your authentic self. You don't have to have all the answers to be an inspiration to others.

Instant Muscle: Dumbbell Ideas

Sometimes you need to break habits, and dumbbells can be the perfect substitute for your usual equipment on your favorite lifts, unlocking better (and safer) gains. For instance, upright rows are nearly always done with a barbell, but that can place shearing forces on your shoulder joints and often result in rotator cuff injuries. The dumbbell version is safer because your arms move freely; your body decides the right range of motion.

Go Wide for Super-sized Shoulders

Being that the deltoid is a three-headed muscle, it is important to work each of these heads equally in order to bring about proportional and complete development. It should be noted that the rear (posterior) head gets plenty of stimulation from the rowing movements that are performed on back day, and that the front (anterior) head is hit hard any time you rep out on a press or flye for chest. All of the extra work that these two deltoid heads receive can often lead to the side (lateral) head falling behind.

Bench Press Seminar 4: More Sets, Fewer Reps

We hope you’re enjoying our eight-part seminar on increasing your bench press max. As you’ve read, it’s not just about adding plates to the bar each week and hoping to eek out one or two more reps. A few other tricks of the trade – both gym-tested and research-based – can help you shatter your PR on the bench in short order.

Build Muscle With the Weekend Warrior Workout

It makes the most sense not to isolate, regardless of what your goals are. Given that you’re only training a maximum of three days out of the week, it’s reasonable to confirm that you won’t get the greatest results if you’re after size, due to the fact that it’s just too infrequent. Making sure you’re moving properly is the name of the game here if you want any shreds of strength you have left, to be maintained. I like arranging my clients’ workouts in the patterns of vertical and horizontal pushing and pulling. This will encourage the body to use big movement patterns like the deadlift , standing press, bench press, squat, lunge, pull up , and row. They belong in your workout as the “core” movements , around which other assistance exercise can and should take second place. These choices will give you the most bang for your buck. Be sure to arrange them in the planes of motion that they fit into.

32 Best Things for CrossFit in 2014

Avid CrossFitters, strength training beginners and elite professional athletes can all improve workout performance using the 32 products from 16 different companies in the official 2014 Men's Fitness CrossFit Gear Guide. To create this mega list of WOD boosting items, we tested the products, asked the companies which products are best for improving CrossFit training , got recommendations from our trainers and editors and read product reviews from websites and magazines. Check out these 32 cutting-edge and CrossFit-community-approved products designed to prevent injuries, recover muscles from intense training and improve WOD performance so you can take your fitness to the next level. 

FDX2 Build Muscle Burn Fat (Athlete)

Hey Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, i've attached some pictures for you...I have, gosh, many of your ebooks...the Fighter Diet cardio, pyramid, butt bible 2, badass vol.2, and Fighter Diet fdx2 build muscle burn fat book..  I have put on few pounds of muscle in such short time with that plan...and of course I freaking lift heavy as hell... i recently entered a powerlifting competition..and got first in my weight class... ohhhh the power of veggies, what can I I get sooo many compliments from all walks of life and the only thing I can thing of is how awesome that makes me feel, how awesome you are for sharing all this with us... ur the best, ur the shit and I'd like to call myself P Jr. If that's ok with Anyways, i cannot stress how great all your stuff are! I

The Truth About Fish Oil

Some people can do alright with just 2-3 meals of fish per week. It won’t necessarily mean that you get the recommended 1-2 grams of EPA and DHA combined (the amoutn shown in studies to have effects), but if you ended up checking your blood levels you might not be at risk for a deficiency. Most people don’t eat enough fish, though, and that's why I give the general recommendation of 1-2 grams of fish oil (EPA and DHA combined) daily.

5 Ways to Burn Body Fat Without Cardio

As long as you're not training for an endurance sport , it's more than feasible to replace traditional cardio with lifting. However, the exercises you choose, while important, are not the main factor in determining the cardiovascular training effect; the key is how you perform them. Follow these guidelines to turn your lifting program into a fat-burning frenzy.

8 Amazing Fat-Burning Intervals

Burn fat fast by giving one of these eight interval workouts a try.


After Shock: Brian Casad's Body-Transforming Program

The Butt Bible Pak

were during my long runs. I can honestly say that I am far more sore after your Butt Bible workouts than running my hardest for 26.2 miles! I ran my personal best time by 7 minutes (3:36), just shy of boston qualifying time by 25 seconds. That was my tenth marathon, but never, ever, ever have I ran one without feeling massive amounts of pain. I used to be scared to incorporate leg days into my running schedule because I always wanted to have fresh feeling legs. Not anymore! I've been setting pr's of squats/deadlifts/lunges/you name it and running the fastest I ever have in my life! Your ebooks have strengthened and balanced out my muscles in an unbelievable way. I have been injury free ever since I became addicted to your ebooks. I owe my PR to you. I know you are not a runner, but I wouldn't want to thank anyone besides you. I attached a picture running happier and in less pain at mile 20 something, than during your badass butt bible workouts. Thank you so so so so much!

Quad Squad: The Squat and Leg Press

The squat , known as the granddaddy of all bodybuilding exercises, simultaneously works more major muscles than any other resistance-training movement. The quadriceps (quads), hamstrings and gluteus maximus (glutes) are specifically targeted, while the hip and torso muscles are incorporated for stabilization and to assist the primary muscles. You can see why many experts in weight training consider the squat to be a whole-body exercise, even though you utilize it as a lower-body move.

Body Shredding Burpees

There are a few different approaches to burpees , but the CF standard form is: 1) Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. 2) Drop into a squat, driving your hips back and down while reaching for the ground in front of you with your arms. 3) Transfer your weight to your hands, kick your feet back, and land in the top of a pushup position. 4) Immediately bring your feet back under you— ideally you can shoot your feet up in between your hands, with your legs almost extended. Jump vertically to finish the movement, then immediately begin the next rep.

Lunge Towards Massive Legs

The lunge is a great movement for developing the thighs and strengthening the hips. Lunges target two primary muscles groups:              1) the hip extensors, comprising the gluteal muscles (glutes) and hamstrings             2) the knee extensors, made up of the four muscles collectively known as the quadriceps. The muscles used in the lunge are the same as those utilized in the squat, but the lunge provides greater range of motion, allowing more substantial glute and hamstring development.


In the ’80s, when they started appearing on everyone from Tom Cruise to Madonna, muscular middles went mainstream. Hard cores were no longer hardcore. In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s era, some champs worked their abdominals for 30 minutes daily. For some of today’s pros, crunch time only comes precontest. This article is for nearly every bodybuilder, from gym novices to Mr. O competitors, because most of us are letting our abs off easy. This month, we’ll examine the most frequent midsection mistakes and lay out ab solutions for making your center the center of attention. Class is in session.

The Instant Health Boost - Born Fitness

And then there’s Mary Beth, the 2-time cancer-surviving champ. She’s lost more weight than she’ll allow me to share, but I make sure she knows the best part about her is that she inspires me. Every. Single. Day. She’s just incredible. And I can’t forget the talented actress, Ms. Gina. Maybe my wittiest online client who has impressed even the toughest, most hardcore guys at her gym. I tell her all the time how much I care about her. Because I do. While acknowledging the ladies, I can’t forget people like David Musikanth all the way in Cape Town. His fired up emails and pictures of his ever-growing biceps never cease to put a smile on my face.

The Rope Pull-Up

How’s this for a flashback: You’re in gym class and your PE teacher asks you to climb a huge rope as fast and as high as possible. It’s just you, a rope that’s thicker than your ankle and the gymnasium floor. No net, no harness, no joke. But since you value your dignity more than your neck, you give it your best shot.

3 Steps to Rope Skipping Like a Pro

The greatest difficulty that beginners tend to have with learning to jump rope is syncing the rhythm of the rope rotation with their jump. I see people who just jump at random and wherever the rope is doesn’t change anything. That never turns out well. Keep it as simple as possible at first and you will have fewer variables that can hamper your coordination. The following steps can take a beginner with absolutely zero rope experience and turn them into someone with a basic grasp of timing and rhythm. The good news is that once you pick that up, you can progress very quickly into more challenging variations and longer sessions.

Terry Hollands worlds strongest man 2014 finals shirt

This is a finals shirt from world's strongest man 2014 worn by Terry Hollands. Can be signed if required

A Guide to Heart-Healthy Oils

As bodybuilders we tend to shun fats, but we do need some fat in our diets. Healthy oils can be a valuable source of those needed  essential fatty acids (EFAs)  along with protective phytochemicals. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of these elixirs. Not only do quality oils add flavor to your food, they also help you build a strong body and stick with a healthy diet for the long term. You can have 20%-25% of your total daily calories from fat , but that should be mainly unsaturated fat, including flavorful, heart-healthy oils.

On Trial: Sprinting vs. Slow and Steady

Sprinting for only 6–9 minutes per week doubled the amount of fat subjects burned off compared to those who were doing slow-and-steady cardio for 90–180 minutes per week. The slow-and-steady group did up to 30 times more exercise per week, but only lost half the amount of bodyfat. Sprinting is the clear winner due to the better results and the reduced amount of time you need to devote to it.

Warning for the Health Obsessed - Born Fitness

We went to Disneyland and I tried to convince her to go into the Haunted Mansion (and failed), and then settled for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride—which somehow still left her a little terrified. We ate fried foods and what allegedly were chicken skewers (mystery meat would be more accurate), discovered that the “Fast Pass” is really the only way to go for the main attractions, and learned that walking around Disneyland all day is surprisingly tiring. (I can only imagine what it’s like with children.) The day ended as all days should: with an awesome meal (we went to Boa, one of Rach’s favorite steak restaurants), watched the sun set over the ocean, and then ate ice cream.

Ask Men's Fitness: Do Girls Enjoy It When You Talk to Them During Sex?

The second reason to talk to her in bed is to turn her on by keeping her mentally in the action. This is the trickier one because what does it for one woman may gross out the next. So pick up cues. Terms like “cock” and “pussy” can be polarizing, so unless she starts talking about them first, keep those words holstered. However, here are some fail-safe options that any woman will respond to: “You’re so sexy,” “You’re amazing” (if she’s on top), “I just want to please you” (if you’re on top or about to pleasure her in any way), and “I don’t want this to stop.” Be sure to continually remind her that she’s turning you on and that you’re going to concentrate on her pleasure—those are things no woman can argue with.

Strong Arm Tactics

Flex Lewis turned 30 on Nov. 15. People still talk about his calves. But they’re no longer all people talk about. Because he so often flexes his arms in photos for fans, they now garner much of the attention. If observers remember him when he first burst onto the bodybuilding scene nine years ago in the March 2005 pages of FLEX, they surely wonder how the Welsh Dragon could’ve transformed his weakness into a strength and what he does to maintain arm superiority.

The Best Medicine Ball Ab Workout

101 Best Workouts Of All Time is the ultimate answer to the question "What workout should I do?" No matter what equipment you have available, from a fully-stocked supergym to a pair of mismatched dumbbells in your garage, or nothing but your body weight alone, you can build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt the physique you've always wanted.

The Facts (and Fiction) on Fat Loss

At some point, you just have to set the record straight and debunk all the nutritional myths floating around out there. But here’s the catch: some of those so-called myths are actually true! But which ones? To help you make sense of all the confusing rhetoric going back and forth, we’ve compiled 10 of the most common fat-burning quandaries and sought to apply one of two simple labels to each: fact or fiction.


In addition to the above, 30 Days Out also features daily videos and weigh-ins from me. That's right: I'm not just going to give you the program; I'm going to follow it with you. You'll get fitness tips from me each and every day, and I'll be with you throughout the entire cut. Check out the quick video above and come back on Monday, June 2 to start your shred. Dial it in.

5 Things to Know Before Getting Tatted Up

Today’s generation is lucky because it has the Internet. Most good shops will have good things written about them in reviews on the Internet nowadays. You always want to look at a shop’s cleanliness, and everyone there should have portfolios of their specific work. You want to look for clean and crisp lines and shading that doesn’t look choppy but smooth. All the color should be solid and bright.  When you're looking at any black or gray work, check for varying degrees of weight in the shading and smoothness. Unless you’re looking for something superspecific, it’s always good to look at versatility and how long the artist has been doing it. How long has the shop been there? Have they had the same guys working there for a long time? Ask around to see what people may say about the place. Talk to heavily tattooed collectors, and they'll usually point you in the right direction.

Get A Grip

Hook In this variation of a closed grip, the thumb is angled inward on the bar, and the index and middle fingers are placed on top of it (and the bar); the other two fingers are wrapped around the bar as usual. The thumb works harder than in a closed or thumbless grip, and the index and middle finger apply pressure to both the thumb and the bar. Olympic lifters favor this grip. At first, it’ll probably feel less secure and more painful, but with practice, the thumb-finger interaction makes this a strong hold.

Ask Men's Fitness: Is It Normal to Be Sweating Hours After My Workout's Over?

A: Relax, Sean. Reach for a frosty beverage. David Nielson, M.D., a specialist in hyperhidrosis (the actual medical term for excessive sweating), says a cool drink with ice should help you cool down faster. We’re not talking about a humble shot of chilly liquid, though. “It needs to be at least 20–32 ounces,” Nielson says, “so that enough of the cool liquid is in the stomach to help cool the core.”

One-Dimensional Attack

Stop the number bashing. In bodybuilding — the ultimate individualistic sport — there are times when training the left or right side of paired muscles separately is better than training them together. Generally, working one side provides for the freest range of motion, and it allows you to focus more on the targeted area.


Failure in bodybuilding is good thing. Lift it until you cant lift it anymore.... regardless. One of the smartest things someone ever told me when I started was that I have to create the WANT and NEED for my muscles to grow. Training until failure induces your muscles NEED to grow. A proper diet and rest cycle shows you WANT them to grow. Set a goal to be the guy the new kids in the gym come in to watch work out.


After a warm-up to elevate your heart rate, lubricate your joints, and awaken every muscle group, focus on pushing heavy weights for low reps with perfect form. You'll have to experiment to find exactly which rep range will promote the biggest gains for you, and this will change over time. In general, though, shoot for between 4 and 12 reps per set. Stick to a specific rep range for a week, then move on to a new rep range the following week and vary the cycle over time.


If you ask me, "What's Jay Cutler going to be doing 20 years from now?" I have no idea. I think day-to-day and week-to-week. If you asked me what I want to be doing next week, it's impossible for me to tell you. I may be sitting at home in Las Vegas, and I may be on a plane flying somewhere. I'm one of these guys who can decide to take a trip to Cabo tomorrow, and I'll just disappear for a couple of days.

Workout Buffet: Chest Chiseler

This collection of chest workouts is our gift to you – a compendium of varied programs designed by our stable of experts that you can try out on your pec pieces, at your leisure…or on the next five Mondays.


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Light vs. Heavy Weight

The real bottom line is that the majority of your workouts should utilize light-to-moderate weight for moderate-to-high reps. However, you need to frequently change your weight and rep ranges to keep the muscles stimulated and build both strength and muscle mass. So alternate between reps as low as 3–7 and as high as 25–50, but with the majority of workouts in the 8–15 range for best results.

NLA for Her Her Aminos at

Immediate absorption provides immediate effects: Unlike proteins and other macronutrients, Her Aminos can be absorbed into your muscles within a matter of minutes after ingestion. Almost immediately after taking your dose of Her Aminos, you force your body into an instant catabolic (muscle breakdown) halt, increasing protein synthesis (muscle growth) and getting energy from the aminos and nutrients instead of breaking down your muscles.* We recommend that you take Her Aminos before, during, and after each workout session. When you have a constant supply of Her Aminos in your system during this peri-workout period, you are supporting minimal muscular breakdown during intense exercise and increasing recovery. You will immediately notice extra strength and endurance during your workouts, rapid recovery and less muscular soreness after your workouts. Supplementing with Her Aminos on a regular basis will help take your performance, physique, and training to a new level!

Diet Soda Works for Weight Loss

The research included approximately 300 men and women who already drank at least three diet sodas a day. Participants were divided into two groups: one that drank 24 ounces of a non-nutritive sweetened beverage (NNS) daily without a restriction on water, and another that drank 24 ounces of water daily, but no diet soda. The participants attended 12 weekly group meetings led by registered dieticians or clinical psychologists to help them with weight loss. By the end of the 12–week study, participants had increased their level of physical activity from 4 to 5-6 hours per week, on average.

Elitefts™ Scrape-the-Rack Press & Overhead Shrug Combo

About the Author Charlie Kimerline is an intern at™. He will soon complete his undergraduate degrees at Capital University. Kimerline started his lifting career at age 12 in order to improve on the gridiron, and after hanging up his helmet in 2010 has had a variety of diverse experiences in the weight room (some better than others). In the last year, a return to powerlifting with a set of great training partners has fueled a strong, new passion for the sport. He has a moderate addiction to carbohydrates, prefers ammonia-scented car air fresheners, and values sarcasm and satire. He plans to compete in his first meet in July 2014.

The 15 Most Important Exercises For Men

Although this move looks like it would hurt your lower back, it in fact has the opposite effect. The good morning is a great developer for the lower back , and the use of a band makes it more like a physical therapy exercise than a traditional lift. Not only that, but this exercise will assist you in the squat, allowing you to load up more weight on the bar.

Training Q&A with Henrik Lundqvist

Men’s Fitness: What were some lessons you learned from the Olympics? Henrik Lundqvist:  Enjoy the moment. You don’t get that many opportunities to represent your country in the Olympics. This is my third one and I felt very lucky. It was so exciting to be there. We do play under a lot of pressure but I think it is important to try and enjoy the moment. Because it was a nine-hour difference, it was important to get sleep early on to get into the proper time rhythm. The transition for me was pretty good. I felt like I got into the rhythm fast, which helped me perform on the ice.


thank you Eddie Brock this is EXACTLY what i am saying the mindset and genetics are 10 times more important than you cycle or stack... i am with Timmyjay too... the arrogance behind you saying its only steroids that made them like that.... look at the best natural bodybuilders they have the genetics of superhumans... there bodies produce more testosterone and GH naturally just because you dont have the work ethic or the proper genetics dont play down arnold one of the best bodybuilders ever... if not the best. his steroid use was mild compared others at the time... like phil and jay today i guarantee there are guys who cant win an NPC show who take more drugs then the guys on stage at the olympia

The U.S. Is the Fattest Country in the World

Researchers found more than 2 billion people worldwide are heavy. The U.S. leads the pack, while China and India combined for 15% of the world’s overweight population, according to the report. And the concern isn't just the percentage of the world that has crossed over into obesity, but the Associated Press reports that no country has been able to reverse the trend in the last decades.

Perfect Peaks in 3 Biceps Moves

Full range of motion for full development is a good guideline but like most rules, there are some exceptions. In this case, the partials are used to overload specific ranges of motions for strength building, allowing the biceps to handle very heavy weight at peak contraction. Keep in mind you need to start from a full hang and end in the starting position. Barring injury, keep the supinated (underhand) grip for the greatest bicep overload.

The June 2014 issue is on Sale Now

The June 2014 Issue of Flex Magazine is out.  Here is the Table of Content of all the features for the 2014 issue of Flex Magazine.

6 Habits That Shorten the Life of Your Running Shoes

It's no easy feat to find a pair of running shoes that offers the perfect combination of style and comfort…without a cringe-worthy price tag. And when you finally do find them, it's that much more frustrating when you realize you’ve worn through them in what feels like just a month’s worth of miles. Luckily, simple adjustments to everyday habits can extend the life of your favorite kicks (and may help prevent injuries that come from working out in worn-out shoes). We caught up with John Henwood, 2004 track and field Olympian and New York City-based running coach, who explained how you’re cutting your sneakers’ lives short and suggested simple sole-saving tips.  10 Head-to-Toe Running Essentials for Spring>>>

Pauline's Fat Loss Pak

Fighter Diet Fat Loss by Mind Power: Ways to Win Over Your Mind So you want a ripped physique? No one said it would be easy. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication. It’s not just about gym time; it’s about what foods you put into your body. Having the mental discipline to make the right food choices time and time again is what this book is all about. Are you doing great with your workouts, but not seeing great results? Then take a look at your diet – no REALLY take a look at what you are eating every day. Are you cheating? If so, Fat Loss by Mind Power is here to help you get in the right mindset to stop that cheating. Want to know why you want to cheat? Pauline explains that here. Once you understand that, you can set yourself up mentally to avoid cheating. Here are some key el

When Muscles Won't Grow

It’s exquisitely rare that any bodybuilder finds that every muscle reacts to training with the same degree of growth response. The vast majority of even the greatest champions find that certain muscles respond much better WHEN MUSCLES DON’T GROW THE VAST MAJORITY OF EVEN THE GREATEST CHAMPIONS FIND THAT CERTAIN MUSCLES RESPOND MUCH BETTER THAN OTHERS. than others. For the most famous former Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as great as his arms were, his hamstrings were devoid of even remotely similar development. At the other extreme, one of the lesser-known for- mer Mr. Olympia winners, Chris Dickerson, had impressively developed quads, hamstrings, and calves. But his arms were astonishingly unmentionable for a bodybuilder of that lofty a level. Even the freakiest of all former Mr. Olympias, Ronnie Coleman—who adorns the cover of the 3rd edition of my book, Extreme Muscle Enhancement—with all of the praise and adoration heaped upon him, no pundit has ever said they wanted his calves (which were, by comparison, mediocre at best). Yet in each of these cases of deficiencies, I can as- sure you that none were the result of a lack of training.

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